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  1. Stick With Carlos

    If Carlos stays then relegation is a real possibility. And no, I’m not being dramatic.
  2. Interesting comments.

    Yep. Get rid. I lost all respect for the tösser when he started blaming the fans, referee, the tea lady. Get shut of the arrogant pr*ck.
  3. Mass Boycott

    I’m sure anyone sensible would rather watch paint dry.
  4. Carlos on channel 5

    Keep clapping.
  5. A draw will keep Carlos in for even longer....
  6. Time for a good ol’ protest if he’s not sacked after today.
  7. Noticed there's already no crisps left and as usual, no staff can be found...
  8. I've untied my shoe laces. I'm one more sh*t performance away from taking them off...
  9. Following the goalless draw at Reading, Owls' head coach Carlos Carvahal reflected on his team's performance at the Madejeski Stadium, hailing his team's tenacity. "We were fantastic - I felt we created many opportunities but due to the weather this made it hard to turn our efforts to goals. We were not happy coming into this game with a clear disadvantage over Reading, who were fresher than us due to the schedule. Despite this, my players gave their all and how we did not come away with the three points is astonishing to me based on our attacking play" The Owls' boss added. The result now ensures the Owls are six games unbeaten. "We are proud of this. We are proving hard to beat and I think this is very decisive in ensuring we are challenging for promotion. You ask me before the Reading game if I take a draw and extend our unbeaten run - I say definitely."
  10. Drawing our way to success.