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  1. Well we’ve been so negative for so long, some positivity is encouraging. Edit: Oh. Wish them a speedy recovery
  2. That’s rubbish. People should be entitled to a refund. Will be interesting to test their terms vs law.
  3. He’s not saying anything about it being stressful at Hillsborough because of our passionate fans is he?
  4. I’d ask for a refund. It’s not my fault there’s been a global pandemic. If I’ve paid for something and it hasn’t been delivered, I expect my money back. We’ve all got our finances to sort, without sorting the football club’s that we support as well.
  5. It was “Mr Meadows is no longer required”
  6. If we do play behind closed doors, based on these kind of comments from players our lot should be fecking world beaters
  7. Sshhhhh. You’re not supposed to talk about it. It’s the first and second rules.
  8. If only we had some sort of clue if this is happening or not. Is there a Greggs opening on the old Wednesdayite car park?
  9. I’ve never understood this kind of comment. Do other clubs fans not expect them to play their best every match? Theres no excuse for a dismal performance, especially when it becomes the norm. It just means you aren’t good enough as a team and set of coaches.
  10. I’m still a fan of a Mario Kart tournament to settle it.
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