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  1. Both sides really must be putting this to bed next week . Too much going on in football without this dragging on and on . 5/6 point deduction would possibly suit both sides ??
  2. Anyone know if the squad can stay overnight Saturday ? Massive advantage to Bristol City if having to travel on the Sunday for a 12:00 kick off.
  3. This has all the hallmarks of a court based drama film . Whereby after days of legal wrangling our hot shot lawyer goes to produce the vital piece of evidence to clear us at the last minute, screaming you can’t handle the truth. Only to find that pesky Parry and Gibson have sneaked into his office to remove said evidence the night before. Chansiri is left shouting you won’t get away with this as the judge sentences us to league one !! God I need the pubs to re- open !!
  4. Another case of Paxo man ,some agent and a player that have completely took the [email protected] out of chansiri . Unless he’s in on it obviously
  5. I’m torn about Fernando , one hand I’m glad he’s gone on the other in his first season he was the only reason my young daughter wanted to go to the match. She’s disappointed every time he doesn’t play and will be when I tell her he’s gone. Remember feeling that way when I was young with Hirst , just loved going to match to see him play. That’s Football for ya!!!
  6. Does shambolic bar service at hillsborough count ? The easiest money a club can make selling weak lager for about an hour every home game and we balls it up every season
  7. Woods in cup final and Carlos not reacting to the quaner substitution v Huddersfield in play offs , everyone could see pudil was struggling. On a lesser note think it was Harvey Barnes goal at hillsborough when he waltzed through near end of game and pellypussy amongst others should’ve just brought him down. Fuming that night.
  8. I thought the efl charged us , we contested the charge hence the independent panel hearing to decide the outcome. The independent panel hearing is now this week? That’s the way I read it as but I’m by no means a legal Eagle. May be I’m clutching at straws . We’ll soon find out!!
  9. We get out of it by having evidence that the EFL sanctioned the sale of the ground for the price chansiri paid .Thats it in a nutshell either we have the evidence or we don’t and by god I hope we do otherwise relegation is a big possibility.
  10. Er he’s not a gymnast or a pole vaulter he’s a footballer who’s paid to be fit to play football for 90 minutes and in those 90 minutes he should be able to jump and head the ball as most footballers can . My actual biggest gripe about him while he’s been here is his complete lack of goal threat in games , as soon as he wanted a new contract he was like robbie Fowler ( prob not the best comparison) looking like he’d score every game, I was impressed . As soon as he signed he went back to just letting games pass him by without troubling the keeper and back to being unfit.
  11. Good player ,good servant. Would like him and hunt to play alternate games till end of season and if Hunt can cut it , I’d release Lee.
  12. No problem . I had the one where you relegated us in 2010 because I remember thinking why the hell have I saved that when we moved , so thought having 2009 was a possibility!
  13. Been in loft to look but no luck had a clear out recently when we moved and shamefully got rid of a few , hope someone on here can help you.
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