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  1. Oh, I forgot the 30-odd million he had to give Mandaric to get involved in the first place. 350m seems realistic in that case, which is mental. Oof.
  2. Back of the envelope maths here, but: 60 million buying the stadium just to break even on FFP 80 million spent above revenue over 6 years (the FFP limit) Revenues from the past 6 years total around 150 million That's straight up to almost 300 million. Taking into account stadium upgrades and other activities it's not beyond the realms of possibility... Whatever the actual figure, it's certainly eye-watering considering where we currently find ourselves.
  3. It has probably already been mentioned, but Stoke have scored 9 goals in their last 3 games (that's 2 more than we've managed all season...). They didn't get a sniff today until a couple of silly free kicks in injury time. I don't get why many are belittling our performance, we're now showing the kind of spirit and organisation we need if we want to stay in this league. If we could add an Assombalonga-type striker in January I'd really fancy our chances of beating anyone playing like this.
  4. I really like Rhodes and it was an uneasy substitution to witness, but this might be the kick up the backside which gets him in the right mindset to get back out there and prove people wrong, rather than going through the motions every game Nothing else has worked, so it's worth a shot.
  5. I actually really enjoyed that. Obviously not the game itself, but the fact that we're no longer going to be pushovers and already look to be a much tougher proposition for whoever we're up against. If we can add a centre forward with pace and strength in January we'll be laughing.
  6. I thought the ball was still rolling when it was taken, hard to tell as the camera panned away though. Ref's often seem to let goalkeepers off with that now, but you'd probably expect it to be brought back if it gained you an advantage.
  7. Can't edit my post, but it was his co-commentator who said that last bit actually.
  8. That's probably inevitable when people still read papers like The Mirror and Sun who seem to be the only ones reporting this. I say 'reporting' in the loosest possible sense considering they give no context and failed to expand on what Steve actually said or was specifically removed for, aside from it including the word "handbags" at some point. A Lincoln fan forum seems to suggest he was well known for making repeated homophobic comments on-air and even stated that he was "going to finish himself off" after this particular game. https://forums.vitalfootball.co.uk
  9. Is this the same Bielsa who personally admitted to knowingly supporting and encouraging his team's rampant cheating and potentially criminal actions by repeatedly breaking into the training grounds of their upcoming opponents? That Bielsa?
  10. Being available on a free likely means he (or his agent) will ask for inflated wages and a hefty signing bonus since there's no transfer fee to pay to another club.
  11. All they have to do is not sell a player to their relegation rivals who returns to score the vital penalty against them in the final game of the season to confirm their relegation. If they can just do that it's already an improvement on last time.
  12. I hope the people claiming the red card was correct are doing so in the context of today's game being full of crap referees that give reds out like these every other week. That's fair enough. It shouldn't be a red though, there was zero malice in the challenge and the force of the contact was minimal. Utterly nonsense decision. There was no "serious foul play" there. Come on ffs.
  13. He was decent at direct free kicks wasn't he? Maybe we have a chance of scoring some now if he can pass on the technique...
  14. I presume everyone who would give this guy a go must have loved Bothroyd
  15. Should have put "according to the Sun" in the thread title.
  16. Every time we somehow manage to win that way we always seem to be happy about it, and people joyfully post comments from other fans' forums bemoaning that we'd out-battled their teams. So I'm not sure why people have been so vocally concerned about us playing that way more frequently under Pulis. It's going to be no less boring than Monk's football over the last 12 months (bar a single half of football in Nottingham), but we'll undoubtedly have more points on the board to go with it.
  17. I'm supportive of the decision to bring Pulis in from a footballing standpoint (even then I seem to be in the minority), but this is disgraceful behaviour and I don't want our club associated with someone as blatantly deceitful as that. I only hope that Chansiri has put all the right checks and balances in place to keep him in line if he does end up here.
  18. He sounds like a football agent trying to justify his own existence by arguing that he makes footballers earn more money than they're worth at the expense of the clubs who trained them. And manages to look all smug about it at the same time.
  19. Innocent ignorance shouldn't be treated in any way the same as being openly hostile or discriminatory, certainly. If you're in a position of responsibility that requires talking about such issues then obviously being aware of the accepted terms is preferable (and basically part of the job requirement, you'd think), but misspeaking and then apologising when corrected isn't a sackable offence or deserving of any ire.
  20. Christ, I just went over to Twitter to find out what on earth that profile picture was supposed to be, and looking through Jim's recent tweets he seems to a bit of a loony, going on about anti-maskers and clinging onto electoral fraud to keep Trump in office. I have no idea why I'm surprised, being dense is almost certainly a prerequisite for having any affiliation with United.
  21. Same here, although I'd have had a lot more sympathy than a modicum. The speaker's willing intent to be disrespectful (or not) is the only thing I think should be considered, not the potentially-ignorant words they happen to use to convey their intent.
  22. Leicester probably have the opportunity to get on a roll and be a big team for decades now, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if Southampton or Wolves were in the Championship in 10 years' time. That's a hell of a long time in football.
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