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  1. Yeah I reckon so. Luongo is the only "defensive" minded midfield we've got. Byers sit deep, but is more of a playmaker, Wing likes to get forward and Adeniran is a typical box to box midfielder. Luongo proved the worth of a genuine defensive midfielder away at Rotherham. If he's going to be missing for a long period, then I think it's imperative we replace him.
  2. Peacock-Farrell - 6 - The goal was a bit of a mess, which I'm not sure if he could've prevented. Looked comfortable other than that, and his distribution was good. Hunt - 6 - Had very little defending to do, but felt he wasn't up to his usual standards offensively. Too often seemed to give the ball away needlessly. Unfortunate to hit the bar with, what appeared, to be a deliberate effort to lob the keeper. Iorfa - 7 - Everything seems too easy for him. Had next to no defending to do, but handled the in-form Stockton with ease. Palmer - 6 - Defensively rarely troubled, but just seemed ill at ease, which is legitimate given he's never been a centre half. Error in lead up to corner. Johnson - 7 - Man of the Match - Think we've found his position. He's a left back, and this is where he needs to play from now on. Linked up really well with Brown, and provided a constant, and real threat down the left flank. Some dangerous crosses, direct runs. Could still improve his general quality at times, but encouraging performance. Byers - 6 - Did well when in possession. Ticked things over. Do have concerns about him defensively...too often in the 1st half, Morcambe played through our midfield too often and found space in between the lines. Really unlucky with the effort in the 2nd half. Adeniran - 7 - Sloppy at times, but looked brilliant at times also. Like the way how he seems to know exactly who's around him, and uses his body exceptionally well. Bannan - 7 - He was our most likely creator of a goal, and drifted into some good positions, especially out on the right flank. Brown - 7 - Another decent performance...he's a threat, who likes to commit players. Looked to form a good partnership with Johnson. Gregory - 7 - Looked dangerous throughout, and I'm not sure how he hasn't got a couple of goals. Played on the shoulder really well, and linked up play impressively also. Paterson - 6 - Struggled to impact the game. Not sure, he was the answer on the right flank (playing very narrow) today, when it was clear from the 1st minute that Morcambe were going to sit in, and we'd need a bit of craft and guile. Horses for courses. Overall... At times, we played some nice stuff. How we didn't get at least one goal, I don't know. But, we were consistently, very sloppy. Seemed to have too many periods where we didn't move the ball quick enough, and despite the number of efforts on the goal, and the amount of possession, did we ever really move Morcambe around enough and create a clear cut opportunity? Not really. And that's a bit of a worry...because Morcambe were very poor. No need to worry, but the performance just highlights the need to improve our attacking play. It still seems too ponderous, too disjointed...given the options we have. Hopefully a fortnight on the training pitch, and some more time for our new players to bed in, can go some way to improving that. Oh, and we need another centre half. We cannot rely on Hutchinson & Dunkley to be available on a regular basis...and Palmer cannot, under any circumstance, be an option in a two man defence. Even against a side that couldn't/wouldn't attack, he looked uneasy.
  3. Not sure how they've got "Favoured long balls" as a style for ourselves, yet not Rotherham. I cannot remember such an aerial bombardment for a long time.
