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  1. might be on the nest, Sunday morning love like most of us do
  2. love it can you get the shop to save me one. will pick it up on sunday
  3. Is that like hammy hamster and the tales of the riverbank ?I loved that when I little
  4. i can only think of 2 possibles Andy Cole or Louis Saha, don't know might have played in goal though
  5. Dear God I hope it's not the pigs, they will be up for it. I would rather wait a few months, when they have lost a few and we play them while they are feeling downhearted. then we can rub their snouts in it, it would be nice for boxing day, so we can relegate them before the new year
  6. Tonight was a really hard choice, but I had to go for westwood,any lesser keeper and it could have been a loss. Everyone played fantastic, and after today's results, anything less than 3 points and we would have been on the back foot. If I could I would give everyone 10/10
  7. bloody hell, what a shock this was ! RIP Wolfmanjack
  8. hope dem dingles dont find that bloke wth he mobile phone, can you imagine it, they will end up blocking it, trying to contact the star ship enterprise
  9. yes, 53, I have seen the ups the downs, the lower downs, and over the last 2 years things are just stating to look good. Rome wasn't built in a day ( i know i wasn't on that job ) but look at other teams around us relegated prem teams with wads of cash to spare without getting dragged into FFP, then look at teams like Brighton, that have been building fr 4 years. This year mght not be our year, but there is always next year, like i said iv'e been there bought the t shirts.
  10. saw one last year, busy car park just outside Glasgow, watched this bloke struggle like hell to do a 20 point turn, then a space came up that I went for, I could have reversed my van into the space, but myself and my mate, would no have not been able to open the doors. so I just moved away, to wait for another space, que lobber, who we saw before,the car park had a one way system, and as you will see the only way into the space would be to reverse, He tried to drive in, messed up and took the side of the audi out,he drove off unawre I recorded it. I was writing
  11. got a feeling this will be a more open game, as both sides will attack more, both sides want to consolidate that play off spot. and after Tuesday night there will have been a few words said. there will be goals, 4-2 Wednesday,
  12. it is a secret ....................i'm playing Left back as in can't get a ticket, but shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell weeds
  13. don't even joke about it mate. I would have a side bet that macabe is already working out how many letters he can scrounge out the bins from the Jessica Ennis used to drive past here stand. think he might be a bit short on O's though, so will have to sell a player to cover the costs.
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