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  1. Think your right pal,I thought with the signings, last season was a distant memory.....instead it has just been extended..ffs..
  2. He needs help from someone with more experience imo..he seems a bit lost after 20 mins of the game...
  3. Spot on pal..new it myself as soon as he was appointed..on the back of 5 straight defeats with you..the wednesday way..
  4. We are clueless..best squad in the division..only 1 person to blame....
  5. No plan B..cant change a game..imo this set of players should stroll into the top 6 a better set than the one last season that nearly stayed up..hopefully Bruce gets sacked and we bag him..he would get us up imo...
  6. This week will tell all..Ipswich and Wigan away..we lose both..Moore is in over his head..
  7. Think your right....it worked at west Brom.. we currently look,as last season,clueless..
  8. 4-4-2 like I've been saying forever..at this level..all day..
  9. Spot on,no excuse,tactically very inept..and playing out from the back..only works with players who are comfortable doing it..we arent..
  10. Bloody hell,didnt realise it was that bad,mind you from being at the game yesterday imo were still making the same mistakes as last season.. no bottle in midfield and awful defending look at the 3rd goal..ffs..
  11. Excellent post,best on here for a good spell
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