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  1. owls66

    Biased pundits etc

    It was a good goal, yes. But my word, I’ve never seen so many people on here tugging themselves over it. Matias’ goal against Leeds was far better.
  2. Does anyone want us to hold on here? I do!
  3. If we win this I can really see us leaving with the three points today.
  4. Stranraer 4-2 McDonald’s Farm Rovers
  5. owls66

    Ashley Baker

    Should be nowhere near the team. He looked lost tonight, though I blame Jos for picking a player that is not up to this level, at least yet.
  6. The only blessing tonight is that we weren’t playing a decent team. With that performance we would have lost 4 or 5 nil.
  7. Ash Baker should be nowhere near the first team. Clearly not up to the level.
  8. owls66

    Adam Reach

    The Adam Reach Drinking Game Everytime he gives the ball away you take a shot..... You’d be hammered after 10 minutes.
  9. Could very well get another here.