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  1. Frig me! Nobody make a mistake on here eh? I meant we scored without relying on a penalty (as I've explained in a previous reply)
  2. Million times better than a few weeks ago. Passing was better, crossing was mainly better, scored from OPEN PLAY!!!! Defended better (apart from their goal when Ayew wasn't closed down) The effort of all the players was there, Bannan never stopped, Reach looked like he had some of his confidence back, Lees and Borner solid, Moses up and down causing problems, Paterson never stopped and was a nuisance for Swansea. Rhodes, although didn't score, did well up top on his own winning throwins etc. I was a lot happier with that performance tonight. Cant really c
  3. Very good point that! I'd have taken that result before kick off, just makes it disappointing after goin one up. Good performance to be fair though, won't lost many playing like that, just won't win many either unless we start scoring more
  4. When I phoned up the lady on the phone asked me if I'd got the number off Owlstalk, when I asked why she said its so they can make sure Neil gets his commission! Please note. The above is a lie, I haven't even phoned up... yet
  5. Who knows what type of football we'll see? If its long ball, like when he was in charge of Stoke, and it works to get us the points we need, then yes it'll be boring but it'll get the job done. If its more on the ground, like when he was in charge of WBA, and that works, then it might be a bit more easy to watch, but again if it gets the job done then its all we need at the moment. For me, its a case of beggers cant be choosers n all that at the minute, we need points to ensure safety, and as long as we're still in the championship next season, I couldn't g
  6. I'll bite... Today was Pulis trying to do something with a bunch of players he probably doesn't want after a week of training. You can't judge anything yet.
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