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  1. Got them both muddled up there
  2. Stoke is a sinking ship. They'll have to do quite the recruiting over summer to replace their outgoing players. With West Brom, knowing our luck Berahino will finally find his level and slot 4 past us
  3. HootHoot

    Jonas Lossl

    Early contender for most pointless thread of 2018. Let's see how the opposition react to this play...
  4. HootHoot

    Lee Cattermole

    Even the Sunderland fans say he doesn't have the legs anymore. Definitely not the kind of player we wanna be signing
  5. HootHoot

    Player of the season vote.

    Reach easily. Despite being a scapegoat, he's been solid for us over the course of the season. Very underappreciated by some of our fans
  6. HootHoot

    Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    The problem with this kind of service is that most of the people serving you will be agency staff on zero hour contracts. They'll work one day a week at most. Very rarely will you find regular bar staff working, its the same at the stadium I work. Some days you'll be lucky enough to have someone who knows what they are doing, yet most of the time it will be someone who has hardly any experience. Add a match day and disgruntled supporters at half time and they panic. Just needs a more hands on approach from the management. That is their job afterall.
  7. Camera skills in this more shakey than Loovens defending
  8. Hate these talk from Lees. How am I supposed to claim we battered every team we played when the captain goes and contradicts me. In this together my a*se
  9. HootHoot

    Fraser Preston

    He still has a year left remaining on his current contract. Could well be waiting to see how things are next season in regards to his playing time
  10. HootHoot

    Thorniley watching Accrington

    I think Reda was at the family fun day too wasn't he? I know he's been back recently, remember seeing it somewhere
  11. Saw on his Instagram that he was at the game. Is it just me that respects players showing some love and respect to clubs that helped develop them? Goes to show the kind of character that he is and I can see him showing the same kind of respect to us too.
  12. "Hardly touched him ref"
  13. With regards to the coin throwing, could we not add this to our end of season financial records as 'other income'. We are getting pretty desperate with FFP after all.
  14. HootHoot

    A Tale Of Two Managers

    @Dot There are facts above that show what Jos has done for the club that back up the opinion of those in this thread. Do you have any FACTS to back up your opinion or is it just an opinion that has no substance whatsoever? I don't say that to be funny or difficult, I'm just curious to see whether you have any facts to back it up.
  15. HootHoot

    Barry Bannan

    Barring Fulham where he went off injured, I don't think we have lost with him on the pitch since his return. Shows what a key player he is for us. He gets stick for his Hollywood passing at times, but I think we need somebody like that who's going to play unpredictable balls instead of passing it around the defence. One good ball can easily cut the defence apart. That's what he brings to the table