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  1. Let's be honest. This squad is not good enough for this division.
  2. If we manage to outscore Swansea tonight then I see us taking the three points.
  3. Terrible captain. Just has a paddy at everyone around him as soon as they mess up. Never been a leader.
  4. Keir Westwoodie Aaron Dawsoney Josip Wildsmithy Lamb Palmerston Geoffrey Boner Tim Leeds Virgin Mary's Husband Odebaj-noooo Adam Reacharound Jake Pelumessi
  5. I can't see anything other than a loss with how the scoreline stands.
  6. If we don't score then I don't see us taking any points from this game.
  7. In regards to the goal - true. However, getting even a point with 11 is difficult enough for us without yet another sending off.
  8. Losing now. Thanks to this donkey, it's very much likely to stay that way.
  9. Just awful again from Dawson. Time to get Westwood back in goal.
  10. I echo the previous points that have been made - Don't rip fans off - simple.
  11. Yesterday I was pretty annoyed by this appointment, angry almost. Do I think its the best appointment Chansiri could have made? Probably not. However, I'm willing to give Pulis a chance. Only time will tell if he can get us playing again. Again, time will tell but until then he should have our full support. UTO
  12. Abysmal decision. Another shocking decision by the man up top.
  13. I'd take a wet dogshxt on the pavement of Penistone Road over Tony Pulis.
  14. If he appoints Pulis, then he is certifiably clueless.
  15. All for Ryan Lowe as I think the club needs to try something different. No doubt it will be another hoofball connoisseur, ala Tony Pulis at the helm. Would be definitely happy to be proved wrong, however!
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