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  1. It's got nothing to do with the government anymore. Certain clubs will sell them certain won't be allowed due to SAG in their area. I would guess many London clubs will suffer more than most.
  2. Number 19 was a last minute one off strip that we used once and didn't know we needed until 3 days before the game. Not really fair.
  3. The midnight blue 2002 one is class, not sure why many dislike that.
  4. Away fans probably won't be allowed to many games this season. Especially decent travellers like us/Leeds/Villa etc...
  5. Surprised that the Yanks don't do that for their league. lobbers.
  6. Yaya Sanogo decent striker? Never really seen him play just heard. Also seen he's a free agent. Anyone know if he's type of hold up striker wr could do with or is it better off sticking with useless Callum!
  7. We were never as good as Chelsea, on a level with them in the 80s I guess but even before then they'd won a Europwan trophy. Man City too, a European trophy winner and spent majority of their existence in the first. Just because they hadn't done as much as their neighbours (who let's not forget weren't massively successful either until 93) doesn't mean they were better than us. Again, maybe level pegging in the 80s.
  8. His confidence was shot by Jos, should have been taken out the firing line when he started underperforming. He never recovered since. Fans booing him at games and singing there's only one keiren Westwood didn't help either. He's not half as bad as what people make out he is. His problems come from the low confidence and the fact he isn't/wasn't Keiren Westeood.
  9. We also brought Kieran Lee in as a full back too to start with by the way then got lucky he was decent as emergency cover at RM before we ended up playing him at CM.
  10. Tyrece John Jules from Arsenal could be decent, scored a couple then went off boil when Moore left. Surprised he hasn't gone in for him seen as they worked together before.
  11. Never said it was for money. You know that though. He has raised his own personal profile by heading the trust though.
  12. No.. its my opinion, that I happen share with other people. Publicity let's see - how about followers on twitter? Listeners to their various podcasts? Interviews with papers and things?
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