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  1. 2nd week in succession Wing has been left out of the squad. If Boro won't have him back, then surely it's in our interests to try and sort out an alternative loan arrangement. Even if it means we carry on paying a % of Wing's wages for the remainder of the season, it'll free up a vital loan spot in the squad. He has genuinely, been one of the biggest transfer disappointments we've had for a long, long time. Fully expected him to take this league by the scruff of the neck, and be a stand out performer. Instead, he's been consistently anonymous.
  2. I hope we don't stick with this formation, if we fill the back line with centre halves. That sounds like a strange thing to say, but the reason we look so much more threatening offensively, is because of Johnson's (less so Palmer) ability to cause overloads in wide areas. We simply wouldn't create the same threat with Jordan Storey or Hutchinson ambling down the wing. I think we might be seeing a change in formation, but if we do revert to a back four, it's imperative we play with attacking, advanced full backs, otherwise, like above, we'll make ourselves more defensive in nature. For Ipswich I think I'd be lining up like: Peacock-Farrell Hunt Storey Hutchinson Johnson Luongo Dele-Bashiru Bannan Windass Gregory Mendez-Laing Harsh on Palmer...but he's not good enough going forward, in comparison to Hunt to play as an attacking full back. And Johnson's experience at centre half should hopefully see him for more defensively sound than he was earlier in the season, but we that continued threat going forward. The midfield trio I would not start messing with. They're so balanced and complimentary, and all offer a differing skillset both offensively and defensively. Windass and Mendez-Laing both provide genuine goal threats from out wide, and Gregory is more than capable for playing the lone forward, with close support.
  3. Forget Windass... Windass - 7 - Took his goal fantastically well. If he plays, and keeps fit, he could easily end up with over 10 goals this season. I suspect we'll see him starting games very soon.
  4. Peacock- Farrell - 6 - He's ended up conceding three goals, so his mark can't be high, but not sure he could've done anything with any goal. Unlucky for the 2nd goal, after a smart save to deny Taylor initially. Couple of decent, but expected saves. Otherwise, a quiet game. Palmer - 6 - Did alright. Seemed to go about his job effectively enough. He looks settled in the role, and it does seem to suit him. If I'm been critical, could he go about to stop the effort in the lead up for the 2nd goal better? Seems to back off, turn his back. He's nesh, we know that...but maybe I'm been super harsh. Hutchinson - 6 - Again, did alright, but I don't feel as comfortable with him in that central position as I did with Dunkley. Dunkley is physical and dominant...Hutchinson tries to be a bit cuter, but I always felt Taylor had the potential to cause him issues. Johnson - 5 - Directly at fault for the 1st goal. His lack of experience in that position was the killer. Too weak, and unaware of the dangers behind him. That said, other than that mistake, I thought he did alright (like the rest of the defence). His threat going forwards is the only reason to keep with this formation. If we drop Johnson from LCB, then I think we need to switch to a back 4, otherwise we'd lose the advantage the 3 at the back system produces. Hunt - 7 - Another good game. He was a threat. Involved in both goals, looking to cut inside and play balls into the box. Had an absolute stonewall penalty turned down also. Mendez-Laing - 6 - Had a decent 1st half, and caused Oxford problems, although his final ball often let him down. Quieter in the 2nd half. Luongo - 8 - He's brilliant, isn't he? An assist, so many brilliant tackles. He just contributes so much. I said it last week, but this midfield trio is as good as we've had for a while. It's got a great balance to it, and Luongo's complete skill set is crucial within it. Dele-Bashiru - 7 - Another strong, dominant display. I love watching him. The way he glides and bulldozes in equality is brilliant to watch. Really compliments Bannan & Luongo. If we stick with these three for the rest of the season, and build the rest of the side around them, there's no reason we can't go close. Bannan - 8 - Man of the Match - He was in the mood yesterday. Great finish for the goal, but he was busy, tenacious and involved in everything good that we did. Gregory - 7 - Very good centre forward display. Ran the lines superbly, and didn't give Oxford's back line a minute. Great interplay for the 1st goal, and a brilliant little assist for