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  1. Kid on the kop had an excuse for every thing he did last night. He came out with a great line just after he'd miscontrolled the ball first half: "The thing with Joao is that his first touch is excellent, it's just sometimes physically impossible for him to get a second" It was anyone's fault but Joao's. He could have scored an own goal and it'd have been Fox's fault.
  2. Sorry, fascinated by this! On December 21, 1996, the last day before the winter break, Aalst visited Anderlecht. While Anderlecht were allowed to convert a penalty kick, Porte took a fist strike by opponent Gilles De Bilde on the edge of the penalty area. He broke his nose and eye socket, and tore his retina. ...Porte was operated on his nose and eye socket. Visibility in his right eye diminished and he was out of battle for eight months. The 29-year-old Porte came back later in the first team of Aalst but did not reach his old level anymore. [4] In the course of the 1997/98 season he moved to KVC Westerlo .
  3. It gets even better (read WORSE) the more you read about this: De Bilde, 25, was taken for further questioning to the Brussels public prosecutor's office, which decided to release him on Tuesday morning, Philippe van Hecke, a deputy prosecutor, said. "De Bilde has been charged with voluntary wounding, causing inability to work," he said. Porte, who has been urged by his club to sue De Bilde, is expected to be out of action for months and may yet lose the eye. The Aalst player, who also suffered slight concussion, underwent surgery on Christmas Eve, but it may be weeks before the damage to the eye can be fully assessed. Merry Christmas, pal.
  4. Aye. He makes Madine look like Mother Theresa. This is a great quote: The incident started when Porte pulled De Bilde's shirt to try to stop him from rushing towards goal as Anderlecht's Par Zetterberg took a penalty. De Bilde wrestled himself free from Porte, swung round and felled Porte with a left hook to the face - in front of television cameras. The referee did not see the incident and De Bilde, who is also due to stand trial for another assault, completed the match without even a caution. He was banned for 10 weeks and received a £10k fine. Substantial in 1996.
  5. Didn't he come to us off the back of a long ban for punching someone on the pitch? Never showed any real quality at Hillsborough that I remember.
  6. I think this one is going to split opinion...
  7. A spiky pair of swimming goggles... The hooligans have really started thinking about their weaponry haven't they! FFS.
  8. Ah, the same villa fans who were going to walk this shít league what with them being the biggest club the league has ever seen. How's that going for them? I've personally loved every second of watching them continue to fail. They can get ready next season if they don't go up this one.
  9. Could be Hayes that's made the error. Either way it's done with now.
  10. If he said then he rightly wants straightening out. My question would be 'how good is your Spanish Mr.Pearce?' Can he be 100% convinced that those words were used against him in Spanish? I very much doubt it.
  11. I predicted this (check me out) at the beginning of the season. This is a particularly bad league this year and any team who shows some persistent form can make it out. Look where we are after the season we've had. Incredible. United had a run of 7 or so games of poor results and never dropped any lower than fourth. If you can get out of the league this year then good but i'm not sure it will be any tougher next year either. Say Fulham, Hudds and cardiff came down (for example). I don't see any of those 3 mounting a challenge as they have all had a demoralising season this time around. That doesn't usually bode well. Go straight back down after battling and only just lose out then you go down with at least some confidence that you're capaable. Take a battering and your squad falls apart. Then you've got clubs like Villa who have (finally) ran out of parachute payments if they don't go up this year. If we can keep momentum and build on what SB has started then we're in with a real chance for me next year.
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