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  1. Paul Coutts is a Wednesdayite

    Who the f*ck is Paul Coutts?

    Wednesday 3-0 Pigs
  3. Is it me??????????????????

  4. David Garrido

    I'm surprised he's not propping the desk up.
  5. Losing to f*cking Brentford....
  6. Weather forecast for tonight

    STORM AILEEN. *Max font size and "bolding" for effect
  7. Are we just gonna sit back now?
  8. Not entirely, though if you are going to jump in, you need to be sure you're gonna make the challenge.
  9. Joost was very good, apart from the goal.
  10. Can't go diving in unless you are almost certain you are going to win the ball.
  11. What a poor goal to give away.
  12. Can Carlos please f*ck off?
  13. Carrying injuries

    Carrying them to Leeds, I heard.
  14. Boyd

    Ask Leeds. He's just joined them with half of the team.
  15. No Winnall today

    Off to Leeds, I heard.