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  1. Burnley away year 2000 lost one nil. Adam muller and Owen Morrison up front. Midweek game. Horrendous performance never looked scoring. Would have gladly left early if 3/4 down. Talked my mate into going with me . Wasn’t very happy on the drive home
  2. From what I’ve been reading about Steve Dale he’ll gladly take your money then still run the club into the ground
  3. Tough decision bullen has with bannan. On one hand you should play your strongest team when available on the other it’s a long season and team spirit is massively important if you are to do well in this league. If you win and play well you should keep the shirt.It sends a good message to the squad IMO.
  4. Doesn’t look like a player who’ll be happy to sit on the bench , Lee bannan hutch best stay on there A game
  5. Surely some fans would stay in there seat though ??
  6. https://t.co/ZAsDmM4dyq?amp=1 The official report. I tried to read it impartiality and there’s some interesting facts and stats but also some glaring omissions. Apologies if already posted.
  7. Maclean on pens , never had as much confidence as a player on pens as I did him. Opposition may as well lined up for a kick off
  8. What if we just built some kind of segregation right from the ground right upto Leppings lane? Then any issue is the police’s as it’s not our property.
  9. First home game , good result last week, new signings, nice new kit, fans feeling optimistic again. 1-0 to Barnsley then
  10. I don’t understand the whole ffp stuff, how come chansiri did the selling ground dodgy deal thingy but we’re still under embargo . We don’t seem equipped for a promotion push this year so should he have taken the points deduction then splashed the cash next year?? Or doesn’t it work like that.
  11. This nails it 100%. Whatever pulis credentials are we just don’t have the squad to implement his style and with just 4 days left to sign players to me it’s a disaster waiting to happen if we appoint him.
  12. Our squad is a polar opposite to how pulis plays his football and the players he likes to have. Only an idiot would appoint him.
  13. George Hirst seems a good prospect coming through the ranks
  14. This may be our best option , whoever our manager is If bannan hutch and lee are fit it’s pretty hard to leave any of them out ,therefore 4-3-3 with fletch up topsuits them perfect at the moment
  15. Always found the lazy striker label a bit strange. Who cares if there a goal threat as joao is. Some of our fans love nuhui because he works hard yet he offers very little as a goal threat and he’s clearly overweight so he’s not that committed if he can’t get himself in shape. Give me joao and Rhodes over nuhui every day of the week
  16. I tend to agree but a dozen teams in the league could say the same , whoever gets quality on loan from the premier league could make the difference
  17. 10th you can’t not improve your squad and expect to challenge. Still time for this to change all be it very little . Oh and we haven’t got a manager either.
  18. We haven’t improved in defence , midfield or attack .Harris possibly strengthens us on the wing. So it’s hard to be positive, that said we haven’t improved in these areas since the play offs. Be difficult to mount a promotion challenge with the squad we have . Still time to change all that though.
  19. 24 games 6 goals , he definitely contributed for them but hardly that prolific form.
  20. The last time Jordan played and scored regularly was 2016. He has never played and scored regularly for a promotion chasing championship team. l fear we’re waiting for something that frankly isn’t there.We have 6 average strikers, let’s get a manager in soon to sort out our imbalanced squad. Deadline day is 16 days away.
  21. Heckingbottom and bullen partnership could work
  22. If we’ve been paid the 4 million take it and move on , need a new manager ASAP. Opening fixtures are relatively kind, important we hit the ground running this season rather than play catch up while we normally have to.
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