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  1. To a certain extent I agree and I was disappointed we couldn’t get the result against Derby but some of the performances in that season the players clearly Weren’t trying. To hold Moore to blame for relegation is harsh.
  2. Are you forgetting the bit where we weren’t paying the players wages and most of the squad was either on loan or out of contract so didn’t give a t@ss whether we stayed up or not . Only one man to blame for relegation it ain’t Moore
  3. I don’t blame Moore for the relegation for me that was Chansiris fault, however I do think we should’ve beat Derby on the last day. After a slow start last season Moore excelled unfortunately we played a better team and manager in the play offs , it happens. This is a big season for him and the signs are encouraging that we’ll have a good season, especially if we sign 1/2 more players . One negative against Moore is he seems to struggle to change the course of a game when it’s going against us. He’s a good bloke and we play decent football under him.
  4. So your moaning about people who moan , well I’m gonna moan about you moaning about people who moan !!! Up the owls , we won !!
  5. No ,you just walk straight across at 2:55 and again at 4:55 and make the cars stop because it’s match day . Any other day yeah you press the button !!
  6. Managers who moan about fixture congestion despite having 30 odd players to pick from plus the best academy players in the country . If you don’t like competing for trophies get knocked out early like we do . Fixture congestion generally means your being successful if Klopp or Pep or whoever don’t have a lot of games come the end of the season I suspect they’ll be looking probably for a new job.
  7. Sheffield Uni own most of that land and are slowly building down the old runway.
  8. He’s good but it’s one game , a player of his ability needs to be consistent and getting double figures for goals and assists in this league this season . Looked like he’d done his groin to me as well , so prob out for a few week.
  9. If at the time I could afford it then Yes , at the moment it would be a very resounding NO !
  10. Some decent loan players can really make a difference to a teams season , look at Clarke and Broadhead at Sunderland . We had success in the past but it’s something we’ve not really nailed the last few seasons!!
  11. Yeah not saying he’s old just that last season was by far his best season of his much travelled career. It seems a very good signing !!
  12. He did and I hope he’s one of those players flourishing in the back end of his career but…..
  13. I hope Smith is as good as people are making out . He looked good when we played against him last season but his career seems a bit one season wonder to me .
  14. A rare player that not only performs to a high standard but also lifts the performance of those around him like Loovens did ,but you can’t wait half a season for that to happen. We move on!!
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