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  1. frastheowl

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Why do you say that? It's been one of the most entertaining World Cup's for decades. Certainly in my lifetime. The standards of the lesser nations are certainly improving, and closing the gap on the heavyweights. Most matches had something riding on it, and we've seen some fantastic spectacles. It wasn't long ago that it was common practice for the heavyweights to comfortably, and regularly dispatch the lesser nations comfortably at World Cups. The fact that only France made the semi finals out of the pre-tournament favourites prove that.
  2. frastheowl

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Maybe. Pretty irrelevant either way. He should have squared it...or score it. And we'd be looking forward to a World Cup Final now!
  3. Our instalments paid to Middlesboro wouldn't change. FFP is about value of our assets on our books and committed spending. Rhodes/Reach's fee is already committed to within our accounts. It's a solution for ourselves because of the situation we find ourselves in, in my opinion. Of course, as it stands, if Bannan, Joao, Hooper, and Reach don't sign new contracts, come next summer, our FFP position suddenly looks a lot better...despite allowing £30m worth of assets leave for nothing. It wouldn't suit all clubs. But giving Bannan, Joao, Hooper and Reach new, improved contracts, actually wouldn't worsen our FFP position, because of the amortisation of their fee (Bannan aside). It may work out, that the increase in wage is nullified by the new amortisation of their fee. So, in actual monetary terms, it'll cost us more (but that isn't a problem, Chansiri wants to invest more, but isn't allowed), but in FFP terms, we improve or at worst, maintain our position, but secure our most valuable assets to long term deals, thus increasing their actual value.
  4. frastheowl

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    No. Think the linesman flagged for a goalkick (incorrectly) when the ball looped over the bar. But he was onside, so would've been overturned by VAR even if he had flagged for offside. To be fair to England's midfield last night, when they had the support of Trippier and Young in the 1st half, they could press and stifle Croatia. Their pressing in the 1st half was textbook. Unfortunately, collectively, they ran out of legs (and mind) alarmingly quickly. As soon as Trippier and Young in particular, dropped back and because a static back five, Alli and Lingard simply could not live with Croatia's fantastic three man midfield, as well as the overloads created by the rampaging full backs. Our left side with an ageing Young and an immobile Maguire was a concern of mine at the outset, but up until last night, we've had no team come out and have a real go at us. Versaijko ran Young ragged and Rebic dragged Henderson and Maguire to places their didn't want to go. I said it at the time last night, and my opinion hasn't changed, Rose should've been brought on earlier to ensure we had legs down that left hand side. And once it was clear Croatia were dominating and overloading down both flanks time and time again, a switch to a 4-1-4-1/4-2-3-1 was a necessity. That could've been done without substituting our best player, Sterling, instead taking off Trippier (who was running on empty) and bringing on a Delph or Dier. Southgate has received a lot of plaudits, and rightly so. But last night, I didn't think he reacted to what was happening on the field. The substitution to bring on Rashford for Sterling was baffling.
  5. "Where a club extends a players' contract, the book value at the time the contract was re-negotiated would need to be amortised over the duration of the new contract." http://www.financialfairplay.co.uk/financial-fair-play-explained.php And regarding the comment about offering an inferior contract...that only applies to youth players when compensation would be due. A senior player at the end of the contract would leave for free regardless of what contract has been offered.
  6. As a understand it (and I could be wrong, and happy to be corrected), doesn't signing players on new contracts actually help with amortisation payments. Example, Joao signs for £2.5 on a 3 year deal. That is spread over the course of his contract. £833,333/year. So in this years account, Joao is worth £833,333 to us. If he signs a new three year deal, that figure then is spread across the length of the new deal. So instead of costing us £833,333 for this years accounts, it'll actually be amortised to be £275,000. Reach. £5m over 3 year. £1.7/year. Currently "worth" £1.7m. Sign a new 3 year deal. Cost this financial year (excluding wages) £555k. I'm not sure any of the players would be given much of a pay rise, and so, with the opportunity to get rid of much of the deadwood in 12 months time, there's little risk extending contracts to our assets who we want to build our team around in the future. Of which Reach, Bannan, Joao, Forestieri all fall into that category. This isn't a situation where the club can't afford to pay these players...we're not allowed to. Wages are an issue...but the wages of these players aren't. If you want to compete, you have to pay top players, top wages. No issue with that. It's paying squad fillers top dollar which is our issue. In a years time, when Abdi, Jones, Boyd, Hutchinson and Westwood (by which time Wildsmith/Dawson will be regular)...our FFP issues will be eased immensely overnight. Invest in your assets, and protect them. That needs to be our priority right now.
  7. frastheowl