Windass'. His performance deserved a goal. Sow - 5 - Struggled to get into the game. Couple of decent runs in the 1st half, and he does give us an outlet down the line. But, you just feel like its a matter of time for Windass takes his place. Brown - 5 - Not a great cameo for t'old Jaden. Missed an absolute sitter, and then lost Winall for the deciding goal. Overall... Reading this thread, and I think it just shows the reactionary nature of Wednesday fans. 2's and 3's...really? We went to Oxford, a side that have the 3rd best home record in the division, and outplayed, and outfought them for the vast majority of the game. Now, that doesn't discount our blatant flaws, nor does it excuse our consistent ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But, there was a lot to like about aspects of our play today. All season, we've had posters and threads bemoaning our lack of attacking intent, and how we'd rather see us having a go and losing 3-2, than continue boring the pants off us and stumbling away with draws and narrow wins. Well yesterday, we were positive, played on the front foot, and pressed high and bravely up against Oxford. In that 1st half, Oxford looked hopeless. And that was as a direct consequence of Wednesday's mindset and performance. That midfield trio is working brilliantly, and the scores for Dele-Bashiru, in my opinion, are laughable. He's clearly the latest scapegoat for Wednesdayite's...although Jaden Brown might have a "Hold my Beer" moment. The dilemma Moore has, is how do we eradicate these ridiculous lapses in concentration. And, does he revert to a more traditional system, and ditch the three at the back with Johnson as a pseudo-centre half/wing back? Yesterday I was gutted at full time. Of course, I was angry at throwing away three points, and the fact we deserved so much more from the game. BUT, if we continue to attack games with the mindset we've seen in the last two games, I'm convinced we'll fair far better than we would if we revert back to the cautious, sideways passing, cagey style of play we saw early on in the season.
  5. I listened to the Oxford commentary as well. And having looked at the player ratings thread last night, I thought I'd watched another game. We chucked a game away which we dominated from early on, both technically and physically. Fair play to Oxford, they held on, kept in the game and in the end, were beneficiaries of our own suicide once again. And re. Dele-Bashiru...like Plymouth last week, where he seemed to be unfairly singled out for criticism...he was colossal in that midfield. A beast and an bully who is responsible for so many turnovers in possession, and gets us up the field so effectively by gliding past players using his strength. We are a much better side with him in the side, than out of it.
  6. I'd imagine with Storey signing, and our loan numbers now up to the maximum we can name in a matchday squad (discounting Gibson), Moore's probably looking to see if there's any deals to be done similar to the one we had lined up for Batth; out of contract at end of season, club willing to let go six months earlier without a fee. Flint might fall into that category, but I'd imagine he's an expensive option. Other centre halves who could fall into that scenario in the Championship include Sean Morrison also at Cardiff (out of favour at the minute, will be expensive, but he's experienced and a leader), Tom Lockyer at Luton (only 25, done well at this level with Bristol Rovers, currently out of favour at Luton), Craig Forsyth at Derby (maybe ripe for picking given Derby's predicament, comfortable playing left side centre half, and wing back), Naby Sarr at Huddersfield and Callum Elder at Hull (another player comfortable playing left sided centre half and left wing back), If we fail to find anybody available on that sort of basis, then we may well revisit somebody like Haydon Roberts on loan, and be forced with having to juggle the loanees on each matchday...although the likelihood of all of them been fit at the same time, seems a slim prospect!
  7. That's a blow. It would have been a player who undoubtedly would've improved our squad, given us some much needed leadership, and also, was available on a permanent deal. Given that we're already fully subscribed with our loanees (if Gibson goes back, we'll have one vacancy), then it would've really helped us juggle our squad far easily. I wonder if Sunderland may have offered a nominal fee of some sort, which meant we were out of the race because of the restrictions we're working under. With just one vacancy if Gibson goes back, you can only envisage us signing a maximum of two loan players...potentially Storey (or Roberts) and Tulloch?
