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  1. An interview on Thursday? I can see there being fireworks It's so obvious what the press conference is about.... Mark the pitsmooor owl announces a protest last night and now chansiri announced presser today.... That ain't no coincidence
  2. The poor fella received a vile amount of abuse from the Liverpool fans last night. He was tweeted death threats and wishes thst his kids die of a cancer and the like. It wasn't just the odd few tweets either......... you'll never walk alone my arse
  3. Any management set up that allows players to be "complacent" or not as fit as they should be, is not fit for purpose. When I go to work, my boss makes sure thst I'm trained to the correct level and thst I'm doing my job properly.
  4. So how do the big boys get away with it. For years the big clubs have pulled their players out of friendly internationals, yet the players in question have played the last and next club games
  5. I know it's a bit negative and cynical, but it wouldn't surprise me to see quite a few back. We need big changes in the summer and it's to both parties benefit to get these high earners in the shop window for a summer fire sale
  6. I'm no expert but surely if he's loaned for the season they pay his wages for the season. Hed only come back here if that loan was cancelled due to injury and then we'd be paying the wages of an injured player. No brainer to let him stay there
  7. He was at the last two home games too. Not really the actions of a man who wants out
  8. To be fair none of our players are successful in our current way of playing
  9. But maybe if all the companies are owned by DC, then it's just a constant revolving door if financial trickery. He'll be buying Beres next
  10. I was talking to a blunt earlier (I know, I should know better) and he reckons we haven't made any progress cos we're still in the same league. Even tho we've gone from serial relegation candidates to consecutive play offs, we're no no better off and we're just treading water
  11. When did we sign Diame.... is he bringing the kit
  12. So up to now we've established that he's going to Boro, Leeds and Birmingham. But we don't want him at 5 million
  13. You're just smoking the stuff. You need to change your dealer
  14. Ah I remember the good old days of making loads of early signings......... cos they were $h!te and no bugger else wanted them
  15. Some are absolutely shocking to get off your arm anorl
  16. It's definitely heading towards a premier league 2 scenario imo
  17. I think with most ppl it was frustration cos we could have done better if we'd took the brakes off the attacking side
  18. Tony the Prawn, he's one of the Soprawnos, a very very shellfish criminal
  19. I'm not sure about the mouse mats. But i can get you a Trevor Francis tracksuit from a mush in Shepherds Bush
  20. Heard it from a reliable source that Hooper isn't going anywhere and young Att is in so much trouble for pulling a prank on Bigger Guns
  21. That wasnt anything to do with brexit tho.... unless Jamaica joind the EU without anyine noticing
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