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  1. Let’s just keep winning and see what happens. I think autos are definitely out of reach realistically, but the playoff places are certainly possible. Let’s win the next three in a row and see where that puts us. Loving the positiveity of having having a proper manager coming in and putting the nonsense behind us. I really hope this is the launch of us seriously going for it with a sensible approach.
  2. dykwim

    As it's Christmas

    Oh, please make it so.
  3. Whilstever it’s mathematically possible, it should certainly be the goal.
  4. dykwim

    Bullens Future?

    I’d find a role for him if it were down to me. Academy makes sense. The loyalty he shows to the club is hard to find.
  5. dykwim

    Wednesday - V Preston OMDT

    Been peeling onions?
  6. dykwim

    Prediction time

    We’re daft enough to win this.
  7. dykwim

    Chansiri kicking off

    Being angry is fine. It’s how you conduct yourself that’s the problem for the morons. I’m angry, I’m just not venting it with bile and hatred towards other people.
  8. dykwim

    Chansiri kicking off

    I agree. People are entitled to their opinion, but there’s no need to be rude and downright nasty to another fellow human being. I’d ban social media, I don’t see what it contributes to society other than entitlement, bitterness, snowflakes and hatred.
  9. dykwim

    Chansiri kicking off

    To be fair, he has made a right b******s of it. What does he expect?
  10. dykwim


    Anyone willing to entertain HIS return yet? Or are we still happy sliding down the table?
  11. dykwim

    Sibon returns...

    New manager
  12. dykwim


    He’s the only logical choice. Get him in. Don’t understand people who wouldn’t give it a shot, would you rather we carry on as we are then?