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  1. Apparently the owner of Red Bull was there on Saturday.
  2. I remember once ordering only a cone of chips for the lad behind the bar to work out the cost on a calculator...
  3. Imagine trying to hold on against Accrington. How we have fallen...
  4. Incredible first half from us. Extremely impressive from start to finish. If Brennan plays like that consistently then he'll be playing in the EPL before long. Harrogate are one of the toughest teams we will come up against all season, I'll be delighted if we can hold on.
  5. If we hang on to the score until half time, we will go in to the half winning.
  6. If we win this then I genuinely shows that we are club not to be messed with. I don't think we can underestimate what a massive result a win would be tonight.
  8. My mate who sits on the cantilever tells me there was 34,000+ today.
  9. He should walk tonight. Put himself out of misery.
  10. Garry Barron is sh@t. Darin Moor can p*ss off as well.
  11. Let's hope DM drops him for the next game. Needs to show that his recent errors cannot be tolerated. Plus, he's far too much of a liability at the minute.
  12. Sat on the Kop today. That linesman was abysmal today. He should be embarrassed by that "performance".
  13. Really though? I think it is reasonable. We have seen for the last few seasons that Dawson is nowhere near good enough for us. Unless he improves massively over time then we should be looking to move him on. It's a win/win for both parties, in my opinion.
  14. I personally welcome this signing. I see it as a low risk, potential high reward kind of move. Given Moore's seemingly solid connections with players and his top reputation, I can only imagine Berahino will knuckle down. This is the opportunity for him to silence the doubters. Let's hope for our sake he does.
  15. Let's be honest, Liam Shaw only got a chance to feature for us because of how poor of a squad we had last season... And generally how sh*te we were... What Celtic see in him, I presume is potential over current ability (to quote Football Manager...)
  16. Does me head in when players are too "cool" to celebrate because of the inferior level of opposition. He almost looks p*ssed off that he scored! Glad Sow celebrated his goal. Score goals! Be happy!
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