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  1. SWFC are giving away the chance to train with the players at Middlewood Road. Loving the new recruitment policy!
  2. HootHoot

    Is forrestieri injured?

    Understandable why Jos chose to rest him now.
  3. HootHoot

    Jos Lahukay- Get out of our club

    Our only real hope right now is that he smartens up. If he doesn't then we really are screwed
  4. HootHoot

    Jos Lahukay- Get out of our club

    Would you buy a club £39m down at risk of breaching FFP and virtually non-existent chance at promotion? While ever he's happy to spend I don't mind. When he stops the money flow, that's when I'll start to worry
  5. I feel we need to drop him for a match. He's a great player and I think that's part of the issue here. Its too easy for everyone else to pass the ball to him and let him ping a Hollywood ball across the pitch. I feel they're too reliant on him and when he has a bad game, we really suffer
  6. HootHoot

    Jos Lahukay- Get out of our club

    Lets face it, we need a rebuild top to bottom. We need a new RB, a new CB, a new CDM, another midfielder, a new manager, a director of football. And no money for any of this. Only at Wednesday
  7. HootHoot

    Tom Lees

    If we play it right, he will develop into a solid player for us. But right now, we're a team of individuals, underwhelming ones at that
  8. HootHoot

    Tom Lees

    I feel Thorniley in future will step up as captain, but right now one the more experienced players needs to step up and take some responsibility. Personally I was hoping for either Bannan or Reach
  9. HootHoot

    Jos Lahukay- Get out of our club

    Put it this way, the next manager has his work cut out with this lot. Most of our players look like they've forgotten the basics of football
  10. HootHoot

    Tom Lees

    Lees isn't captain material. He needs somebody else calling the shots beside him. Unfortunately we don't have that figure at the club
  11. Nah, the players are escaping the blame way too much. How long has Lees been a CB for? He knows his role and what he's supposed to do. Same with Palmer and Hector. These are all professional footballers who should know their role. In my opinion Jos should go, but our next manager has got his work cut out for him.
  12. HootHoot

    Tom Lees

    That's an actual disgrace. I have no words for that and both Jos and the players need to take a long hard look at themselves. If you're not gonna give 100% then bugger off. Its the least we deserve
  13. Can't think of a better sub to bring on when they're tiring out than FF. Good decision taking proper care of him
  14. HootHoot

    Kieran Lee - knee surgery

    Never said Westwood was about age. Please read my post properly in future
  15. HootHoot

    Kieran Lee - knee surgery

    So, out of all my points you decide to try and get one over instead of addressing what I actually said. Pudil has moved to CB because he doesn't have the legs anymore to be a LB. And even then he's a backup player at most. Same with Nuhiu. Sub. Fletcher has found some form so has earned a place. Same with Matias. Boyd and Jones have never really had form with us. Understandable why they aren't being picked