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  1. Carlos was very fluid with his midfield and his selections. Bannan was deployed as a wide midfielder on many occasions, with a midfield pairing of Lopez/Hutchinson-Lee. Add to that, Wallace was a regular on the opposite flank. We, at times, played with such a narrow midfield, it was almost like playing 4 central midfielders. In certain games, Carlos played with a lopsided 4-3-3, often with Forestieri out on a flank, with the opposite wide midfielder (often Wallace or Bannan) tucking in, to provide a narrow three. We dominated a lot of games during that period, because of our ability to control the game, with and without the ball. It's something we haven't been able to for a number of seasons now. Difference to then and now...full backs. Back then, Pudil and Hunt provided the width, stretched the play and were key players. In Palmer and Fox, they don't provide the same threat. And that's the crux of the matter...it's never a case of X and Y can't play together. Every single player within the system has to compliment everybody else's roles. Carlos that season, was so close to perfecting a system...unfortunately, the final step he needed to take, was the one that tripped him up. God, I miss the football we played that season.
  2. Just looked, and both have actually scored 25 career goals. Luongo has played 30 games less than Lee, so therefore has a slightly better scoring rate. So not much in it to be honest. I'm just going off how Luongo has played in his first few games for us.
  3. Election for me. Genuinely fearful of another five years of Tory government, and what impacts that could have on my job, my family and my child's future. Wednesday winning the league might give some relief to that, but it isn't going to feed, warm and inspire my daughter's future. That said...it only said winning the title...I'd take a Labour GE win and Wednesday winning at Wembley! Win, Win!
  4. I haven't see any evidence of that so far. But I'm judging him against the Kieran Lee from a couple of years ago. And at that time, for me, there wasn't a better box to box midfielder in the division. Luongo isn't as technically adept as Lee, nor does he have the game intelligence Lee possesses. That said, Luongo perhaps gives a bit more bite, and he certainly seems to have more of an eye for goal than Lee. Similar players, with different strengths and traits. Not sure they could play in the same team together, but they are certainly good alternatives for each other.
  5. As with every single team selection, isolating individual players or pairings only tells a fraction of the whole story. Did Bannan and Lee perform well on Saturday? I didn't think they did. Lee was the better of the two, but performance wise, both fell well below of what we expect from them. That said, the task Bannan and Lee was faced with, was a tough one. Monk went for an extremely attacking side. Not only did he ditch the midfield trio he's tended to prefer, but he also went with two out and out offensive minded wingers. It really was a throw back to an old fashioned 4-4-2 selection...two out and out strikers, and two wide players instructed to get chalk on their boots. The issues with that? When you come up against a midfield trio as comfortable on the ball and composed as Swansea's, the midfield duo is going to really have their work cut. In modern day football, 4-4-2 systems tend to drag an extra body into midfield, either from the front two (a No. 10 or False Nine) or more commonly, a wide player (or two) sitting very narrow. We usually play Reach in a 4-4-2, and he's the one who naturally comes narrow to help out in the central areas. Bannan and Lee didn't have that help on Saturday, and in reality, were constantly chasing shadows from a defensive point of view. It was no coincidence that our worst defensive display, in terms of xG, happened on Saturday. Monk went with a plan to try and outscore Swansea, and to be fair, his plan should have come into fruition, if it was for an utterly awful display by our goalkeeper. Furthermore, the fact we played with two target men and two advanced wingers, meant we bypassed the midfield a lot of the time. We only completed 70 passes in the defensive third on Saturday, which emphasises just how direct we played. Bannan wasn't try to drop and link up play on Saturday, he was tasked with restoring and recycling possession when the ball was turned over in our attacking third. It's not Bannan's game, and that's why he wasn't as productive as usual. But, on the whole, the system allowed us to create our highest xG of the season so far, and so, what's more important? Our best player having a good game, or the team functioning more efficiently on the whole? Of course, the holy grail, is Bannan performing to a high standard AND the team functioning highly efficiently.
  6. I use the InfoGol app/site, and I just update a spreadsheet every week. There's data going back 2014/15 season. It's not perfect, but its the best free service I've found.
