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  1. This video, and the Reach one before it, are just advertisements.
  2. It's done me dirty. I even re read the post after posting and missed it myself.
  3. Onomah is an awful footballer. Think Jay Bothroyd tried harder than he did. Couldn't be less bothered if he tried. Lazy cheeky monkey. We DO NOT need to spending what little money we have available on him.
  4. If they've been offered a new deal it will be from the final 30 days of a players contract. If they haven't, the club waive their right to that exclusivity until the 1st June, so he can sign with anyone at any time. Foreign players (incl. Scotland) is from 6 months left.
  5. Yeah exactly. For most clubs it doesn't make much of a difference as midweek or not they'll only take 500 or so, but for us where we take 3k plus regularly it makes a difference.
  6. We have a bad record when it comes to signing Scots from Scotland. I'd stay away. Scots from English league though seem to be on the whole ok.
  7. You might want to check Ipswich kit history. Here, this might help http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Ipswich_Town/Ipswich_Town.htm
  8. For every Barry Bannan and Steven Fletcher, there is: Boyd Rhodes Donnelly Scott O'Donnell May Graham Reynolds
  9. Last 5 players we signed from lower leagues. Morgan Fox Ryan Croasdale Jacques Maghoma Kieran Lee Danny Mayor Yeah.
  10. If we've sorted out our ffp, then I'd be happy to pay a bit for Vaulks.
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