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  1. Not just crap full backs..crap strikers but at least 2 up top gives an extra body,these other formations..I think our players look confused...
  2. Simple formation,we ain't got creative footballers,and it should be solid and stop farcical goals like Rovrums 2nd..plus if we ever attack doesnt leave 1 v 3 in the area
  3. Was gonna say..stand 5 metres off anybody and they are going to look decent...
  4. Do what he likes as long as the effort goes up,need to show some balls,and play 2 up..ffs
  5. Why do we buy all players made of biscuit ffs
  6. Cause for concern bud Looked like a thomson team to me Expected 2 up top,it is Rovrum not Bayern..and Rhodes wouldn't have missed those Patterson did...
  7. Rhodes should have started, Should have played 2 up front Obvious defensively we are ******** poor, Play 4,4,2 the rest of the season Av a go,and at least go down showing some rounduns...
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