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  1. wednesdaywizard

    Wigan tickets?

    We're under a ticket embargo. The club just aren't allowed to tell us.
  2. wednesdaywizard

    There won't be a fire sale of players

    We might be selling ONE player and everyone is going barmy? What's going on on this forum? lol
  3. People can always find something to whinge about. Go, or don't go. It's nothing but noise.
  4. Exactly! We might be where they are now!
  5. wednesdaywizard

    Love these...

    Just look at that weave.
  6. That's not a bad message to get across in fairness. Sets us up for any potential raids on our best players.
  7. If that is true then it says to me that all the FFP stuff is bluster and DC really doesn't care about it. We aren't desperate to offload, and JR will get a chance to push on this coming season as we can obviously afford to keep him. This is a good thing. Optimism.
  8. wednesdaywizard

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    I run 10ks all the time. Shows what you know
  9. wednesdaywizard

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    I'd like to see us take a lead on it. Use Hillsborough as a vehicle to push it forward. We'll take it on and try to make things better for everyone.
  10. wednesdaywizard

    Wow - what a stupid article

    Get past the initial kick of adrenaline at the harsh truths and it's fair enough. Swap our name out for any other ex prem team. It's a pretty poor article. I could write that if someone asked me to make a story up on the spot. I think pretty much anyone could.
  11. wednesdaywizard


    100% going to happen in the 18/19 season. Ipswich away first game.
  12. When i was 12 I was reading war of the monster trucks leaning against the seat in front of me and suddenly i had a searing pain ripping through my thigh. Hirsty had volleyed the ball in the warm up just over the bar which hit the empty seat in front and nearly chopped me in half. I caught it... square in the thigh. Other than that my Auntie caught a ball that Carlton Palmer kicked in to the stands and brought it home for me. I was a big fan of them kicking ball in to the crowd for keeps in the mid 90s.
  13. wednesdaywizard

    Football Quiz players wanted

    I fancy a bit of this. Wouldn't mind adding some of them to the Football Genius Alexa skill. Ahem, download it now, ahem.
  14. wednesdaywizard

    FFP and all that.

    Some teams already do and Villa did. Interestingly (and hilariously) Micah Richards, who hasn't kicked a ball since 2015, would have been due a 100% pay rise back up to £70k a week had Villa been promoted. He stays on £35k as it is since relegation. Ross McCormack who is on a reported £45k/week and on loan in Australia would have been due a £1m bonus had they been promoted. Course, had they been promoted it wouldn't have scratched the surface.