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Under the Cosh podcasts

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On 13/05/2021 at 19:48, mildatheart67 said:

Latest one.

Fantastic story about Bywater at 46.30 secs in


Currently in the middle of this one. Have to be honest i'm finding it hard to understand his accent at times

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On 16/09/2021 at 12:44, markg said:

David Wheater on this week. Really enjoyed it, seems a decent bloke



Just watched this one and really enjoyed it, what a great lad. 


Doesn't seem right he's without a club with the really solid career he's got behind him. 

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2 hours ago, Night King said:

I really enjoyed Bradley Orr’s, especially the second one. 

Yeah I quite enjoyed that one too. They Blackburn team sounded like a disgrace 

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5 hours ago, fudge27 said:

Just done the Peter Sweeney one. 


Comes across as a proper waster, and deluded about his ability 


Think its gone downhill a bit the past couple of series 

Genuinely had no idea who he was!


It is quite notable how most of the southern players come across as Billy big boIIocks whereas the northerners all seem pretty sound

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