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  1. If this has been posted on here already and I've missed it feel free to delete. This is a great read from a Man City fan/blog about our club and the handcuffs of FFP. https://ninetythreetwenty.com/blog/sheffield-memories-hillsborough-the-curse-of-ffp/?fbclid=IwAR2c5StXNNKviTbwhtX-te39CIKNnGYuynn9qscxGSplMuGfnfbKPAeVPbg
  2. I really cannot be bothered tonight. Thoroughly uninspired. NONE of our usual season ticket group are going to it. My love for the powers that be and a lot of the players on the pitch is seriously waining. I've got a ticket though. I just let out a huge sigh as i typed that.
  3. 4-0 down by half time. Leave and head in to Birmingham for depression beers and a curry. I DO love playing away! UTO.
  4. I hope it is imminent. Get it announced and get on with it. Limbo is doing nothing for us.
  5. Wait a sec. Chansiri gave the fanbase a choice. Keep paying megabucks for tickets and spend on challenging or cut ticket prices and cut outgoings accordingly. We voted for the former. He should dig deep with those funds that are being freed up and be ready to go again... and get us up from League 1 as champions.
  6. I worry about the EFL's reaction to the punishment given to Man City (whether it survives the appeal or not). They'll see that and be influenced by the severity of it. Wouldn't surprise me if, assuming they come out on top, they just straight relegate us. Don't underestimate the pettiness and need to exert authority of the EFL.
  7. We all have fond memories of Carlos' time with us, but I have to force myself to remember how angry I was towards the end of his tenure and the constant repeat monotony of his interviews. He'd lost it and it wasn't pretty.
  8. There's definitely a player power issue. Look at Jos. We all clamoured to get shut of him. Banished Westwood and Hutchinson, introduced some kids to the first team, results started to plummet. It's very familiar and there's a lot of control in the hands of the SAME GROUP OF PLAYERS. Jos got the bullet and the fans fury. It's looking like he was ahead of his time. Clear out needed asap.
  9. Risky business drawing every game though.
  10. It was ok before hope reared its ugly head. It was ok when we were consistently poor/mediocre. There wasn't half as much whinging. Hope brought with it optimism. Optimism that we might just win this game. We might make the playoffs. We might get promoted. Hope lifts you up to a point where to start to expect something and MY GOD the thump when you hit the floor, as we lose and fail and fall off the pace yet again, is painful.
  11. I renewed. Rest of the lads aren't so I'm on my tod. Time to inflict it on start bringing the little ones more regularly I think.
  12. So that's what they mean when they say "my sister's gorra reyt ass"* *it's really not.
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