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  1. Turns out he cut me deeper than i thought. 5 seconds of listening to him speak and i'm cringing. He's still not made his point.
  2. wednesdaywizard

    Shefki Kuqi

    Good old Shefki. Always jumped 3 feet in front of the ball when a goal kick got punted up towards him. if somehow he made contact, no one knew where the ball was going.
  3. wednesdaywizard

    Away Days 1993 - 2002

  4. S70 Owl from Barnsley. Can't wait to have you back Sammy!
  5. wednesdaywizard

    Reading Fan On Twitter...

  6. wednesdaywizard


    Not got a clue. Hope he's decent. Hope our style of play makes him fly.
  7. wednesdaywizard


    Russel Martin... on a free...
  8. wednesdaywizard


    Marshall? Ben Marshall? The top provider of assists in the league? Why would we have ever wanted him?
  9. wednesdaywizard

    Ipswich Town to appeal red card decision

    Looked a clear red to me from the kop. Player went in with studs up and KEPT them up. He could have pulled away but didn't.
  10. wednesdaywizard

    Sacrifices for Wednesday

    When I was younger I definitely sacrificed a couple of exes for The Wednesday. Any suggestion of moving away or not going to the match was a no-no! I'm older now and wish i'd have moved
  11. wednesdaywizard

    Wednesday In One Word

    Young boys of Bern. There was an 'older' FC Bern team but the uni students who formed that team were the younger team at the time and it stuck. Newell's Old Boy's is another good one. Isaac Newell had a school in Argentina and formed a club with his ex/graduated students. Newell's Old Boys. I love that football history shizzle. I'm full of it. (Go and get the Football Genius Alexa app, there's loads like that on there (and I don't get paid for it. I share the incredible facts/useless football boringness for nowt)
  12. wednesdaywizard

    Sunderland FC - Vs - #SWFC (League Cup MDT)

    Pass across back 4... long ball get it back because they’re also poor pass across the back... pong ball
  13. wednesdaywizard

    Brentford ticket please (sorry)

    Sorted now. Thanks a lot.
  14. I don’t usually do ticket begging but on this occasion I’d be much obliged if anyone has a couple of tickets going that I could take up if you’d PM me and I’ll have them off you. thanks in advance t’wizard.
  15. It's a Mumbongo Embargo.