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  1. What stopped us?

    Is it Cos we sacked megson???
  2. Barry Bannan

    I’ve been slightly critical of him in the past mainly due to his poor goal return but by my calculations we won only 3 league games whilst he was injured. Since his return we’ve won 4 already shows how important he is to us.
  3. Made my mind up

    Over a full championship season i’d have serious doubts over jos’s ability to rouse a performance week in week out. His motivational skills don’t seem very good to me , Derby was the only game I’ve seen where we’ve been ‘at it’ as they say.
  4. Joey Barton

    Getting Banned for 18 months suggests not
  5. Joey Barton

    Self obsessed thunderc@nt. Bet on his team to lose when he was out injured. C@nt
  6. Two Major Concerns with Jos

    My reservations of jos are his ability to motivate the team week in week out. Give them a rocket when they need it and play a high tempo when that’s needed. The second is to change the course of the game when we’re struggling , I’ll give him Preston but hutch was injured so even then you could argue it was forced upon him. Villa Ipswich and yesterday he did little to alter the outcome. Fulham were pretty good though
  7. How far behind are we?

    You need a core of 7/8 players to play 40+ matches a season then some decent back up. So in that respect we’re miles behind
  8. How far behind are we?

    I’m sorry did you say a fully fit Sam Hutchinson, I nearly spat my coffee out!!!
  9. Butterfield

    Pass of the match to Reach
  10. End of season clear out

    I think keeping pudil is a no brainer, if we are to continue with 3 at the back. He’d take a pay cut to stay and would cost a fortune to replace in today’s market. Van Aken cost £4 mill and pudils performance are far better.
  11. Get rid of hutch or never play him in midfield again. Think he’d be perfect in centre of a back 3.
  12. Think 3 at the back suits the squad we have at the moment. I don’t think hutch should play in midfield again,ideal in a back three.
  13. Nuhiu's Second Goal

    I’ve willed him and waited for him to shut me the f@ck up. Today he did . Great goal
  14. Would a point be a bad result tomorrow?

    If it’s a sit back scared of Preston nil nil draw,no . If it’s end to end , attacking 2-2 or 3-3 draw ,yes.