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  1. Ah, NO. It's being lifted but I hadn't seen the update about it not being in place for Blackburn. Sorry.
  2. He's "said it many, many times" In fact he's said "I've said it many, many times" many, many times.
  3. Didn't Nixon say last night that it was £8m on promotion rather than £20m? I'd be astounded if we signed Gayle. I'm not getting excited until I see him in our shirt.
  4. Same applies here if anyone could help out. I'm in London with work that day so hoping to pick two up.
  5. That's the whole point of this song and dance and falls perfectly in line with DC's ethos of ShitOrBust. We need to get promoted this season or we'll be totally fecked next season!... again!
  6. Yes i remember that. Seem to remember it being sponsored so a few happened at grounds around the country. She dribbled the ball from the half way line and tried to score in to an empty net. I can't remember if she scored or not...
  7. Hoping to get to this as I'm down there. Will have to wait till thursday afternoon.
  8. I thought Winnall looked in good shape yesterday when he came on. Reach and Rhodes also look noticeably fitter. There's definitely been work done in that area.
  9. He's not had the sort of abuse that Morgan Fox has had to put up with. For what it's worth i thought he had a decent cameo at the weekend. Put himself about a bit.
  10. Judging by the progress of Fletch and Bannan's hairlines this was pre-Monk!
  11. What's funny is that this has been a trend over the las few seasons. Get a good win in late september/early october and then don't follow it up. Oh for some consistency! well, the right flavour of consistency!
  12. I need to hold my hands up. I was FUMING after the game. Delighted that we'd got the equaliser but entirely frustrated that i'd just watched Fulham pass the ball around for what seemed like 80 minutes. Once i'd calmed down though I realised that Westwood only had 2 saves to make and they didn't really threaten besides. The highlights after show us creating all the decent chances. We're headed in the right direction.
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