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  1. frastheowl

    Onomah And Reach.

    I wouldn't write Reach off after yesterday's performance. But I'd tend to agree, that there's serious competition for him now, in Onomah. In central areas, they are VERY similar players. Direct runners whose strengths lie going up and down the pitch. Unless Reach moves out wide, if Onomah plays, then Reach doesn't. (unless of course we're chasing a game, or playing a Rotherham type (a team who'll sit in) at home)
  2. frastheowl

    Team at Forest

    I think Luhukay will be wary of putting too much on the young lads, too soon. Could be a few changes to freshen things up. Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Fox Pelupessy Bannan Matias Reach Joao Nuhiu I'd be tempted to bring Baker in for Palmer, but three changes to the backline, may be pushing it too much. Can't see Thorniley and Penney playing all three games this week anyway. They'll either be rested Wednesday or Saturday.
  3. frastheowl

    Onomah And Reach.

    I would love to know how you've come to that conclusion. Given that, Pelupessy is a holding midfielder, and Onomah is clearly a midfielder with attacking intent.
  4. frastheowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    I'm sorry Nev, but this is utterly unfair. Just take a look at the highlights of the first three Stoke attacks, and Bannan's frankly impossible task is as clear as day. In the 1st two highlights, he went to press high up. On his own. Because Reach was in advance of the ball, and Pelupessy was man marking Allen and had been dragged out to the right of midfield. This left a huge void in between Bannan and our defence. Essentially, Bannan was tasked with dealing with both Woods and Etebo (£15m worth of player between them). Bannan HAD to sit deeper to close that huge void. And even then, he had a difficult task, because it allowed Stoke's midfield time on the ball in more advanced areas to pick a pass through the lines (see the 2nd goal). Bannan was at no fault for that shambolic start. Luhukay has to take some blame, and Reach's in ability to read a situation didn't help matters. Eventually the defence pushed up a little further, and Bannan sat deep which just compressed the space. It wasn't ideal, but it allowed us to stem the tide and pave a way back into the game. Once Pelupessy stopped following Allen around, and did his usual role, we looked far more comfortable. Because he did what he usually does, which in turn allowed Bannan to influence things more offensively. Every action requires a reaction. The action of Pelupessy following Allen (as instructed to do so) and Reach playing as a Shadow Striker, meant Bannan's reaction had to be of the lesser of the two evils...sitting deep and protecting rather than pressing high. Bannan's ability to read the game (or Luhukay's instruction) after a awful opening 5-10 minutes, actually allowed us to gain a little control in the game.
  5. frastheowl

    Having Slept on it...

    I haven't said there isn't a place for him. I'm simply stating, that he now has serious competition for his place...something he's not had for 18 months now. And if he continues to play in a role or put in a performance he did yesterday, his place will, rightly, become under threat. I've stated all along...if Reach plays centrally, it has to be as a box-to-box midfielder. His game is about carrying the ball forward, making direct runs and utilising his tremendous engine that he's got. To play as a No.10, who either need to be able to drift and find spaces, and look to unlock defences playing within those tight spaces...or, they need to get beyond the striker and be a genuine goal scorer threat. Reach isn't a playmaker, nor does he get himself in enough goalscoring positions or score enough goals. For me, he plays in a 4-3-3 or he plays out wide (either as a winger on the left winger, or as a forward who cuts inside from the right flank). I'm yet to be convinced we've got a player in our squad who could play the No.10 role (Onomah, may be, but he looks similar to Reach in so much that he likes to drive forward)...dare I say it, Abdi is perhaps the only one within the squad who could play it effectively. It's not a major issue. We've got results utilising this system, whether it be a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3. But yesterdays change of role, certainly didn't suit Reach.
  6. frastheowl

    Having Slept on it...

