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  1. Nerve touched there then. I 'get my information' from watching him play, in real life, over analysing his posture, his form, his performance in certain positions, the way he tracks back, the way he closes players down, his performances from the bench, his performances from kick off. Forming my own opinions and sharing them on this forum to discuss with likeminded fans. Stay tuned for more of my opinions on the players, the management, the club, the staff, praising them or otherwise. Maybe even external things the club has to deal with, all right here, live, on Owlstalk.
  2. We just needed more of a grafter on Saturday than Forestieri is. We were pushing Barnsley and pressuring them and if FF had come on that would have stopped. Joey did a good job and it will have been good for his confidence as he could get drowned out of that midfield this season. He came on and did well. We need to stop pretending we've got the FF of old. We've now got a player who won't press, doesn't like defending, and doesn't like being played on the wing. I crave the Forestieri of old and I hope he proves me wrong.
  3. No. No exit from the south either towards leppings lane end.
  4. Feels like a symptom of the recent Hillsborough trial to me this. They aren't getting enough prosecutions out of it so the powers that be (and SYP) now decide to create a report that says the forecourt isn't suitable, and therefore never was, so before you know it, it'll be the forecourts/clubs fault. They wanted to call the game off tomorrow. I said earlier in the week, imagine the media boner if that happens over safety issues. Seems they're (the BBC) going with it anyway.
  5. Cheers. Much appreciated that. He's right of course. Remember the 0-0 when Chris Maguire scored that screamer in the 96th minute against them? Great draw for us that.
  6. It is a SAG issue and it's been rumbling on all week. Serious negotiations ongoing. SAG are also the reason no more tickets on the north are being sold. Hillsborough isn't it. They're going deep.
  7. I've not got 40 minutes to waste on that shizzle. What are the highlights?
  8. Cross the Ts and dot the... lower case... Js...
  9. Top of the Championship Goalscorer charts for the season 19/20 with SWFC.
  10. They've had a big influx of Portuguese players coming in so it fits with the template Lucas likes. He's handed in a transfer request remember. All our contingent has gone so he's off to a degree of comfort he's lost here. Could be that other clubs were interested but he wanted the Portuguese connection. All conjecture of course.
  11. The sell on clause may have been sacrificed in exchange for them waiving their sell-on clause for Hector.
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