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  1. Some of it is but I deliberately watched Saturday and the amount of times players needlessly held on to the ball was shocking. Moving the ball quicker is just as effective as players with speed.
  2. Think a big part of our problem is players taking too many touches before releasing it, Not just bannan but many players take 4/5 touches when 1 or 2 will do . Also players often then just pass it to a player who then plays a pass that was on the first time , Hence everything gets slowed down and easy to defend against.
  3. Exactly it seems to be managers stick to there guns until the inevitable happens and walk away with there pay offs.
  4. Do you trust the manager to play Windass and berahino together up front ??
  5. Completely agree about getting more goals in the team , for me we had 3 players who’d maybe score last night ( Gregory , Paterson and aderinan) and there hardly prolific. Hopefully Windass coming back and getting shodipo in the team would help . Iorfa really needs to start chipping in as well . The amount of players we have who simply rarely or never score is scary.
  6. That old chestnut ….. goal scorer !!!
  7. What’s footballing ability ? Good first touch ? Great vision ? One touch passing ? Sod that I’ll take a genuine goal threat ,hard working sh@thouse who makes things happen , whilst where in division 3 thank you !
  8. Without being amazing tonight , if we are to keep playing this formation which I think we will, Paterson has to play behind the striker he’s got the a goal in him and can also sit in. We need pace wide ,brown or shodipo on the the left and Dennis or corbeanu on the right. That leaves a midfield 2 , bannan is better than wing therefore he should start but he needs to fit the system not the other way around.
  9. Shot=Waddles free kick v pigs. Header=Palmer v Everton from edge of box.
  10. I assume it’s to speed the whole process up ? Chansiri fought our case tooth and nail ( has is his right ) and it was alleged by the EFL that he was deliberately slowing the process down. Hence why we got our punishment a few seasons after we’d broke ffp . Only a guess !!
  11. Certainly not a bannan hater and he’s clearly our best player but does that mean we’re just to accept bad results and turgid performances at home . Why not try something else for a change . Why not give wing the chance to become our best player , shodipo ? Aderinan or someone else . Do we simply just have to accept Bannans is our best player whilst going further and further down the leagues . The minute I saw hutch and bannan in the middle I didn’t think we’d win , I don’t know why ,it was just the feeling I got . I’d like to see Byers wing and Dennis together see what they’ve got . If it doesn’t work we can always go back to Bannan.
  12. Why do managers like to play players out of position and also over complicate things
  13. We definitely need to play 2 strikers . Kamberi on the left is embarrassing . Would like to know the stats on games Gregory as played in his career up front on his own . In my mind he always played with a partner.
  14. Bannans our most talented player no doubt but we’re getting lower and lower playing bannan ball. Where everyone has to pass to him , he takes all the set pieces . We’ve got a few midfielders , maybe we should try a few others to see if they click and we get some results.
  15. Cheers ,thought it was wishful thinking !!
  16. Nevermind josh dawodu, that looks like josh Windass training . I demand to when this picture was taken please !
  17. Who’s quote is that Hamlet or Shakespeare ?? Churchill maybe !!
  18. I think we need more players that are a genuine goal threat in the team , not seen much of sow so don’t want to judge him but out the rest of Saturdays team I’d say there was only Gregory . We need a genuine threat from midfield as well as the wide players and big Dom needs to be chipping in this season. Ideally I’d like 4/5 players you’d think could get a goal.
  19. Pick a strong team , some regulars , some back up players and a couple of youngsters and try and win the damn thing. A trophy at Wembley is not to be sniffed at IMO. Plus we’ve lots of new players still adapting to each other and we lost our last match so need to get back to winning ways.
  20. So your saying by October iorfa , Aderinan, bannan , Gregory , wing and loads more won’t be internationals. Like your optimism but I can’t see it , they’ll be call ups galore when we hit our stride!!
  21. I don’t believe Carlos chose to sign Van Aken at all. For me that signing is one of the first and biggest red flags of Chansiri’s reign.
  22. Keep saying it but he’s our most important player this season. Top keeper who will win us points
  23. Quite like that line up, if Luongo is fit he’ll have a big part play this season . Brown adds pace down the left and I thought Paterson looked a threat on the right Tuesday . Corbeanu was never gonna start today and Gregory is obviously not fully fit . The bench is loaded . Up the owls ! Come on Wednesday!!
  24. I love striker that just scores goals . Hirst , hooper , McLean and mellor spring to mind ,all decent players but just had that sheer knack of getting a goal . Can never understand the clamour for hard working strikers that don’t score like booth and nuhui , as Roy Keane would say “that’s your job to work hard”. Can always remember des having Ian Wright in his pocket but then Wright scoring late on!! Hoping Gregory can be our goal grabber this season.
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