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  1. Spot on but Wildsmith needs adding to your list mate. It's already being said about his lead boots and not coming off the goal line for crosses but does he know how to use his hands and move his arms to stop a shot. Let's hope us fans who go to Portsmouth on Tuesday night see a performance like last Saturday and not tonights garbage.
  2. Didn't get to Eastville that year, the only away ground I've not seen Wednesday play at, enjoyed the Derby game though at the Baseball ground that same year. EBRA
  3. 11am Hillsborough Park, nowt to worry about unless you're a southern softy mate.
  4. Outstanding performances all over the pitch tonight, so can only give it to Darren Moore.His selection, tactics and letting players play to their strengths, well done Wednesday, everyone of the you played your part.
  5. Suprised the Owls Talk Police haven't commented by now regarding this topic being posted in the matchday thread. The gestapo aren't usually this slow mate. ps What a lovely part of this country Cheltenham is, really enjoyed the architecture and surrounding countryside, such a pleasant place.lol
  6. I think the Patterson incident was with the goal keeping coach. BPF throw a quick pass out for Patterson but he was too slow and their 40 year old, one legged full back got there b4 him and put a cross in. The incident in the away end b4 halftime was between 2 old blokes, they had escaped from their nursing home to have a day out watching Wednesday. The argument was because the SH#T they were watching was worse than the game of bingo they could have being playing.
  7. It has being looked at but sadly SAG have said " There is a chance the highways person pressing the button or turning the switch could break their nail or put a claim in for a repetitive strain injury", so it's a No, No, No.
  8. Never really had that feeling of being connected to the club. I'm just a number and have being since I supported them but they are my club and I will keep following Wednesday home and away, come rain or shine. In the early 60s every Saturday morning whilst dad was working at the steel works, I would go with mum to the Wednesday Development office. Mum would hand over the money and tickets that they had sold and we would get 2 free tickets for the match. Dad would take me to Hillsborough every Saturday of the season, when the 1st team where away we would be watching the reserves. From being about 12 to now I've had season tickets, bought them for my 3 kids, 3 grandkids, bought the very 1st 1867 membership when that came out. With the exception of Eastville I've watched Wednesday play at every away ground since the early 60s. Do my club Wednesday no who I am, do they ever thank me or my family personally for our support, no, but I do belong here, our names are on the brick, its my club and thousands of others have similar stories to mine. The players, managers and chairman will come and go but I'll still be here travelling 160 miles to the home games. Unless you follow a team with a small fan base in whatever league they play, you may be thought of differant and feel connected to the club but I've never felt it all these years of watching our club.
  9. That's what being a football fan is all about, put similiar comments in my post.
  10. Born a Wednesday fan over 60 years ago, had the seem feelings many times but I'll never stop following Wednesday. Only health or money problems would stop me going every week. To win the game is a bonus, the fans, the grounds, the days and nights out watching Wednesday are why I go and Wednesday are my team and my family, I'll never stop caring, it's Wednesday, my club, my choice, I'll stick with you, whatever the result.
  11. I thought he was terrible mate against one of the worst team to come to Hillsborough this season. Dunkley should have played but we should recall Brennan from his loan if we can. In this league he should be playing for us, he's just as good as any of the opposition defenders I've seen. Johnson is not a defender and we didnt buy him to play in this role, yet another one of Moore's diabolical tactical decisions.
  12. Heaven 17 sang it, just do it Moore, "Play to win". We're playing against League 1 teams, we have one of the best squads in this league, stop the negative tactics and play to win.
  13. In this league, Brennan would have held his own. Opposition managers are playing similiar type players week in, week out, yet Moore thinks we are playing in La Liga not league 1. Listen to Paul Warne after yesterday's win, he talks like a coach who knows what's needed to win games in this league.Its the simple, basic football, pressing and closing the opposition down and attack attack to get goals. We got a result yesterday according to our manager, drawing at home against the worst team I've seen this season., enough said.
  14. Agree with your comments, Hunt and Brennan would have excelled in this league, yet we send them out on loan. Someone tell Moore it's not La Liga, it's League 1. Being to every game and the quality of the opposition players is poor but our tactics with the players we've got is making teams play better than us and we look as bad as I've seen in 60 years of watching Wednesday.
  15. Moore's probably asking him not to go too far over the half way line. Keep you're eye on their 40 year old full back, he scored 10 years ago in a reserve game.
  16. O Willie, Willie, Willie, Willie, Willie, Willie Henderson.
  17. Harry Roberts is our friend, he kills coppers.
  18. No joy there unless the date you submitted the refund is where the ticket staff are up to.
  19. What date in July 2020 did you submit your email for the refund? I know they are now processing July onwards and wondered how far the ticket office have got, mine was 8th July for the season tickets. Still not got Bristol City tickets and coach travel back yet and the email was submitted on the 29th June 2020.
  20. Oh my goodness, Wimbledon Secret Service will have seen the post, it's too late, you're all doomed. Are you for real, come on mate, just don't use your own details, ie same info as on Wednesdays site, it's that simple. Tickets nowadays are downloaded, it's not like the days when you paid to get in and you gave a local address when asked at the turnstile. This ground is the easiest to get a ticket at this season. New stadium, the groundhoppers will be there every home game, so Wimbledon expect fans joining their database. Had a ticket on Mansfields end tonight but got caught out, knew I shouldn't have worn my Thurcroft pit N.C.B. donkey jacket.
  21. Agree, out of all the opposition teams we've played our squad should have been capable of getting more points than we have. After 10 minutes of starting a game the opposition can't believe how easy it is to play against us. We are too negative and don't play to our strengths. Moore needs to realise his tactics are not working and sort it out quick. I hope he does and we will get the results with this squad.
  22. You're kidding, surely not. Needs to improve otherwise another one who will get stick from the fans, reminds me of Reach last season
  23. Agree mate, how Palmer keeps getting a shirt, the opposition knows to play on him, no differant to last season. Johnson is as slow as Palmer, can't understand why Brown didn't play today. Wonder if there is an agreement with Middlesborough that Johnson has to play so many games as part of the loan deal, hope not.
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