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Community Answers

  1. Indeed! The headliners have changed a couple of times for Graspop because of the delays but Priest have prevailed. Never seen them before. Bloodstock will decide whether i see them at Graspop! Bit of Saxon at Bloodstock as well. Air Guitar time.
  2. Bloodstock festival next week Skindred in October at Corporation. Graspop festival next year. (it's been postponed twice now)
  3. I'm sure some people use it as some sort of counselling session. Vent their anger regardless. There's the 'Bloody 'Ell man' who sits central on the kop. He gets flustered. My brother in law came to a game, he's a west ham fan, and I told him that there was a bloke near us who would shout 'BLOODY 'ELL' at top of his voice throughout. Wednesday kicked off that game. Long ball forward to Fletcher, who didn't win the header... BLOODY 'ELL!!!!!!!! 13 seconds we timed it at. Hilarious.
  4. Aye, on the kop a couple of years ago. Bells behind me nodding at each other week in week out about how bad Gary Hooper was. Hooper tried to take someone on one game and they both were up in arms, screaming at him for even attempting to take someone on ('EVEREH TIIIIIIIIIME HOOPER!!!!1!!!) and it was the final straw for me (I'd been in Germany boozing all the week before so I was... sensitive). I popped. They said they'd say what they want, I told them to stop being so negative or keep it to themselves rather than announcing their thoughts to the kop. It was all a bit pathetic really. Tits. It made no difference. They continue to stroke each other off and talk utter gonads. They found and will find other scapegoats to jump on at the slightest mistake. I've shifted now so someone else can put up with the nonsense.
  5. He's on about kid's tickets. U11s is a quid a game in the family stand. £23 for a season ticket. Barmy.
  6. I'm all sorted. Got it done online. Created new accounts for the little ones, added their DOBs to their accounts then linked them to my account and bought their tickets logged in as me... Easy! UTO.
  7. I've been trying to call through all morning as I can't get to the ground and had no luck. Couple of new season tickers coming from me as well for the little uns.
  8. I vividly remember reading a news article when I was younger (I was at my nan's house, it is a VIVID memory) linking us and Blackburn with two french youngsters. Zinedine Zidane and Christophe Dugarry. Wonder what happened to those two.
  9. Less than £2m. A desperate attempt to balance the books. Unnecessary.
  10. As ever it's a vocal minority who will have been slating him. We sold him for peanuts. He didn't want to leave. For me he was better going forward than he was defensively, he's a provider, but he was by far our best right back defensively as well. We now have a MUCH MUCH weaker team than we had when he left. I'm struggling to see how people wouldn't see this as a 'no brainer'.
  11. The lynchpin. It all went to pot when he was sold. I'd be happy to see him back.
  12. Looks very similar to our shirt last season. The design on the stripes.
  13. Here's a controversial opinion. I like it. I'd like it if it was the 'proper' kit as well.
  14. Should be a good chance for Celtic to get a look at Bannan this game…
  15. I (well, all ST holders) bought a ticket last time and couldn't attend. I think you've got to go in to it with a bit of pragmatism. We may all end up not going again. Still happy to pay for the ticket though. I just think the club would have been better, from a business point of view, getting the money in and handling the restrictions afterwards.
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