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  1. Get him back. What's Daniel Pudil doing while we're at it?
  2. The big 6 won't be booted out of the PL. They're too valuable and unfortunately for everyone, they know it. The Super League is a side show anyway. Arrogant bstards.
  3. The designs for the most part have been alright, however... It's another vanity project using the club as a vehicle to market it. The kits are never available pre season. The CHANSIRI sponsor leaves a sour taste. (even worse on the north stand)
  4. One of those relegation games this isn't it. Had our chances, getting nothing.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olive_Grove Here is a good reference mate.
  6. Chansiri is still confused as to why dropping Penney didn't immediately sort things out.
  7. Rumours on Twitter that a points deduction is on its way for them. Postponed game versus Coventry under investigation.
  8. A man with no knowledge of football. Bought a football club to be a hero. To gain the adoration of people he has no understanding of. To make himself look like a hero to his children. Purely for his own vanity. Time to go tuna man. Do the decent thing and hand this historic establishment on to somebody who will CARE for it. Something you clearly won't do.
  9. ...is the man at the top, the man at the rudder who needs to have the plan to pull us out of this mess is nowhere to be seen or heard. NOWHERE. We have no plan and no option but to watch it all burn down in front of us. He's kicked managers out of his play thing and left it in the hands of people who have the best intentions, the club at heart, but no experience to manage a professional football club at this level. It's ineptitude at the highest level. Shame on you Chansiri.
  10. Sounds like we were trying but are such an embarrassment of a club now that people don't want to join.
  11. Ooh great. Fancy sharing the link so we can all see the article?
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