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  1. It needs to have the “proper” owl on it too, not the old/new badge.
  2. dykwim

    Dont write us off yet

    We need to win the next 4 to have any chance at all. Which is doable. I believe.
  3. dykwim

    HIM to be appointed

    Excellent news.
  4. dykwim

    Megson's Coming Home

    It’s the only logical answer. Get him in until the end of season and let him prove himself. Playoffs or bust.
  5. dykwim

    The Cult of Megson

    He’s the right choice. Get him in place for Boxing Day.
  6. dykwim

    Season Ticket refund

    Hope everyone applies. Send him a message he might understand.
  7. Maybe he resigned but it wasn’t accepted.
  8. That’s all very nice. But it’s way past the time to sack the manager.
  9. dykwim


    Get him back. Contract till end of season. Nothing to lose.
  10. I agree. Even if we win it still looks dire. If we lose, which is always a possibility, there could be a serious wobble in the players mindset as we approach the bottom of the table. Carlos simply has to go. Win, lose or draw. The decision to sack him is obvious. Give the new man the transfer window and see what happens. Nothing to lose at this stage.
  11. It’s written in the stars that this season we’ll scrape into 6th. The Blades will miss out on automatic but be in the playoffs. We will play them at Wembley and win. We will go to the Premier by beating our city rivals and they will cry for years about the injustice of it all as they ‘finished above us’.
  12. Must be a slow stream. They’ll be happy when it gets to half time ;)
  13. dykwim


    You can’t have Warnock anywhere near SWFC. He is a great manager but completely the wrong fit for obvious reasons.