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  1. Garry Monk is the new Karl Robinson for me. He's that sort of level. He started at a fairly successful club and that success faded. Since then he's done nothing of note. League one manager at most.
  2. We've lost to Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe, without scoring a goal, and people are saying "if Pulis comes in that's me done" See ya later then. Look forward to hearing from you if Pulis manages to do well.
  3. Sol turned up to work with Sky Sports the other week late and was on TV in just his joggers and a hoody. They went to a break so he could put his suit on. Megson would have his (sweat) pants down for that sort of behaviour.
  4. "I should have sold him at the time. He did nothing." Very true! and nice to hear it from someone senior at the club! Ridiculous that people still fawn after the waster.
  5. He's here to bring monks to SWFC and kick the EFL's backside. ...and he's all out of monks. Time to run the EFL through the courts and get the remaining 6 back. Viva Chansiri. UTO!
  6. Go and get an unknown European! Worked last time for a bit.
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