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  1. So this is how we can afford Charlie Austin! Kerching.
  2. Would a 5 a side team of: Peter Crouch, Atdhe Nuhiu, Jan Koller, Thibaut Courtois and Zlatan Ibrahimovic... beat a 5 a side team made up of Peter Dinklage, Warwick Davis, Wee Man, Frankie Dettori and Dolly Parton (With Dolly in the net obviously) Point proven I reckon.
  3. Sounds like you've got your self in a right flufferybuffery about the situation.
  4. I agree, I'd be surprised if they kept him. But if the fee is, say, £5m then it's a flash in the pan with the PL money that they're about to pull in and if they feel that he's a good piece of their puzzle, or he's made influential friends, then they might keep him around.
  5. This is a point. That league is absolutely garbage. I'm not getting too excited but I'll look forward to seeing him step up to the challenge.
  6. I got it first time. Fair enough. Point made. It's every time he scores now which indicates he's still sensitive to it and the relationship is beyond the point of no return. Anyway, leave it there. Lets not diverge this thread further from what it's about.
  7. Absolutely not. They wear my club's shirt. They don't get berated or booed from me. Not all fans are black and white like that. The Morgan Fox abuse is totally disgusting. Booing his name. I hear the fans sing Nuhiu's name and his last two or three goals have prompted that response. I remember the same from Jim Magilton when he scored a goal years ago. It left a nasty taste for me. I just don't like it. Nuhiu has got a majority behind him but that's the attitude he gives to everyone when he scores. Massive chip on his shoulder. Some would argue warranted. I'd sooner he got on with his job in a professional manner.
  8. I don't think that's out of the question with Rhodes. I know it's the done thing to be a doomsayer and just write him off but he's not at a bad age and knows where the net is. You never know. I'm sick of Nuhiu's finger to mouth 'celebration'. Toxic. Another year on his contract as well. I was chuffed when Hector buried that penalty on Saturday.
  9. Yes mate. 20%. Worked out around £1.5m. Still a pittance, but it was there.
  10. I'm fairly convinced that Hooper will be leaving. I think he'll be one of those sacrifices that we have to make for FFP or whatever its called now. His injury record definitely softens that blow though. I can see Lee being kept on for a year to prove himself and I hope he does.
  11. Bruce has confirmed we've offered Westwood a new contract. Retained list hopefully out early next week. Get it signed Keiren!
  12. Kid on the kop had an excuse for every thing he did last night. He came out with a great line just after he'd miscontrolled the ball first half: "The thing with Joao is that his first touch is excellent, it's just sometimes physically impossible for him to get a second" It was anyone's fault but Joao's. He could have scored an own goal and it'd have been Fox's fault.
  13. Sorry, fascinated by this! On December 21, 1996, the last day before the winter break, Aalst visited Anderlecht. While Anderlecht were allowed to convert a penalty kick, Porte took a fist strike by opponent Gilles De Bilde on the edge of the penalty area. He broke his nose and eye socket, and tore his retina. ...Porte was operated on his nose and eye socket. Visibility in his right eye diminished and he was out of battle for eight months. The 29-year-old Porte came back later in the first team of Aalst but did not reach his old level anymore. [4] In the course of the 1997/98 season he moved to KVC Westerlo .
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