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  1. Sat on the Kop today. That linesman was abysmal today. He should be embarrassed by that "performance".
  2. Really though? I think it is reasonable. We have seen for the last few seasons that Dawson is nowhere near good enough for us. Unless he improves massively over time then we should be looking to move him on. It's a win/win for both parties, in my opinion.
  3. I personally welcome this signing. I see it as a low risk, potential high reward kind of move. Given Moore's seemingly solid connections with players and his top reputation, I can only imagine Berahino will knuckle down. This is the opportunity for him to silence the doubters. Let's hope for our sake he does.
  4. Let's be honest, Liam Shaw only got a chance to feature for us because of how poor of a squad we had last season... And generally how sh*te we were... What Celtic see in him, I presume is potential over current ability (to quote Football Manager...)
  5. Does me head in when players are too "cool" to celebrate because of the inferior level of opposition. He almost looks p*ssed off that he scored! Glad Sow celebrated his goal. Score goals! Be happy!
  6. I much prefer his brother, Tunbridge.
  7. E I E I E I O Up the Group League Table we go... When we advance to the next stage This is what we'll sing... We are Wednesday, We are Wednesday Sylla is our king!
  8. Dawson when the opposition registers a shot on target...
  9. F*ck me. Palmers having to hold the badge up. Kits already falling to pieces before the first wash.
  10. Heard DaMarcus Beasley is available on a free. Would be a decent pick up with plenty of experience.
  11. So Cameron Dawson saved TWO penalties. Congratulations, sir. However, I can't help but notice that Wycombe amassed FOUR successful penalty kicks which resulted in their victory and Dawson's demise. Therefore, I can only conclude what is reasonable... Just so you know, Dawson is the guy get slung down the bar. Furthermore, the glass is the next available transfer window.
  12. Showed very little for us. Good luck to him though.
  13. Mate at the pub says he's off to Bayer Munich.
  14. Not a penny from me until he refunds every single supporter who has requested and is rightfully due a refund for the 19/20 season.
  15. What an absolute clown. Clueless, inept, resentful... *Insert adjective here* As others have said, he cannot help but take a parting shot at the supporters. The very same supporters that have been taken for a ride and, honestly, have given him far too much leniency given how he is destroying the club. Better yet, Mr Chansiri - how about focusing on crediting those fans (sorry, customers) who have been waiting over a year for refund?
  16. Apparently Andre knocked over a glass off of the table and Cameron Dawson and Jesus Wildsmith tried to catch it. Jesus failed and Cameroon punched it away.
  17. To be fair, Dawson and Wildsmith are fine in goal as long as the opposition don't have a shot on target.
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