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  1. If you go the football hoping to be entertained by anything but the football, then well that's your fault not Mr C's.
  2. Be 11 tournaments and counting by next summer.
  3. Surprised he didn't play Palmer at left back.
  4. Palmer hasn't been great but he's not been the worst player in their side. Shinnie though is a bombscare
  5. Best part of hame that losing the picture.
  6. Scotland left back is a disaster. Although obviously Shinnie isn't their 1st choice.
  7. If you think Milan doesn't have deep pockets then you're a bit daft He paid majority of ours off straight away if you remember. Milan has heaps of money he just doesn't splash it around. Which is a good thing.
  8. It'll be Milan. Has stake in a club already in Slovenia. Knows Paul Aldridge already at Bolton. Type of deal that is required to save Bolton is his calling card if you will.
  9. It was the 14th. And they were paid on the 12th.
  10. They live to fight another day. If they don't find this buyer by then though, they've gone.
  11. If his absence has been mental health related, then it doesn't matter if it's about football or not.
  12. Why should they? If Abdi has told them not too then that would be wrong on the club's part.
  13. Perhaps he is suffering mentally and doesn't want the world to know about it? I'd take a guess that the majority of the world don't want to talk about health problems, mental or otherwise.
  14. If they went bust they'd be back. They'd have to start in the National League North mind, but they'd be back.
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