  8. Peacock-Farrell - 6 - Can't think of anything he had to, other than pick the ball out of the net. Went direct towards Gregory more often yesterday, which proved an effective tactic. Palmer - 7 - Very steady defensive performance, great assist for Windass' goal. Offered a good option to overload the right flank on numerous occasions. Hutchinson - 7 - Rarely troubled. Good to see him get on the scoresheet. Johnson - 7 - Another performance from centre half, where he played more like a full back. Formed a very fluid partnership with Mendez Laing. Hunt - 8 - Fantastic 1st 45 minutes, where he looked like a real goal threat. Exquisite ball in for Hutchinson's goal. Mendez Laing - 9 - Man of the Match - Just shaded MotM over Luongo. He was a constant menace. Tortured Plymouth's right wing back all afternoon. Took his goal really well, could've easily got a couple more on another day. If he stays fit, with that powerful, direct style of play, he could be a real asset between now and end of the season. Luongo - 9 - The catalyst for a dominant performance. The midfield trio were outstanding yesterday. Every single one of them, to a man, did their jobs, hunted in packs and took responsibility. Luongo's range of passing was superb, and he won possession high up the pitch, so often. Dele-Bashiru - 8 - I'm baffled by his generally low scoring so far. He was immense. Physically he's a bully. He runs all day. He gets into dangerous positions, and doesn't overcomplicate things. He and Luongo just physically abused Plymouth for 90 minutes. Bannan - 8 - Tenacious from the 1st minute, and of course his quality will more often than not stand out. Sow - 8 - Busy display, where he looked to stretch Plymouth. Took his goal well. Gregory - 8 - He was the perfect example of defending from the front. Worked ridiculously hard, and won the ball in dangerous areas so often. Will have been disappointed not to have scored, but other than that, it was a fine performance. Windass - 7 - He's a class above this level, and doesn't need long on the pitch to show it. Great goal to settle any nerves. Overall.. Our best performance of the season imo, and it was down to attitude and work ethic. We worked harder than Plymouth yesterday, and looked determined to win the ball high up the field. And that's not something that has been said too often this season. And, like we've said so often, if we compete and work hard, then our quality will more often than not, be the difference. Before yesterday, many would've had a high opinion of Plymouth (they've given us two batterings, and started the season flying), but they were outclassed, out fight and out played yesterday, and that's what is especially pleasing. With Luongo and Dele Bashiru dominating the midfield like they did yesterday, then it's no surprise the likes of Gregory, NML, Bannan, Windass etc. etc. look far more dangerous as a result. It was a genuine all round team performance yesterday. Everybody did their jobs well, which in turn ensured others could do their jobs well in return.
  9. Peacock-Farrell Iorfa Dunkley Hutchinson Hunt Bannan Luongo Corbeanu Windass Gregory Kamberi (potentially Mendez-Laing)
  10. Bannan's 1st half performance was his worst of the season, by a long way. He was woeful. Last 20 minutes, he began to get somewhere close to his usual standard... but over 90 minutes, he was way below par today.
