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  1. Don't know. But you can't deny that cheapest ticket wasnt £25.
  2. Nah. As per bookies just react on punters, they know fizz all. If they knew something we'd be a lot shorter than 14s. Be around 3/1.
  3. For all those guys screaming over brentford strategy. Who has got closer to the Prem in the last 5 years, us or them? It's ok selling a few players and its something we should have done. But selling your whole side every summer isn't good and will come back to bit sooner rather than later. They'll be in League 1 before they get to the Premier.
  4. You must be blind. Cheapest ticket for adult on Sat was £25.
  5. Kop was £25 tickets. I got in on my season ticket, which costs me around £19 per game.
  6. Cheapest ticket was £25. You can't deny that no matter how much abuse you throw.
  7. You can tell they're all thick (or just to preoccupied with their jelly eels) cos they seem to think Dawson is no3.
  8. No way would there have been 28k. Stop talking out your arse. Was £25 yesterday and only 21k Owls.
  9. 100%. The first thing I did when got back into the car was check how many points were were above 22nd, sad really and I think the limbo of whether we will be in top 6 fight or relegation fight, or mid table nothingness, sucks the life out of the crowd.
  10. Would only be a concern for me if it happens again in the next few months or so. Wouldn't surprise me if Chansiri is trying to threaten the EFL.
  11. There's at least 4 I can think of worse than him. 2roland2 Mr Farrell Birley Owl SiJ
  12. People will still find a way to complain. Only 1 of our 9 wins has come against a top half side. Or summat.
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