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  1. brando


    like every time he plays,shybo
  2. total embarrassment..again
  3. brando

    Jos To Blame

    the fact that QPR who are awful, have Wells and Hamed up front and we have Nuhui and Joao (who again looks not bothered)is frightening,top 6 was never going to happen
  4. people on here keep raving about our talent in the final 3rd,still can't see it,Nuhui aint good enough and not sure what's happened to Joao these last few games,were just not good enough,QPR are awful,but beeter up front than us
  5. brando

    Sam Hutchinson

    been saying this c for ages,if and when fit Winnall is a very good,imo,central striker
  6. brando

    Sam Hutchinson

    must admit Utd looked very good in that 1st half
  7. brando

    Sam Hutchinson

    agree very worrying the way we play out .sloppy,is an understatement
  8. brando

    Sam Hutchinson

    Tom Lees now just looks a mistake waiting to happen,not just Friday,but every game,needs the commanding Westwood behind him barking orders,as for Lees being captain,never see him speak to the other players during the game hardly
  9. brando


    that playing across the back 4 worries me,the amount of times we give the ball away in dodgy areas is stupid
  10. brando


    wish he was in our defence
  11. absolutely spot on,no creativity at all without him,
  12. brando

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    look at this side imagine last night if we had had Westwood,Hutch,FF and Winnall when fit, think we would have got 3 points,ps already been said but chasing game and only use 1 sub,still not convinced Jos
  13. brando

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    thought Bannan played ok,looks very frustrated at times,not happy imo
  14. brando

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    agree,crying out for Hutch,we look like a school footy team
  15. brando

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    we were awful,Boro are nothing special but far better than us imo,we looked clueless at times and the sloppy passing across the back 4 was criminal,as for Lees panicking,the less said the better