  11. Peacock-Farrell - 6 - Go fault for the goal, made a couple of decent saves, which you'd expect him to. Palmer - 4 - He was embarrassing midweek, and emulated another cowardly, finger-pointing performance he's consistently produced over the years. Hutchinson - 4 - Seemed to cause chaos throughout the backline. Came for too many balls he didn't win. Looked like he was playing on the edge of flipping from early doors. Got involved in a couple of needless off the ball shananigans. Dunkley generally leads and organises in that position, today our backline was anything but. Johnson - 4 - Part of a pretty shambolic back three. Couple of decent forays forward in the 1st half, but lost the ball too easily, too often. Paterson - 5 - Started like his usual clumsy, untidy self, but managed to get himself off the pitch before the real debacle begun. Corbeanu - 4 - Really struggled today. He and Bannan (in the 1st half in particular) were well below par, and it's no wonder we struggled to create anything as a side, when our two creators were having stinkers. Bannan - 5 - Worst performance of the campaign in that opening 45 minutes. He was woeful. Moved further upfield in the 2nd half, and was anonymous for up until the 70 minute mark. Sparked into life for the last 15 minutes, but too little, too late. Wing - 4 - He gets an extra mark for a couple of decent long range efforts...but that aside...honestly, he's hopeless. He's playing like he's got lead in his boots. Adeniran - 5 - Thought he was our best player in the 1st half...which was no great shake, but he used the ball reasonably well, and tried to be positive in his play. Bemused at his withdrawal, with Wing managing to play 90 minutes, but I assume it was with injury in mind. Berahino - 4 - He's crap. Gregory - 5 - I mean, his play wasn't great on the whole, but dear me, he didn't have a lot to go off! Brennan - 4 - Have to question the decision to bench him, and continue playing two players out of position in the back three....but did himself no favours when he came on tbf. At fault for the goal, losing his man, and made a couple of errors which let Shrewsbury in. Dele-Bashiru - 6 - Provided a bit of a spark and impetus into the midfield when he came on. Had our best chance of the game. Looks to make things happen. Mendez-Laing - 7 - Man of the Match - Only on for 20 minutes, but put the rest of the shower (FDB and BPF aside, must be something about double-barrelled names!) to shame. Strong, willing, positive. Did nothing out of the ordinary, but made Elliott Bennett (the wing back who had had Corbeanu in his pocket for the 1st half) look lost. Overall... The COVID break has killed any momentum and any understanding we'd managed to get together during November and December. We were going into that Accrington game at home, full of confidence...looking hard to beat, playing in a more positive manner and with players coming back. We are now back to the middle of September. Playing low tempo, boring, stodgy football, with no understanding and no cohesiveness...and we're losing players at an alarming rate. But, this time, we haven't the luxury of time to correct it. It's becoming critical...in the time between the COVID closure and the two games since, we've gone from eyeing up potentially gatecrashing the automatic places to looking miles off the pace for a playoff spot. Moore is in REAL BOTHER. I have sympathy for him, because the COVID outbreak wasn't his fault, and the injuries are a real frustration. But, the slow start he was responsible for, forced him into a position where we had to sustain automatic promotion form for the rest of the season to achieve our aims. And, despite an upturn in form, even when playing well, we haven't won enough games. Compound that with two woeful comeback performances, and I'm struggling to find reasons why Chansiri wouldn't be looking elsewhere. Moore has turned it around already this season, can he do it again? But while ever Alex Neil is sat there without a job...it's very tempting to roll that dice.
  12. Assuming Dunkley, Hunt and Shodipo are all out, and Windass and Hutchinson aren't fit enough.... Peacock-Farrell Brennan Paterson Palmer Corbeanu Adeniran Bannan Dele-Bashiru Johnson Gregory Mendez-Laing Down to absolute bare bones. Mendez-Laing showed some glimpses of quality early on Thursday night, but given our lack of bodies, I'd like to see him play off Gregory. Two physical units, but NML's pace should prove more troublesome than Paterson's more attritional style.