  4. I missed the 1st 10 minutes of the game, but here's how I saw it from there on in... Peacock-Farrell - 8 - Quite simply, his penalty save wasn't only fantastic, it was a match-winning save. If that goes in, I don't see us coming back from it. Other than that, I cannot remember him needing to save anything else of note, however, his dominance and confidence when claiming the aerial ball was superb. And much needed. Oh...and another clean sheet! Hunt - 7 - Defend well up against a good player in Ferguson. One-on-one I thought he came out on top, and kept him quiet, particularly in the 2nd half. Iorfa - 8 - I don't write this flippantly...he's our most important player, more so than Bannan. He's far too good for this level, and it so obviously shows. He'll beat them in the air, and he'll beat them on the floor. Won so many crucial headers today, and kept Smith, who's a top striker at this level, very quiet. Dunkley - 8 - This was Dunkley''s sort of game. An aerial bombardment, high paced, no time to think about things too much. When it comes to heading it, and kicking it, he's as good as anyone at this level. Wasn't asked to patiently build up play today, and looked better and more comfortable for it. Palmer - 7 - Another game where he's not particularly stood out, or done anything of note, But, another game our defence has stood strong, and denied the opposition any freebies. Luongo - 8 - Man of the Match - I was wondering where, and when, Luongo would fit into Moore's plans. Not a single minute of league football after a long injury lay off, before today, but it looked like he'd never been away. Was the pick of the midfield in the 1st half (Bannan and Wing struggled to get into the game), and just grew stronger and stronger as the game went on. Defended well, and used the ball cleverly, allowing us to control the game much more in the 2nd half. Just shaded it ahead of BPF. Wing - 6 - Another game where he's just flattered to deceive. Game bypassed him in the 1st half, and failed to really stamp his authority on the game, even when we controlled it after the break. Bannan - 7 - Struggled 1st half. Rotherham seemed to target him, and he failed to break away from their pressure. 2nd half, found space and began to really influence the game. Brown - 7 - I think he was played in a deeper role initially to combat the threat of Ogbene, but following his injury, he seemed to have the licence to drive forward. I like him...he's quick, direct and got a neat touch. Paterson - 8 - If it wasn't for a poor first half and the needless (but dubious) penalty foul, I'd consider him for Man of the Match. Thought he transformed in the 2nd half, into a real threat. Seemed to target Harding, and physically got the better of him. Brilliantly timed run and a lovely ball across to Kamberi for the 1st goal. Worked tirelessly, and continued to cause Rotherham problems deep into the 2nd half. Kamberi - 7 - Struggled to see much of the ball in the 1st half, but still thought he showed quality when he did. Took his goal well, and it's pleasing to see him get off the mark early doors. Adeniran - 7 - Came on, looked strong, and improved our midfield make-up in my opinion. Obviously involved in the 2nd goal, despite a weak effort, but did all the dirty work alongside Luongo, allowing Bannan to instigate attacks from a more advanced position. Gregory - 7 - Another encouraging substitute display, and you'd have to say, Moore got the changes spot on. Gregory came on against a tired, slow backline, and run them into the ground. Ran the channels, held the ball up well. And I think he's the only player we've got who would've scored that 2nd goal...anticipated a goalkeeper error and got his rewards. Should've got a second goal when Bannan put him away. Overall... That was a serious test. If we go up against an aerial bombardment like that again this season, I'd be very surprised. Rotherham are a tough nut to crack, and ask serious questions of you defensively. But, we stood tall and answered everything that was thrown at us. The centre halves and goalkeeper defended their box, and every single player competed in their one-on-one battles. It's another game, where we'll say we haven't played as well as we could, but that was another performance that was an improvement upon the last. Similar to the Doncaster game, in the sense that, our superior quality told in the end. And the fact remains, if we continue to defend and compete like we are doing, there'll be many games this season, where our quality in certain areas will prove to be the difference. Where was this fight, determination to win a game of football and desire to compete last season?! I won't get carried away...but, we're on 10 points from 4 games, played two of the toughest away fixtures in the league, two local derbies, not conceded a goal yet, and sat top of the league...all without playing a natural attacking winger yet! You have to remind yourself that Windass, Shodipo, Sow and Corbeanu have yet to play a single minute!
