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  1. Avon barksdale


    Every player we’ve got should be playing for a move cos we’re a championship club and they should all have ambitions of playing in the premier league if they have owt about them. The fact we’ve sold very few players to the premier league in the last 15/20 years is a negative against the club. That we now have players good enough and ambitious enough is positive for the club.
  2. I’ve been a big critic of him and think he deserved it but his form has been brilliant ,didn’t think he had it in him . Deserves his new contract
  3. Avon barksdale

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    A perfect hat trick. Well played Atdhe
  4. As I’m not ITK or a medical expert like some on here with all the Wednesday injuries .I’d say that Loovens , Pudil and Hunt have all played without been 100% fit under Jos. Unless your privy to all the Wednesday injuries and treatment you can’t disprove this but you’d probably just blame Carlos anyway.
  5. Agree with all of this and Jos is certainly more cautious than Carlos but some posters on here have the agenda that everything that goes wrong is his fault. Hence the if Kieran Lee retires Carlos is to blame comments
  6. You do know Jos will have played some players who weren’t fully fit since he become manager.
  7. Exactly, he’s that good it was a risk worth taking. As is the Wednesday way it backfired spectacularly. An you know what I’d risk it all again. If a player says he’s fit he’s as culpable as the manager for me.
  8. Hutchinson did an interview praising Carlos and his training methods in his first or second season as did others. When results are good, footballers will praise the manager , when things go south they completely change there tune , it’s called passing the buck. Carlos was rightfully sacked but very few of our players have earnt there money this year, unfortunately you can’t sack players.
  9. Maybe he did but he didn’t force them to play. Managers play players not fully fit all the time , just like players say there fit when there carrying a knock.
  10. Some of the stuff people accuse Carlos of is really quite laughable. Are you 100% sure Carlos forced a grown man to play against his wishes ?
  11. Avon barksdale

    What stopped us?

    Is it Cos we sacked megson???
  12. Avon barksdale

    Barry Bannan

    I’ve been slightly critical of him in the past mainly due to his poor goal return but by my calculations we won only 3 league games whilst he was injured. Since his return we’ve won 4 already shows how important he is to us.
  13. Avon barksdale

    Made my mind up

    Over a full championship season i’d have serious doubts over jos’s ability to rouse a performance week in week out. His motivational skills don’t seem very good to me , Derby was the only game I’ve seen where we’ve been ‘at it’ as they say.
  14. Avon barksdale

    Joey Barton

    Getting Banned for 18 months suggests not
  15. Avon barksdale

    Joey Barton

    Self obsessed thunderc@nt. Bet on his team to lose when he was out injured. C@nt