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  1. There were roughly at least 230,000 spare seats at Hillsborough during this season ,the club needs to do more to fill them.
  2. Why though , doesn’t make sense to me . They could give away 5000 kids tickets that day with a paying adult !! Kids can be very persuasive at these type of days ,believe I know !!
  3. I’ve never understood for the life of me why we don’t have ticket stall at owls in the park with an offer on . Buy a kid ticket get adult free for a game . Anything ! Literally thousands of kids rinsing there parents to go on a bouncy castle . Yet the club doesn’t take advantage of the situation.
  4. Definitely needs something doing about it , not the reason we didn’t win last night but it spoilt the spectacle . Yea every team does but it still needs sorting . Fans don’t spend money to watch a keeper just stood holding the ball. Does any other sport have this problem ?? Referees certainly don’t help , all the ref did last night was wave at them to play on, joke.
  5. Dean Windass seems to think his sons too good for league 1 , I’d suggest he gets fit and proves it !! Gregory will stay , Sheffield lad , he’ll not fancy a move too far away now .
  6. It’s a big game but if he’s not fully fit he shouldn’t play should he !! People have been telling us for years that Carlos ruined Keiron Lees career by rushing him back and playing him when not fully fit . If the cap fits and all that !! Bannan will start and he’ll play well.
  7. Need to manage this game carefully as I cannot see them not scoring if we go right at them .Pritchard ,Clarke ,Roberts and Stewart will be dangerous on the break . We only need 1 goal so no need to go all out from the off . Patience from the team and fans will be key,
  8. Think they’ll score at Hillsborough , game on !!
  9. I hope he is and hope he delivers performances his legacy really deserves so he’ll rightly be remembered as one of our best and one that did it in the big games.
  10. I think 9 of the 11 picks itself only possible changes are ,who partners Gregory and someone coming in for Palmer. Would be harsh on whoever is dropped.
  11. Berahino clearly has talent , I couldn’t work out why it was taking so long to get fit and upto speed. Clearly Moore did !!
  12. Anyone mentioned the goal we scored from a corner as soon as he’s gone off ?? No , ok I’ll not mention it then either. God, I hope he’s fit for Friday !!
  13. Your right but I’m sure they had 2/3 good chances before we scored and they capitulated , bit like us at there’s we actually started on the front foot that night before it went ******** up. I think this ties 50/50 slightly better attack for us hopefully see us through
  14. To be fair and with respect that’s one of your more sensible posts and I agree
  15. I did for quite a while , shame on me !
  16. I don’t think as a club run currently by Chansiri we can complain about a club taking advantage of legal loop holes . Ground sale to himself, d taxis etc etc
  17. I think it’s a real 50/50 tie but we’re good enough to win it . I’d fancy us at Wembley if we can get through.
  18. Cannot wait for the lads to come out to the opening bars of waterfront then followed by a rousing hi ho Sheffield Wednesday. Come on Wednesday
  19. Yep ,the only time I’ve felt sick at a match . Westwood was unbelievable that night !!
  20. Sunderland or mk in semis cos I’d get a ticket for the away leg !!
  21. Not his biggest fan but probably deserves a start Saturday.
  22. Fa cup final 14th May , think the womens is same weekend as well .
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