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    Could I pee on it first?
  2. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    Sheffield Wednesday 0 : 0 Swansea City FA Cup OMDT

    Stuff the cup. Play offs please.
  3. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    Sheffield Wednesday 0 - 0 Cardiff O.M.D.T

    Colin shouting at the linesman...lol, he's good entertainment :)
  4. Maybe it's Darth Allen himself...now that Nap's is shut on Ecclesall Road, he's clearly missing the day to day chaos of S6 :)
  5. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    BREAKING NEWS - Swansea appoint Carlos Carvalhal

    Glad you made it Carlos...the last laugh is yours!
  6. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    Joao Goal

    There's plenty of talent in the squad...we need to find a way of letting them express it every week. Good luck to the new manager - this should be his priority!
  7. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    Megson's Coming Home

    ...leading us a merry dance into relegation. No thanks - clickbait.
  8. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    All I want for Christmas is Nigel Clough

    I'd rather have Megson ffs
  9. We've been a disgrace btw - getting carried away with the new investment, quickly forgetting the miserable tenure of Uncle Dave and the Napoleon's mob. We suddenly thought this was going to be an overnight evolution. 10 players out, but did we have any sympathy or patience for a man, who with a fully fit squad brought dignity back to S6? Are we becoming as deluded as West Brom or Villa fans? Probably. Good luck Carlos, you deserved better than this Dooley-esque exit.
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    Walking in a Wednesday Wonderland

    Walking in a Waddle Wonderland :) Get Chrissy as a guest too!
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    Difficult one...this situation. I mean, it's not so long ago that we were sponsored by Napoleon Casino's and had angry Dave at the helm. Things are so much better overall for the club as a business...but the results, well, the manager needs to take the rap. He's had enough chances, thank you, but time for a change on that level.
  12. He's done the best he can, however with that squad, we need better results and someone to take us to the next level. Thank you Carlos, you're a great bloke, but time for a change for both parties.
  13. ...and that was the end of that. I haven't logged in for ages, but felt moved to do so after that fiasco. Barnsley ffs.
  14. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    Come back Gary Megson

    Amazed "Megson In" posts keep popping up in this forum FFS
  15. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    TableGazers Thread 2014-2015

    Scotland for independence. Owls for promotion. Let's do this! :)
  16. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    Rapidly Losing Faith In Gray

    Players, whether they are conscious of it or not, were always going to switch off once play-offs were out of the question. Massive clear out required. Hard work ahead for Gray, but given the success earlier in the season, needs a chance to rebuild.
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    Paul Thompson

    I remember meeting Paul when I worked at the Star about 20+ years ago...nice bloke, fresh faced then. I can't believe he's retiring, he's probably been made editor.
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    I've heard he's got Ollie's face tattooed on his nuts.
  19. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    This week could decide our fate.

    I want us to do a Leeds in every match till the end of season.
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    I don't think it's a ridiculous contract - bearing in mind he's probably on a considerably lower wage than recent mangers, it won't be a massive pay-off if it doesn't work out. Also, he's not being patronised with a rolling-type contract, and it gives him the confidence that the progress he's made is being recognised by the chairman. All the best Stuart, you deserve it!
  21. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    6 bonus points

    My main worry with PDC is that he hasn't learnt from his mistakes at Sunderland and will insist on bringing the Anti-Ketchup culture with him. He shouts a lot, shows passion but truth is - he's not very good. Steve Clarke please - or some obscure manager from South America a la Pochettino
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    Marc Degryse

    I think the modern day equivalent is Robben. Marc certainly would be worth a fortune these days. Some incredible players were at S6 in the 90's, but sadly never flourished. Who do we blame for that? All of the managers? I always thought it was a shame we couldn't get the best out of Kovacevic - who turned out to be one of the best strikers ever in Europe when he moved to Italy :|(
  23. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    Steve Clarke

    There's your new SWFC manager - although a bad run of form at WBA, but he's still got excellent credentials....and connections too! He'd probably do well in this league and rebuild his own confidence too!
  24. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet

    Mandaric will meet holloway

    Hasselbaink is in the frame allegedly and the rumour gaining momentum...not doing a bad job at Royal Antwerp, but definitely more of a risk than Holloway
  25. Mel_Sterlands_Mullet


    Why do people want Megson back? Have we forgotten how awful the football was to watch? DJ's gone, let's move on and get someone with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.