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    There wasn't any "genuine class" in the first half, because of the intensity at which we played. We suffocated Croatia's midfield. But the thought that Croatia's older players coupled up with the two penalty shootout wins would catch up with them physically, was unfounded. Of course the game hinged on Kane's missed opportunity. If he squares it or finishes it, we're 2-0 up in the World Cup semi final...teams don't often lose from those situations in such major games. As it was, our intensity dropped...both mentally and physically...and it was evident, long before the goal was scored, that Croatia's better players were seeing more of the game and showing the class that set us apart. Brozovic had time to pass through the lines to Modric. Rakitic drifted into the half spaces and overloaded the left flank with Perisic and Strinic. And Versaljko was given the freedom of the right wing in an area which was been our potential achilles heel throughout the tournament. Defeat was just as avoidable, as victory was in the games against Tunisia and Colombia. It's small margins...which we've harnessed an advantage with our meticulous set piece routines. We've done well to progress as far as we have this tournament, and it's been a brilliant couple of weeks...but, despite the euphoria, we've been OK...at best. We have flaws which eventually were going to be given a real test against genuine top class international sides. Whether Croatia is deemed a top class international side or not, is irrelevant. They saw the flaws, and exposed them...with the help of England's collapse both mentally and physically. Long term, hopefully it'll do the lads some good. How to handle the biggest stage and making the most our our opportunities. Maybe the fact only four of our starting XI have actually won a major trophy played a significant role...not enough of our young players have come out victorious in the biggest of games. Compare that to eight of Croatia's starting XI winning major leagues and trophies. Experience matters...and we'll continue to gain that, with this group hopefully.
  8. I'm pretty sure you can renew contracts during an embargo. And where have bumper contracts been mentioned? So when under an embargo, you protect your assets. Why sell them for pittance, when you can't replace them?
  9. frastheowl

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Harsh...but you kinda have a point. It was said when the squad was selected...we lacked a creator. And it's been our down fall. Sterling, Alli, Lingard, Loftus-Cheek are runners. We lack a passer to supply these players. If it wasn't for Southgate's meticulous planning with set pieces, we could have easily gone out in the group stage (let's be honest, we were fortunate to beat Tunisia). And the way the route unfolded for us was unheard of...has a side ever played such a lack of talent on the way to a World Cup semi final? That said, they've dominated large periods of games and played with a real positivity. In 4 years time, a player like Foden at Man City could well be a regular...and he could be a creator we're craving.
  10. frastheowl

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    The reality is...the 1st side we've played with any genuine class, have brushed us aside. The 1st half was fantastic. High intensity, relentless pressing...but it wasn't sustainable. As soon as the 2nd half started, Rakitic and Modric started pulling the strings and the writing was on the wall. Nothing to be ashamed of. Our limitations have been there to see throughout...we've just played nobody good enough to expose them. We'll get better. But it'll still feel like a missed opportunity.
  11. If an embargo is on the cards, and the club know it (you'd think they would), then where's the sense in selling our assets cheap? Surely invest and protect what assets you have. Offer contracts to our key players...Bannan, Joao, Hooper, Forestieri, Reach, and ensure if we do sell them, we get what they are worth.
  12. By the sounds of it, the deal isn't dead. The trouble with this Rhodes deal is its far more important for Wednesday to do quickly, than Norwich. Norwich can afford to play hard ball. Because they'll know, we cannot start our transfer business until Rhodes has left, at the very least. Norwich can wait. Wednesday cannot afford to do that. We need to do the best deal we can...as quickly as we can. I can see this dragging on until deadline day.
  13. Can't see the Hooper to Fulham thing happening. Jokanovic rigidly sticks to a 4-3-3, and loves a static forward at the fulcrum. Mitrovic this season, Chris Martin last. It was Deeney at Watford. Hooper is a player that could play at the top level, but I can't see him doing it with Fulham.
  14. Which we are with Hunt. But...when you blindly coast yourself into a position where you're grabbed by the balls by FFP and allow a number of key first teamers to enter the final 12 months of your contract...it's difficult to achieve market value. However, I still think, although Hunt's only 12 months left on his contract...£1.6m is derogatory.