  5. Bit late, but here we go... Peacock-Farrell - 7 - Another clean sheet, he must feel invincible at present. Seemed to be kept fairly busy last night, but a lot of the efforts we comfortable saves from fairly long range. Made a smart save in the 1st half (I think Wing misdirected an interception), and did well to deny Morris in the 2nd half. Hunt - 8 - Man of the Match - Thought he was absolutely tremendous last night. He put two brilliant deliveries in early on which could've resulted in a couple of goals, overlapped at will all night long, and defended brilliantly. We've literally signed the same player we had three years ago...on less wages...in a division lower. Masterstroke. Iorfa - 8 - Another performance which almost seems unfair...he's too good, and it feels like we're cheating playing him at this level. He just dominates strikers...and even if they get half a sniff, he just runs past them and mops up. Hutchinson - 7 - Thought he looked very comfortable again before his injury...just hope it's not too serious. Palmer - 7 - He just shades a 7, because I thought, despite been ripped a new one by Shayden Morris when he first came on, he actually stood up and got the better of him as the 2nd half wore on. But, and I know it feels a bit off saying this after four clean sheets, we are crying out for a left footed full back. Offensively, at left back, because he simply refuses to use his left foot, it makes us so unbalanced and predictable. Tricky situation...does Moore tinker to try and improve the attacking output, or accept Palmer's limitations in favour of perceived defensive solidity. Byers - 6 - Looked steady and tidy on the ball, but felt at times, defensively he was just a yard of the pace. Too often for my liking, did Fleetwood play the ball into the Number 10's feet, and he was allowed to turn and face goal. Wing - 7 - Better than Saturday, and showed some glimpses of real promise. Still don't think we've seen the best out of him yet, and like Byers, defensively, felt at times, he was a bit sloppy. Bannan - 8 - Thrived playing further forward, and you'd hope that release from the shackles, will get the best out of him. At times, seemed to be our most advanced player, and the simple fact is, the more often we get Bannan on the ball in and around our box, the more dangerous we'll be as a team. Johnson - 6 - Did alright, worked hard but things didn't really fall for him. Don't think he's helped with Palmer's refusal to use his left foot, which inhibits the clip down the line which Johnson seems to look for naturally. Long term, in this set-up, he's our left back, and he'd be a bloody dangerous one at that. Adeniran - 8 - He reminded me of a young Semedo against Charlton, and last night he reminded me of a young Antonio. Strong, powerful running style, and a desire to attack the box, made us look a far more potent attacking outfit. Showed great strength and athleticism for the goal, and probably deserved a goal himself. Gregory - 8 - Proper centre forwards performance. Ran all night long, occupied defenders, dropped deep and linked up, ran the channels, got a goal, and probably should've had a couple more. Very encouraging display. Dunkley - 6 - Defended comfortably, and aerially looked strong. But, technically, I'm concerned whether he'll be able to play out from the back like Moore wants. Wouldn't be surprised if Gibson plays Saturday, if Hutchinson isn't fit. Overall... Another good result, but more importantly, another performance which improved upon the last. At times we played some beautiful football, and if they continue in this vain, the fans will accept and encourage whatever comes our way. Yeah, they were times we got a bit sloppy, and lets be honest, we all thought it was going to be one of those games, which we throw away late on. But, we dug deep when Fleetwood got on top, and limited any opportunities to pot shots. That said, on another day, Gregory would've had a hat trick, Johnson could've got in on the act and we'd have been celebrating a comfortable victory. The encouraging thing for me is, the blueprint that Moore wants from us is transposing onto the football pitch. I was critical at Charlton, because I didn't see that, but two home games later, vast improvements have been made, and there's little seeds of hope beginning to sprout. Tough game Saturday. Get a result against Toy Town, and we'll have had a unbelievable start given the situation we were faced with a month ago.
  6. I don't think it's anything to do with his ability now, or in the future. On the whole, I've been really impressed with the lad, and I'm very confident he'll play a major role this season. But, players/teams have periods where they struggle to perform their task...whether it be down to their own performance or the opposition, and between 15 minutes and half time, our midfield (not just Adeniran) completely failed to get to grips with Doncaster's midfield. That's a pretty unarguable fact. But, whatever Moore said at half time, instigated a reaction, and it resulted in much better 2nd half performances from Bannan and Adeniran. (BTW, the signing I was most encouraged by, Wing, has been a real let down so far. But, I've not given up hope on him. Still think he'll be a key player)
  7. Yeah, agree with this. Said at HT, that the game had just passed our entire midfield by after the first 10 minutes. Both Adeniran and Wing didn't get anywhere near Bostock and Galbraith. He improved after the break, like Bannan did...less so Wing.
  8. Suspect we'll see a bit of rotation, without upsetting the balance too much. Peacock-Farrell Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Gibson Byers Bannan Adeniran Green Gregory Brown Chance for Gibson, Gregory & Byers to get an hour under his belt, and get some more minutes into the legs of Brown, whilst resting Palmer, Johnson, Wing and Kamberi, without weakening the side.
