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  1. Not saying its a normal season by any means, but surely we're not the only club having trouble financially, due to the pandemic and cash flow caused by it? Are those players putting in halfarsed performances and rolling over? Not battling or at least looking like they're trying? I hope they all prove me wrong and put in a proper battling performance this weekend, and show some of that professional pride and get 3pts. Even if they don't get 3pts, as long as we can all see that every player has put in 100% there can be less argument for criticism, but so far a good few
  2. If only half the team felt the same way. If they were local lads that had come up through the academy and supported Wednesday since forever. Unfortunately most of em aren't, so they don't really care as they won't be here next season regardless of division. They'll just leave us fans to carry on supporting them blue n white wizards no matter what league we end up playing in, and continue to believe that we can beat anybody. Come on Wednesday!
  3. I think if he gets a good run of games, gets properly match fit, he'll be a decent defender. If he keeps getting injured though then what's the point?
  4. When we attack, like properly attack, we look half decent. Line up as Cardiff, but with Westwood, Hutchinson at CB, Pelupessey at CM and foooookin attack!!!!
  5. I had a dream last night that Rotherham lost 2-0 ar Cardiff and Wednesday won 1-0 ar Derby. Paterson, 63rd minute. You heard it here first, LUMP ON!!!!
  6. If this comes in, you've got to do a lottery numbers thread!
  7. Alex Turner was at the side of me on the corner of the kop just after their first album came out. Think it was against Watford.
  8. You had a little look dint you? (Dunno if someone else has already said this, can't be bothered to go through 6 pages to check)
  9. He phoned his uncle from the bench, who races pigeons, and told him to release the birds!
  10. We haven't got 11 fighters.
  11. But still haven't done enough to relegated a team that has thrown away that many points from winning positions, never come back from going a goal down, and have a 6pt deduction. Its a miracle that there are 3 other teams as bad if not worse (add the 6 back on and we've done better points wise) than Wednesday this season.
  12. Imagine that. Saturday: Gives a penalty away Saves penalty Smashes a free kick into top corner in last minute Sunday: Signs new 1475336 year contract on 10000000 a week.
  13. Rhodes is a much better footballer than he gets credit for, but if he doesn't score every week he gets slated and dropped. It's bizarre.
  14. We'll be 4-0 up at Derby with 5 minutes left, meanwhile Rotherham (who lost 1-0 to Luton midweek) will be 1-0 down, meaning we're safe on points and have the best goal difference of the three clubs. Rotherham then score a goal that is blatantly offside by a good 25 yards, then a few minutes later, when their own player handles the ball in the middle of a goalmouth scramble and the ref gets confused, sees a handball and gives the penalty, they go 2-1 up in the 98th minute. Us and Derby go down on goal difference. This is what Wednesday do to you!!! Nobody
  15. I just think it's crackers that we might get to the last game with a chance of staying up. We've been so poor all season, no fight, no determination, no bottle, then to stay up by beating Derby at their place on the last game of the season is actually mental! Just think though, even with how bad we've been, if it wasn't for the 6pt deduction we'd be 3pts clear of Derby with them feeling this poo/ nervous about the week ahead.
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