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  1. Spanish cup semi final Real Madrid v Barca live from Saudi Arabia !! Games gone . Zero respect for the fans.
  2. Just seen this , if that’s the price for a premier league club , ground and players , then we’re worth about 10p. It must be 100mill for a controlling stake ??
  3. Quite a few cars in the training ground especially the black 4x4’s they seem to prefer!!
  4. Exactly , equivalent of me getting a job that includes doing night shifts then moaning to the boss that I don’t want to do them. If they don’t like it manage in a different country or just don’t enter . They never moan about playing 6 champions league games and travelling all over Europe for them or try to get the 2 legged knockouts into 1 game.
  5. Can’t stand klopp , constantly moaning about fixture congestion . You get congestion if your successful so surely as a manager that’s a good thing. Never hear him or any manager moaning about the pointless champions league games they play or about 2 legged ties in that competition. I wonder why.
  6. So if my maths is right we’ve played 10 home games and 12 away , by the time we play at home again this could be 14 away. If we don’t start playing games without fans this could be a real advantage in the run in ???
  7. If you have a choice don’t get the Moderna . Arm feels like Tyson as punched it and I feel rubbish.
  8. Have the club announced anything about how they plan to implement it this Saturday. I’ve not seen any news.
  9. Do you think iorfa and hutch get into the current team and formation ? The thought of even typing that a few month ago seems absurd currently though with how well Brennan ,palmer and Johnson have been playing I’m not so sure. Having players fit at the same time doesn’t happen at Wednesday though does it !!
  10. 5 points behind 2nd place , loads of games to come. Game on !!
  11. Need a win , need some players to get fit , need some players to stay fit. Will it happen ? Doubt it !! UTO . Come on Wednesday
  12. This Loyal customer has renewed . Staff at ticket office very efficient
  13. Agree , both good tonight and fit to play which is a massive bonus at the moment. Don’t get the hate for either.
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