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  1. Could be a masterstroke. Thompson's new manager bounce good run has come to an end, bring another new manager in for another bounce and a good run to secure safety... or could go a Pulis way and end up with no more points this season. I'm hoping for the former!
  2. Ok, I'll take one for the team, I'll be the manager. No real experience but my last role as Sunday league player manager saw us go a season only losing 4 games, drawing 2 and winning the rest and finishing champions. I'm sure it can't be that hard having professional footballers to work with rather than a few call centre workers, a car salesman, a bread delivery man and a joiner.
  3. That's the difference between 2nd bottom, and 9th. Not a clue, I'm far too lazy to work that out, I just saw that and copied into here.
  4. Don't know if its been posted already, but just read this stat. Sheffield Wednesday points won from losing positions: 0 Sheffield Wednesday points dropped from winning positions: 20 1-1 vs QPR (2) 1-1 @ Swansea (2) 1-1 vs Reading (2) 1-2 @ Norwich (3) 1-2 vs Barnsley (3) 1-1 @ Blackburn (2) 1-4 @ Millwall (3) 2-3 @ Luton (3) That's ridiculous!
  5. Its a lot deeper than you'd expect from him isnt it, he's written some brilliant songs. My favourite is Nothing Rhymed though. Morrissey does a half decent cover of it n all.
  6. But the one who looks the most likely to at least get an effort on target. Get balls in the box and Rhodes will score. Not rocket science. Team talk... "Everybody get the ball out wide, once out wide get the ball in the box, Jordan do what you've done for donkeys years, get on the end of the cross!"
  7. No Rhodes again? FFS! Like banging your head on a wall!!!!!
  8. His freezing out of bad eggs and consistantly playing weaker players cos of his own personal gripes means I feel we'd be worse off, and if not worse, definitely not better! He should've gone before pre season and a new man in with fresh ideas Instead of letting Monk bring in his own staff just to sack him anyway.
  9. Without a points deduction, its only a maybe
  10. Then when he comes on he gets that chance in the 6 yard box like he has done throughout his career. If he's on longer he might get 2 or 3 of them and 1 would probably be a goal. Not rocket science is it?!
  11. Its that stupid open letter thats done it!!! Why didn't we think of that or at least do an open letter to warn of their open letter?
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