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  1. It's okay tho... Haven't you heard? Chansiri turned a new leaf this past season apparently.... Disgusting that people are still waiting.
  2. Good bit of business, aye. Solid footballer so he was.
  3. Happy for him to move on. Spends the majority of the time injured. What good is that to us? Onto to the next one!
  4. Has he refunded EVERYONE owed a refund for the season tickets from a few years back? The day he sells up is the day we will get our club back.
  5. Biggest budget in the league. Arguably the best team in the league, man for man. Points thrown away time and time again. Zero ideas when back is against the wall. Get f*cking rid tonight.
  6. First 10 ten minutes into the second half when they were completely carving us open at will. Not to mention the mistake by BPF.
  7. Sorry, I disagree. We were very poor for large parts of the game and the reason we are still in the tie is due to the terrible misses from Sunderland in the second half. Could easily have been 3 or 4-0 tonight against a more clinical team. We were extremely fortunate tonight.
  8. Good game by young George. The amount of bitterness from our fans to ex-players is embarrassing. Like a spurned ex.
  9. HUGE blow if he's out. No idea why our best and most pivotal player was still on the pitch when the game was over.
  10. The f*ck is Palmer doing? Completely switched off.
  11. Obviously just a defensive clearance. We'll take it tho!
  12. Should have brought Dielna on for Dean. Not sure what DM is doing there.
  13. Moore needs to sort things out. We've been second best all game.
  14. If we manage to maintain this lead then I can only see us travelling up the M1 with 3 points.
  15. The fact that they are all blades makes me dislike them for that reason alone.
  16. But the incompetent lino will be able to crack on as usual, zero repercussions. What a system.
  17. What a tw@t David Moyes is.
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