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  1. Ref cost us 2 points. Should put a notice in with the league, even if nothing happens it may Mr. Stroud from officiating again and stop anyone else being affected by his ill judgement.
  2. We lost cos they scored from a free kick that shouldn't have been. They didn't look like scoring otherwise.
  3. Thst was Tim Robinson and it was at Hull. Forestieri dived at Preston and was deservedly sent off.
  4. There's no agenda. Don't be daft. They're just poo.
  5. Happened against Norwich too. Was only 2 tv games ago.
  6. Personally think we'll be fine. Why would the EFL instruct lawyers to see if we broke the rules, after they themselves allowed it? That just leaves them open to abuse, ridicule and legal action. They've hired the lawyers to confirm we are in the right, not in the wrong.
  7. Better him here with Monk that half way round the world playing against worse than oub players.
  8. Must be a first. Beating teams who are poor and people are moaning we've beat them
  9. You not watched him play recently? Just walks around the pitch not caring, at all. In fact, no one has seen him play recently have they. Even when he wasnt banned. Wonder why?
  10. You can have all the ability in the world to be the best player, but if you're a lazy fcuker who doesn't care, then what good is it?
  11. All 3 of them have been excellent. So far though, Julian Borner is a Panzer.
  12. If he can be arsed. He hasn't been arsed now since 2017.
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