  7. Why? I'm saying, that with cheaper tickets and successful football the atmosphere will be fine. But, having a good atmosphere doesn't keep the FFP wolves away from our doors, and therefore Chansiri is forced into charging high ticket prices, which will naturally have an effect on the attendances and therefore the atmosphere.
  8. Not true actually. We've created a Non-Penalty xG of 20.99 (21.76xG if you include the penalties), and we've scored 21 goals. We are scoring exactly at the rate you'd expect us to, given the chances we are creating.
  9. There's no template for a 4-3-3. But, there's a certain amount of goals a team needs to score to be successful. And currently, I reckon we have between 40-58 (with 58 been a high estimate) goals between our most regular attacking players. Fletcher - 10-12 Nuhiu - 5-7 Forestieri - 5-7 Luongo - 4-6 Lee - 3-5 Bannan - 1-3 Reach - 4-6 Harris - 4-6 Murphy - 4-6 Given that only three out of the last 30 teams to have finished in the top six have scored less than 65 goals, it's clear where our problems are going to lie. And given that if we continue to score at the same rate we have done in the first 16 games, we'll score 60 goals this season, it further strengthens the argument, where our issues lie. Liverpool essentially play with three strikers, all who play narrow and look to score goals, with their full backs providing any width, the emphasis on Liverpool's midfield is to restore, and recycle possession, and they do it magnificently. Of course, Wednesday could play a 4-3-3 similar to that...but they'll need to buy at least two new strikers and two new full backs. For Wednesday to get a 4-3-3 functioning efficiently as possible, our best bet is to supplement those goalscoring figures with a genuine goal threat from wide areas. While ever we have so many regulars lacking the ability to get goals, we won't become a high scoring side. So Monk's job is about adding a little bit of magic, whilst maintaining our ability to keep things tight and ourselves in games. Even if we somehow sign a Dwight Gayle in January, the chances of us breaking 75 goals (the average number of goals scored by top six sides in the last 5 years) is still highly unlikely.
  10. Or from midfield. And neither Bannan, Lee and Hutchinson are going to supplement that. Luongo has started well goal-wise, but I'm not convinced he's a midfielder who'll score 10 goals a season on a consistent basis.
  11. This. It's really not rocket science. But, atmosphere's don't balance the books do they?
  12. That won't become an issue. Because there is no chance in hell of Gayle a Wednesday shirt this season.
  13. I don't disagree, which is why I said the priority in January, other than a striker with pace, is a wide man that can score goals. Of course, there are plenty of strikers who are capable of playing both such roles. Fletcher is an ideal lone striker, in a side with goal-scorers in wide positions and from midfield. Unfortunately, Forestieri aside, we are solely reliant on Fletcher to score goals. Like some have said, if rumours were true, Bruce very much wanted Hugill here. A player who can play the lone forward role, and score goals. There aren't many of those players about, and they tend to cost a lot of money. Our failure to land him (probably dictated by our inability to move out Joao, Rhodes or Winnall earlier enough), could be the difference between a successful season and not...with or without Bruce at the helm. You certainly aren't going to find a striker in the Hugill mould in January...without paying top dollar.
  14. It's about options though, isn't it? Of course, there's going to be games when we opt for a more solid looking 4-3-3, but there will also be games and times in games, when a switch to 4-4-2 is necessary. At the minute, it seems the only pairing Monk is happy with, in a front two, is Fletcher and Nuhiu, and it has been more effective that many would have thought. However, there's no doubt what we're missing from a striking point of view. Pace and the ability to run in behind and stretch defences. Nobody is saying that it's to allow us to play 4-4-2 more often, but it gives us another attacking dimension for when we do play it. Just like, I think equally as important as a striker with pace, is a wide player who can score goals for when we play 4-3-3. It might be possible to bring in a player who ticks both of those boxes, if so, happy days.
  15. Preston were awarded their NINTH penalty on the season yesterday. Put it into perspective...we've been awarded NINE penalties in the last two and a half seasons. Preston have been awarded TWENTY penalties over that same period. We don't seem to get many, and from a supporters point of view, you always consider yourself unfortunate. But why do we get awarded so few penalties? Lack of dribblers (certainly in the past seasons)? Lack of action in the box? Reputation of players like Forestieri?
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