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  1. So Much For Being A Man Of His Word

    Saturday we started out with a very definite 4-4-2. Wallace wide right, Lee and Jones centrally, Bannan wide left. Bannan naturally came in field when we had the ball, but in a defensive shape, was definitely a left midfielder. On about 30 minutes, after not having a kick, we reverted to a 4-1-3-2, with Jones sitting in front of the centre halves, Wallace and Bannan moving more centrally, and Fletcher & Hooper remaining as a pair up front. In the 2nd half, we made a clear shift to a 4-1-2-1-2, with Hutchinson playing a screening role, Bannan & Lee roaming from central positions, Hooper playing as a No. 10, and Fletcher & Rhodes up top. Hunt & Reach were given instructions to play as very offensive wing backs. Referring back to 4-4-2, there's many ways to play it. The old fashioned, two wingers, one static forward and a runner in behind, with two box to box midfielders, is becoming very rare. But loads of teams still play variations of it. And many play systems similar to ours, where the wide midfielders look to cut inside, and full backs are used as the width. There's nothing wrong with the idea of our system, but it just doesn't get the best out of our players. I think that the system we play isn't our biggest issue however. It's our approach to games, our mentality.
  2. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Karanka, in his 2nd and 3rd seasons in the Championship, were a very competent attacking unit. Just because a manager prioritises defensive organisation, doesn't mean they are incompetent in attack. Two of the most successful coaches in world football currently in the Premiership, Conte & Mourinho, both base their styles of play on solid, organised defensive structures. Would you say either of those are incompetent in attack? There is a middle ground. And although Karanka wouldn't be my first choice, I'm not folly or naive enough, not to know that one thing this Wednesday side really needs at this present time...is organisation. And Karanka would bring that in abundance.
  3. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Carlos problem isn't no attacking intent. If you saw any of the United, Leeds or Bolton games, you'd know that. The issue is, and has been for far too long, is our inability to strike a balance between defensive solidity & having a genuine attacking threat. Under Carlos stewardship for the past 18 months, we just cannot strike that balance. It's either reasonably solid (although that's becoming less and less solid as it goes on) and no threat, or threatening going forward but hopelessly open at the back. The issue in the 2nd half on Saturday, was that we were far too open, too gung ho, to the extent Bolton ripped straight through us, time after time after time.
  4. Just a rumour...

    If @Saxondale says he's not been sacked, that's good enough for me. Usually spot on with any news news from within the club. I'll log off for the night.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday Team for Saturday

    If Carlos is still here, he'll revert back to the old guard, the ones he can trust. Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Lee Hutchinson Bannan Reach Hooper Fletcher
  6. Positive vibrations

    You mean the second half, where Bolton, a side that hadn't scored a goal since Jesus were a lad, had 4 clear cut chances to score. Yeah...thats the way forward right there.
  7. Bolton vs SWFC “Highlights”

    Huh? The same one everyone else did it seems...
  8. A Little Bit Worried

    I'm not too worried about the FFP limits to be honest. It might well force us to do, what we should have already been doing. Selling our assets for good money. One of the reasons we find ourselves in this position presently, imo, is because the squad has become stale, stagnant, familiar. I said at the time, we should've sold Tom Lees when he were allegedly offered very good money for him. He could have replaced a player like him, very easily. There was very good reasons for Forestieri leaving for very good money. Kieran Westwood was another. All these players either haven't featured, or have been abysmal this season. Between those three players, it's not stupid to suggest we could have brought in £20m in transfer fees. We could have replaced them with younger, fresher players with point to prove. It ensures the squad is kept fresh and vibrant. Competition intensifies when new players arrive, standards rise. Currently, the players know whats going to happen. The same players play in the same sort of games. It breeds complacency. And when you have the same coach for that time, that scenario is only worsened. Look at successful sides in this division, they've all freshened up the squad. Boro sold Tomlin & ****, two players who played a large part in the season before they were sold. Burnley sold Danny Ings, Kieran Trippier & Jason Shackell. Brighton let their captain Gordon Greer leave, and brought in a younger replacement in Duffy. Newcastle & Hull naturally freshened their squad up, following relegation the previous season. We haven't done it enough. It's one thing been a selling team, and there's another sticking your fingers in your ears and refusing to listen to good offers for players who could be replaced. Football more than ever is a business. It's another aspect where we have failed imo.
  9. So Much For Being A Man Of His Word

