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  1. We've played badly for large spells of many games this season and come away with 1 or 3 points, mainly earlier on.
  2. Sow scored and play well against Plymouth I can see why he started the match. And in truth I didnt disagree either. But Windass needs to start next time out.
  3. I would imagine that will be future Gregory and Windass linked up well upfront, we'll be fine for final few months and we will earn more points than Oxford between now and end of the season. Let's hope it more thsn 6.
  4. Very true. Obviously it's a defeat so we have to loose our minds
  5. Exactly wrong. We deserved at least something from the game Despite us being 'awful' we had a lot if good chances just wasted them.
  6. Idiot Whether you like Moore or not you can't deny we didn't deserve at least a point today.
  7. Stonewall pen denied in first half tbf and crap overall too.
  8. That is all. Dominated game and had comfortably best chances, most of ball. And another shocking referee performance favouring the home side against us. Only thing we just can't do is defend. Again. End of day match eneded in the only outcome that was likely undeserved.
  9. Alex Miller reported earlier in the day the deal was to end of the year Chances are he was correct 1st time wrong 2nd.
  10. He had a few hours ago reported the exact opposite though which is what I don't get.
  11. Yeah? So what? He has had a better career that anyone who has come through the Wednesday academy during the same time, except maybe Palmer.
  12. Danny Batth was at Hillsborough to sign for up whilst he was actually up in Sunderland
  13. Not really mate. I think if you make an error as big as that in any job you will expect criticism for the error. Honest mistake or not, own it and face the music. I assume his editor will be giving him a talking too at some point regarding it as it is pretty poor.
  14. As I said earlier, this is the 2nd big thing they have got wrong in as many days.
  15. He passed wrong information of as fact. Of course it was a mistake and he doesn't deserve to be absused for it unfairly. But he should most definitely be critiqued for it.
  16. Some embarrassed and red faced people in here today. As I said, the star have been receiving some duff info recently. Don't believe everything the local media day, they aren't correct 100% of the time.
  17. The Elite player development plan just favours bigger teams to come over and steal lower league players for peanuts when they start producing contract or not. Still the moaners will blame Moore/Chansiri when he leaves for little due to nothing we can do. Expect play him but he is far from ready and that will ruin him.
  18. As i said earlier the star have received some duff info this week. First Batth, now this.
  19. I see the pitchforks are back out again though against the club. Haven't had anything to complain about on the pitch this week, or even the signings front, better get it in quick before he stays on from Sunday.
  20. Who's to say we already haven't? Remember, recently the star have received some duff info. I mean just a few hours ago they were claiming NML had a contract til the summer with an option to extend. The other day they claimed Batth was here to finalise a deal when he was actually in Sunderland.
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