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  1. Sheffield Wednesday Under 23’s

    Pesky rules. Sorry was trying to have a bit of fun , let’s go back to slagging each other off and blame everything on Carlos and the ref
  2. Our Under 23’s are gonna be some team in a couple of week I can see us giving someone a right hiding. Westwood Lees Bannan Abdi FF Matias Hutch Hirst and maybe more, we should put all our efforts in winning the PDL2 league . We’re second at the moment . That’s where the real glory is and what an way to wrap up our 150 year celebration winning the league with a group of over payed, unfit mercenaries whilst our real under 23’s battle relegation .
  3. Sam Hutchinson

    That’s the least of our problems at moment if your fit you play. Plus jos recently played with no strikers . 2 CDM’s would give him a hard on
  4. Letter sent to FA

    All about opinions . The ref had a shocker no doubt but so did our defence and I know which one of those two things that worries me most and could potentially cause relegation.Wildsmith made 2 outstanding saves for first goal and we failed to react both times thats as scandalous as whether it was a free kick or not to me
  5. Letter sent to FA

    First goal , shocking reactions from defenders , let alone the free header. Second goal nuhui gave ball away when he had options left and right . Fourth goal let snodgrass waltz through then pudil fouled him.
  6. Letter sent to FA

    No it didn’t unless villa payed our players to defend sh!t
  7. John Terry

    Was a great defender and still is a good defender. You don’t here about the amount of charity work he does from the media. A lot would be surprised. Tried to ref the game and the ref let him. Wish we had him. Don’t really care if he’s a tw@t.
  8. Getting More Positve By The Day

    We’re in a relegation scrap the sooner everybody realises the better. Fantastic first half joao,clare and Reach really exciting to watch but the defending was awful. That cost us the game not the referee. Tough fixtures coming up and about 15 fit players. Very much squeaky bum time.
  9. Pudil

    If we are gonna play 3 at the back long term we have to keep him as he’s been brilliant at left centre back . Be madness not to offer him a deal on reduced terms . If gonna play 4 not sure he’s got the legs for left back anymore
  10. Brilliant first half , every player contributed and we scored 2 great goals and should’ve had more , average second half.
  11. Stobbs

    He’s a winger Isn’t he??? Who the f@ck is he supposed to cross too tonight
  12. Sean Clare

    If the stories/ rumours are true, Hirst situation was influenced by a clash of ego between chansiri and Hirst senior. So Clare’s contract MAY not have the same outcome
  13. Cameron Dawson save in the first half

    Bloke behind told his son “Westwood just made a reight save”
  14. Jos dropped a b******* today

    If you look at our bench who would you have played instead .Apart from Joao