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  1. The "You Got Me Wondering Wednesday" chant is so sh*t. You know it's sh*te when people are counting bananas in a song...
  2. Very impressed with Bruce so far. Love listening to his interviews. Tells it like it is.
  3. Typical English football. Celebrate a last second equaliser and get sent off for showing a bit of glee as a result.
  4. What f*cks me off is that they can't even play semi-decent for one entire game. We are always absolutely garbage every time. A complete insult to the fans that pay to watch.
  5. Total clear out required. Sell them on or cut them loose. Sooner the likes of Reach, Fox f*ck off, the better.
  6. Pelupessy was absolutely embarrassing last night. Quite clearly not good enough. Reach, well... The less said, the better.
  7. Incredible performance so far. Should be 3-4 nil up here.
  8. As long as Palmer or Baker don't get a game them that's an improvement to the side already.
  9. Just feel for the fans that have gone down there tonight to watch us roll over and have our bellies tickled. Sooner Bruce comes in the better.
  10. Far too late. Can't wait to get Bruce in. Have someone who actually has a clue what they're doing.
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