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  1. Is that why he missed last game?? Ffs even Abdi wouldn’t pull a trick like that.
  2. If nuhui is in the squad and playing some part we ain’t getting promoted.
  3. A number of the ex players on the after dinner circuit/booze ups have suggested Trevor struggled with the big personalities in the dressing room at that time. Pleat was the same ,meaning we lost players who still had a couple of years left in them.
  4. I agree but in terms of positively affecting our results when they play I’d say Westwood is our most important followed by Bannan and Hector these are players we should try rebuild around. The rest I wouldn’t be too disappointed
  5. After Steve Bruce today said that big decisions and changes will be made in the summer which player do you believe is indispensable and which do you think we should grudgingly let go/sell out of the whole squad not just players out of contract. I believe we have to keep Westwood and maybe the time to cash in on Fernando in order to rebuild.
  6. Clearing up the injuries and a good start are imperative next season . If we can sort these ever recurring problems I believe Bruce will get us challenging.
  7. A midfield with bannan hutch and lee wasn’t good enough for promotion 3 years ago. Why would it be now? Time to move on I’m afraid
  8. Good to see him back. I don’t think a midfield of reach lee hutch and bannan has the right balance or games in them to mount a promotion challenge . I trust Bruce to make the correct decisions on who to replace an who to keep
  9. Easy vote . Number 2 is Roland Nilsson. Arguably our greatest player ever.
  10. The game is the game! He could only muscle in on my corners cos Stringer stitched me up. I want my f@@@@n corners back.
  11. Is it though ?we had lots of injuries in Carlos second season, fletcher in particular and look how good he is now he’s fully fit. Look what Bruce has done with half a squad , imagine what could he have done with a fully fit one. Sorting injuries is a top priority, Bruce said it himself
  12. Thanks for clearing that up and clarifying that he was definitely 100% injured, for the games you mentioned and not implying that he was feigning injury/shying off as I originally thought you meant.
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