    He played as an ineffective Shadow Striker yesterday. Played really close to Fletcher, but never actually got beyond him. As a result, because Pelupessy was given man marking duties on Allen, with Reach play so advanced, it left Bannan totally exposed...if he went to press, it left acres of space between defence and midfield (see the 1st two highlights on iFollow...the 1st goal and Ince's opportunity) , if he sat in, Stoke had time to careful pick a pass through us (see Stoke's 2nd goal). At no point during that first 20 minutes, was Reach behind the ball in midfield. So his position, left us ruthlessly exposed. But, to compound it further, because he was so far away from Bannan and Pelupessy, he couldn't get in the game himself. He was totally anonymous yesterday. He's not a No. 10...never has been...his game is about directness and driving forward. Interesting to see what Jos has planned for Onomah...because you'd suspect, Onomah best position is the one Reach is currently occupying. And with Joao and Penney doing well down the left flank...where does Reach fit in?
  7. frastheowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Edit: Ignore the "outmuscle by Diouf for 1st goal" on Thorniley's rating. It was Palmer who was shrugged off and left for dead.
  8. frastheowl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson - 6 - Could do nothing for the 1st goal, but a little hesitant coming off his line for the 2nd. He looked favourite, but hesitancy allowed Afobe to get there first. Really smart save from Diouf in the 2nd half to keep us in the game though. Palmer - 5 - Looked at 6's and 7's throughout the first half, both defensively and offensively. Diouf bullied him, and he couldn't respond. Offensively, looked lost. Stemmed the tide in the 2nd half however. Lees - 6 - It'll be a regular theme, but lost in the first 20 minutes. Afobe was dragging him all over, and collectively we couldn't deal with Stoke's movement. 2nd half however, defended more positively, and won his battles. Thorniley - 6 - Same as Lees really. Out muscled by Diouf for the 1st goal which was soft, and he and Penny had a really headache with Ince down that left hand side. Improved as game went on, and it'll be a great learning point for him. Penney - 6 - Struggled early on against Ince. Naive for the 1st goal, allowing Ince to turn him deep inside our half. As a consequence his attacking play stalled...became very negative on the ball. Wasn't until we went to a back three and pushed Penny in midfield, we saw him produce the type of runs he's capable of. Yesterday would've been a big lesson...and he coped well in the end. Pelupessy - 6 - First of...I know he's not everyone's cuppa tea (mine neither particularly)...but those ironic cheers when subbed, utterly ridiculous. We've some morons we really have. Back to his performance, he was obviously asked to do a job to man marked Allen. He performed that task (to the extreme), which in turn left our midfield hopelessly exposed. Was that Pelupessy's fault? Probably not, he performed the task he'd been asked to do. And, at the end of the day, Allen was largely ineffective. Was wasteful in shooting positions, but made some good challenges and broke up play well at times. He wasn't great, but no way deserved the ironic cheers. Bannan - 8 - Man of the Match - Another wonderful display. But, a somewhat worrying trend developing...we are SO reliant on him. Everything goes through him, and if Bannan isn't involved, we look very pedestrian offensively. Sumptuous ball for Fletcher for the 1st goal, another equally pinpoint pass to him in the 2nd, and an exquisite free kick. If there's a better performing midfielder in the Championship at present, I'd love to see him. Reach - 4 - Anonymous throughout. Was a passenger. Played far too close to Fletcher which allowed Stoke to dominate in midfield, and left Bannan exposed defensively. Matias - 5 - Worked hard, like he always does. Took his goal well, but in reality, had little impact on the game other than that (and the occasional unsavoury theatricals). Joao - 7 - A real bright spark once again. Always inventive, always looking to make something happen. Along with Bannan, the only player you can see making something happen. And something we perhaps don't see too often with Joao, he tracked back and worked so hard in defensive transitions yesterday. Fletcher - 7 - Had a pretty thankless task, but occupied two brutes (Shawcross and Martins Indi) very well. Superb movement and awareness for the 1st goal. Always looking to get on the shoulder. Nuhiu - 7 - Another really positive cameo appearance from him. Allowed us to sustain pressure, and proved a handful wherever he popped up. Onomah - 6 - Looked like he likes to drive forward and play positively. Unsure where he'll play however, unless Reach is moved out wide. Hector - N/A - Not on pitch long enough to be marked. Overall ... We were 2nd best for large parts of that game yesterday, and when you look at the sides (and squads) it's little surprise. On paper, you'll do well to find a better midfield trio of Woods/Allen/Etebo, and there's no doubt, we struggled at times. But, considering how one sided the 1st 20-25 minutes was, you have to give credit to the players for digging in and getting something out of the game. We created little, but managed to score two goals from nothing. Also, another positive from yesterday was our ability to implement alternative plans...we went direct to Fletcher and Nuhiu, and switched to a back three pushing Penny into midfield. Tactical flexibility.
  9. I didn't go yesterday, so have no idea how Lee was before he was substituted. But all this talk of a pre-planned substitution after 15 minutes is obviously rubbish. There is literally no point playing someone for such a short period of time. If that's all Lee is up to...then there is absolutely no reason to play him. If it's fitness (i.e. he can only run for 15 minutes before blowing), then he needs another month on the training ground building up his general fitness. If he can only play 15 minutes otherwise his injury becomes an aggravation, then he needs to get back to conditioning and rehabilitating the injury itself. I was surprised Lee was included yesterday, and maybe, in hindsight, it was a poor choice. What I will say though...better to take him off after 15 minutes if Lee himself realised he wasn't right, rather than trying to get through it. I'd rather Lee be missing for another couple of months, and come back right...rather than coming back before he's right, and breaking down again. On a positive note, sounds like Hooper looked like he was on the right track. Another couple of Under 23 games, and hopefully we'll see him back in amongst the first team squad by the end of the month.
  10. frastheowl

