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  1. Can see Ruffels comfortably making the step up into the Championship. Much like his former teammate, Rob Dickie at QPR, has done. If he's available on a free, we'd be foolish not to explore the possibility of bringing him in. I like the look of Amari Bell as well. Speed merchant, probably lacks the technical ability, but another player, who has the ability to play at Championship level, purely due to his athleticism as a modern day full back.
  2. Haven't seen much of Callum Morton this season, but at Northampton last year, he looked very impressive.Has the technical ability to play much higher. Looked an intelligent footballer...probably suited to playing alongside somebody rather than leading the line however. Hasn't played too many games this season. Missed September through to February, so I assume he picked up an injury. But, he'd be a player than I think could be a very shrewd signing, and given Moore's connections at WBA, it's a very valid suggestion. I'd also look to the right back Kyle Knoyle at Cambrid
  3. Isn't he the one that Monk signed for Boro, waaay above his value, and was given a contract to match his inflated transfer fee? He'd have to take a real wage cut. But, I think we'll be looking at players like this (probably not as lucrative as Fletcher)... once promising prospects who have lost their way a little. Seems like Moore fancies himself as a bit of a man manager who can get the best out of these players. I'd be really surprised about Fletcher though...think he'll get another Championship club.
  4. I think he'll have triggered the extension in his contract. Whether he and the club agree to veto that, I'm not sure. If he has offers from other Championship clubs nearer his home, and if his current wage surpasses what we'd be wanting to pay next season, it might be in both parties interests to part ways. Who knows... Personally, I think he'll stay, and although I was vehemently against his resigning in January, you cannot argue with his reliability since his return. If he stays, then the club has to consider him as a centre half. That way, he'
  5. One of the best posters on here. One of very few posters I'd actually stop and read posts from when I saw their avatar. We'd often disagree, but his views were always considered and valid. Will be hugely missed on here. RIP Gurujuan
  6. Wildsmith - 7 - Clean sheet, and commanded his box very well against a aerial onslaught from Cardiff. Urhoghide - 8 - He looks the real deal. Looks confident, and defends the box very well. Played a hybrid role yesterday...right centre half out of possession, but moved into a holding midfield role when in possession, to allow Bannan the freedom to roam. Intelligent, and just highlights what a prospect he is. Lees - 9 - Colossal. Unsung hero in that backline. He's been a great servant, and he's maintaining his standards right til the end. Model professional, who'll remai
  7. Just had a quick scan through our games, and from my reckoning, we've started with a Rhodes/Windass in a either a front two/three, on only five occasions. Our results in those five games.. Won 2, Drawn 2, Lost 1. The game we lost, was against Norwich, Rhodes was taken off when we score's were level. In those five games, Rhodes has got four goals, and one assist (for Windass), and Windass has two, and two assists (both for Rhodes). Small sample size, but it's without doubt our most fruitful combination of strikers. And yet, we've seeme
  8. I thought the referee was so inconsistent with his decisions, but hugely favoured Barnsley. We seemed to get penalised for every little niggly thing, whilst Barnsley got away with murder. Their theatrics and general conduct reminded me of Preston with Pearson and Co. Clever, sneaky...and they got away with the lot. Neither of the penalty shouts were even contenders. Although I do agree about the disallowed goal, Wildsmith certainly wasn't fouled, but I do wonder whether it was blown for a foul on one of our defenders instead.
  9. Wildsmith - 7 - Probably fortunate not to be punished for the dropped corner in the 1st half, but otherwise, a very assured performance. Major positive...he's reliable...unlike the other one *rolls eyes* Urhoghide - 8 - Man of the Match - Absolutely superb. Dike is a strong boy, but Osaze dealt with him better than any of our other centre halves. Competed well, looked assured. Need to get him tied down. Lees - 7 - Ruffled early on, and looked like Barnsley's physicality would get the better of him. But, improved, and put in a decent display. Borner - 7 - A b
  10. I think this is last, last, last chance saloon. For the chances of relegation, and therefore a whole of host of players that will already consider their futures elsewhere. Westwood made it perfectly clear yesterday, he's off. Shaw's already committed elsewhere. Pelupessy, Van Aken are already reported to have made contact with other clubs, and you'd imagine Reach, Rhodes, Harris and Lees' agents will be working hard behind the scenes to get them out of the place. So, for me, this is potentially the last game I'd consider any of them for selection.
  11. Us Wednesday fans have been through enough... The prospect of seeing Liam Palmer playing in a blue and white shirt again next season, may well just tip me over the edge. Absolute charlatan. Lazy. Poor. Stolen a living. However, nobody is going to sign him on the ridiculous sums of money we'll be paying for him. So, we'll be stuck with him.
  12. Lees has been as good as there's been this season. It's a low bar, granted, but he's form has been decent, and hasn't let us down. And that's depsite been stripped of the captaincy at the start of the season. But, given Lees salary, and the options we'll have in centre defence already next season (Dunkley, Iorfa, potentially Urhoghide and Hutchinson), then there's probably little appetite from both parties to explore a new deal. Lees will get a good Championship club, I'm sure of it, and will continue to play at this level for a good few years.
  13. Another one who's already decided he's off. No surprise...I'm not sure either party would even entertain the idea of a new contract (once bitten, twice shy!). But it's time to invest playing time in somebody else, who may well be around to contribute next season.
  14. I'm not suggesting chucking the likes of Galvin, Brennan, Waldock etc. in for a sink or swim scenario. Maybe, one or two of them could get some game time at some point, but I agree it'd be unfair to throw the likes of those into this scenario.
  15. Of course, if Moore is privy to information that any of Penney, Hunt or Urhoghide have little intention of been here next season, they absolutely should be placed in the same group as the more senior players. But, I think they are far more likely to commit to next season, than the others. In terms of "throwing youngsters in for their first taste of first team football", that doesn't really apply to those three players mentioned. Urhoghide has been in and around in the first team, and played a decent amount of games. Penney has been in the first team picture for a couple
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