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  1. Big dave haha....Hooper was who we needed,proper footballer..
  2. Perhaps we should try for him,they have that puskas as well
  3. Not good enough..bloody hell..let it go..apart from fletcher,Hooper and Joao we ain't had a decent striker for yonks..!!!
  4. 1 trick pony..Pulis has got some right crap to work with..!
  5. He has no service cos of our last shyte bag managers inept signings,give Pulis time,he will keep us up..
  6. Spot on, Think we would have lost today and at Swansea under monk...
  7. Best ..Fletcher Worst..any of the current,and Nuhui
  8. Brilliant away tho....strange....must be the crowd..haha..
  9. Let's be honest..they are both lacking.
  10. Be great to see Westwood back . .love it..
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