  13. Peacock-Farrell - 8 - Another dominant display between the sticks. His double penalty save on the stroke of half time could be seen as a catalyst for the result we got (I actually think we'd have still won comfortably had they scored it, given our superiority over them). It was a stunning reaction save though, and he does produce these moments of genuine quality. Brennan - 7 - Another encouraging display. Defensively, we weren't really put under any real trouble, but he looks very comfortable performing the ball-playing role. Palmer - 7 - Another good display. Becoming Mr. Dependable. Johnson - 7 - Like Brennan (and Palmer), not really tested defensively, but looking for comfortable in that role, to the point, where we're seeing him as a centre half. Hunt - 8 - He's in a fine run of form, and the wing back role really suits him. He'll get up and down all day along, and he's got quality in advanced areas. Great delivery for Gregory's 2nd goal. Corbeanu - 6 - Failed to hit the heights that we've seen from him so far this season, but kept plugging away and ensured he did the basics, despite the fact he'd have been a tad frustrated about his performance. Dele-Bashiru - 7 - Hard to imagine him not in the side at the minute. Has really took his chance, and his raw talent is slowly been rounded into producing some consistent displays. Wing - 6 - Worked hard, covered the ground, a some moments of quality, but thought he went missing for large periods. Need more from him. Bannan - 9 - Man of the Match - Masterclass. Great individual goal, ran the game. Crewe could not nullify him at all. Showed his class throughout. Unlucky with the penalty decision, how the referee can give that I'll never know. Paterson - 7 - Cannot fault his attitude, work rate or versatility. He unsettles opponents and is a handful, and probably deserved a goal. That said, for me, Kamberi is a far better option alongside Gregory. Gregory - 8 - Like Bannan, just demonstrated the fact he's too good for this level. From the 1st minute, it was clear Crewe's young defence were going to struggle to contain him, and that's what transpired. Took his goal well, was unlucky not to score just before his goal, and could've had another. Great centre forward performance. If he stays fit, he gets 20 goals. Windass - 7 - Lively cameo. Could've got a goal, but for a goal-line clearance. Berahino - N/A - Involved in a fair bit when he came on. Dallied too long on the ball when through on goal in a 2 on 1 scenario late on however. Shodipo - N/A - Did a decent job of shoring things up for the last 10 minutes Overall.... As comfortable an away performance as you'll get. Never felt as though we were in any trouble from Crewe, and the only way they were going to get something from the game, were if we took our foot off the pedal (aka Wimbledon away). Our superior quality told...as it should do. Crewe are in a totally different World to us in terms of budget, recruitment and quality of player. Too often we bemoan our inability to make those imbalances count. Not yesterday. I thought our marquee players (Bannan, Hunt, BPF, Gregory in particular) stood up to the expectation and put in a high quality performance. Obviously, we'd have liked to have won by more, but what is pleasing, is a second successive clean sheet given our defensive unavailabilities. We've slowly started to find our feet in the last couple of months. Starting with some performances which showed glimpses of our capabilities, littered with the sluggishness we were accustomed to. But, gradually, our performances are becoming more consistent, showing more of our qualities, and less of our misgivings. We've got ourselves into a decent position, in fine form, going under the radar, with two really winnable home games to come. We've got a great opportunity now to get ourselves right within that chasing pack. If we can finish the year in the top six, given our slow start, horrendous injury record and a prolonged period of tactical uncertainty, then there's genuine reasons to be optimistic for the 2nd half of the season.
  14. -----------------Peacock-Farrell-------------------- -----Palmer------Brennan--------Johnson----- Hunt-------Byers----Dele-Bashiru---Corbeanu -----------------------Bannan---------------------------- --------------Windass-------Gregory-----------------
