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  1. jtswfc1

    RIP Ian (Milkshake) Hemingway

    RIP fellow owl WAWAW
  2. jtswfc1

    Guess the team...

    Good to see Vardy hydrating before the game
  3. Thanks Michael, i wish they still had Agent Wilson now
  4. jtswfc1

    PATRICE EVRA!!!...

    He's banned for 7 months for kicking that fan in the head
  5. jtswfc1

    Kieran Lee swan dive

    I was 12 rows from front in lower tier directly in line with tackle and was stonewall penalty.
  6. jtswfc1

    Jossy Blair for manager

    canyoujust stop making poo threads
  7. jtswfc1


    Looks like he has been skipping leg day on his left leg
  8. jtswfc1


    RIP Wolfmanjack wawaw
  9. jtswfc1

    Di Canio

    Had sky sports on , rewind it and still no Di canio
  10. jtswfc1

    Forestieri Extended Contract

    Great news.....Oooohhhh Forestieri
  11. jtswfc1


    Heard gone Reading
  12. jtswfc1

    A year ago today...

    He did a decent job on limited resources, he signed us Westwood and Lees on free's, for that alone he deserves some credit.
  13. jtswfc1

    Famous owls at Wembley

    Was Harry Gration, i offered to take a photo for some lass and her mate with him, then dropped her phone smashing screen . I blame the shandy