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  1. Stupid Sky Commentary

    I think it's other way round. I think cos he 'played' for us, he doesnt want anyone to claim he's biased towards us, so he goes over top criticising us.
  2. We've seen enough

    You're happy with a point, against Ipswich? Seriously, against Ipswich?
  3. You know you're in a bad place when you celebrate a point against Ipswich
  4. Comes from Westwood being good at collecting crosses I think, more than our defenders being able to clear or block them into the area.
  5. Blades fans panicking

    They're worrying that Wilder will he off to WBA
  6. Bristol City in for Barry Bannan

    Not a chance
  7. Bristol City in for Barry Bannan

    If we don't go up a few will leave. Westwood, Lees and Lee for a start. Might do us good to rebuild the team.
  8. Bristol City in for Barry Bannan

    Wooo I got a shout out One of said that if we added Flint to £10m they might be tempted............ Sarcasm isn't around in the super duper South I'm guessing
  9. The fans were attempting to get the guy who was being kicked out for a good reason, from not being kicked out. Lack of respect for authority is the main reason. Shameful really.
  10. You mean the lad who started swinging at the stewards? And the 'fans' who tried to stop the stewards from doing their job should be ashamed of themselves.
  11. What did you think of that lads?

    Seriously though, today was an awful game. Neither side threatened much. Can't see either team in top 6 shakeup at end of season.
  12. What did you think of that lads?

    You want Bannan? Give us 15m, Flint and your gaffer too and you can have him
  13. Sheffield Wednesday Starting Lineup Today

    I'd go for same team as Villa, barring injuries of course.
  14. Hillsborough

    No idea. They were up at boxing day massacre
  15. Hillsborough

    From then on I think. It was definitely late 70s after the incidents involving Man Utd in 74-75