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  1. Why would it? They're still paying for it and not getting a discount. The money is already there.
  2. They basically run the English club game anyway. Fa just Prems yes men.
  3. If you buy the infant kit you already pay for the socks, so no income lost. The socks come free with the shirt and shorts regardless if you buy an infant one. Socks are available in other sizes, which dont come free with the shirt.
  4. Go on Chansiri lad. About time someone stood up to the slimy ways of the Prem. Keep up the good work.
  5. Thats the thing. Newcastle offered us 4m for bruce only. Sticking point is Clemence and Agnew.
  6. Was wondering who'd be the first to blame Chansiri. Congrats.
  7. Karanka would be a great appointment. People who are saying no are deluded, we won't be getting any better, and who cares what the football is like. End result is promotion.
  8. Shame its 59 quid but that seems to be standard price these days. Ah well, will defo get the home one tomorrow. Not sure on green yet.
  9. Of that list has to be Hughton. Would suit the squad. Karanka likewise would be great, and I'd like Paul Cook too but not sure the squad is his style right now.
  10. Yes that's true we don't, I'm assuming we've got what we want for Bruce though but who knows. I don't know why he doesn't say what he means most of time, but most of time he is correct with things he says but if your words have multiple connotations to them then that is bound to happen.
  11. To be fair to him, he called the compo issue for the assistants about a week ago. He also correctly called the 4m compo for bruce when every other media outlet was saying 1m.
  12. Only time they look up is to watch the ball at the Lane.
  13. Maybe he had a rethink when his dad died. Or perhaps it was what his Dad asked him to do on his death bed, manage newcastle for me in my memory type of thing. Who knows.
  14. No need for the last bit at all really was there in a steve bruce thread? Your obsession, no sorry hatred, of chansiri is very bizarre too and I still believe it is deeper than just business matters.
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