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  1. Birley Owl 1867

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    Doesnt the 16/17 year drop off FFP next season, so we'll be back to around 10m under FFP That's if we pass this season.
  2. Birley Owl 1867

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    Won't we be able to spend money again next year?
  3. Birley Owl 1867

    Mark Warburton

    Warburton is nowt. The real brains at Brentford are the scouting teams.
  4. Birley Owl 1867

    The City Is Theirs

    Maybe wrong place to ask this but if we pass ffp this year, do we get money to spend again next summer? As in does our 2016/17 totals fall off summer 2019?
  5. Birley Owl 1867


    Is he another one of Neil's characters
  6. Birley Owl 1867


    When people say that usually means they're talking testicles. If you aren't prepared to back up your statement then don't say it!
  7. Yeah you're right. We'd have lost 4-2 again under carlos.
  8. Birley Owl 1867

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    I found it funny when they were talking about big blade Billy sharp. No mention he was 5 mins away from signing for Sheffield Wednesday.
  9. Birley Owl 1867

    Fake crowd sounds on sky

    Last post eill be copyrighted. Why they didn't just mute it I don't know. But yeah they clearly have canned noise. Periods of silence in a match and they'll stick that on. As well as to make it sound louder when goals are scored for example.
  10. Couldn't find a man second half and got a stupid booking.
  11. Great result. Despite being dominated we defended fantastic. Which in my book means we deserved it.
  12. Really? I get there all over us and playing well and are getting some plaudits. But just listen to some of the commentary on freekicks. Seriously so biased it's unbelievable.
  13. Commentators slightly biased. Only just though
  14. It'll be canned noise they play when the stadium is quiet. Someone pressed wrong button early.