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  1. Avon barksdale

    Team for Swansea

    We aren’t winning football matches , so changes need to be made to find a winning formula before we face the other lot
  2. Avon barksdale


    Palmer and Fox are not good enough Bruce as recognised this and brought in 2 full backs but because we have been in decent form defensively and he’s an experienced manager he’s not made wholesale changes straight away , risking Isolating players. Palmer and Fox’s days are numbered as first teamers. They have both improved recently but are still short of the level we need
  3. Avon barksdale

    Strikers. Who would you use, shift, buy?

    Think Winnall Is the only poacher type striker we have other than Hooper think he’d have nicked one today. Fletcher is great but lacks the goal poachers knack.
  4. Avon barksdale

    Skys April and May schedule

    Cheers, Shame I'm heading to a different resort
  5. Avon barksdale

    Skys April and May schedule

    Where is your bar in lanzarote, heading out there soon
  6. Avon barksdale

    Who we gonna put on Jorginho?

    No one, let them worry about us
  7. Fair enough some of that I didn't know , but DC uses 2 ways of trying to get money into the club. He does it himself or try's to fleece the fans . Surely nows the time to explore the 3rd option and squeeze money out of corporations like other clubs use to there advantage.
  8. This is a list of Man Utd official sponsors , basically The Glazers sell the Man Utd name to everything they can to the highest bidder. Cars, shirts, training shirts, watches etc. We have nowhere near the financial pull they do but it's shows how you can get money into the club, we have thousands of empty seats a game , empty corporate boxes, delayed shirt shirts sales, a training ground we could sell naming rights to. Chansiri sponsors the kit why can't another company also have there name on it. What sponsors do we have that isn't chansiri related. Sell anything we can to sponsors to get money into the club , yes the prices will be low but you have to start somewhere. As long the contracts are short term , we can't lose
  9. Avon barksdale

    FFP: Break or Be Broken

    Just need to sell some players , surely DC knows a few agents that can help him. There was plenty of them flying about when we had cash to spend.
  10. Avon barksdale

    Brum fans.

    I heard some commenting that if we're having performances like that and playing that kind of football why are we getting Bruce. Hope there wrong because I enjoyed it yesterday
  11. Avon barksdale

    Simple Minds

    I parked on double yellows outside ground to get in to listen to waterfront and some woman interrupted it
  12. Avon barksdale

    Winnall back in the squad

    Might be getting ahead of myself but I think if we are to have any success in next couple of years. Due to our financial situation, injuries and contracts with other strikers etc, Winnall and Joao having a good partnership will be key under the next manager
  13. Avon barksdale

    Winnall back in the squad

    Brilliant if he is, like a new signing.
  14. Avon barksdale


    You'd play Weaver in front of dawson and wildsmith, so much for planning for the future.Don't tell Jos . FFS FFP