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  1. We are crap,stop trying to dress it up..ffs...
  2. I look at all these teams and realise how shyte we are..we are going down..easy..
  3. To be honest we have pinched it in the last couple years,think we will dip..and monk goes..
  4. Seems ages ago..were done..prepare for div 1,cos Chansiri ain't sacking him,a clueless,passionless manager,would take Bruce back tomorrow,anyway thank ******** we ain't paying to watch it,wawaw,but at the mo we are ********..
  5. Xmas I fear will be too late,but imo Monk will be here next seasonin Div 1,dont think the chairman will get rid..
  6. Iorfa makes a lot of mistakes but his pace gets him out of it..Borner justmakes slot of mistakes...
  7. Hes already had too many,bought very average players in,I didthink 1 or 2 would be okay,but notconvinced,the treatment room is full,again,cant see the answer at the moment,think we will really,struggle this week against 2 of the faves for the drop...
  8. Same interview everytime,no passion whatsoever..
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