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  1. Such a fine line. We are not scoring from open play, not really creating the opportunity. If we didn’t get that gift of a penalty today the best we would have managed is a 0-0 draw. Not taking anything away from the win today and dodgy decisions even themselves out over the season. Pleased with the 3 points but hope it’s not just papering over the cracks.
  2. For me, £10 or even £15 per game to watch a match I want to see is a reasonable price. Compare that to what you pay for a match day ticket, fuel, a bere’s pork sandwich and a bovril. I would only pay it for games I want to see, and agree with you that I wouldn’t pay to watch any other team but wednesday. Anyone thinking it’s not a fair price doesn’t have to pay it.
  3. Don’t pay it if you don’t agree with it.
  4. Is that his ‘social distancing’ stance?
  5. Club sold to a consortium made up of Rotherham based businessmen? We’ve bought the ground back for £1 then sold it to D-Properties for £80,000,000? We’ve signed a striker to bolster the defence?
  6. Two trains leave Paddington station at 12:15. Train A has 4 carriages, Train B has 5 carriages. Top speed for the main engines is 200mph. Allowing for a headwind affecting speed by 10% per carriage , how long will it take each train to reach Sheffield, a 2 hour journey with no carriages? show your answer in .25s. Bonus question: Will Rotherham Owls have a coach for the journey?
  7. Wasn’t that the Lone Ranger?
  8. If we call Bannan Bizzy, we only need a new striker called Letsget then we have the entire magic rhyme from the Sooty show
  9. You think that’s bad? I have to work in Leeds where they see nothing wrong with saying “I aren’t doing it”. Bloody numpties.
  10. I admit I’ve had a few jars, but I read this as “fattest and slowest” and thought that was a bit harsh
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