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  1. They were told Moore moving the tactics 25 metres back..and try to hold onto 1.0..against a team who were shyte...
  2. Just watched Man city and West ham...was crap..city loads of possession.. but like watching paint dry...
  3. Moore is a 1 trick pony..we should ******** this div,but we wont until he goes..we got hammered in the 2nd half..by a poor team..
  4. We were awful 2nd half..a better side would have murdered us our problem is tactics. If your looking decent..why sit back ? Moore is the problem..we were crap in the 2nd half..get it sorted ffs
  5. Stockdale was good today,2 great saves,tactics awful..team sat too far back..cwap..
  6. Think it will be easier than last season imo,their side has been ripped apart,all their best players gone....
  7. We already got him....henegan...
  8. Iorfa has been poor for a while now,countless times hes stood marking nobody..needs replacing..quickly..
  9. Thinks hes playing midfield,out of position all the game,creates problems for the other 2 in a 3..
  10. Iorfa is shybo..and has been for a while..
  11. Iorfa is poor. Soon as I saw the team I knew it was a long day..
  12. We looked shyte today pal.think your right we need a manager who knows what's going on Moore had all the tools no idea.
  13. Iorfa is the problem .he thinks hes a midfielder..he ain't.. leaving us short at the back..should play 4 -2-4 were inthe 3rd div. Ffs.
  14. 3 free headers 3 goals. Fcku off Moore clueless.
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