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  1. Some people can't though and I can sort of understand why. I imagine it's quite difficult to let go of memories of us competing at the top when you've witnessed it and then see where we are now. That being said I'm not sure why we're so desperate to cling on to being a big club. At the end of the day, the size of the club in L1 has very little bearing on what happens on the pitch. That's down to the manager and the 11 players out there. When we're back in the prem, and comfortable there too, maybe then we can have the discussion around being a big club again.
  2. The only people I seem to see getting offended over stuff like this are those who claim everyone is offended by everything. I've yet to see anybody who is ACTUALLY offended by these like people like yourselves claim. Could it be that you're the offended one?
  3. With the exception of the Christmas season ticket debacle, has he really set a foot wrong this season? Backed Moore in the summer and looks to be backing him in this window too. What more do you want?
  4. It's easier said than done getting offers for players. He had some decent games for us in the Championship so we know he's got something about him. Definitely worth a shot if we're looking to cut back on costs.
  5. Ah yes, because there will be a time when we'll be able to compete financially with teams like PSG. They're an absolute mockery of the sport and it's integrity. Post losses of 200 million Euro's last season yet can afford to give Mbappe a 100 million signing-on fee plus 1 mil a week. Someone at Fifa/Uefa got a lovely bonus this week...
  6. 22 is young in terms of a footballers career though. He will likely be playing for the next 10 years. Who knows how he'll develop. He's worth a shot in my eyes.
  7. QPR fans don't seem to happy about it either. Wonder if they've messed themselves up going forwards now.
  8. Not currently Wednesday related but QPR have extended Shodipo's contract by a year. Didn't see that one coming!
  9. Classy message from Dunks. Maybe headed off to a L1 club?
  10. Bit disappointed at the stick Dawson is getting already. Yes he struggled in the Championship but so did the rest of the squad. He's had a great season with Exeter and his confidence must be brimming. Let's not bring him down already before he's even stepped foot on the pitch. Big difference between L1 and the Championship so I've every faith that he'd be up to the job at hand. He's worth a shot if it means we can bring in another player with the money saved.
  11. Yeah let's grab Vardy whilst we're at it...
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