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  1. I agree pal I really do. But where are we gonna find 2 right backs for bext to nothing in the summer? I think Palmer will stay as back up for another year. Baker isn't good enough. There's a few others too.
  2. Personally I'd like to keep a few of the out of contract players. I think we will do too. We won't be able to replace them all if we release everyone. It's just whether we can afford too/are allowed to either way.
  3. Unless we come up with a different funding plan. However that may have been the basis of yesterday's statement....
  4. Birley Owl 1867

    Chairman’s statement

    Think the plan was to not sign anyone this window anyway. Regardless of future developments. Maybe a cheap loan or free transfer if possible. I'm sure Bruce would have been made aware of that.
  5. Birley Owl 1867

    Chairman’s statement

    Not if we stop spending. Birmingham only getting one because they broke the rules and continued to do so. We haven't.
  6. Birley Owl 1867

    Chairman’s statement

    Well done on completely missing/ignoring the point. As per.
  7. Birley Owl 1867

    Chairman’s statement

    He can't win can he. When's he closed and defensive he gets slated. When he's open and tells it as it is he gets slated. Our fans
  8. Birley Owl 1867

    Chairman’s statement

    I think we're selling players. This is just when people moan he can point to this. Either that or he's selling the ground and again he'll point to this. Or, he hasn't got a clue what to do and he's just telling us what is gonna happen. This is least likely imo. I don't think he'll be expecting anything from an 1867 scheme again and people getting their knickers in a twist over that are looking a little daft.
  9. I think Ambrose may end up in the MLS.
  10. Yes as they were released before the end of the transfer window, they can sign for anyone until the free transfer deadline 4th Thursday in March.
  11. Birley Owl 1867

    Can Hector play against Chelsea?

    He's not out of contract at end of the season.
  12. Get in atdhe you lanky cheeky monkey
  13. Sounded like when we've had the ball we've been ok. Defensively though we aren't great.
  14. Very strong side. Not much we can do other than that really. Can't please everyone though clearly.
  15. Birley Owl 1867

    Possible Signing

    Weirdly, he's actually signing for Man Utd. Good player but constantly injured.