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  1. Yes due to my haste and 2 screaming kids I got my grammar wrong. My point was that players unfashionable players like fox and borner are thriving whilst youngsters like Dawson and Urgohide are also shining and this is the path we need to take. Big name signings rarely shine for us for some reason.Nothing against Wickham at all just have my doubts his body is upto the rigours of the championship. Feel the loan fee an wages could be better spent.
  2. Hope your right. Think I just have nightmares from your Andy sintons, Gilles de bilde, Bothroyd,Almen Abdis etc come with the big expectation and let you down . Prefer the genuine surprise like Keiran Lee and Borner type
  3. I agree I’m just not sure a man who’s played 48 times in last 4 1/2 seasons is the answer. Sorry if this offends people. I’d prefer us to invest the money in a more long term view and try unearth a rough diamond like iorfa or a younger striker on loan like we did with kenwynne Jones and Bristol did with Abraham.
  4. So your saying we should sign players based on who there married too and not the fact he’s played 48 times in the last 4 1/2 seasons . Hell let’s sign Peter crouch then . This is a joke by the way , no doubting Wickham ability just don’t think it’s the right signing for us.
  5. Agree but I’d trust Monk to find one. He improved che Adams no end and got a tune out of Jutkiewicz who I’ve never really rated. My personal preference we go down this route rather than the high wage ,injury risk one.
  6. Well done vorderman, you chose to ignore the other characteristics of the type of players we need at the moment. Signing expensive players has really worked out for us these last few years hasn’t it.
  7. For the first 3 seasons you could argue that Fletcher was high profile and expensive who failed to deliver and i’m a big fan of our Scottish warrior. Obviously we didn’t deliberately sign players who don’t deliver,what club would . I’d just rather us sign an upcoming promising striker rather than an expensive injury ravaged one.
  8. Not a slight on Wickham just think we’ve been down this road before with Jeffers , bothroyd and Rhodes . High profile, expensive strikers who fail to deliver. Time we tried a different method in my opinion.
  9. Wouldn’t touch Wickham with a barge pole.The emergence of Dawson , fox, iorfa and Borner shows the path we need to take. Young players with a point to prove, no ego, willingness to learn and not millionaires.
  10. Sat in front of coughlan at a match few seasons ago . Still lives local and his son is a big Wednesday fan.Loves to come and watch when he can. Could be a manager to keep an eye in the future.
  11. Great news especially for the fans that sit/stand on the north stand. Just hope the club, syp and sag and whoever else is involved can come to some arrangement so the next time we have a big game it passes without incident. Although if Leeds go up the next big game we have could be a while.
  12. I’d rather watch Kieran lee on the wing than Murphy
  13. I’m not sure we’re fit enough as a side. When we play up tempo passing and pressing, getting it wide for Harris we’re a good side . We did second half against Brentford and first half against derby. We cannot sustain it at all. So it’s either fitness which could be the age of some players or tactics from the manager. If it’s tactics from the manager how many times can he keep making the same mistake of sitting back to surrender a lead.
  14. Where the bloody hell did I get 34 from ??? Still think the point stands , 7 games in 25 days could be pushing it. For me Fletch , iorfa and Harris are our most important players this season
  15. Not necessarily disagreeing but why has Lees got to play?
  16. At 34 and entering this busy period of games.We should be looking to rest Fletcher but he’s playing that well and he’s that important to the team we simply can’t .Hope we don’t regret it . Hes better than kun aguero
  17. Penney’s not good enough for a top end championship team.
  18. Bannan should look at his own performances before throwing stones , been average at best. Trying to loft through balls for Fletch to run onto is just pathetic as is his goal scoring record.
  19. Certain footballers require treating differently to others , fernando definitely falls into maverick/Mardy arse category it’s upto Monk to get the best out of him at the moment he’s not. If come January he’s still flouncing get rid. It’s all about man management.
  20. Wonder if he’ll fancy bailing us out again in say about 12 months ??
  21. Transfer umbongo, players out of contract , massive point deduction. Strap in tightly
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