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  1. If he tries his best as you say why is he overweight , it’s his job to be fit. Other than I agree with a lot you say but the he gives his all stuff winds me up. Can he not give his all in training to get fit ?
  2. Your giving your opinion and making it sound like fact that doesn’t make it fact . The only person responsible for a manager or lack of , is chansiris. We’ve won cheer up .UTO
  3. Problem for me is that if luongo is as good as people make out why did Bullen and now Monk not pick him ??
  4. Burnley away year 2000 lost one nil. Adam muller and Owen Morrison up front. Midweek game. Horrendous performance never looked scoring. Would have gladly left early if 3/4 down. Talked my mate into going with me . Wasn’t very happy on the drive home
  5. From what I’ve been reading about Steve Dale he’ll gladly take your money then still run the club into the ground
  6. Tough decision bullen has with bannan. On one hand you should play your strongest team when available on the other it’s a long season and team spirit is massively important if you are to do well in this league. If you win and play well you should keep the shirt.It sends a good message to the squad IMO.
  7. Doesn’t look like a player who’ll be happy to sit on the bench , Lee bannan hutch best stay on there A game
  8. Surely some fans would stay in there seat though ??
  9. https://t.co/ZAsDmM4dyq?amp=1 The official report. I tried to read it impartiality and there’s some interesting facts and stats but also some glaring omissions. Apologies if already posted.
  10. Maclean on pens , never had as much confidence as a player on pens as I did him. Opposition may as well lined up for a kick off
  11. What if we just built some kind of segregation right from the ground right upto Leppings lane? Then any issue is the police’s as it’s not our property.
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