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Wycombe - Wednesday - OMDT

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Do it for Wednesday.

Do it for us.

Do it for yourselves!




As the Yorkshire tea advert says. 

Good luck to the players and everybody watching and listening around the world. 

Biggest game since the battle of Pride Park. 


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A little nervous today, we looked a bit tired (understandably) against Crewe, but to be fair got the job done. 


Wycombe are not all that, but are stubborn defensively, strong at home, have some experience in their team and play in a way that can hurt us, arguably more than MK Dons could.


I should have more trust in us, but years supporting Wednesday prepares you to expect the worst and hope for the best. 


It's the business end of the season and this league is crazy. By 5pm we could have secured a play off spot, maybe still in the race for 2nd, or be out of the top 6!


A 50/50 game for me this one, could go either way. A draw wouldn't be the end of the world, but if we can muster some energy in those tired legs and play like we have of late, can see us sneaking it.


1-2 Wednesday.



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15 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:

Morning all.

I thought I was excited. Full of beans.

It would seem that perhaps things are getting to me more than I thought though A quick check in the toilet bowl ..Speaking of business. I need the toilet again ..

"Chair" up Laddie..

We're not playing Accrington you fool...


We're playing Wycombe 

You need one of these .....



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Trifle late milord. Speaking of Trifle, hope no-ones getting the jelly wobbles over this match. We're gonna have plenty of sprinkles on top.




Gregory, Byers, Johnson and a pearler from Bannan.



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I'll be watching on nervously this afternoon. This will be exactly the sort of team that causes us problems, physical, strong and with goals coming from all over the shop. 


Plenty of quality in our squad to see us through this one though and the rewards, if we win, could be huge. 


UTO - 2-1 Gregory, Johnson

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Top thread Milord but like you, I am concerned about @GermanBird not having contributed yet. Come on GB your club needs you!


I'm also nervy about today. Although I haven't filled the bog just yet (I can arrange for a supply of The Sun newspaperfor you Milord if you're running out of bog roll?)


I'm going to predict a 2-0 defeat for us today. Partly because sadly I think that's what might happen but also because I never ever get any predictions right.



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