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  1. Judging by the progress of Fletch and Bannan's hairlines this was pre-Monk!
  2. What's funny is that this has been a trend over the las few seasons. Get a good win in late september/early october and then don't follow it up. Oh for some consistency! well, the right flavour of consistency!
  3. I need to hold my hands up. I was FUMING after the game. Delighted that we'd got the equaliser but entirely frustrated that i'd just watched Fulham pass the ball around for what seemed like 80 minutes. Once i'd calmed down though I realised that Westwood only had 2 saves to make and they didn't really threaten besides. The highlights after show us creating all the decent chances. We're headed in the right direction.
  4. 17k at home to Gillingham. What a support base we have. Did you know? George Weah is the only Liberian President to score 3 competitive goals against Gillingham? You do now. #footballgenius
  5. "Mr. Chairman... ... ... that stuff is... ... STRONG... ..."
  6. 99% of the serious potential managers knocking about are uninspiring. Don't know what people expect.
  7. If it is Monk then fair enough. He's got a link to the club. Has had relative success in a relatively short managerial career and we'll get behind him. Would have liked the Cowleys though.
  8. Just get someone in. Monk or the Scoleri Brothers. I don't mind.
  9. He put his finger in his ear when he said 'Sheffield Wednesday'. Rewind it mam, watch him, WATCH HIM!!!
  10. It came out of nowhere really, not in line with what he had been saying. He was saying it frustrates him when people come up with untrue stories and sell them like they're gospel. Then he said (this isn't word for word) "i wish I could tell you what was really going on but there's 3 parties involved and i have to stick to the line"
  11. His itchy face has gone away now he's talking about football again. #tells
  12. Scratched his nose, then scratched his cheek... If I was playing poker with him I'd raise him. His comment about sticking to the official lines and there being 3 parties involved was odd.
  13. West Ham fans. They must already hate the blades at least. Must do.
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