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  1. Birley Owl 1867

    Sean Clare Signing for

    Even he knows it's a poo move he's been liking tweets like this all morning.
  2. Birley Owl 1867

    BREAKING: Sheffield Wednesday agree BBC commentary deal

    Chansiri played a blinder. Will have got a lot more cash with people buying iFollow, and now we'll have the BBC boost which lets be honest won't be the pittance they originally offered.
  3. Birley Owl 1867

    What does this achieve

    There usually done like that year, or sometimes all lower league clubs are complied by maybe 3 a division. FM is much more accurate with ratings, and with their potential ratings too.
  4. Birley Owl 1867

    What does this achieve

    He's pulled out the banter card now We all know he's pissed. Man up and earn you place back. Crying about it on Twitter won't change anything.
  5. Birley Owl 1867

    RIP Oliver Rains

    Oliver went to my primary school. He was in year 3 when I was in year 6 so not much younger than me. He was a mad Owl back then too. RIP.
  6. Birley Owl 1867

    Bristol City - 2 years ago....

    Remember listening to radio in car about half 6 and Rob Staton saying man city game had been called off for heavy rain and it may come out way. Didn't think much of it really apart from bugger might get wet. When it started raining at about 7 honestly thought game had no chance of going ahead.
  7. Birley Owl 1867

    Team for Stoke

    Westwood in goal. He won't play for us again. No defensive midfielder. Boyd at CM!! Mad decisions.
  8. Birley Owl 1867

    Team for Stoke

    So much wrong with that side dunno where to start
  9. Thats absolute gash that. Disgraceful comment.
  10. Seriously doubt if he'll ever play professionally for us again. Hope I'm wrong but just can't see it now.
  11. Birley Owl 1867

    Sean Clare

    Deal to be completed when he makes a full recovery from his injury I have a guess at. Be a Swansea player by January.
  12. Birley Owl 1867

    Youngsters and Checkatrade

    Winner of PDL 2, regardless of their category status, should be given a place imo.
  13. Birley Owl 1867

    Kosovo squad.

    100% lad Much rather have a team of less talented hard workers than stars who have the commitment of a fat bloke on a diet.
  14. Birley Owl 1867

    Kosovo squad.

    He's oblivious to his own posts, funny really.