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  1. owlster

    Looks quite busy for Sunday...

    In buttlins by any chance ???
  2. owlster


    Does anyone know if it's a refund just for this years ticket ? Or is he gonna refund next year's as well the fans with 3 year tickets. If so would imagine could have serious affect on ffp.
  3. That's what we lack a bit of nastiness....Were just to nice
  4. owlster

    Where are you @ with Carvalhal?

    Where's the like button................
  5. My tickets have come today and ive got 2 concession/2adult tickets but they have all got full price on the tickets. I've probably missed something but can't see anywhere on tickets that says concession other than a small corner to tear off anyone else noticed this
  6. There was one ticket left on the national express coach you have to book on line
  7. owlster

    IDs available

    Count me in saff need done
  8. Can I buy your room when you don't get tickets
  9. owlster

    What time on Tuesday ?

    Forget it get it out of your head......watch it on tele