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  1. Don't boo him Don't jeer him Don't acknowledge him That's the absolute biggest insult going. We don't want to fire him up.
  2. I don't mind them either. They're used regularly in Europe. Just don't be an idiot with them. Ajax Amsterdam actually pay the fines in the Eredevisie for their fans using them as it adds to the atmosphere.
  3. WAWAW means absolutely sod all. It's absolutely meaningless.
  4. A Sheffield Wednesday fan who was touring the USA stopped in at a remote bar in the mountains of Nevada. He was chatting to the barman when he spotted an old Native American sitting in the corner. He had tribal gear on, long white plats, wrinkled face. “Who’s he?” asked the man. “That’s the Memory man.” said the barman. “He knows every fact, go and try him out.” The man goes over, and thinking he won’t know about English football, asks “Who won the 1991 Rumbelows Cup Final?” “Sheffield Wednesday,” replies the Memory Man. “Who did they beat?” “Manchester United,” was the reply. “And the score?” “1-0,” he said. “Who scored the winning goal?” “John Sheridan,” was the old man’s reply. The man was blown away by this and told everyone back in England about the Memory Man when he returned. 15 years later he went back to the USA and found the bar. Sitting in the same seat was the old Native American man, older and more wrinkled. Because he was so impressed, he decided to greet the man in his native tongue. He approached him, raised his right hand, and said “Hau”. The Memory Man looked up and replied, “Half volley. Dinked in off the post from 20 yards”.
  5. I got this from a Brum fan I work with earlier today: "He’s a world beater on his day hence why he was our Captain until Deeney came in. He was Brentford’s Captain when we bought him. But something isn’t right with him at Blues, think he’s fallen out with Bowyer. He’s been bang average for us and he’s one of our highest earners. We have got to bring our wage bill down so he’s earmarked to be got rid of especially with his form - not justifying his wage. Would be awesome for you in League 1. We have massive underlying problems with our owners, whoever they are! There are people wanting to buy the club but they don’t want to sell. On top of that, they don’t want to invest in us either - just stripping the club of assets and running us in to the ground"
  6. The German FA has rules against commercial entities being part of a club's name so RB Leipzig, are NOT called Red Bull Leipzig, they are called 'RasenBallsport Leipzig'. "In contrast with previous clubs, RB Leipzig did not bear the corporate name. The statutes of the DFB would not permit the corporate name to be included in the club name. Instead, the club adopted the unusual name "RasenBallsport", literally meaning "Lawn Ball Sports"." It wouldn't be right for us to have the word 'Red' associated with the club so what could we use as the RB instead of Red Bull? Reyt Big?
  7. Don't forget Sow, Mendez-Laing, Brown, and Johnson.
  8. Solid. As he has been most of the season.
  9. Can you not book it online and choose the seats you want?
  10. It's a poisoned chalice. The pressure would have been enormous on him. Glad he's finding his own way without our weight of expectation.
  11. Can't help but smile watching that. Lovely.
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