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  1. Wildsmith - 8 - Clean sheet. Very adept performance, and made a crucial, point-saving save in stoppage time. Palmer - 7 - Defended well, but too many aimless hoofs upfield...again. Lees - 8 - Man of the Match - Strong, and remain untroubled. Great header to prevent Vokes from a potential goal-winning chance. He can have the MotM because it's his birthday. Borner - 8 - Continues his fine form. He's much more comfortable in a two. Van Aken - 7 - Did OK, despite playing out of position. He's not going to get forward, but stuck to his task well enoug
  2. I'm here...busy day today. Here goes... Westwood - N/A - ... Palmer - 7 - Couldn't knock his defending, he was part of a, on the whole, very organised back line. But he's ridiculously wasteful in possession. It seemed for the 1st half an hour last night, he was aimlessly hoofed it towards Swansea's centre halves?! Lees - 8 - Another more than adequate display. Noticeable from kick off, that he'd been given the role to go and engage with the Swansea striker who dropped deep. Looked to constantly stop that ball into the feet of the forwards. Type o
  3. The one comeback that always stands out for me, for some strange reason, was Reading at home when Turner was in charge. 2-0 at half time, and hadn't a kick. They brought John Salako on at HT, and goals from Sibon, Quinn and Alan Johnstone, lobbing Hannamann turned it around. Think it was Sibon's last game for us. The other ones that stand out: - Rotherham away. 2-1 down, going into the 90th minute, and we all know what happened. - United at Bramall Lane, coming from 2-0 down to draw 2-2. Absolute carnage when Madine scored the equaliser.
  4. I'm confused. What's this free-flowing, one-touch, revolutionary football we've been watching at Hillsborough for the last four years? I must have missed it. We've been watching utter dross for four seasons now, and our results, in the main, have been awful. I could stomach watching basic football if the results improve. Anybody thinking a manager could come in and start playing free-flowing football with these players are living on cloud nine. Pulis has got a bigger enough job on his hands to get these players to produc
  5. This is a ridiculous. Look at the last four games Westwood has played. (Swansea...dropping one onto Ayew's head, flapping and missing a corner for Rodon's equaliser. Blackburn...in no-man's land for Adarabioyo's equaliser. West Brom...braindead decision to come out and needlessly run into WBA's attacker to give away a last minute, game-winning penalty). There's been an error in every single one of those games that has ultimately cost us points. In three of those games, he's made errors worse or equal to, the very worse errors Dawson or Wildsmith have made.
  6. Westwood - 5 - Cost us another game because of an unforced error. I make that four errors that have cost us games in the last four games he's played. I accept he's going to be rusty, but this notion that he's the messiah is frankly ridiculous. His form has been, by far and away, worse than any of the other two keeper at the club. It was the reason he was, correctly, dropped in the first instance. The fact is, we need another goalkeeper if Dawson and Wildsmith are deemed not good enough. Palmer - 5 - Looked sluggish and hesitant defensively. Slow to close the ball down, and should'v
  7. Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Van Aken Bannan Luongo Reach Brown Kachunga Windass
  8. If you listen to the Undr The Cosh podcasts, he's one of few managers (alongside Neil Warnock) who seems to be universally respected and liked by all who have played for him. He works players hard, but they have all said you know exactly what you get with him. Tactics and coaching are a key part to management (both of which Pulis certainly isn't lacking), but possessing the ability to get your players to run through a brick wall for you is something that's often overlooked. The type of players we have here, generally suit a Pulis-type. Monk has assembled a h
  9. Wildsmith - 7 - Not a single save to make. Had nothing to do. But didn't make any rickets or mistakes either. Van Aken - 5 - Thought he had a terrible first half. Looked off balance and so sluggish...maybe playing on the "wrong" side unsettled him. Improved a little 2nd half, but his recurrent lack of concentration nearly cost us, when he got underneath another cross, and allowed Smith a free header from 8 yards out. Iorfa - 8 - Put in the type of performance you need to against Millwall. Stood up to the aerial challenge, and covered well when required. Born
  10. Given the display on Tuesday, I can't see Monk changing too much. ----------------------Wildsmith------------------- ----------Palmer-----Iorfa------Borner---------- Odubajo---Pelupessy--Bannan----Reach ------------------------Brown-------------------------- ------------Kachunga-----Windass------------- That's a stronger side than Tuesday, with more creativity, but doesn't affect our defensive stability. We need another strong performance to follow up a good result on Tuesday, something we haven't been able to do for God knows how long.
  11. 3-4-1-2 in the 1st half, with Reach playing behind Windass and Kachunga. Seemed to change to match them up in 3-4-3 in the 2nd half when Bournemouth began to get on top, with Reach and Kachunga moving to the wider areas with Windass playing through the centre.
  12. That's fair enough. Let him off for that.
  13. Wildsmith - 6 - Clean sheet, but couple of really worrying moments. Dropping the simple header right in the six yard box, and bottling the tackle when Iorfa tackled King when clean through, before Borner's heroic stop from Brooks. Palmer - 7 - Decent defensively, and provided good support going forward at times. But, what a sitter. Another piece of cowardly play...more concerned about getting clattered than making sure he sticks the header away. Iorfa - 7 - Typical Iorfa display. From the sublime to the ridiculous in the space of seconds. Lost the ball in dangerous ar
  14. Time after time? That's taking it a bit far. Reach put two of the best balls in the box, both in the first half. The 1st one should've seen one of our forward players get onto the end of it. The 2nd one, Paterson did, but headed wide (via a deflection). But, after those two, I'm struggling to think of many more deliveries that weren't either woefully overhit or missed the first man. We need more from our strikers...no doubt about it. But, yesterday was yet another game, where none of the forwards on the pitch, was presented with a chance where you'd say the
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