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  1. The club has passed on its condolences and given numerous nice gestures to former players and the Sheffield community in general since Chansiri came in. Not every missed opportunity has to be a direct fault of his or an example of how badly the club is being run.
  2. It would be monumentally silly to give him the job in our current position. He's doing a great job of steadying the ship, but why change anything when things are going well and the pressure is completely off him, in a sense. Review his position at the end of the season, if we don't revert to type before then.
  3. Brentford's brand new pitch wasn't looking great yesterday either, lots of bare patches already.
  4. Sounds a bit like us in reverse from last season tbf.
  5. Probably just so you know what it's supposed to taste like before you buy it.
  6. 88th minute penalty after a BS dive. 1-0 Odds on.
  7. I've heard that ~400 stat mentioned before too, but you're right to think it sounds low, because while it was likely pulled from an official source, the number probably isn't describing what you might expect. It will be referring to the number of people who have died purely of Covid-19 without any other health conditions existing at the time of death. That might sound the same as dying without pre-existing conditions, but considering that the virus almost always causes some form of respiratory condition before it manages to kill you, these cases (which are the vast majority) would
  8. I didn't see the game so can't speak on what everyone is raving about re: Shaw, but it comes across as being a bit reactionary to be honest. He's had a good few games and apparently a great one today (worth keeping in mind that it was League 2 opposition though), but it sounds like some are offering him the keys to Hillsborough already. Remember when we gave Dawson a bumper 4 year contract after a few good games? Almost everyone seemed happy about it at the time, but I'm sure many are questioning that decision now.
  9. I think/hope this is only an FA Cup requirement to use academy players if available to fill out the squad. They really don't want these games abandoned as it would really mess up the schedule for everyone else. League games should still be our right to call off if we don't feel like we can field enough players, but I recall something about not being allowed to abandon 3 games in a row without risk of points deductions.
  10. I thought Penney looked very promising in pre-season, but he has been a disappointment so far when it comes to the league. When he came on the other day all I saw him do was give the ball away. Hopefully he does kick on and force himself into the team through good performances in training and on the pitch. I particularly liked the look of his corner taking and he puts in a much better cross than I've seen from any of our other players. I expected to see more of him under Pulis because of that.
  11. I think the outrage you refer to is targeted at the people abusing her on the back of Leeds' tweet, not the tweet itself. There's some merit in discussing whether too much is being made of the club singling out her comments, but that's obviously not the main issue here. It was just the catalyst that gave some morons the idea to show the world how moronic they are.
  12. Just noticed that Burnley only have one day between having to play away at Leeds on Sunday and then United on Tuesday. If Wilder can't get 3 points with that gift from the scheduling gods then they're surely doomed.
  13. This probably stems from Nixon's tweet I imagine. Pulis' post-match interview doesn't suggest he's about to walk, since he talked about what he needs to do. Unless something happened between then and when Nixon tweeted, which seems unlikely.
  14. Interesting stat. I remember United fans berating Wilder and the club for hiring him after he started out his reign with 1 point from 12 in League One, and also getting knocked out of the cup by Crewe. They thought he was out of his depth and wanted him gone. It likely takes time for the players to begin trusting the methods of these 'hard nosed' style managers, or for the manager to root out the players he can't work with. Hopefully once Tony has earned their respect we'll start to see them going all out for him (and us). Of course you could say they should be doing th
  15. It would be great for us I think, from a selfish football perspective at least. It'd give us more time for the players to learn how Tony wants to play. I imagine this run of games since he came in hasn't really allowed any proper training time between matches to get his ideas across.We'd also have a transfer window to balance the squad out before having to play again.
  16. I only just saw the tweets after posting. I haven't watched the video back yet to see if what he says is in any way believable, but fair play to him for addressing it, yeah. He could have just ignored it if he'd already given up on the club/fans and just waited for his next paycheque in silence. Fair play in that regard at least.
  17. I like Odubajo as a player, but wtf is that. My mind boggles trying to think of a reasonable explanation for his reaction. He needs to address it publicly otherwise I hope we find a way to dock his wages, though I'm not sure what excuse he could come up with for that...
  18. There were many fans letting us know we'd be subject to a style we wouldn't enjoy, sure - but virtually all of those same fans were also very confident that we were much more likely to stay up with him in charge. Without hindsight (not that I think we can legitimately make a decision on whether Pulis will do well for us yet), if our only goal was to stay up this season, the vast majority agreed that Chansiri made the right call from all the available options, regardless of what they thought of his style
  19. No one had confidence that it would ever come good with Jos though. With Pulis you know what he wants and you can see how he's trying to get us there. There are signs of a team who can compete with the best in the league already, but this run of games has been a bit crap where we've not really been expected to win any of them going into the game. Now there's sadly more pressure to win the 'easier' games. Can't wait to get this season out of the way. If Pulis is still here in the summer then I expect us to be comfortably top half and challenging next year.
  20. Could have if Norwich weren't so bad at free kicks on the edge of the box though. That one where one of our defenders touched their attacker's shoulder and he flopped over like a salmon
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