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  1. Avon barksdale

    Tom Lees

    Don't agree with dropping your skipper. Yes he's not the best captain and yes he had an howler Friday but I think you should stand by your captain.
  2. How many of our players who played tonight would get in there team. I reckon 3. Sad state of affairs
  3. Avon barksdale


    He's a conman
  4. Avon barksdale

    Jos To Blame

    Honestly don't know our attacking style of play, seems like pass pass pass try get it to Reach to whack it for a wonder goal. We have no pace ,no width, no long ball, no counter attack.
  5. Avon barksdale

    If you could have one former player...

    Dean smith in the dugout
  6. Avon barksdale

    Fernando injured

    I thought Carlos was the reason for all the injuries
  7. Avon barksdale

    OK..No clean sheet..but

    Cant't recall that . I'm sure I imagined Reach waiting to take a throw in though while there keeper was off the pitch leaving goal wide open.
  8. Avon barksdale


    As a youngish inexperienced keeper he'll make some mistakes and he's also produced some worldie saves, one against West Brom was unbelievable but Nicky Weaver really needs to teach him to come and catch the ball rather than punch.
  9. Avon barksdale


    For me his touch,vision and everything about him is better around the opposition penalty box with the likes of Bannan and Fernando near him. When he's deeper he looks uncomfortable and clumsy
  10. Avon barksdale


    The key is to get players around him and not isolate him as much as we do. We isolate fletcher he's just better at holding it up but doesn't carry the goal threat Joao does. Joao when fit should start up top with players up and around him its the winning formula for me.
  11. Avon barksdale

    Playoffs baby!!!!!

    Play our best team in there best positions and it's there for the taking. Also defend a bit better
  12. Avon barksdale


    Like him , hector also decent
  13. Avon barksdale

    Almen Abdi

    I think Abdi, Hooper and Lee are done. Hold more hope for Winnall think he could play a big part for us when he's fully fit.
  14. Avon barksdale

    Slept on it thoughts

    This times a hundred . I'd honestly fine him a weeks wages for the lack of understanding the game situation. Wednesday as a team have a history of this. Recall it a few times at Hillsborough in recent years
  15. Avon barksdale

    Kirby Sub

    I'd question whether the substitution had to be made at all. Onomahs injury didn't seem too bad. If it was fair enough. Thought Onomah grew into the game and showed what he could offer.