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  1. Still 13 added minutes yet. Relax
  2. 1 Defeat in 9 Games For Jos

    Had my doubts and a few head scratches when we announced him. Saw our upcoming games and thought it would be a miracle if he got something out of them. And somehow he did and I think its fair to say surprised quite a few of us. Whilst I don't think he's the kind of manager to quickfire us up to promotion, I think he could be a manager worth backing in the long run and given a chance to build his team under his vision. Rome wasn't built in a day after all and if we can build some consistency next season, who knows where we will end up.
  3. Anyone have that guys shirt so they can throw it back at him?
  4. Not Good Enough

    We've lost once under Jos so far. Shouldn't we focus on that instead? A point away at united, even with 10 men. A point against Cardiff who are fighting for promotion which I'm sure many of us felt that could easily have been 3 for us. There's positives there but people would much rather focus on the negatives. Where does it get us? Not like any of us here is capable of changing our fortunes
  5. Not Good Enough

    Yeah lets set up to attack and lose our remaining games instead of playing cautious and picking up some much needed points. People need to remember that this squad is a farcry from what we had a couple of seasons ago. This is how we have to play now with the players we have left
  6. Won't be long before the fans start turning up on crutches...
  7. Swansea tickets..

    I'll be making the trip up from Swansea. Baldwick moment, but I have a cunning plan. I hitch a ride in the Swans coach on the way up. Put on my finest Welsh accent and corrupt them from the inside. Imagine Carlos' horror as he walks out of the tunnel to be greeted with Carlos Out banners in the away end... 4-0 Wednesday with CC resigning immediately afterwards
  8. Yeah I've just looked at the PL2 and the formatting makes no sense. Reading, Wolves, Derby all have a team involved
  9. Venancio

    Thank you for clearing that up. I did find it quite unbelievable that we'd boo him at that point. Struggling to see why Carlos never really played him. He's come into a team under pressure and been fairly consistent for us so far. Out of contract in the summer I believe, definitely worth a punt from us.
  10. So in theory could be playing in the PL2 next season then?
  11. Anyone know where the U23's are in their league?
  12. Swansea. They haven't performed well away in the cup this year, but then again we're not in the best form either. 0-0 it is then!
  13. Venancio

    I wasn't at the match but I heard he apologised to the fans left on the kop at the end. Have huge respect for him after this. Is it true some fans booed him as he was doing this?
  14. This Survey

    This survey really peed me off in regards to the ticket question. It hardly gives us a choice.