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  1. The only hope I see and it’s only slight is that the players suddenly see that they’re playing for there futures. Not here but elsewhere. Loads of players out of contract around the country and not much money in the lower leagues. There in the shop window and not alone. That and where only 1 win from safety. Still think we’re doomed though.
  2. Don’t trust him at all and think he’s used our club for other illicit means. Simply because I just don’t believe anyone could be so bad and stupid at running a club .Also trusting the same advisors time and again who just screw him over . Players constantly leaving for nothing , signing random players that never play . I’ve thought for a while his use of paxo man is so ridiculously stupid or he’s in on the con. I’m just not clever enough to know what the con is . Money laundering , tax fraud/evasion ?? Expect this to get deleted but don’t really care , just want him gone.
  3. You’ve consistently said Westwood threw the ball in the net in his first game back . He didn’t.
  4. With the amount of players we have out of contract and that absolute clown Chansiri in charge I think we’ll be fighting relegation next season whichever league we’re in.
  5. Well done Wednesday. Curtis Davies on sky seemed to suggest we could kick on and move up the table, not sure I entirely agree but it would be nice. Home form been great recently.
  6. Do we own the training ground . I thought we had a 100 year lease of council or something so couldn’t sell it in the past ?
  7. Problem with Rhodes is he’s never been fast , never been a target man , never chased channels , never been a brilliant link up player , he’s not bad at it but he’s no hooper . He’s never been good at a lot of things but if you deliver the ball like Harris did last night he’ll more than likely score. Similar with Paterson he does a lot of things wrong but he’s got the knack of getting on the end of things and being a pest .
  8. If Chansiri Pays the players wages we have a chance !
  9. Was just thinking that Paterson seemed to give him a ball@ng before he even come on.
  10. 2 right backs . 1 Kyle Walker played 28 times for the pigs and sold for a massive fee and went to play for the England etc. The other Liam Palmer about to play his 250th game for his boyhood club. As a fan which would you prefer for your club. Mines the latter
  11. Tried to do a bit of research to see if there was any correlation to the players not getting paid properly followed up by an horrendous performance . Turns out they’ve not been getting paid properly for 15 years .
  12. If me favver wants to carry on going , yes . If not I’d have to have a think about it.
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