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  1. He also took Rio Ave to the Europa League in 2020 with that side going down the next season after Carlos left for Braga
  2. Typical Carlos performance in big matches this. Also down to 10 men. We were always poo down to 10 under Carlos. So are Braga.
  3. Wake me up before you go go who needs Kante when you got Luongo. Adeniran had one at Morecambe too but that has gone. BPF has one.
  4. If you listen, the band play it once we score.
  5. Sung at every away game. Think they sung it all first half v Crewe, or one of those a few months back. Quite catchy.
  6. Igcontio browser, search the dark web. Or just go to your local and ask the bouncer they'll supply you.
  7. Tbf Neil you jest but that was my original point. Cops were stood outside there yet 100 yards away they were scrapping - and they weren't bothered. I know they will be following orders from their superiors, but common sense should have been applied.
  8. This 100%. We were good today and deserved all 3 points. Need to just be more clinical - should have been 3 nil up even before they scored.
  9. Police useless as per, standing blocking near the subway yet 100 yards up the road they were all fighting.. but no too they didn't care about that Also stopping Wednesday fans but letting Bolton fans through the other way scot free
  10. We won't lose again this season.
  11. We have Crewe coming up at home soon on a Tuesday night. I would save the resting til that game, play same side this week and next week except Storey back in for Iorfa and Berahino/Paterson to play some part too. Make 6 or 7 changes v Crewe.
  12. Took him to the 43rd min yesterday to pass to another Wednesday player. Was a shocking performance from him. He hasn't looked right since coming back.
  13. Looking at that table too, had it been 3 points instead of 2, Bury would have stayed up over Hull.
  14. You only have to compare the opinions of our white English gaffers to those who aren't, to see the whole picture. Pulis and Carlos occasionally are exceptions.
  15. That's two players who went away on international duty now and only wanted to play once so they could play for us instead. Brilliant stuff.
  16. So what you are basically saying there is that you think your opinion is better than the anyone else's, including mine and the coaching staff?
  17. Yeah agree Des Walker not as good as what people claim him to be. He was a consistently out of position, his pace helped him out big time. Maybe he thought he didn't have to be in position because he was so much faster than anyone else. Think he also has a big ego and loved the song so tried to get fans to sing it as much as possible, to the detriment of the team.
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