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  1. Tremendous goal , liked the fact he went over to clemence in his celebration, shows some kind of bond has been formed doesn’t it ??? Anyway I hope it does and we reap the rewards
  2. Complete slander, he’s out of contract do you think he’d pass up an opportunity to put himself in the shop window to any would be suitors to try and secure him and his families future. Very bizarre comments
  3. Sorting the injuries out should be his number one priority. You could make an argument that despite dodgy managers and some dodgy signings, it’s injuries to so many key players that's the main reason we’ve not been promoted yet.
  4. That lad called billy sharp , prolific in the championship, not good enough for Prem. Should be available in summer.
  5. I don’t think boyd, Matias, Winnall, fernando and Nuhiu contribute consistently over a season so should be moved on.I’d add hooper to the list as much as I’d like him as a player . Interested to see what he does with Rhodes as well, not seen Bruce mention him at all since he came in. Whatever happens I’m sure Bruce will make us competitive next season
  6. When he’s fit i always think he gives defenders some to think about with his runs in behind and he’s a goal threat something we lack from midfield. That said good footballers play 40 games a season.
  7. Horrendous manager , totally inept at his job . You could make a case that the last few weeks of his reign he was waiting for his pay off . Tw@t
  8. Is it worth throwing Hooper on the bench Saturday ?? He’s running out of time to earn a new deal and we’re desperate for more firepower. A gamble may end up benefitting him and us
  9. We aren’t winning football matches , so changes need to be made to find a winning formula before we face the other lot
  10. Palmer and Fox are not good enough Bruce as recognised this and brought in 2 full backs but because we have been in decent form defensively and he’s an experienced manager he’s not made wholesale changes straight away , risking Isolating players. Palmer and Fox’s days are numbered as first teamers. They have both improved recently but are still short of the level we need
  11. Think Winnall Is the only poacher type striker we have other than Hooper think he’d have nicked one today. Fletcher is great but lacks the goal poachers knack.
  12. Where is your bar in lanzarote, heading out there soon
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