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Wycombe - Wednesday - OMDT

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Ainsworth was jumping about getting their fans up for it and who can blame him , on our way back now with no excuses , decent first half poor second.

If we don't get  a result tues then we ultimately don't deserve to finish in the top six !

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1 hour ago, wellbeaten-the-owl said:

Yes and? Have you not seen s football game before? Sometimes you don't get what you deserve especially in close games.


Fully expect us to turn Fleetwood over Tuesday evening

Yes..I attend..not watch it on tv.. and as soon as we went 1 down,as always Moore bottled it..

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10 minutes ago, brando said:

Yes..I attend..not watch it on tv.. and as soon as we went 1 down,as always Moore bottled it..

Have to admit the subs didn't have any impact.


Could of done worse than to bring a defender on and throw dunkley up front in last 10.  


Been an issue all season t heat we don't have something different up front from bench, berahino got little out of their center backs.

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Guest OrlandoUnTrustful

We have two cup finals left to get into the play offs.

This is Moore’s biggest game of his managerial career. We lose and he’s done.


The focus has to be 100% on getting a win at Fleetwood, the “not lose” mindset cannot come into it.


I still think we made a huge error not signing a physical striker with a yard of pace who can hold the ball up. We don’t have any presence or anyone to play on the shoulder. This will ultimately lead to our downfall I believe.


You rarely get promoted without a 15-20 goals a season striker.





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I got dogs abuse after the Crewe game suggesting that Moores Tactics Subs and Selections were questionable 

******** , Racist and you are Drunk were some of the comments from the pile on Brigade . 
Anyway back to today , I thought the exclusion of Byers was strange as he was many peoples MoM on Tuesday 

Personally would have had Dean in but thought Dunkley did quite well 

I thought two factors that went against us today was we still don’t have that big target man who can hold the ball , Berahino had a shocker the other night and again today he was very light weight 


First half we played well with the wind behind us but couldn’t get the goal 


Second half we struggled to get the ball out of our half at times 


Lets hope we don’t suffer the same against Fleetwood 

I think Moore is trying to manage players with a view to the play offs but if we don’t get there then it will be for nothing 


For me get to the play offs with you best players because they will all want to play in those games, injuries will fade away 


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4 hours ago, JemmoJemoJemmo said:

My tone was uncalled for, so apologies for that, anger and emotion kicking in.


I understand your point but even with those out we have far more than anybody else.


People will say I’m being arrogant.


I say other people are ignorant to what other teams are having to do.


Take Wycombe. A £2m wage budget. Pretty much gone the whole season with two strikers and one of them is 40 years old!


Some of our fans are delusional. Our subs bench today will have a higher weekly cost than the first XI of any other club.

Honestly, don't worry about it. It happens and we get caught up. Nobody likes a loss. 


Wycombe are also well accustomed to this division and Ainsworth certainly knows a thing or two about getting them out of it. Sure, we have a decent squad yeah but it doesn't count for a lot when they're rarely available. 


You add Windass to our starting 11 and we'd be much nearer the top of the table imo. 

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17 hours ago, jonnyowl said:

So why did we play some much long ball?


I've never seen BPF kick it long so much!

Opposition tactics squeezing us. Fans would have been playing well if we have been ‘fancying about with it’ at the back when the pass wasn’t on 

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