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  1. Is that all,or just the weak forward line picked today...Nuhui,Pelepussy and Cruz in any starting line up in this division.. will fail..
  2. Somebody ring Mcarthy before we miss out....again..
  3. Were crap,we all know it,crap players,crap manager,we look like relegation fodder,look at the side he put out,clueless.
  4. He is ******** poor,you listen to some on here sounds like they are describing Shearer.
  5. Spot on bud..poor team selection,shyte manager,
  6. Thought the same bud,worse side we have put out for quite a while,very game up front..
  7. When you say one paced....you mean crap..?
  8. Anybody who does thibk Cruz or Nuhui are a better choice than Rhodes should stay off the glue..!!!
  9. It works,murdered us 2nd half,mind you difference in quality of subs says it all..
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