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  1. HootHoot

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Lee's against Rotherham. What a thriller that was!
  2. HootHoot


    "Dawson doesn't command his area" Pretty sure when I was watching the West Brom game Dawson was screaming at Pudil (one of our more experienced players too) to get forward because he was sitting too far back from the goal kick. Pudil ran forward. Is that not commanding enough? Everyone needs to forget about Westwood. He was a great player for us but Wildsmith and Dawson stepped up when he was injured, and unfortunately that's part of the game. You have to earn your place back into the squad and clearly he isn't doing that. Jos has said repeatedly that its the defence that is the issue. Dawson has faced more shots than any other keeper. Instead of berating him, maybe we should focus on reducing the number of shots. Take enough shots at goal and sooner or later a goal will come, even the best would struggle to stop that.
  3. HootHoot

    Patience required

    We're only a point off 6th and have gained 5 points from playing First, Second and a Villa team that should be up there. We're undefeated at home. I can't be the only one thinking that we're punching above our weight a little and are already higher than most of us would have thought. Keep this up and it will be an interesting season!
  4. How do we keep doing this to ourselves? Before the game I would have been happy with a point but watching the game I thought we played well until the last 10 minutes or so. Joey really needs to be taking his man down there. He had a decent game and I feel that's taken the shine off his performance. Same thing with our chances. Forestieri scores that and its 3-0 and the game should be done, but no, it didn't pan out that way. Its a tough life following the Wednesday!
  5. Almost missed Fessi's goal cos they lost picture
  6. 2-0 up and we're arguing over Nuhiu
  7. HootHoot

    Gary Cahill Linked

    So basically he's going to sign for Manchester United then?
  8. HootHoot

    Penney contract

    Said after the Sunderland match it wouldn't be the last we saw of him. What a player he is turning out to be. Who new the answer to our biggest problem would be sitting in our academy all along
  9. HootHoot


    I think Fessi is an amazing sub to bring on when you're ahead and you want to manage the game. Bringing him on towards the end adds another problem for the opposition that they then have to manage. He comes with bags of energy and is such a handful. We've won three games in a row doing this. Why would Jos change a winning philosophy? That is why he's the manager and you are not I'm afraid.
  10. HootHoot

    Well done Sheffield Wednesday

    They'll be same people that said we needed to up our game against the so-called weaker teams in the league
  11. HootHoot

    Well done Sheffield Wednesday

    This still won't be enough for some of our fans...
  12. HootHoot

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    Heard this from a fan yesterday. Doubt anything will come of it.
  13. HootHoot

    We won

    Maybe in the heat of the moment, meltdown was excessive. However some of the things posted are baffling considering we won after all.
  14. HootHoot

    We won

    So why the meltdown from some fans still? It wasn't pretty but we took 3 points today. "But we should have won 3-0" I see posted. Its the Championship, the most competitive and difficult league to get out of. Beating someone 3-0 should be a pleasant surprise not an expectation. Bottom line is despite our controversial team selection at times, its paying off. We have a future captain in Thorniley and Penney is making that LB position his own. The future is bright and we should be proud of our academy boys for stepping up when they were called upon. Let's focus on that rather than have a meltdown after every bloody match. And for those expecting us to tank anyone, you can always count on Norwich at home
  15. HootHoot


    I'm using Abdi as an example of a larger problem at the club. He is not by all means the only problem but its a serious issue that has left us in quite a mess. I'm arguing that this is a system I hope takes off and more clubs start to implement.