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  1. No. No thank you!! Unless it's a pre packed snack like nuts or summat, it'd take too long to either prepare or serve. Plus it's extra options to ponder over, making the already slow service worse. Keep it simple. Pies, sausage rolls, hot drinks, pop, beer. Quick to serve (or should be) and no effort to cook or prepare. It's fast food at half time or whenever.
  2. I'm guessing he's had a better offer elsewhere then. I doubt Moore would just let him go, especially after all the work that he says had gone into getting him match fit. Could be wrong like, and Moore might not think after all that, he's cutting it, but I personally thought he was coming good alongside Gregory.
  3. And now McBurnie seen kicking out at a fan, even though he's out with an injured foot. https://www.skysports.com/share/12616138
  4. When my uncle and his best mate were deemed old enough to get the bus to Sheffield on their own, they went to watch a match every weekend. They tossed a coin, my uncle ended up Wednesday, his mate ended up a pig. He made all of us Wednesdayites. Sometimes though, with the poo we've had to endure, I think he lost the throw. But then I see them lot, and my mind is changed.
  5. Was it seen on telly when it happened? Surely one camera at least picked it up, to make the police's job easier. All joking aside, in any other setting they wouldn't just run up to someone and attack them, because they'd get arrested straight away. So why do some fans think, because it's in a football ground, it's acceptable? Morons!
  6. Ye, inter toto cup, want it while Hillsborough was getting done up ready for Euro 96? My first game was one of them games.
  7. Wasnt it picked from a fan vote about 20 years or so ago?
  8. But he's OUR striker, he's OUR number nine
  9. All jokes aside, what would you give?
  10. Silly me! Let him go then. At one time I thought he would be the next natural number 1, but sadly doesn't seem good enough.
  11. Hutchinson - new contract, always gives his all and a solid defender at this level. Paterson - new contract, useful to have. Berahino - new contract, starting to come good and looks like he's starting to link up well with Gregory. Hunt - definite new contract. Luongo - would love to keep him in that middle 3, but doubt he'll stay. Dunkley - let go Wildsmith - get another new keeper, bring Dawson back and let Wildsmith either go out on loan or transfer. Returning loans: Kamberi - could probably get a decent replacement. Dean - bring back 100% Shodipo - let go. Storey - bring back if possible. Peacock-Farrell - bring back if possible. Gibson - too many injuries. John-Jules - too many injuries.
  12. It's years ago like, but my work experience from school was spent working with the ground staff at Hillsborough and Middlewood. They told me that the pitch at Hillsborough is always going to be worse than the training ground because it isn't a natural pitch. It's been put there when the stadium was built, so underneath the turf and drainage etc is the same as you'd find under the road outside. Whereas the training pitch was a field anyway that they've built facilities around. All they've done, over time, is change the type of grass that's grown on it to make it more hard wearing. No idea if this means owt from what you say Pulis told you, but that's what the groundsman, at the time, Steve Kiddy, told me.
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