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Community Answers

  1. Showed very little for us. Good luck to him though.
  2. Not a penny from me until he refunds every single supporter who has requested and is rightfully due a refund for the 19/20 season.
  3. What an absolute clown. Clueless, inept, resentful... *Insert adjective here* As others have said, he cannot help but take a parting shot at the supporters. The very same supporters that have been taken for a ride and, honestly, have given him far too much leniency given how he is destroying the club. Better yet, Mr Chansiri - how about focusing on crediting those fans (sorry, customers) who have been waiting over a year for refund?
  4. Apparently Andre knocked over a glass off of the table and Cameron Dawson and Jesus Wildsmith tried to catch it. Jesus failed and Cameroon punched it away.
  5. To be fair, Dawson and Wildsmith are fine in goal as long as the opposition don't have a shot on target.
  6. Raheem Sterling is a diving tw*t. Probably not an unpopular opinion.
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