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Prutton - P&G Interview

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Was interesting llsten to his description of the game, the importance of winning the fans over and playing alongside Semedo.

He'll make a good manager one day - really sounded like he could read a game well and knew what to do to change things around.

Hopefully he'll pass that knowledge on to the young uns

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Guest Umbop22

Dingle on now

I'm away at a ferreting show :laugh:

:blink:he was more interested in ferreting than the Dingles , he dint even know score !

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Just got home and listened to this interview on the way back,

Got agree with everyone he is a very articulate lad,

And boy was that goal a belter! If this had been a premiership fixture that goal would be played to death over the next few days.

We were in the fortunate position on the North to clearly see him pull the trigger,

As soon as it left his foot I was halve way up!

I can see that goal staying in the lad’s memory for a long time

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Guest Johnbloodaxe

He didn't say yer know or at the end of the day once...

He sounds a smart lad articulate and measured answers, very happy with his input at a footballing level and as a representative of Wednesday,,,

NIce guy... sounded like a wonderful goal , I can't wait for our 12 second highlight tonight on the football leaugue show...

Well done David son of god....

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Forget Jesus, I think he's God himself after that strike!


I was sat giggling to myself for about ten minutes after he scored it, it was SOOOO good. My eyes are firmly trained to follow full volleys in to the kop but that net bulged like a beauty! GET IN!!

Gave a top interview, I like players who can talk without breaking every two words with 'erm' or 'yknow' (like Jermaine 'Y'Know' Defoe). Y'know?

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