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  1. Anyway back to rhe thread at hand. Tonight proved he is nothing like his dad. He'll never be a goalscorer. he also isn't overweight and a raging alco either tbf
  2. @@owlstalk why are you letting another poster bully McRightside like this? You put me on post moderation for less. Think you need to sort it out pal before it gets out of hand. Sorry for posting it in public don't like PMs.
  3. Didn't realise you could get promoted mid season!
  4. Both not played for 6 months, similar to the Hirst situation a few years ago, he lack of football on that month will have killed their growth and potential. They'll be lucky to wind up in Scottish League 1, never mind over here. Serves them right greedy twats
  5. Don't think we're in any sort of cash flow mess or anything. All it is is Chansiri is nutter and thought it was a good idea for Christmas.
  6. Current highest ranke first team side allowed into the the competition considering they are top of L1.
  7. Last 16 us round we got knocked out on. They've just not updated the video from the last draw.
  8. We have 3 groups of people supporting Wednesday. Group 1 those who blindly support every decision the club does and no one can be critiqued. Same goes on the player front expecially when you considering some fool punched someone for saying bannan was crap. Group 2 those who neg every little thing the club do even the positive stuff and like to hate on everything. We had plently of these. And then Group 3 the rest who take each decision as it comes, treat each one on its own merit, nd judge accordingly. I'm in 3. This is a shocking decision, and one of many over chansiri reign, but it shouldn't overshadow the positives he has done over the last 6 months. If I couldn't afford it I wouldn't go but that's beside the point.
  9. 4 biggest clubs left at that stage getting advertised? Who would have thought it. What a world we live in.
  10. They will in Friday when only 1000 or so people have bought one.
  11. Yes cos I can afford to do so. If I couldn't then I wouldn't.
  12. Dunno probably 4 years ago I think. Round the time spurs bid 25m for him.
  13. The same players have played 'out of position' in last 3 league games, where we've picked up 7 points... all except Brown. The out of position argument you seem to love is forgetting the fact that one of them has been tearing it up there last few games. It is also forgetting the 2 worst players on the field tonight were definitely in their favoured positions The team was more thsb good enough to comfortably beat a poor L2 team. That is on the players and no one else.
  14. Who dictates Brown to pass the ball into his own net? It ain't Moore that's for sure... Who tells them to just leave the ball in the middle of the penalty area to let them score a 3rd? Was that Moore too The side was more than good enough to beat hartlepool who did nowt all game. Tbf we gifted them 2 of the goals.
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