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  1. Poor taste using the Hillsborough disaster. You're more likely to paint the fans in a negative image if I'm honest. It would get media coverage for the wrong reasons.
  2. The club needs to release a statement nipping this in the bud ASAP. They cannot remain silent on something as big as this!
  3. The protests over the ESL showed that the fans still have power when it matters. I think its time we protest and actually show Chansiri how we feel about him now!
  4. Think the fact this is happening with other clubs demonstrates the massive overhall the football pyramid needs right now. We aren't the first and certainly won't be the last facing these issues if things do not change
  5. This is a none story. Been widely reported a fair number of clubs are currently in an embargo.
  6. Can't stand the chevrons they have on their kits
  7. Injury ruined this guy. Was a decent little player. Think he scored 15 goals in for Derby in the season before he got injured. Always liked him when he was at Peterborough too. Shows what an injury can do to a players career.
  8. This^ Bring in someone who knows what they're doing and Chansiri sits back and finances it as and when needed. A football club is an investment. With investment comes risk, and as we've seen, loss. Smart investment will see him get a return on his money and maybe more. But only if he is smart about it.
  9. Students aren't interested in watching football outside the prem to be honest. Remember Swansea doing £20 student tickets when they were both in the prem and the championship. We'd go to watch the big teams in the prem but once they were relegated, I think the appeal wore off for a lot of people.
  10. Like I said before, quite a few clubs exercised this option. Most likely it's so they can find alternative income. The entire football pyramid is under enormous financial strain right now. It isn't just us...
  11. I've seen that the PFA are in talks over taking legal action against this. I've looked into it and I can't find any reasoning for why the restrictions on squad size has been imposed. Does it actually help or hinder a team? Does it apply to the league only or does it also apply to Cup games? What are your thoughts on how it will affect us?
  12. I think most of the clubs under the embargo surely will be out of it shortly. All clubs in question took the option of delaying the filing of the accounts, an option that was offered by the government. It's daft it was even imposed in the first place.
  13. They're expensive but I don't think that's a reason to not follow the club. I think a lot of it depends on which side of the city you're at. I remember as a kid walking down to the match, watching us in League 1, then going and playing football afterwards. I loved that experience. Never even considered supporting the other lot.
  14. Sad to see him go however I think the time was right. Been one of the best keepers I've had the pleasure of seeing. Think Wildsmith gets too much stick. He's a good keeper and will do the job for us in League 1.
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