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  1. Very happy with this. Welcome to Sheffield Wednesday, Darren Moore.
  2. Portsmouth away (providing they don't get promoted).
  3. Should do the right thing and resign tonight. Should be nowhere near management at this level.
  4. F*ck off DC and take the coaching staff with you. Oh, and the entire squad. Shameful.
  6. If we don't win this then Thompson should walk after the game. Disgraceful.
  7. If we can hold on to the score, I see us winning this.
  8. Could he be a viable option in the summer? Might be a decent choice to help unite the fanbase when we are (most likely) in League One? Could Roland Nilsson be a viable option in the summer? Might be a decent choice to help unite the fanbase when we are (most likely) in League One? Besides, he's had plenty of experience managing the national youth setups in Sweden amongst managing FC Copenhagen and IFK Goteborg (current club). Could certain do a lot worse. Thoughts?
  9. We are done. Won't be surprised if we don't win another game this season.
  10. Can start by ripping down the sign at the back of the Kop. SELL THE CLUB.
  11. Donkey players led by a donkey manger led by a donkey chairman.
  12. Our promotion hopes have taken a hit tonight. Not the best evening for us.
  13. Theoretically, four goals wins us this game. Come on Wednesday.
  14. All doom and gloom on here. We're only 21 points off playoffs.
  15. It's safe to say that promotion just isn't on the cards this season. We've given it our best effort. Can't fault the players efforts this season.
  16. If we don't get a goal back then I don't see us get anything from the game.
  17. We're going to struggle to make the playoffs at this rate.
  18. I'm simply disclosing my opinion on a public forum. I'm truly sorry if expressing an opinion different from yours offends you.
  19. I appreciate people's loyalty but no supporter should give Chansiri or this club another penny until he leaves. Stadium empty, no merchandise - nothing. He treats us fans - sorry, customers, with utter contempt and people are happy to keep supporting him and the club. The answer should be a no-brainer. The sooner the majority of supporters take a stand, the sooner he will sell up. Not another penny from me. I will get my football fix somewhere else until he's gone.
  20. Add Thompson to the clueless list.
  21. Supporters need to stop engaging with the Club's official social media platforms and when fans are allowed to return then a mass boycott of home games should happen. Literally, refuse to go. People have managed long enough during COVID so it shouldn't be that difficult to keep away. There simply needs to be a huge statement made by the fans, otherwise, the chairman will continue to disregard us as per usual. Something absolutely needs to be done as we are sleepwalking to back-to-back relegations.
  22. Well I think we're not getting anyone in Thompson's place. Let's be honest, who wants to work under Chansiri only to be sacked after five minutes and slagged off on the way out by our petulant chairman?
  23. That should be his final appearance for us. Clearly shown that he's incapable of showing any discipline or composure, especially during such a crucial fixture. Besides, he's not some world-beater that some are making out. I think it just shows the woeful like of quality we have as a team collectively when he's considered one of our better players.
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