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  1. HootHoot

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    We didn't serve chips on Saturday and Wednesday fans nearly had a meltdown
  2. HootHoot

    Fernando's Ripped Shirt

    We can't afford the £75 on the spot fine for littering you see
  3. Everyone here saying Westwood is the best keeper in this league. If he's as good as everybody still thinks then he should have no problem fighting for his place again. I for one am glad to give the young keepers their moment to shine. They are the future of this club and something we should be proud of our academy for producing. We moan that we can't keep ahold of our youth players. But what kind of example does this show to our younger players if Jos drops them simply for a big name in the team? It could well backfire but at least he has the balls to make that call. Not many managers would. Carlos certainly wouldn't have.
  4. 1867 is the only room full
  5. Hospitality still isn't selling well at Hillsborough. A walk around the different rooms tells you all you need to know
  6. There were 8 boxes in use for the Hull match
  7. Wasn't the last time we tried 4 at the back against QPR?
  8. HootHoot

    Adam Reach

    Why would you want to sell the player with the most assists and some decent goals last season to bring in a couple of unproven loans who may or may not do the trick for us. If we're going to sell anyone it will be Westwood imo. We have 3 really good keepers and could safely afford to lose one. Lose Reach at LWB and you're left with Fox and an aged Pudil. Not ideal
  9. If FF did say something racist, would Joao really be all friendly with him? They seem all friendly at the bbq
  10. In the clubs defence, they have just hired a load of new catering staff, myself included. There's also new HR management in place too, so hopefully these issues may have been resolved. I'll see on my first shift
  11. HootHoot

    Atdhe’s birthday

    Think he's in Forestieri's instagram story. So looks that way
  12. We waiting until we've seen him train on grass to sign him?
  13. Making Fessi captan would be a mistake in my opinion. I love the guy but he definitely seems like the 'kid' in our squad, always joking around. I love that side of him but I feel it would be like making Lingard England captain. Captain needs to be able to be strict and firm when things aren't going to plan. Picking players up if they're struggling and guiding them past it. Needs to be able to read all aspects of the game. Can't see Fessi reading us very well defensively if I'm honest, its not his style.
  14. "They are all a drain on our club" He says. Abdi and Fletcher I get, but Fessi and Hooper? A drain? Now I know you're talking out your ars*