  15. Thanks for clarifying, I didn't realise the deadline had been passed.
  16. Peacock-Farrell - 8 - Man of the Match - Apart from a couple of shaky moments from crosses, in particular the dolly he dropped on the goal-line in the 1st half, he was brilliant. The difference between a defeat and a point. Couple of excellent saves, and took a couple of good catches to relieve pressure late on. Paterson - 7 - After an indifferent start, and a needless booking, which means a suspension, I thought he looked comfortable and did a fine job in the makeshift role. Palmer - 8 - Very close to Man of the Match for me, and defensively he was very good, even under periods of pressure. Misses out on the MotM, because as well as been our best defender, he was also Pompey's...he's got to score one of those goalline opportunities! Johnson - 7 - Got caught in possession a couple of times, but like the entire back three, did a great job, all things considered. Was a good threat going forward at times in the 1st half also. Hunt - 7 - He was our best outfield player in the 1st half, in my opinion, and in the 2nd half, battened down the hatches and defended very well. Shodipo - 6 - Worked hard, put a shift in, but I'm not convinced were going to get a tune out of him at wing back. Technically looks very raw, and defensively, everything seems really unnatural to him (which it probably is!) Luongo - 6 - Would've been a 7, but for a stupid tackle, which we'll suffer for over the next three games. Before that, showed his class once again, and broke so much stuff up, and instigated so much of our attacking play. He's going to be sorely missed. Bannan - 6 - Like the entire team, put a shift in, but didn't think he had a greatest game. Couple of brilliant deliveries in the 1st half, but after that, they were utterly dire. Dele-Bashiru - 7 - Another strong performance. Drove forward well, was unlucky with the effort in the 1st half. Did his defensive duties well. Good, solid midfield performance in a scrappy game. Gregory - 6 - Ran the lines tirelessly, up against the tide for the majority. Didn't have too much to feed off. Kamberi - 6 - Like Gregory, defended well from the front, but little else. Couple of key headers in our own box at times also. Wing - 6 - Came on when we sacrificed the win to ensure we got a point. Did his job. Berahino - N/A - Not on long enough for a mark, but couple of good touches, and thought he looked better than of late (which tbf, isn't hard!) Overall... Great point. Probably would've taken a point at 5pm yesterday. Would've snatched your hand off for a point at 7.30pm, after seeing the sides and not a centre half in sight. And wouldn't have believed we'd have got a point, after Luongo's sending off. Sometimes, we have to praise players doing the nitty gritty. Every single outfield player, Palmer excluded, could probably play "better" than last night, but as a man, they stuck together and ensured we kept a clean sheet, and got a good point (hence why nobody was given less than 6). The worrying thing is, the constant injuries. It cannot be bad luck...something is seriously amiss...season after season. How, having five centre halves on our books, have we managed to have NONE available? And then, we compound the agony, with needless suspensions...Luongo missing til after Xmas, Paterson missing Crewe. You cannot be successful when you're constantly carrying this many absentees. The frustrating thing about it all, is you just know it isn't going to end.
  17. Despite his encouraging earlier performances, I think the general feeling was, he was still playing out of position, and that long term, he was never going to be the answer on the left wing in a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1. He was a stop gap, until Corbeanu, Shodipo, Windass etc. got fit and up to speed.
  18. Such a huge disappointment. I genuinely thought he'd be our star man this season, proving himself to be too good for this level. But, despite plenty of opportunities, he's looked sub standard for most of the season. He spoke openly about falling out of love with the game, prior to his loan spell with Rotherham, and currently, he does look like he's playing with the whole weight of the World upon his shoulders. He looks bereft of confidence, and almost forlorn in his body language (as though, he feels like nothing he does is right). Who knows whether he's struggling mentally again, and Moore alluded to the fact, post match last night, that he's been speaking to Wing in an attempt for him to find some form. I wouldn't write him off completely. He's clearly a talented player, and if Moore can eek out a bit of belief in him, he may well turn things around. But, he's going to have to do so, with far fewer opportunities than he was afforded earlier in the season. With Bannan & Luongo fit, they start every single game (rests permitting), so it only leaves one other slot left for Wing to stake his claim. Dele-Bashiru has that spot currently, and has took his chance when it was given to him. Wing needs to be as ruthless as Dele-Bashiru was. That said, I wouldn't be overly upset if he was recalled in January. It would give us the opportunity to tweak our squad a little bit more, rather than blindly hoping that Wing turns his form around.
  19. But, in this system, he's nowhere near as effective, offensively, as Corbeanu, Shodipo, Hunt and in all likelihood, Mendez-Laing. Strangely enough, in the early weeks of this season where he showed most promise, most fans would've said his best position is wing back. But, now we've switched to a system that utilises them, he's further away from a starting berth than ever! Brown for me, presently, is a substitute that you bring on to replace the offensive left wing back, in the last 10 minutes of games to protect a lead. But, fundamentally, I agree, one thing he is not, is a centre half.