  9. Pretty much agree with all of this. Thought Doncaster looked a more than decent outfit yesterday. There were a couple of prolonged periods in the game where they controlled the game, and we struggled to get into the game during these periods. Ultimately, our superior quality, in the end, was the difference. Doncaster lacked any cutting edge, and despite playing some nice football in the middle of the pitch, they rarely troubled us. The chance from Cukur towards the end of the 1st half was their best chance created from open play. But, it's a sign that, this isn't going to be a cakewalk. I expect Doncaster to finish in the bottom half, and yet they caused us some issues today. It's clear we need to get better...and I'm confident we will.
  10. Peacock-Farrell - 7 - Looked comfortable and assured. Dealt with the few problems Doncaster caused with relative ease. Not sure if he got a touch on the penalty, but probably would've saved it had it been on target. Hunt - 7 - Looks the same player that we had three years ago. Rarely looked troubled defensively, and was good to see those lung busting overlaps once again. Would like to see a bit more quality in advanced areas, but a solid performance. Iorfa - 8 - Strong and dominant once again. Covered exceptionally well on a number of occasions, and always seemed to be in the right place to deal with any problems. Hutchinson - 8 - Man of the Match - Thought Hutch was brilliant today. Lead by example, and seemed to drive us onto another level in the 2nd half. Just shaded it over Iorfa for MotM today. Palmer - 7 - His lack of a left foot makes us very unbalanced, and I really hope, long term, Moore doesn't see him as the answer here. However, his individual performance was decent. Defended well enough, and his driving run instigated the 2nd goal. Bannan - 7 - 1st half he was below par. Our midfield trio failed to get anywhere near Donny's midfield, and we struggled to get a foothold in the game. Two dogger free kicks also. But, his goal was different class, and it just highlights how good he is, in contrast to the rest of the division. But he/we need to get him influencing games for longer periods. Wing - 6 - Started brightly, but then struggled for the rest of the 1st half. Looked off the pace, and failed to impact the game. Better in the 2nd half, and was unlucky with the strike just after the break. Need more from him though. Adeniran - 7 - See Bannan/Wing for the 1st half...disappointing. Looks a better player when playing on the front foot, and improved in the 2nd half. Took his goal well. Green - 6 - Better performance than last week, and he showed glimpses of the threat he could cause. Seems to be lacking a bit of belief, but was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet. Kamberi - 7 - Impressive today. Looked strong, worked hard and linked up play well. Not scared of running in behind either. Could be a shrewd signing. Johnson - 6 - Looked a bit off the pace at times, but you can see why we signed him. Looks to stretch the pitch, and get at players. Could be a handful when fully fit and integrated. Overall... Points are crucial, and the more we pick up whilst getting these new signings up to speed, the better chance we'll have of sustaining a promotion challenge. There were more signs of encouragement today, than there was against Charlton, so it's a step in the right direction. No doubt about it, it wasn't a great performance, but when things weren't clicking, we kept ourselves in the game, remained solid defensively, and then eventually, our superior quality told in the end. Great opportunity presents itself on Tuesday night... another improvement, and hopefully another three points, will indicate a very positive start to the season.
  11. I took it that he meant he didn't have any interest in joining any other club, after the conversation with Moore. Which is obviously dictated by the type of other interest he received...I'm sure if Ole Gunner phoned him up, he'd have been immediately interested!
  12. Everton have an option to extend Gibson’s contract, but it currently runs out at the end of the season.
  13. He loves a "...in terms of..." as well.
  14. You don't find too many strikers with fantastic goals-to-game ratios available on free transfers and loans.
  15. He's a Worksop lad. Wouldn't have a move his family. He'll get at least an extra year (to his current deal here), and on at least the same wage he's currently on. Add to that he's moving up a division. I can't see Palmer turning the move down. The reality is, criminally, Palmer will be one of the highest earners at the club, signing his last deal when we were an ambitious Championship side. Given that he still cannot make a position his own, and he's now reached his peak, if Wednesday can get a decent fee for the kid then we'd be foolish not to accept it. Even Palmer's most ardent fans would not argue, that he wouldn't be that difficult to replace. And more importantly, he could be replaced by a much younger, and much cheaper option. Currently, Palmer, along with Luongo and Paterson, will be posing some issues from a financial standpoint within the club. Three players, who will be on a ridiculous League One wage, that arguably can't make a position their own. If we receive interest in any of those three players, they'll be off in the right circumstances.
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