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  1. Whatever 11 he picks he needs to get Bannan off set pieces . Was our only chance of scoring yesterday and the delivery was awful.
  2. Different league , different players different circumstances . I think pulis will play Bannan and he’ll be a big influence on our results in the next few months .
  3. Exactly , Bannan is clearly our best technical and most influential player but we’ve all seen how frustrated he gets , with his arm waving and stuff. For him to remain effective for us he’ll need to slightly change his game. The game is littered with players who have done so and remained prominent . I’m confident he’ll play a big part under Pulis.
  4. Been saying this a while , he still wants to play like he’s playing with lee , ff and hooper. Unfortunately for him and us the players aren’t to that standard anymore and he should change his game accordingly. That sounds harsh but it’s what good players do.
  5. Bristol , Stoke and boro played in red don’t think he’s managed any teams that play in yellow as yet!
  6. Just think of it like we’re playing monopoly and we’ve landed on Old Kent road , old Kent road is Tony pulis. We have to pay the fine to get to Go ( the championship) if not we end up in jail (league one). Sure we’d like to land on Mayfair but old Kent road is the roll of the dice. Something like that anyway !!
  7. I have no plan I want Wednesday to stay up .I think with the players we’ve got Pulis will keep us up .
  8. My logic is I want us to stay in the championship by any means possible then go from there in 6 months time. I think pulis would keep us up with the players we’ve got. Then we try and improve the squad and style of play.
  9. Do you think THIS set of players can stay up playing glorious tika taka football. I’d love it they could but it ain’t gonna happen. But to be honest you do have a point , Carlos team played the best football I’ve seen for a long time and he’s hated on here , yet loads seem to love Megson. Maybe some of our fans just like sh@t football so they can moan.
  10. They did how many more did in last few year? West Brom , Fulham didn’t . I don’t think United did. Rafas Newcastle didn’t . Brentford prob play the best and they can’t get promoted. I’m no pulis fan but I think he’ll keep us up
  11. I’ve just been trying to think of teams that got promoted recently playing good football I couldn’t think of many. I thought of quite a few playing effective football . Need to stay up first , then worry about style of play and a promotion push.
  12. I’d guess his compensation would cost less than relegation to league one .
  13. The only goal we should have is staying in the championship. With no crowds coming in and still some high earners at the club ,relegation would be a nightmare. For this reason only I think pulis is a good appointment we can worry about the standard of football once our championship status is secured hopefully.
  14. Monk had many faults but not playing youth is surely not one of them . He gave lots of youngsters a chance none grabbed there chance fully IMO.
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