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  1. Ajax Amsterdam encourage their supporters to bring flares and such by paying the fines for the fans, and in return the fans decorate the players tunnel at the end of every season. True story that. Different approaches to health and safety over there.
  2. He is 100% leaving. No new contract. Great servant to the club and we should all wish him well. Thank you Glenn.
  3. Who remembers this gifted player

    Not sure. He's built like a brick out house and he looks a bit like Paul Warhurst though.
  4. No, he won't. I've wanted him to succeed more than any player we've had recently but he's had his day i think. Very sad.
  5. Massive? Really?

    I remember this clearly stemming back to the Megson days. We signed a few players including Stephen Bywater who referred to us as 'a massive club' when they signed for us during their interviews on Radio Sheffield. The Blades took that on and started calling us 'massive' (megalols rofl) and we ended up taking that on during the Mind the Gap season. It winds them up, and it winds up the tinpot sub-neighbours as well and somewhere down the line they've convinced themselves that we came up with it and we believe it. It'd be funny if we weren't surrounded by really dimwitted people. Save yourselves.
  6. Massive? Really?

    I was very careful not to do that
  7. Massive? Really?

    I came in here to see if the post count under this user read '1 post'. I was right. Expected a glaring blunt in disguise but that's well put together for a WUM.
  8. Hutchison - I'm fit but not allowed to train

    Sean Clare frozen out and training with George Hirst because he's rejected a contract extension... now this. There are some proper sad acts on this site now. Be vigilant.
  9. Bannan, Forestieri and Lees

    True, and back out for the season a week later.
  10. Welcome to Ashton Gate on Saturday

    Great. Thanks for that Alan.
  11. Welcome to Ashton Gate on Saturday

    I'll be at Ashton Gate on Saturday somewhere in the home end. I'm not expecting a Wednesday win but a decent game of football, a few beverages and a curry should see me enjoy the trip!
  12. Listening. I've never called in. Just their general attitude towards the listeners was that they're better than them. Whether it was the comedy characters calling in to make everybody laugh at how daft they are or anyone who sent a message in questioning them. "Pffft HOW WRONG IS THIS GUY EVERYONE?! LOL!" Even reading out the messages having a go at them seems bizarre to me. What are they looking to gain from it apart from belittling the person with an opinion on them on't radio? I stopped listening to Chris Moyles on Radio 1 about ten years ago for similar reasons. He used to degrade his listeners and got to a point where he thought he could do anything and get away with it. Similar things are happening on a MUCH smaller scale here with FH for me. It's a lads club for lads and you like it or lump it. I lump it. This is escalating. I feel like you've opened my Football Heaven resentment tap. I've never opened up like this before. I feel dirty. Stop looking at me. UTO
  13. They were constantly accused of 'being pigs' which is neither here nor there but affected, especially Wednesdayites, opinion of them. They were and are professional and I don't recall them ganging up and putting their listeners down. It's entirely possible I could have missed it though.
  14. I mean it as well. This isn't just a whimsical tirade. I stopped listening to FH about a year ago because of the presenters. I often considered calling in to have a proper football discussion but I don't think it's possible. It's all got a bit TalkSport*, confrontational pi$$takery. Might as well talk to the fireplace for all the return you'd get out of it. *I won't get started on some of them oh for the days of Paul Walker and Seth Bennett.