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  1. It's dreadful yes. However, we haven't been playing Attacking football. It's been stated by players and coaches that previous management set up defensively. Our man States he intends to set up to attack and he's giving Rhodes a chance. He's scored twice in about 130 minutes of football in 3 matches. I can see Rhodes getting 10 goals minimum out of the remaining fixtures if he stays fit and is allowed to start games. We'll be reight!
  2. This close season will be different IF we stay up as there is 12 point penalty hanging over which there was at the start of this season. That was guaranteed to put players off.
  3. It's called looking at the silver lining of the dark cloud. Sometimes in life cutting your losses is the best option. An analogy for you. Toxic partner with a great body and ace in the sack but a complete knob head / ***** most of the time. Get rid. Yeah you'll miss the excitement but be relieved of the dross. Reach- miss the wonder goals and occasional assist, but not the woeful tackling and high maintenance (wages)
  4. The thing with loan players is that the club receiving the player don't always pay the wages. It's sometimes advantageous to the club loaning out to pay the wages on condition the player plays x amount of games. It's a way for them to expose a young player to competitive football to strengthen and develop them ready to fight for a place in their own squad.
  5. It's not a good thing that we didn't sell when stock was high. I'm not saying it was. I'm saying given the current financial situation at our club and in general, it's a good job the contracts are up in a lot of cases. Doubtful any of our squad will be chased by clubs on parachute payments, they'll want better players than we have.
  6. The point I was making is that given our financial position, it's a good job they're out of contract and not on our books at the current rates for another season. How many of our squad are going to be wanted by teams on parachute payments. Most of them are players that will help a relegation candidate team escape the drop, not many will aid a promotion push which is what the parachute teams will be after.
  7. It's actually a good thing that so many of the squad are coming to the end of their contract's when the season ends. It means we're not lumbered with high wages Regardless of staying up / going down. No clubs are in a position to offer high wages anymore because of the loss of income across the board. Don't be surprised if a lot of those with no contracts after the summer end up signing on for another season on reduced terms. It's not like other clubs are going to be able to offer much more than we can. Some of them will opt to stay due to settling in the
  8. Wrong. https://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/cities/united-kingdom London7,556,900 Birmingham984,333 Liverpool864,122 Nottingham729,977 Sheffield685,368 Bristol617,280 Glasgow591,620 Leicester508,916 Edinburgh464,990 Leeds455,123 Cardiff447,287 Manchester395,515 Stoke-on-Trent372,775 Coventry359,262
  9. I think you're right. He got right under my skin. The bloody bar steward.
  10. With all the drama behind the scenes, we're ripe for a docu-drama. The only way is S6.
  11. That's what I said back. Along with why don't Burnley, Oldham, Blackburn etc merge.
  12. Name2021 Population Location London7,556,900Map Birmingham984,333Map Liverpool864,122Map Nottingham729,977Map Sheffield685,368Map Bristol617,280Map Glasgow591,620Map As of 2021 taken from https://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/cities/united-kingdom
  13. Yet Wednesday on their own get bigger average gates than both Southampton and Norwich when we're in top flight. Look at their gates in League 1 compared to ours. Size of average gates doesn't really equate to sustained success. Sunderland being a prime example.
  14. Going from 91/92 Wednesday League Cup winners Fa cup runners up League cup runners up Weeds English league Champions Champions League Semi Both Several seasons in 2nd and 3rd tier I'd say we're about the same all in!
  15. So, there was a tweet about Graeme Souness referring to Dem Blades' as Sheffield. Some numpty Leeds fan jumping on that to get chance of success and sustain a premier league club, Wednesday and UTD should merge. Doesn't believe Sheffield as 5th biggest city with population of 685000 is capable of keeping two teams. Bearing in mind Leeds population is 455000, some 230000 less than Sheffield. This is their first season back in Premier League since when. The difference in population at 230000 is greater than the population of Newcastle at 1920000
  16. It depends on whether the new prospective owner intends to buy the stadium back at the same time as ownership of the club. If the deal is to include the stadium, he sold it to himself for £60 million. That's obviously an inflated value, but one the EFL accepted (the points deduction was for accounting period submissions not values). Real estate hasn't been affected by Covid 19 so that value could be determined as being current. £30 million for the Wednesday name and all assets that go with it, marketing, players, training ground etc. That wou
  17. It definitely has because David Hirst is no longer in his prime for us and we're not one of the big boys in the top flight anymore.
  18. To think we lost 6-1 and 7-1 in the same season to Leeds and Arsenal, yet still finished 3rd (from top) and were in with a chance of taking the title with only 3 games left
  19. An advert for the first Premier League season. It brings tingles to my spine. Football has changed for the worse since those days.
  20. Pay as you play contracts use artistic licence in their phraseology. You could easily offer a football player a 20 hour a week contract. 16 hours training and media duties plus up to 4 hours match time per week. You could pay him a basic salary of £25 an hour which meets minimum pay legislation easily and gives an annual (basic) salary of £26,000 in line with average UK earnings. This could be topped up with lucrative enhancements; Starting xi: £500 bonus Substitute appearance: £300 bonus Match day squad non appearance: :£150 bonus
  21. A moral compass? He's one of our highest earners! He doesn't look bothered in most games. He just loiters and seems demotivated. I earn a fraction of what Reach does. But my contact is with my employer (an NHS trust) and they can deploy me anywhere in the service according to need. I don't kick up a stink or work less hard when a different part of the service requires my skill set. Being asked to play football in a different position isn't exactly like having to work a different shift pattern at a different location 9 miles further away in the middle of a pandem
  22. If he was looking at a note pad in the game nobody would say anything. It would be assumed he was looking at a tactical plan. Smart phones are more than capable of having some tactics on them or memo notes to self to change something around. If people haven't noticed, the club staff are tending to utilise the stands in absence of fans. What's to say a scout or coach in the stands wasn't texting him an observation from a different virwpoint. Going back to the notepad comment, a manager could easily have some stupid lovenote or a silly drawing hidden in the
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