  20. Wildsmith Brennan Agbontahoma Palmer (if not fit, Paterson) Mendez Laing Byers (if not fit, Adedoyin and play a 3-4-3) Wing Dele Bashiru Brown Berahino Sow Subs: Render, Paterson, Waldock, Corbeanu, Shodipo, Adedoyin, Kamberi Like somebody has previously said, Dunkley, Bannan, Windass, Luongo & Gregory should not leave the house. Protect them at all costs. With those five watching Netflix, we'll still be able to put out a more than competitive side that I fully expect to win the game.
  21. Non Penalty. I always use NPxG, because I think it gives a better representation of actually how formations/systems/teams are playing. Some games/performances can be skewed by a penalty here and there...which as you know, can be heavily influenced by refereeing decisions.
  22. We started playing three at the back against Bolton, since then we've gone 10 games unbeaten in the league, after previously picking up only one victory in six games. But, far too often, fans use results as a basis for approval, when really performances and trends are far more telling about the process. Here's a breakdown comparing performances (based on NPxG) between the 4-2-3-1 (4-3-3) system we employed in the early stages of the season, to the more recently adopted 3-5-2/3-4-3 system. As you can see, in every single metric we are superior when employing the three at the back. We are 50% for effective from an offensive point of view, but also, despite the OP's concerns about the system, we are marginally more solid from a defensive point of view. Perhaps the biggest discrepancy is the expected points, where under the 4-2-3-1 we great outperformed our xG Points, which often indicates an unsustainability to results. Something we saw. On the other hand however, we haven't picked up quite as many points as we should have, when playing 3 at the back. Which denotes that, statistically, we should see our results improve, if we maintain our performances levels. There is simply no comparison between the two metrics. Three at the back is the way forward for this squad.
  23. NO, NO, NO, NO....NO! We played four at the back for much of the season, with much of our defensive players available. And, quite frankly, the football was rubbish, and our performances were lacklustre. Moore has found a system that is getting the best out of these players...whether it be by fluke or design. Dunkley has literally changed overnight, from a dithering defender who struggled to even pass a ball 5 yards to a colossus who'll win everything where ever it is, when we switched to a back three. It's allowed us to be far more adventurous in our play. Playing out and out wingers in the wing back positions, and full backs (or wingers or forwards!) in the wide centre half positions is allowing us to get, sometimes eight or nine offensive minded players on the field. Throughout September and October we bemoaned Moore's defensive, safety first approach. It wasn't yielding performances, nor results. Finally, he's approaching games with a positive mindset, and the players are responding to it. Lets just accept, given we've only got ONE fit first team centre half, that we might concede the odd goal, so long as it's outweighed by attacking, front foot positive football. I genuinely think, given Windass and Luongo are easing back to full fitness, and with key defenders still to return (or signings to be made), playing this system will see us push the top two very close. Who would've seriously thought that four weeks ago?!
