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  1. There's a time and plaice for topics like these and it isn't today.
  2. Nuhiu was great against Everton. Been a disgrace tonight. Doesn't look interested whatsoever.
  3. Complete and utter garbage marking. Don't deserve to win. We've looked half arsed most of the game.
  4. Red Bull Sheffield Wednesday Has a nice ring to it...
  5. Told by a close source that its Arsene Wenger.
  6. I think we should go for that Bruce bloke at Newcastle.
  7. With Steve Bruce at the helm, promotion is certainly achievable!
  8. Eze is decent but I felt we just let him dictate the play too much by standing off. McGugan diving into the challenge when he should have stood him up, at least make it harder for him to put the ball in.
  9. Who went? We dominated the game and should have been two up early on if it wasn't for their keeper, though Hooper really should have scored. They scored a good goal though can't help but feel if Palmer was marking him tighter then Poole wouldn't have been able to get that type of shot off. Still props to the young lad. Anyway we can focus on the league now with important games coming up. P.S. Ref was f*ckin' sh*te as usual.
  10. The "You Got Me Wondering Wednesday" chant is so sh*t. You know it's sh*te when people are counting bananas in a song...
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