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  1. Their second goal

    To angry to spell, chenged it for yuo
  2. Their second goal

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many mistakes for a goal. Fletcher boots it’s out for no reason, lees allows quick throw in. Loovens fails to clear his lines. Someone else, probably hunt then allows cross to go in which Reach just lets go over his head. Pathetic
  3. The apparent "booing".

    Dominos or Pizza Hut
  4. The apparent "booing".

    If you went to a poor concert would you boo at the end . If you went to cinema and the film didn’t live upto expectation would you boo. Probably not I booed at the end Saturday, it was shybo, f@@k em. Ha
  5. Said it Saturday and stand by it , decent point shocking performance
  6. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Pulis has spent years battling against teams with bigger budgets and better players trying to stay in the premier league and his football has been dire. How does anyone know what type of football he’d play trying to win games and get promoted. Different kettle of fish as they say
  7. Bannans Comments / Atmosphere / 442

    On Saturday I specifically watched how many touches our players had before they passed it and a lot of times they had 4/5. The odd time we did play one touch we created a few half chances. With these players moving the ball quickly is key as no one has pace to beat his man. No formation will change this
  8. Whole set up just too comfortable?

    As decent as lees is , Carlos said loovens and van aken will rotate at centre half. Basically saying lees plays no matter what. Ridiculous a manager would say this and a reason why some players are coasting
  9. Bristol City in for Barry Bannan

    If bannan can find a team that gives him the ball as much as we do, let’s him dictate the pace of play as much as we do and basically just do what he wants and pay him more money. Good luck to him, we’ll miss him though.
  10. Pace

    Lack of pace is glaring but our players take far too many touches they want 4/5 before they pass it. When we did play one touch today it was much better but didn’t happen often enough
  11. marco matias

    Our substitutions and the timings are nearly as predictable as our build up play
  12. Jordan Rhodes

    We don’t play to his strengths but in a Horrible scrappy game like that today your 8 million pound striker should be taking the chance he had in first half. That’s surely the point of paying big money ,turning the draws when you don’t play well into wins
  13. Where other than UK have you watched us?

    Watched palace relegate us ,in a bar in Florida at about 7:00am on a shitty laptop stream. Sober as well.
  14. Can never fault his work rate but His heading and finishing not improved in 4 years at the club , arguably got worse how is that giving 100%.
  15. Only 620 days since he last scored, keep trying Atdhe lad