    No Transfer Fee 11

    We paid a fee for Lees. Over £1m as far as I was aware. Here's mine... ---------------Westwood---------------- -----Anderson--Thome--Loovens---- Wallace--------Whelan---------Brunt --------------Lee----Bannan----------- ---------Fletcher-----MacLean--------- Subs: Pressman, Simek, Bullen, Hutchinson, Semedo, McGovern Nuhiu,
  11. frastheowl


    And?! Football is about results. THIS season, the one that matters, he's started four games, and we've yet to win one. All four games he's not started...we've won. Don't get me wrong, I'm as big a fan of FF as anyone. But any argument trying to question Luhukay's judgement on the situation is fundamentally flawed. I'm sure Forestieri will see plenty of game time over the course of the season...but whilever we are winning games, and Matias is playing as well as he is doing, why the hell should he be brought back? What message does that send out? Hutchinson is in the same situation...he played a crucial role in our Nearly Promotion campaigns...but I don't see the clamour for him to be involved...
  12. frastheowl

    Man of the match & scores

    Dawson - 7 - Steady again. Couple of decent saves which you'd expect him to make. Distribution on the poor side today however. Palmer - 7 - Another solid display. Has responded positively from his deserved dropping post Wigan. Lees - 7 - Solid. Unassuming. Expected. Thorniley - 7 - Another positive display. Hector's going to have to be patient. Penney - 7 - Another sound performance. Good play for our first goal, and defended well against the pacy Aluko. Pelupessy - 7 - Did his job well, but understated again. In the right place at the right time on a number of occasions. Bannan - 7 - Everything went through him again, even if his performance wasn't as high as previously. Constantly looking to make things happen from deep. Reach - 8 - Man of the Match- Brilliant, energetic performance. Took his goal well, defended well and instigated a number of counter attacks. Matias - 7 - Worked tirelessly. Protected Penney well, and showed a good burst of pace and directness on occasions. Joao - 8 - Took his goal well, and showed some fantastic glimpses of quality. Superb bit of skill to set up Nuhiu in the 2nd half. Nuhiu - 7 - Thought he played a very difficult role well today. In the 1st half he had to feed off scraps but made the most of what he had. Looked a real handful in the 2nd half. Overall, a very competent away performance against a side bereft of confidence. Looked comfortable for long periods, happy to allow Reading possession, and look to counter. With some more decisiveness in the final third, we could have created and scored a few more goals.
  13. frastheowl


    Seriously?! Since been dropped, we've won three games. Scored two goals a game, and looked a much better outfit both defensively and offensively. Now, I'm not saying thats entirely down to Forestieri, but it certainly does not warrant these endless threads demanding his return. Do we support Sheffield Wednesday or Fernando Forestieri? Would anybody care one ounce if we win promotion (not saying we will!), with Forestieri not starting a game? It's ridiculous. Matias performed a key role today, and has done in the two games previously.
  14. Genuinely don't think it'd make a jot of difference today. Nuhiu has been an effective lone striker so far, with very limited service, and Matias has backed Penney up well and looked bright on the counter. Forestieri & Fletcher wouldn't have offered much else, with how the 1st half panned out.
  15. Brilliant play from Penney and Bannan. Get in!