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  1. brando

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    he should have scored
  2. brando

    WBA line up

    looks like jos's team
  3. brando


    Hutchinson and Westwood months ago told jos what they thought,that's why they were not selected, was told by a first team player
  4. brando

    Atdhe Nuhiu today

    wont get a chance when Winnall's back
  5. brando

    Atdhe Nuhiu today

    he is awful,as soon as Winnall is fit he is done here
  6. brando

    Pack of Hyenas

    I had a bet on Grayson at 16 to 1 didn't think Bruce would take it to be honest
  7. brando

    Wednesday - V Preston OMDT

    agree,let's get Winnall back fit,far better
  8. brando

    Prestons fans forum

    he always is liable to do that,think he is a decent player but always a chance of a red card
  9. yeah,lets walk before we can run eh ?still work to do Hutch, in from start,Winnall back,Nuhui shipped out and FF back and we should climb the table
  10. brando

    Westwood Clean Sheet

    knew and stated if Westwood came back Lees would improve,deffo the case today
  11. brando

    Today's line up

    i think with Westwood starting will make Lees find it a lot easier
  12. brando


    were worse off than when he came,Nuhui,back to the norm ffs