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  1. This exactly. Can see why people would like em, a couple of catchy little tunes, but talk about an ego from an overrated cover band. H Jeeeeeez!
  2. Can't stand em, awful people and their music is massively overrated. The only decent lad in the band is no longer in the band, unfair to cast judgement on the new uns but both Brandon and Kiaran are toilets.
  3. After the operation, Kilshaw was determined that he would be fit for the start of the 1949/50 season. In July 1949, Wednesday forwarded his contract for the new season. Kilshaw, honourably, returned the forms unsigned with a covering letter saying that since his fitness was still in some doubt it would not be proper for him to draw wages from the club until such time as he was pronounced fit to resume playing. Sheffield Wednesday was a club renowned for it’s fair treatment of players and they responded, saying that they intended to pay him throughout the time he was regaining fitness – even if it took him the whole of the season for his complete recovery. After a lengthy argument, Wednesday manager Eric Taylor finally got Kilshaw to sign the contract. Wednesday willing to sign a badly injured player and pay him full wages while he attempts to recover - some things never change do they? Although we could only wish that Wednesday were still renowned for fair treatment of players.
  4. Royal blood would've been my main choice today, although your liking of sherlocks makes me doubt your judgement on the rest. Knock off Courteeners at the very best, and probably lifted the home shirt from the video shoot. They all claim to be Wednesday, but they were never bothered until they were 'advised' it could boost their following to be associated with a football club, so picked their granddad's team. Honestly can't tell you the rage I get when I see em on things like soccer am. "You're Wednesday fans aren't you, who do you see being important this season?" All look at each other blankly "My favourite player is Bannan, his assists will be important as usual" Oreyt pal. Nob-ed! Anyway, enough about them bells. Gunna give Lathums a go though, catchy single, although reminds me of another one you mentioned, Lucy Spraggen with how they've phrased their lyrics. Not a bad thing, and the rest of their songs could be completely different musically (bit like the snuts first 2 singles) by that single, is it called how great life can be? Reminds me a lot of how Lucy Spraggen expresses her words.
  5. I love Waterfront, but would be a good choice, especially if they could have the floodlights going mental at the same time. Seen other clubs have the lights chasing around the stadium, probably cost too much to update em though. Stick with Waterfront.
  6. Every time I look at it, the sherlocks behind em just makes me madder and madder. Fumin!!!
  7. Allegedly. Dunt want to be done for owt libellous
  8. The kits would be better without that ******** behind em on his guitar.
  9. Get it back in the centre and get the city involved again, so what it was set up to do in the first place! #wewantourtramlinesback
  10. The worst thing about this is The Sherlocks, they make it all seem really cheap!
  11. Anybody who's ever played an instrument ever, should knock the sherlocks off all stages. Peaked when they bought their way into selling out the Leadmill, over rated covers band and awful people to go with it. Drummer and singer especially are absolute bell ends.
  12. Only heard 2 songs from em so far. Somebody Loves You, although I like the meaning behind it, didn't do a lot for me musically, but it is catchy. Glasgow, like you said, great track. Proper crowd pleaser that int it, especially at their home shows. Be one of them songs where the band play the first line of music and the crowd sing all the words. Gunna give the album a listen and see what its like, hopefully more in the direction of Glasgow than Somebody Loves You.
  13. He looks reyt smug. Like he just been knuckle deep in both of em at the same time, like a big pair of mittens, and is wanting to show off without telling anybody. Just a face that says, you know what I just did.
  14. Gyp... Pik.... Scrubbe..... Ye, think it was just Rovers.
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