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  1. Hooper

    Should be a big prem referee. This man will shrink on Sunday
  2. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Never said the club don't ask permission. But to release a statement like that he'll have had to ask the club himself.
  3. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Some clubs don't like to divulge the injuries that players have received. To release a statement like what FF has done he will definitely have had to ask for permission to do so from the club. Whether it was given or not is another question. Bar Kieron Lee back in January under chansiri we have never really found out the severity of our bad injuries until this one. FF will defo have got dc and cc's permission for this statement.
  4. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Of course he does
  5. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Depends if he got clearance from the club to post sensitive information like that. If I was the manager I'd say no.
  6. The North Stand Clock

    If chansiri flips with the clock that's me done with this club
  7. Football Rivalries

    Barnsley are the only other local side who could actually challenge us for dominance of the region. So I put them. And they talk funny too.
  8. Early Favourites

    Think we need to wait until after the Leeds game to see a clearer picture of the table. That's when it starts to form properly, not much changes after 10 games.
  9. Seen plenty of moaning about kits, but..

    Always thought the kit, whilst nice, was too cliched in design. Gold! Everyone uses it as trim for celebrations, we should've done something else.
  10. Another Van Aken song thread

    All our songwriters (read idiots) have come up with is same tune as Fletcher and Booth. They're useless.
  11. Stick Or Twist

    Play off semi v Huddersfield
  12. David Garrido

    What about the guy who puts it on her?
  13. David Garrido

    Always thought Kate Abdo was best myself
  14. What? Shurely shome mishtake!

    It also counts away attendance don't forget. Derby and Barnsley too loads to the sty, both big games we've had so far was on tv at half 5 and on a Wednesday night attendances will always be affected.
  15. Advertising hoardings

    Ad boards are fine half way up the kop, not distracting at all. Also remember we'll be getting the yellow ball out soon