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  1. Birley Owl 1867

    Matias wants to stay..

    Don't think Abdi or Matias problems are they're attitude. They just couldnt keep fit.
  2. Birley Owl 1867

    Pre Season Friendly Announced.

    Be nowt like it. For a start Grimsby have ties to the Blades. Lincoln don't.
  3. Birley Owl 1867

    Pre Season Friendly Announced.

    Its a pre season friendly ffs. Against Lincoln. They'll be no bother.
  4. Birley Owl 1867

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    No ground improvements don't count towards FFP
  5. Birley Owl 1867

    Clare rejected us??

    100% agree. Both, especially Hirst, have shown themselves to be money grabbing poo bags.
  6. Birley Owl 1867

    New Spirit

    Last two years hes come back overweight hasn't he. Probably thought I can't be doing that with Jos the Boss.
  7. Birley Owl 1867


    He bullied youth players at Barnsley apparently.
  8. Birley Owl 1867

    Starting XI

    But you'd need 3. Unless 3 are playing upfront
  9. Birley Owl 1867

    Starting XI

    We still need one regardless of if reach plays there or not imo. Then the question would be if reach is at wing back who plays in the middle?
  10. Who are these mythical players on 50k a week?
  11. Birley Owl 1867

    Starting XI

    Any keeper Lees Pudil Van Aken Hunt Malone Bannan Pelupessy Reach Nuhiu Forestieri For me Basically just sign any decent LWB.
  12. Birley Owl 1867

    So that survey

    Petty fool
  13. Birley Owl 1867


    Madine will sort that out.
  14. Birley Owl 1867

    Westwood Going

    Because we have two goalkeepers behind him who'll likely one day be both better than him. We are in financial trouble, and need to trim the wage bill. Players can't stay here forever. They need to leave when the time is right, and the time is right for Westwood. It's a no-brainer to sell him. Standing still by not regenerating our squad after two play off failures is never a good idea.