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  1. Excellent performance and a great result, to be fair. + Deon Burton had a stormer tonight. - Programmes still three quid Well done, Wednesday.
  2. James O'Connor coming on for Conor Wickham. Last throw of the dice from Monk.
  3. Come on Wednesday - three minutes to get eight goals.
  4. This is not good a situation - Brentford have scored one goal more than us which means they are winning the game which means they will most likely garner the total points allocation for the game which is 3 points total.
  5. If we don't get a goal back then I can't see us getting any points tonight.
  6. If we don't win this then we can forget about getting three points.
  7. I've been in tears over it ever since.
  8. What is the best route to get to Wembley from Sheffield? #unbeatenallseason #cantbestopped #monkaintnopunk #shaunoffthisisenglandsbarmyarmy
  9. If we hold on it is pretty much guaranteed we will get the win here. Fingers crossed.
  10. We could have done with every other team losing today.
  11. If we win today I can't see us losing this one.
  12. If we don't let them score, I believe we will take home the 3 points.
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