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  1. I thought this was going to be beres vs Chinese chippy again.
  2. Plan B is to go 4-4-3, works every time.
  3. At least they didn’t butter the bread - what’s all that about?
  4. Would need to see him play on grass before making a decision.
  5. Let’s us concentrate on the league Seriously though, we were never going to win the cup were we? It’s a total unknown what this new bunch of players can achieve in this League, but that’s where our efforts should be concentrated.
  6. It’s like that old Budweiser advert “half-time multi-ball”.
  7. Will be the best shots on target ratio we’ve had at the old girl for years.
  8. Showing my age, was quoting a previous chairman in order to get cheap laughs. I don’t disagree with anything Waddle has said.
  9. Win today and I’ll pay you next week. Maybe.
  10. The First Mate’s name was Nantucket... ...ooh no, I can’t do that one
  11. Bet they’re looking forward to the new season ticket campaign
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