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  1. Team vs. Swansea

    Nah then. Interesting one. Played well today but there will be tired bodies surely. Wildsmith Palmer Venancio Loovens O'Grady Fox Wallace Butterfield Jones Reach Rhodes Is how he will go IMO. Not my choice mind.
  2. Witch hunts You mean the witch hunt you're setting up against the fans? Get over yourself.
  3. Shut up ya fanny. Can't believe some 'fans' like to belittle fellow fans.
  4. normally dont condone violence

    If snodgrass breaks his leg tomorrow I'd love it.
  5. Extremely Frustrated...

    Referee that. Not the boys
  6. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    Old boys club. Terry and Bruce put his arm around him and that was that.
  7. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    wee wee off ya fanny Ref lost us that game. Nowt else.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    Neil Swarbrick. cheeky monkey
  9. normally dont condone violence

    Ref and snodgrass deserved a twatting.
  10. We are gonna win

    1-1 Snort grass first J-wow equaliser
  11. Highlights his lack of football knowledge. Never been a football journalist. Needs sacking.
  12. Championship Table - 8 points clear

    All what Neil said was he doesn't think he'll be here next season. That prediction shouldn't be taken as a definite fact.
  13. He calls em Tottenham Hotspurs Howson is a terrible terrible journo
  14. League one football

    We'll stay up this season. Mathematically with a victory over Reading.