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  1. Handsworth Inn the landlord is a pretend man u fan who is totally hated.by the locals. Your right cheap beer and previous landlord sorted this pub out. But absolute idiot Dingle who's got it now who takes the glory from previous landlord.
  2. This team is our only chance of winning
  3. This is so true the coward was made for Adam reach, he was ok the first 6 months he was here, scores a good goal every 4 months. Other than that your playing with 10 men in fact it's worse than playing with 10 men because of the constantly giving the ball away like yesterdays penalty
  4. And we got 3rd dinasoare pulis the club is cursed
  5. Absolutely correct Liam should have been subbed at half time it's absolute frustration on his part playing with non league players trying to do the best he can. He's Wednesday through and through but we can't beat a team who have not won on 12 games.
  6. And lees on more money than a QC it's crazy
  7. It's so true, embarrassing they are as thick as a China cup
  8. Definitely he's not daft, he's signed because no one would pay what we are paying him
  9. Just what I was thinking???? F+++k&&g leggy....I absolutely hate these player's I really do Bannan gets nearly 30k per week let that sink in...it absolutely pains me to say it but can you imagine the bloke with yellow teeth form across the city saying his team was leggy....
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