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  1. Aiden mcgeady looks like a free..miles better than our current shybo....
  2. Be nice to see you play now and again....
  3. Yes deffo bud,and it is a possibility..
  4. Matt Smith from Millwall apparently off to wigan..300grand,what a signing he would have been,big,mobile and can hold a ball up,exactly what were lacking,instead of all the cwap we keep bringing in..
  5. Cant wait for it to end to be honest,its been shyte..
  6. Exactly..we play what I call training ground football,little contact,no pressure against teams battling for every ball,only 1 winner..
  7. I still cant see his formation..I know playing out from the back is round uns..
  8. Plenty of players available, How do you think teams like Rotherham manage.. Good manager, Good eye for a player, Ceiling on wages etc, They are miles in front of us..until Bruce returns it will stay that way..
  9. Inhibited.. He signed nearly everybody available.. Bought some right shyte in This ain't Donny ffs
  10. Moore has alot of faults Imo worse in the last 4 years..
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