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  1. The odd gem from League One and Two are there to be had. But sign too many, that's where you'll end up. People rave about United's transfer business (and they're right to, to an extent)...but look at the signings they made in January. Three signings that were playing League One football in the 1st half of the season...two can't get into the side and have been poor when they have played (Leonard & Holmes), and Evans, who has flattered to deceive on occasions, and certainly won't dislodge Coutts when he returns. Unless they change their transfer strategy a little, there results will continue to slump, and Wilder's purple patch could soon turn rotten. The one I keep banging on about, is Josh Morris. Technically superior for the league he plays in, has a good goal and assist threat, can play all down the left hand side and is at a good age. Having missed out on promotion twice now with Scunny, he may well be open to a move and Scunny may look to cash in. Thought the lad Nolan at Shrewsbury looked a fantastic player in the two playoff games. Not sure whether he'd play much however, with him seemingly playing in a No. 10 free role for the Shrews. If we are to play a system where we give a free role to someone, Forestieri will take it.
  2. Went to Wigan on loan in January, which was seen as a coup at the time, and then struggled to break into their side.
  3. I keep banging on about him, but I hope we've been watching JOSH MORRIS closely. I've seen him on four separate occasions now. On all four occasions, he's been the one of the best players on the pitch. Technically very good, far too good for Scunthorpe and League One. He'll surely be moving to the Championship this summer. Can play all the way down the left flank. Fantastic delivery from set pieces, is calm and measured on the ball. Just looks the real deal. Another player who's a fantastic age and ripe for future resale value. Given our requirement for reinforcements down the left side, I'd be amazed if he wasn't on our watch list.
  4. frastheowl

    Jos knows and the players know it.

    Yeah, it's quite noticeably that many of the quotes from players before going off on their jollies, all mentioned the fact they expected pre-season to be tough, to involve a lot of mileage in the legs, and that they were looking forward to it. Players, well professional ones, don't wish for easy rides. Yes, pre-season isn't fun as such. But it should be hard, and it should be rewarding, in the sense, that it's getting you somewhere. Seems like preseason in previous seasons, were just an extension to the "norm." I'm not saying that is fundmentally wrong, because for a relatively short period, it got results. But, it catches up with players. Fitness, and conditioning has been steadily deteriorating over the past 24 months. It'll be good to see how good some of our key players can be, with genuine fitness in their legs.
  5. Didn't we get quoted a ridiculous amount? Sure that was the rumour at the time. He then went to Valladolid on loan I think.
  6. That first 25 minutes in the 2nd leg was the most one-sided game I've ever had the displeasure of watching. Brighton were absolutely unplayable for that period. Knockaert was unbelievable. Pudil didn't know his ar se from his elbow. After that performance, I was pleased to see Brighton get promoted the following season and ultimately stay up this season.
  7. frastheowl

    Reece Burke

    Excellent young player. Technically very adept on the ball, big lad, strong aerially. Can play centre half, or as a full back. Did well at Bolton this year
  8. frastheowl

    New Kit

    I find it strange that nothing has been announced, when it was implied at the last steering group (which was a good couple of months ago), that an announcement on the kit was imminent.
  9. frastheowl

    Full Backs Needed.

    I'd love us to sign Chris Gunter. Experienced, a natural leader, a horrible player to play against. Can play both right and left back, as well as a wide centre half in a back three. He'd prove to be a very versatile defender who could operate in a number of positions and roles, as well as potentially filling the void left by Loovens in a leadership sense. I'd also like us to go for Josh Morris at Scunthorpe. Been played as a left winger this season, started out as a left back. Technically superb, fantastic delivery and scores goals. Would be fantastic competition for Reach down that left flank. Signing those two wouldn't break the bank, would cover a number of positions, and seriously improve the competition for Hunt & Reach in those wide areas.
  10. frastheowl


    His injury record has been poor, no doubt about it. But, there is no doubt, he's a very talented lad. And, if we continue to use the 3-4-3 system, he's a fantastic option to have in the wide forward positions. If Matias can stay fit, and it's a huge if, he could have a big role to play next season. Jos clearly likes him. He's utilised him much more than Carlos did when he's been fit.
  11. frastheowl


    I love how people have decided on a number of players, when their contracts don't run out for another 12 months. Only six months ago, only a minority of fans would've suggested awarding new contracts to Nuhiu and Pudil. A lot can happen in 12 months, and when you look at how much Luhukay has got out of players who were seemingly surplus to requirements, it really isn't beyond the realms of possibility that he could do the same with others in similar situations. The key has to be looking to tie players who could be worth value beyond their current contract periods to longer contracts. We have to maximise our current assets with our FFP status.
  12. frastheowl


    Now Nuhiu has signed, our next priority needs to be to tie Joao down to a new long term deal.
  13. frastheowl

    Offload dilemma

    We certainly won't be getting rid of Morgan Fox. A player that fits the new profile of the squad. A defender that played in our fantastic run of clean sheets which proved a catalyst to keeping our season on track. And currently, the only left back on the books. With him and Reach to cover the left wing back option next season (Fox preferred in games when we need to keep things tight), we are reasonably well covered there. As regards Fletcher, Jones and Abdi, I'm sure all of those players will be "available" for transfer, but I'm not sure there'll be a long queue outside Hillsborough of clubs wanting to take them. Fletcher might get a move to some obscure league abroad, Abdi might get a club back in Switzerland, and Jones might interest a couple of Championship clubs...just not sure many clubs will match their wage packet.
  14. frastheowl


    Stats wise, he's the stand out performer in League One. But, although he's been transfer listed, he won't come cheap. Peterborough have only listed him due to his ambitions to play at a higher level and a promise made by McAnthony last summer. He fits our new (and improved) transfer strategy, and would fit into the number of systems we have adopted towards the end of this season. Could play off either flank in a 3-4-3, play as a No. 10 in a 3-4-1-2 or play as a advanced playmaker in a 3-5-2. Or even if we revert to a 4-2-3-1, he could make up a very exciting front four of Forestieri-Maddison-Joao and Nuhiu leading the line. Ticks a lot of boxes. Just think he may be a few million too expensive for our tight FFP position.
  15. frastheowl

    M.o.m & Ratings

    I seriously hope we don't go into next season with Joao only having a year to run on the his contract. First priority is getting Nuhiu to sign. After that, sit down with Joao and get him to sign a 3 year deal before pre season begins.