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  1. Yes... No... I don't know... Could you repeat the question? You're not the boss of me now. You can be undecided or you can divide opinion. Inflame your client base. Increase your more owlstalk readers... *taps side of head with forefinger* AS IF you have a word replace set for siite traffic. That's genuinely sad.
  2. His dad is a bit of a knob as well though isn't he. Centre forwards. He'll score some goals.
  3. "We’ve all got each other’s backs and are working hard for each other. We’re all socialising and we’ve all got time for each other, that comes from respect and trust. There’s been a conscious effort as well to make sure the new lads are settled in this environment." This is great to hear, especially coming from JR after he seemed to suggest that wasn't the case when he went to Naarch on loan. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/september/what-strikers-live-for/?fbclid=IwAR0mR3O_roPGU9dFy1Lhysx3PCbAvxq_gaSTyStY6DvtpcEMt_nHx5CP_rk Up them bluddy Owls!
  4. Lol. He’s still not worn a Udinese shirt by the looks of it! awful photoshop job!
  5. Des Walker. Widely acknowledged by ex team mates as being able to "start an argument in an empty room". Trouble maker. Bad egg. Boooooo hissssssss.
  6. I always thought it was a false 9 thing. 4+5. Sure a player even had the plus on his shirt years ago.
  7. It'll be London or thereabouts. Just thee wetch.
  8. Well yeah. Celtic... on the verge of their 10th consecutive title. Champions League football but can't/won't stump up 18k a week and a 2 year contract so Stoke it is. Not sure I can get on board with it. ME personally... and that means sod all dunnit? Short career though isn't it. He's got to think about his future (without selling his Lambo)
  9. Such a money motivated move this. Wow. I know we understand it but Stoke over Celtic... wow.
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