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  1. Iorfa is a car crash ,hutch our best defender has been released,cheers DM.work to do..
  2. Iorfa is a car crash..mistake after mistake..
  3. Playing out from the back,at this level is pathetic..
  4. Both..now stupidly Hutch has gone...
  5. And still our best defender..dropped a goalie there DM probably not the last.
  6. What a pair of shyte teams tho..we missed a real chance there,cheers DM..oh and for giving wildsmith another year but letting Hutch go..blinding ffs..
  7. Let's just get players to get us promoted, And sort it out after,dont worry about age,players who can play in this shyte division first and foremost.
  8. Agree,but Sunderland overran us in both games,good management did us by Neil..
  9. Both released by Boro, Any good for a season..?
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