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  1. Just a rumour...

  2. Sheffield Wednesday Team for Saturday

    Jadet Meelarp Jadet Meelarp Jadet Meelarp Jadet Meelarp Jadet Meelarp Jadet Meelarp Jadet Meelarp Jadet Meelarp Jadet Meelarp Jadet Meelarp Jadet Meelarp
  3. Just a rumour...

    jadet meelarp @bigladjad 3m More Looking forward to the MASSIVE challenge ahead! Dave Nuhiu first name on the sheet every game #blessed #swfc #nuhiu #bigdave #fiftyquidnoteslam
  4. Just a rumour...

    carlos carvalhal‏ @carloscarvalha2 1Apr 1 More I'm getting sacked in the morning. #twentyquid #thatrefereetho
  5. Just a rumour...

    Seth Bennett‏Verified account @Sethb45 4m More Meat & potato or balti? #decisionsdecisions
  6. Just a rumour...

    Andy Kiddings @Gids1980 3m #swfc boss Carlos Carvahal expected to be leave by mutual consent. Jadet Meerlap expected to be announced in coming days.
  7. Just a rumour...

    Rob Staton‏Verified account @robstaton 2m4 hours ago More Breaking news coming out of Hillsborough. Club to announce tomorrow morning.
  8. Just a rumour...

    To be fair, Haslam couldn't possibly do any worse than Carlos. I'd take the tea lady over CC.
  9. Just a rumour...

    Nothing would make me happier. Would need to celebrate.

    I thought Cameron Dawson had a great performance today.
  11. Send Hooper back, tonight

    Awful today. Send him back....
  12. Same team that couldn’t be bothered against the pigs in another big game. Great team selection, Carlos.
  13. If Carlos stays for the remainer of the season, then you might as well write it off now. He’s shown an unwillingness to respond to the weaknesses of his tactics. Someone as stubborn as him, won’t suddenly turn things around.
  14. I did the second best option and watched it on iFollow so here is the following.... 1. Was it a better performance? Only better in the sense of defending. The misplaced passes, lack of urgency, players not moving, players scared to receive the ball, the hopeless long balls - that all remained constant throughout. It could be said the performance was better in that it wasn’t as embarrasing as Sunday, but was extremely poor nonetheless. 2. Did we deserve the goal front Hooper? Hooper deserved it. Again, the only player that deserves anything from that game. The team though - no at all. 3. Would we have won if we had that goal not disallowed? Could have. It depends how Birmingham would have responded had they conceded. One thing is for sure, we would have parked men behind the ball for the remainder of the game, and with only one goal in it there is always a chance. 4. Were we unlucky? Not at all. A 1-0 defeat is fair. Birmingham were far from spectacular but were still the superior team on the night (not that it took much). 5. Did Birmingham perform like a poor team or did the new manager syndrome change things? Birmingham lacked quality, particularly in the first half. They grew into the game in the second. The game had 0-0 written all over it, but I sensed if one team were going to get a goal, then it would be them. 6. 17 shots and 3 on target. Clear cut chances or long range efforts? Their ‘keeper had little to do all game. The only chance I can think of that was close was an header by João (if I remember correctly) which Kuszak did well to save. The majority of our efforts were poor and optimistic at best (from long range). 7. Did Birmingham shut the doors and park the bus? Not particularly. They didn’t really need to. They relatively kept at us following Vassell’s goal. Wednesday’s response? What response? As common in the closing minutes they placed men behind the ball, but we didn’t even look close to equalising. When you just hit and hope the ball anywhere into the box - it seldom requires much resistance from the opposition.