  24. Peacock-Farrell - 5 - Has to do better with the 2nd goal. He's stood in the perfect position to save it, and he seems to totally misjudge the flight and pace of it. Good free kick as it was, it should have been a rudimental save. Brennan - 8 - Showed all the confidence and composure of Tuesday, but without the rash errors. Played with an elegance way beyond his years, and physically stood up to perhaps the one of the most direct sides in football. Dunkley - 8 - Up until Akinfenwa came on (and he started fouling Dunkley on every occasion), I cannot remember him losing an aerial battle. At the minute he's playing like an absolute colossus...he must be loving his form right now. Paterson - 7 - Did an honourable job in yet another position. For the most part, looked strong, and comfortable, and thrived in the battle. But, utterly needless foul to give away the free kick which ultimately led to the equaliser. Hunt - 8 - Man of the Match - I know he only played 70 minutes, but in that time, for me he was our best player. Despite a relatively sluggish start from the team as a whole, Hunt was at the races from minute one and put three glorious balls across the face of goal before the half hour mark. Continued his dominance down the right flank, and he's so unlucky he's not got a couple of assists today. His play deserved it. Bannan - 7 - For too long in the 1st half, we got dragged into Wycombe's trap of forcing us to play their way and go long. As a result, Bannan was bypassed for large periods. Ironically, the stoppage in the 1st half benefited us, and it was evident Moore instructed us to be braver in possession. BPF stopped lumping it long, and we began to play out and drag Wycombe all over the pitch. Bannan began to find space and started to dictate the game we know how. Just wish he'd shoot when in good positions in the edge of the box...three occasions today he opted against shooting in great positions. Luongo - 8 - Very close to MotM, but another barnstorming display in midfield. Exactly his sort of game...loves a tackle, loves a scrap. So good on the ball and in possession as well. Far too good for this level. Shodipo - 7 - Started the game sluggishly, looked short of confidence and self belief. But, slowly grew into the game. Played a lovely through ball to Windass, just before nicely converting his chance. In the 2nd half, looked a different player, full of belief and energy. Did well for Windass' goal also. Hopefully good competition for those wingback spots developing between Corbeanu, Hunt, Shodipo and Mendez-Laing. Kamberi - 8 - Really impressed me today. He, Hunt and Luongo were Wednesday's best players in the 1st half, and his all round play was very good. Commented about it against Accrington, but he seems to have worked out the league now, and is using the physicality in a positive manner. His link up play was second to none today. Gregory - 7 - Disappointed he didn't get a goal today. He had enough half chances and opportunities (mainly providing by Hunt) to get a goal. But, seemed to have formed a good connection with Kamberi and Windass, and the trio looked dangerous. Calm, unselfish play for Shodipo's goal. Windass - 7 - Great to see him get another 80 minutes under his belt, and get some more minutes into his leg towards full fitness. Suffered for the early reliance on the long ball, but once we began to grab control, he began to show his qualities. Shared the responsibilities of dropping deep and running in behind well with Kamberi and Gregory, and took his goal well, although that was a goalkeeper error to dwarf Peacock-Farrell's. Corbeanu - 6 - Struggled to get into and have any impact on the game. Mendez-Laing - 7 - Encouraging cameo. Strong runner, worked hard down the right flank and showed glimpses that he could provide us with something a bit different. Dele-Bashiru - N/A - Not on long enough for a mark, but very strong 10 minutes. Involved in a lot, and forced an error which nearly led to a winning goal in the final minute. Overall... Despite the result, another performance we can take great encouragement over. I thought early doors, we feel into Wycombe's trap. Wycombe aren't one of the best footballing sides in the league, in fact, the polar opposite. But what they do well, is managing games to drag opposition down to their level. Safe in the knowledge, that if teams get dragged into their style of play, Wycombe will do it better than they will. And for the 1st minutes, we showed signs of falling for it hook, line and sinker. Peacock-Farrell seemed hesitant and reluctant to play out from the back. Brennan and Paterson far too easily shuffled in field, and time after time, Wycombe had created a situation where we were booting it upfield to three strikers, with the other 7 players 40 yards away from play. Thankfully, in the stoppage, Moore corrected this. BPF began giving it the centre halves, and from that moment on, Wycombe barely had a kick in the game. You have to be brave enough to beat the press. Eventually, we were, and our much superior quality began to show. We showed great character again to come back from a goal down, and didn't lose heart following the equaliser. Our only downfall today, was not finishing the game at 2-1, when we were totally dominant. But, despite a change in shape, and further injuries and absences, we looked like a side that were dangerous in attack, but also resolute defensively and willing the stick their bodies in where it hurts. Good signs. Long may it continue.
  25. Agree with a lot of whats been said. Wycombe are strong, physical and a danger from set pieces. We are light generally, in that department, so I think we'll see either Kamberi or Paterson starting, just to help combat that. I'd go with: Peacock-Farrell Brennan Dunkley Palmer Hunt Dele-Bashiru Luongo Bannan Corbeanu Paterson Gregory
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