    Fans need to realise that this scenario does not excuse questioning Carlos' character. I, and many fans, think enough is enough. This pattern of failing play has gone on for too long, and when he was given a reprieve in the summer, it was imperative we hit the ground running. Well we haven't. This must be close to our worst start now for several years, despite the expectation placed upon this squad. It's time for Carlos to go, in my opinion, because his methods are failing and have been for a long period of time now. We've gone from been a tactically astute outfit punching above our weight, to a team lacking any cohesion, any balance and underachieving hugely. That slide needs to be arrested, and it needs to be done, whilst we still have a genuine chance of promotion. Wait another 2 or 3 weeks, and that 8 points gap to the automatic promotion places, could easily be 12-15 points, and the playoffs could be three victories away. We need to act swiftly. However, I don't think Carlos' character or personality can be questioned. He's always conducted himself very well. Has always been the consummate professional, and respected the club and the fans. Let's not turn this into an attack on Carlos Carvahal himself. We are better than that as fans, and he deserves better than that, as a person and for the job he's done. His time has run out...but he should still be able to walk away from this club with dignity, and he should be allowed to look back at his time here fondly, and not be remembered for a sourness towards him, at the end of his era.
  10. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Football has moved on from Keegan-esque management. . Tell me a successful manager who disregards the defensive part of the game. Klopp is the most "like" Keegan in that sense, but his record at Liverpool is pretty mediocre on the face of it...and his disregard for defensive stability, is the reason they are a million miles away from winning the title. Mourinho, Conte, Simone, Zidane, Allegri...the leading coaches in World Football are all stubbornly meticulous about defensive organisation. Guardiola struggled last season at City, because he couldn't get that balance between attack and defence right...he like the control the defensive phase with possession, but this season, they've got it spot on so far. There simply isn't many successful managers these days so just "go for it." Carlos just "goes for it" as often as any manager (usually when we're 1-0 down after starting sluggishly)...but it simply doesn't work. Teams play on the break, and you look more likely to concede as you do to score yourselves. It's not a sustainable way to manage football teams.
  11. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    That reputation was intensified when they were promoted, and he wasn't allowed to bring in the players he'd wanted to, was it not? During Boro's promotion campaign, and the season before that when they lost in the Playoff Final, some of the football they played was tremendous. They came to Hillsborough twice in those seasons, and played us off the park on both occasions. What Karanka brings is discipline and organisation. Something this side is arid of at present. When he got to the Premier League, and had little confidence in his attacking players, he became very negative, and thus disillusion set in amongst fans and I think Karanka himself.
  12. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    I think he was in charge whilst Helder Costa was there. But regardless, of whether he was, his record at Wolves was better than ANY manager at that level or above, since Ronnie Allen in the 1960's! His record at Wolves was certainly not "shocking", no matter whichever way you decide to look at it.
  13. These days, possession is the most pointless statistic which seems to be constantly churned up. It means absolutely diddly squat. More and more teams are now favouring conceding possession numbers, to remain defensively organised and exploit the space that teams who favour possession tend to leave. Look at it this way...with 67% possession, we managed to create 16 shooting opportunities. Bolton, with 33% possession created 18 shooting opportunities. Who was the most efficient team?
  14. That's my worry with any "respectable" manager who'd want the job. Lambert. Karanka. Moyes. All would insist on the final say over transfers. And they can demand that, because their record and reputation allows them to. However, someone, desperate for a big job, with a record or experience to count on, would take this job, on the premise of accepting whatever their get thrown at them. Like Carlos. His reputation, previous to coming to Wednesday, could not allow him to come here and start dictating whats what. That's why I fear, we'll end up with an unknown from Europe, or a manager who's record does not warrant him the job at Hillsborough.
  15. Bolton vs SWFC “Highlights”

    As I was walking out yesterday, I did say that we were fortunate we didn't take a mauling. And looking at the highlights (on the FLS), we certainly were. Bolton should've had at least 4, if not 5 or 6. Shambolic defensive display, caused by a overly sluggish start to the game, and a desperate 2nd half display, where our only answer to Bolton's dominance, was to throw everybody forward. It's Sunday League stuff. No balance, no middle ground, no organisation. Carlos has gone from been a manager who, tactically, was superb. A breath of fresh air. To a manager, who cannot get his team to function any sort of consistency or tactical discipline.