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  1. While it's not exactly a shock that he died relatively young, it doesn't take away the impact of his passing. He was legendary within in his own life time. A footballing genius, with a troubled personal life. The joy he brought to many watching his sublime skills, AND the pain to fans of opposing teams also, can not and should not be forgotten. To watch him with the ball at his feet was mesmerising. In my opinion, nobody in the modern game comes close, not Messi nor Ronaldo. Diego Maradona: Obituary - Argentina's flawed football icon -
  2. Who said anything about it being our fault? The post is simply suggesting that reason he hasn't played is because we can't afford to pay his ex club any more money. It's not unusual to have caveats in a transfer that make further payments at different stages. If the player wins promotion with new team, previous team receives x amount Every 10 goals scored x amount is paid Landmark goals 50, 75, 100 activates further x payments Landmark appearances 25, 50 etc etc activates further x payments
  3. He clearly hasn't got a clue what he's doing, why else have we ended up with 6 point deduction. He gambled everything on the first two seasons under Carlos. Throwing money at it. It was spent badly and now there is no ability to spend similar because we're overspending on wages. There's something like another 12-14 players out of contract in the summer. That's when our wage costs go right down.
  4. How do you know he's not got a 20 goal a season clause in his contract? By limiting him to 10-20 mins per match reduces the possibility of him him getting thst target. When first signed it wasn't a problem with the money being splashed around. Such is the poor foresight of our chairman, he offset the expected future outlay to be afforded from premier TV money. However, such is the financial dire straits now, he cannot afford to pay the agreed clause and therefore he isn't picked. Same with Westwood. He equalled club record clean sheets in two seasons. Clause in his co
  5. Hardly a bad era at Wednesday under Wilkinson; 1983–84Div 2 2nd 1984–85Div 1 8th 1985–86Div 1 5th 1986–87Div 1 13th 1987–88Div 1 11th 88-89 Then he left and Peter Eustace came in, one of our worst ever starts to a season and he was sacked. Big Ron saved us managed 15th. 89-90 Div 1 18th Relegated under Big Ron playing pretty football 90-91 Div 2 3rd (Behind Oldham and West Ham) promoted and won Rumbelows League Cup So, in all, Big Ron had ONE successful season. However, he had been afforded funds (as was Trevor F) that
  6. Your guess is as good as mine! To make it less obvious perhaps?
  7. It does make sense if it costs a million quid for each landmark. Taking the club over the edge making more breaches and having more points taken off.
  8. It's bit different to that though isn't it. He was bought when it was expected we'd go up to thr promised land and now instead we're fighting to stay in the division and in deep mire with FFP.
  9. Lol football manager has a clause of the same in FM21. They do tend to get most contractual issues correct!
  10. I believe there is a clause in his contract related to appearances and goals scored. If he goes past either figure then a sum of money has to be paid to Boro and it's not peanuts. This is why Monk didn't play him.
  11. You'd go to them with your formation and style you want to play and ask where they think they fit in that formation. You have to rely on the players to carry out your instructions to them. All your doing is picking a formation that best utilitises the players available. Only for the first 7 weeks while you use a system that works best with what's at your disposal. During that period your assessing how they perform and when the window arrives you get chance to alter the playing staff to more suit the plan A and B you have in mind. Highly doubt
  12. So telling a right back he's going to play left back or right Midfield? I'm saying just play players in a system where they play in their preferred style and position.
  13. Surely it's quite simple. Any new manager/coaching team needs to operate within the capabilities of the existing squad over the next 7 weeks. This would mean speaking to all the playing staff and asking them a few questions? Do you want to play for Swfc? What is your preferred/best playing position? What formation do you think you work best in? Based on that, the manager/coach can pick a team and system based on putting round players in round holes. It gives him scope for a Plan A and a Plan B. If the two out and out wingers
  14. Graeme Souness at Rangers Frank Lampard doing well at Chelsea Tricky Trev did a decent job for us
  15. Pearson has been misquoted on that. He's never been asked.
  16. Not really no, just want people who are invested in the club. It can get that extra effort from the players.
  17. Or instead of Wilkinson as DOF have Meggo.
  18. I'd LOVE it if this happened. Director of Football : Howard Wilkinson Manager: Nigel Pearson Assistants/Coaches: Chrissy Waddle, Kevin Pressman, Carlton Palmer, David Hirst All got their coaching badges and a passion for Swfc. All skilled in different areas: Goalkeeping, Defence/Leadership, Midfield Energy, Creativity/Flair and Finishing. Club ethos and vision to be implanted by Wilkinson!
  19. I'll accept 18 points from 27 in this instance.
  20. I'd go back to 442, ditch this 3 at the back malarky. Picking from those available (rumoured to be fit) GK Wildsmith RB Palmer CB Borner CB Iorfa LB Penney RW Harris CM Bannan CM Brown LW Reach CF Windass St Rhodes Subs Dawson Odubajo Pelupessy Marriot Paterson
  21. 3 PTS for a win 2 PTS for an away draw 1 PT for a home draw. 0 PTS for a loss
  22. It worked when we played Warhurst out of position to cover for the injured Hirst!
  23. Waddle had the fastest feet and train of thought but his pace was lacking. Carlton Palmer could always shift over a fair distance (box to box). Hirst was quicker with the ball than others without it in his prime! Des Walker obviously fast Paul Warhurst again could shift JJ was like a firework rocket Michael Antonio was pretty quick Other than that in the post 90s era we've not had many quick players, which perhaps has been a big reason for our struggles over the years playing a slow pace.
  24. How could he have got anybody in January when he had no money available with all the players that have left in the summer still in contract and the wage bill too high. He's had to wait to get them off the wage bill.
  25. I don't think he is going 352, I think he's going to end up 433 or 4321 depending on how you interpret the 2! GK RB. CB. CB. LB CM. CM. CM. RW/RAM. LW/LAM ST/CF
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