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  1. Avon barksdale

    Latest farce on Westwood

    You don't believe that though do you. Keeping him here as just created this sh@t situation and uncertainty it could and should've been avoided. Jos is a clown
  2. Avon barksdale

    Latest farce on Westwood

    Westwood should be number 1 or should've been sold in summer , the fact that he's still here shows what a bad manager and a patsy Jos really is . Get him out of our club.
  3. Avon barksdale

    Latest farce on Westwood

    Are we bothered if it means he keeps the ball out of our net ? Question not a statement.
  4. Avon barksdale

    Was Thornily injured?

    Jordan can't play more than 45 mins a game he might get injured , pudils limit is once a month
  5. Obviously don't what's said on the bench but it really looked like bullen and the assistant instigated the Matias substition , jos was as usual just sat there motionless . Complete chancer just waiting for his cheque , never have I seen a manager not celebrate when we score. The only futures he's planning is on the beach
  6. Avon barksdale

    JOS OUT!

    You lazy Dutch b@stard get out of our club
  7. Avon barksdale

    An attack minded manager.

    Is there such a thing as an attack minded manager ? Surely there's just good managers and bad managers . A good manager will look to win football matches by making sure the defence is solid enough to allow his attack to do the business at the other end. A bad manager will chop and change his team constantly not have a clue what his best team or formation is and have zero personality. Step forward Jos.
  8. Avon barksdale

    Alan wheen

    Saw him outside jubilee club in his wheelchair waiting for coach at 9:00 to Brighton a couple seasons ago for the Friday night game on sky. Unbelievable loyalty to Swfc. RIP big man
  9. Avon barksdale

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    Do managers still apply for jobs?
  10. Avon barksdale

    Serious Candidates?

    Has Pearson ever been offered the job?? At the moment he's lodging away in Belgium, managing in Belgium second division. Never be a better chance to get him. His son loves Thai people as well.
  11. Avon barksdale

    Kieran Lee - knee surgery

    Good player but time to get rid
  12. Avon barksdale


    The only positives this season so far for me are Dawson and Thornley, both far from the finished article but seem a good 7/10 each game I see.
  13. Avon barksdale

    The players are a disgrace

    If I saw my manager sat on his arse stroking it I'd be inclined to do the same . For me Jos has no desire or passion to succeed as Wednesday manager. Didn't move after we scored or when Matias nearly gifted them a goal. Complete apathy to his job.
  14. Avon barksdale

    Just got back...

    You spotted a formation ? Did better than me then
  15. Avon barksdale

    To the Jos supporters

    Tango in goal, programmes 3 quid man up front obviously .