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  1. Tom Lees might as well have been sat at home with that performance. He couldn't mark a lamp post today. Another high-earner we need off the books in the summer.
  2. I expect that DM will want two new goalkeepers in the summer. Hopefully we will see the back of Wildsmith and Dawson. Both are League 2 goalkeepers at best and that is being generous.
  3. Fantastic marking(!) Lee's didn't have clue where Dykes were then. Hopefully another one out of the door in the summer.
  4. Bottling tw*ts. Good riddance in the summer.
  5. Absolutely no chance. This set of players couldn't give a flying f*ck. Plus they are League 1/2 at best.
  6. Chairman who treats the fans with utter contempt, crap football and extortionate pricing to watch said crap football. Any wonder people aren't interested?
  7. Play the kids. Them tw*ts last night don't deserve to wear our shirt again.
  8. Should play the kids from now on. Can't be any worse than these gutless w*nkers.
  9. They don't care. Bunch of w*nkers want chasing out of Sheffield.
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