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  1. I don't think they're real stadium plans, probably just an art project from a uni student. Only the most tinpot of clubs lacking in any kind of self respect would write something as ridiculous as "Beautiful Down Town Bramall Lane" in huge letters on the back of the stand. On second thoughs, it might be real.
  2. Gregory reminds me of what we got with Lowe. Hopefully he continues to have the same impact because Ryan was a huge influence on our promotion last time out. I'm really surprised to read he only played 26 games though.
  3. They've certainly got plenty of has beans.
  4. You could, but some are obviously better than others... A rocking Hillsborough is a little different to a rocking New York Stadium, etc.
  5. If cancelling the draw and returning everyone's money isn't legal then I'm pretty sure fixing the winner wouldn't be either
  6. An £85m debt would mean they owe a flat £85m. An £85m defecit means they're spending £85m more than they earn in revenue, which means they're taking on £85m of debt year on year.
  7. Isn't congratulating them for doing so well pretty much the opposite of thinking they're world beaters? You seem to be the one expecting us to have done a lot better than we did!
  8. It's exciting having a player of potentially Premier League quality in the side. I wouldn't say we had that before Berahino joined, and when was the last time we could? Even when we were lucky enough to have players like Ross Barkley, Antonio and Martinez at Hillsborough they were all very raw. There's a high chance he'll not reach his previous levels with us, of course, otherwise he wouldn't be in League One. But he's proven that he once had it in him, and there's an actual possibility of Moore pulling it out of him again. He should be in his peak years at his age, and at this level he won't even need to be at his best to look like a world beater. This is the kind of signing that could put thousands on the gate if it works out. I don't think that's an exaggeration, if anything it's an understatement if he contributes towards us challenging at the top end of the division.
  9. I'll take a season of controversy and a final day like this again...
  10. It all starts to make sense. He's just pretending to be utter bobbins until that clause expires so that Liverpool don't buy him back at a reduced fee. Watch out season 2023/24, the reigns will really come off then.
  11. Definitely. I think they both have good ability, but both also have confidence issues.
  12. I'm not sure BPF coming in and getting off to a very good start means you were wrong for thinking Dawson and/or Wildsmith are good enough. They still could be. Still, it's nice to have someone in goal who the majority of fans seem to trust, as I'm pretty sure the players can sense nervousness in the crowd, which definitely has an impact on their performance.
  13. Dominate? They had a bit more of the ball without creating hardly anything and got back into it with an own goal. It's easy to say with hindsight (and I'd agree with you) that we should have kept up the pressure in that game, but the fact still stands that Carlos gave us two successful seasons and we've not even come close to touching those heights since. I can't get my head around the people treating it so black and white that promotion=success and anything else is a failure. If we were a Newcastle coming down after decades in the Prem and a budget dwarfing the rest of the league then sure, success for them that year had to be storming the auto spots, but that was never the definition of success for us. We got too big for our boots too quickly and started to think we deserved promotion after one good season. The same thing happened to Derby and we both imploded.
  14. Check the job description for the necessary qualifications and look into picking them up part time.
  15. He's agreed a time-share on Hooper's box.
  16. Oh, hold on a minute, they put the list in reverse order for that "xGA" table for some reason. So being 18th we're actually the 6th best.
  17. Yeah, and it's even worse for us! Our expected goals against is 0.76 per game, also 18th in the division.
  18. Retalliate by walking off the pitch and refusing to play, not by inciting a riot.
  19. If he was some kind of superhuman with perfect throwing aim to target the exact fan who threw it at him in the first place then sure, maybe you'd have a fair argument. But that's not going to happen is it; he's just going to hit some random kid or someone else in the crowd who had nothing to do with it. Then, using that same logic, whoever that random fan was who got hit would be perfectly entitled to throw it back at someone else. That's just going to end up with a whole bunch of people getting a bit mad... which is basically what happened.
  20. I agree with the general opinion that Wing hasn't shown much in the league so far, but he was easily our best player against Hudds so I still think he has it in him to earn his way into a regular starting eleven. The competition will help them all stay on their toes regardless.
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