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  1. in my opinion we are worse to watch than when Jos was in charge.!!!
  2. the paper say's he has been told he has this,and next season to try and get promotion
  3. Apparently he has alway's wanted to manage us,thinks were a great club etc,he's doing quite well at Grimsby..surely were a bigger draw than Grimsby...mind you..
  4. or Holloway,Megson,Pulis,and there must be a few more out there
  5. he looks done bud,awful today....
  6. been saying it for weeks pal,obvious we need him ffs.
  7. need to get rid bud,these player's can't be playing for him,surely
  8. poor manager,clueless,not a man motivator obviously,Westwood should have been back a few weeks ago,worst team in the division on current form,cheers Monk,youve destroyed us,ps..any chance of getting Bruce back. ??
  9. your entitled to your opinion bud,i go home and away and have never seen really what he offers,he tries,yes,but he is a striker and his strike rate is a joke,as for making the space the other night for Fletch to score,he fell over,ffs,don't dislike him, admire his effort,but could you imagine if we went up,him coming on in the premier,really,anyway opinions differ,imo now we have Wickham and Windass,can't see him getting much time on the pitch
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