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  1. Their cases hit a record high. What did you expect them to do?
  2. Absolutely, I hope they throw the book at him and make an example. Doesn't belong in the game. Not that it matters in the big picture, but what kind of fan attacks a former player who has never even said a bad word about the club. What a tool.
  3. What a ridiculous comment. How are you going to blame Heckingbottom throwing a ball at a player to a fan headbutting an unaware Billy Sharp? The fan chose to do that. The blame is on him. Nobody else.
  4. Plenty of cameras in and around the ground. He'll have been wearing that jacket on his way in. Plus, if he's got his ticket on him, they can narrow down the entrance he used to get in. Then all they have to do is match the face and the outfit and bam, solid evidence.
  5. Sure I've seen his name mentioned recently on here too. Like why?
  6. They were almost dead and buried until he came in too. The difference between him and Hughton is astonishing.
  7. Raised that side of the city. Dad was a Wednesday fan who used to take me to games as a kid. I didn't like it though as I hated heights and we used to sit right at the top of the South (I think?) So I stopped going. Got back into football in my teen years and started going to games. Found I actually quite enjoyed it despite us not being very good and well, here we are now. Nowadays I get Dutch locals to drunkenly chant Wednesday chants with me. Has its ups and downs but I wouldn't want to support anybody else.
  8. Whatever happens, Steve Cooper has done a remarkable job with them. Will do wonders for his CV.
  9. Why do we still argue about who's a big club like it makes any difference?
  10. Careful, those who claim everybody is too easily offended these days will find this offensive and be along shortly to shut you down
  11. He will end up in the Championship, not L1.
  12. Not sure you can begrudge Lees. He was nothing short of solid for us and its baffling that you think otherwise. He never hurt the club so why wouldn't you wish him well?
  13. All depends on the transfer fee that's agreed. Not sure we're going to be forking out too much.
  14. Pretty sure he turned them down last time they approached him. Why would they try again?
  15. Fosters wage demands will be ridiculous for a L1 club. Would like to see us steer clear of that type of signing. Have we not learned from the past?
  16. The thing is, players want to play at the highest level possible. The minute the EFL imposes a wage cap, any decent player your team has will jump ship when a prem team comes in and offers them more than the EFL cap will allow. Then you have the issue of well, who makes up the PL table. Is it fair on the relegated clubs that they won't have an option to return the following season? Is it fair on the promoted clubs that they might not be able to go up? Then you've got the idea of competition. With the PL, there are 6 spots to aim for in the championship. With your idea, the only spot worth anything is 1st. Every season 23 clubs in the championship won't win anything. I just don't see the point of that. What are you actually playing for? I think whilst some tweaks are needed, the current model is fine. There's a purpose and the pyramid exists for this reason. No need to go tampering with that and lessening the quality of the EFL and what it has to offer.
  17. I think they will. Their entire business model is set on promotion and relegation. Watford might struggle but they've identified Rob Edwards as up and coming and to be fair, he did a great job with FGR. If it works out, it's a shrewd move for them. Brighton is a good example, but United were in L1 for 6 years. Wolves had a rough patch but to me I've always seen them in the prem, especially under McCarthy. We've also got to consider that football is in a bit of a financial mess at the moment with the whole covid business. A lot can happen in a few years as we've found out ourselves. I don't think many clubs will find themselves able to splash the cash for a fair few years. Relegated prem clubs already hold a £20m buffer over them per season, not sure how the rest of the league is supposed to compete with that. I think 10 years minimum and that's with a solid strategy. As of yet, we've failed to devise such a strategy other than throwing money at it and hoping it pays off.
  18. Would never happen. EFL clubs want access to the riches that the PL provides. You wouldn't get that if the PL broke away from the EFL.
  19. If we can get a decent sum for a 33 year old I'm all for it. Moore found a decent striker before so I've no doubt that if we were to sell Gregory, we'd find a suitable replacement.
  20. Whilst I'd love for you to be right on that (who wouldn't?) I just can't personally see it. We've been out of the top flight for over 20 years. I'm sure most clubs use the "with the right chairman and manager" strategy but how many clubs fall short? Norwich and Watford as usual will stomp the championship next season and then get relegated the year after again. Top 2 in the championship is usually one of the relegated sides and on some occasions a lucky championship side like our neighbours across the city. Best bet for a 'normal' team is through the playoffs and even then only 1 of 4 can go through. Maybe with new ownership one day we might be able to compete financially again with the heavy hitters in the championship but as things stand, we have a lot of work to do behind the scenes to get us operating properly. We've gotta stop sinking money before we can talk of the promised land and I think that'll take longer than 5 years unfortunately.
  21. Jesus Christ, I hope this post is satire or something. If not, well...
  22. Are we gonna sack a manager everytime we finish just short of a goal? We sack him, new guy comes in, spends summer building his team and incorporating his style of play etc. Team obviously takes some time to get used to things. If we don't go up? Sack him and repeat the cycle? A new manager every 6 months until we get lucky? We need stability at some point and now seems as good as a point as any. I'd rather we don't get the reputation Leeds had under Celino.
  23. To be fair, we DID get a six figure sum for Greene. Not bad to say we got him on a free. Also, I thought Iorfa was a Bruce signing?
  24. Whilst I get what you're saying that you enjoy seeing us win, I'd rather we got out of L1 as soon as possible. We've got an aging squad and whilst Bannan has been an asset to have, he won't be here forever. Gregory is getting on a bit, as is Johnson and Hunt. It'll be a lot of hit and miss trying to find the right replacements for them and not all of them will work. Being in L1 means that we won't be able to attract the same talent as we did before. Its alright for a season or two because you've got players who've played in a league above. Yeah they're in L1 but it's the experience that counts. Fast forward a couple of years and you lose that experience. Before you know it you're just another Portsmouth or Ipswich. What I'd like to see first and foremost is some financial sustainability. Let's get ourselves up and then sort our finances out. No spending large fees trying to get to the prem. We've tried that and look where we are now. I'd be happy with mid-table championship if it meant we were financially stable and we had a clear plan and strategy that meant that should we go up, we'd have the resources to compete in the prem at least. Having said that, I'm also a realist and recognise our failures and overall decline for the past 20 years. I don't personally think we'll see a return to the Premier league for the next 10-15 years. We had a brief flirt with it a few years ago but except that, we've never really tried to get back. I do hope I'm wrong but I guess we'll have to see how it pans out.
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