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  1. If he is injured, why not call Brennan back? If we're that short of CB's, then recall him? It's not rocket science really. Those are Dennis' words by the way. Maybe he was referring to other games too and the way we generally play.
  2. He's got his team sitting pretty at the top of the table. Not a chance he would come here now. We missed the boat on that one.
  3. "We need to go for it and not sit back" says it all really.
  4. He lost me when he said Corbeanu was competing with players like Dunkley, Palmer and Hunt for a place in the team. Like, they're defenders? Why is a winger in competition with them for a place? Then I saw Johnson as a CB and it all made sense. Corbeanu is our next CB. But anyways, it's time for us to depart and say thank you very much. Tries to do too much and be too smart. I've been one of the most patient compared to others but enough has to be enough. Now let's hope DC has his staff looking abroad for another manager! Hell, I reckon Thompson/Bullen could at least get a top 6 finish with this team.
  5. FDB has earned a regular start in my eyes. Dropped next game now...
  6. Cardiff lost their last 8 matches under him. Why would this be a good appointment?
  7. Shodipo & Corbeanu on please. We need 3 points from this. Leading pack is starting to get away from us a little now.
  8. Lost Cardiff 8 matches in a row yet fans here will laud him as the saviour
  9. I'd imagine it's a back 4 of Hunt, Palmer, Iorfa and Brown. Where the rest are playing I've no idea!
  10. 2-1 to us. We're gonna go one down and Moore is gonna bring on Corbeanu at half time where we'll go on to come from behind to finally win a game! Oh who am I kidding, 1-1.
  11. Here we go, let's slate another player. Bring up his attitude that he says he's left behind and is in the past, but because he had a bad game you feel its necessary to bring up now. Literally grasping at straws. No need for it really.
  12. We're literally joint 6th and yet people still moan. Sure, it's a disappointing result, but it's football. It happens. We've only lost 3 games so far in our first 12. That's not a bad return at all. Get to January and see where we are then.
  13. Our fans think we are too good to be in this league and belittle any opposition that we play
  14. You really went and replied to a thread that hasn't had a reply for a month to make a point. Move on and let them get on with their careers. Obsessive behaviour.
  15. 6 minutes everytime we're winning! Surely it can't just be us that's getting this?
  16. Everyone crying about his celebration but probably loved it when Vardy and Rhodes celebrated in front of the United fans when they scored. Its football. Embrace the sh*trousers whilst it's still allowed in our beautiful game.
  17. Who are you and what have you done with the real Sally?
  18. Don't need another player bashing thread. Could do with merging all of these into one big thread so you can all player bash together. If that makes you feel better.
  19. Whilst I disagree with downsizing the stadium, I do agree that we need to shed ourselves of a "big club" mentality that we have. Sunderland are a big club and look how long it's taken them to get out of the league. Being a big club doesn't give you the right to get promoted.
  20. You realise we've been in League One before right? He's got his flaws but to say he's the worst chairman we've had is a little unfair. He did what a fair few of the promoted clubs have done and unfortunately it didn't work out for us and for them it did. Small margins.
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