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  1. Avon barksdale

    The Jos Luhukay IN/OUT manager thread

    I'm nice and calm and realise that Jos is completely out of his depth. Not entirely of his own doing but none the less he's out of his depth.
  2. Avon barksdale

    Why has Jones been banished?

    What do you suggest the reason is then , it's not fitness and it's not ability judging by the players playing in front of him
  3. Avon barksdale

    The Jos Luhukay IN/OUT manager thread

    Out out out , before the run of fixtures starting on 15th of September.
  4. Avon barksdale

    The Jos Luhukay IN/OUT manager thread

    Westwood (sorry we're not allowed to play him are we) Lees,Bannan and Fernando would get in most champ teams. Pudil, Reach, Fletch and Nuhui would get in a lot of champ teams. A lot of managers would do a lot better. We are allowed to over achieve, other teams do
  5. The 7 fixtures from 15th September are scary the way we're playing . We'll be rooted in bottom 3 unless chansiri sacks this clown
  6. Avon barksdale

    George Boyd

    Is it because he isn't being played in his best position. I seem to remember seeing him play for Burnley on the tv on the right side of midfield and being up and down the wing all match. This 100%. He's not and never will be a left wing back
  7. Avon barksdale

    sky commentators embargo reference

    I'm still reeling from the "what a shame" comment after Matias scored
  8. Avon barksdale

    What a night for this lad...

    I'm generally quite pessimistic about Wednesday at the moment with Chansiri and Jos but these youngsters coming through fills me with pride and optimism. So I guess it kinda evens me out.
  9. Avon barksdale

    George Boyd

    Should swap positions with Reach tonight, I think both would be more effective.
  10. Wednesday score , commentator says what a shame, WTF !!!
  11. Avon barksdale

    Give Pelupessy a break

    Noticed 3/4 times on Saturday when hull counter attacked Bannan was upfield and strolled back leaving joey on his own. Surprised by Bannan as his workrate is normally spot on. Better midfielders than joey will struggle when left on there own. Think they need to play closer together and hunt in pairs to be effective
  12. Completely disagree , we need a win any win. The longer we go without one the more confidence will dip and the anxiety of fans will escalate.
  13. Avon barksdale

    Whelmometer - where is your whelm?

    If not next year It'll be the one after IMO. Don't we've scratched the surface on how bad our finances are. The multi season ticket money will have been spent. All the players will be on massive contracts that get bigger every year. Add that to the fraud that is d taxis and we really are in trouble.
  14. Avon barksdale

    Joao Injury?

    I don't believe a word Jos says anymore. Maybe just me but I think he's a yes man , who bullshits his way through difficult questions. Hope I'm wrong.
  15. Avon barksdale

    Another pathetic manager

    He's had 6 weeks to train the players he's got and try build a defensive unit. After one match he's completely changed the whole defence and today they were still all over the place.