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  1. Who was it who said “if he’s not interfering with play he shouldn’t be on the pitch”? Quality statement.
  2. dykwim

    Over Reactions

    Fact is, the same old posters on here will think they’re being sincere by backing Jos and the club, but in the end, they’ll all come to realise what they already know deep down, just like with Carlos - Jos isn’t good enough, he was a daft appointment at the time and I’ve seen nothing last season, pre-season or this season to suggest otherwise. It’s a shame and I really want us to succeed at some point, we’re massively overdue a rise from the ashes, but we’ve seemingly found the most clueless multi-millionaire chairman imaginable and we’ve got ourselves in a silly financial position by sticking with the last clueless manager for two seasons too long. It’s going to be a long road back.
  3. I use a lightning to hdmi converter to plug my iPhone into the TV.
  4. It needs to have the “proper” owl on it too, not the old/new badge.
  5. dykwim

    Dont write us off yet

    We need to win the next 4 to have any chance at all. Which is doable. I believe.
  6. dykwim

    HIM to be appointed

    Excellent news.
  7. dykwim

    Megson's Coming Home

    It’s the only logical answer. Get him in until the end of season and let him prove himself. Playoffs or bust.
  8. dykwim

    The Cult of Megson

    He’s the right choice. Get him in place for Boxing Day.
  9. dykwim

    Season Ticket refund

    Hope everyone applies. Send him a message he might understand.
  10. Maybe he resigned but it wasn’t accepted.
  11. That’s all very nice. But it’s way past the time to sack the manager.
  12. dykwim


    Get him back. Contract till end of season. Nothing to lose.