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  1. Crazy that whatever the dispute and whoever is at fault the fact he’s not played for 8 months at his age is absolutely dreadful. Cant be good for his development whatsoever
  2. Glenn loovens please retire

    Because Wednesday fans love to live in the past.
  3. Sam Winnall

    Blokes a wannker quite obviously. Sooner we sell the better
  4. Forget about the Premier League.

    Quite scary how we went to being great to poo again in a matter of months
  5. No Strikers

    Not sure what to make of Jos doing my best to hold off making a decision until our first teamers appear
  6. Glenn loovens please retire

    Give over. Its obvious he’s past it and has been for the past 2 seasons.
  7. Pleased I’ve given it a miss poo team. Where the fizz is Rhodes?!
  8. Carlos press conference

    Should have fizzed off after the play off semi final
  9. Jordan Rhodes

    Agree the battling with defenders, running towards goal at speed, getting in front of his man. Complete opposite as to what we see at Hillsborough. A sad state of affairs
  10. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

    The bloke is flipping useless. Fraud of a footballer. The bloke would look out of place in a Sunday league team.
  11. The reality is league one.

    Actually looking forward to visiting Northampton away
  12. Butterfield

    cheeky monkey
  13. Season ticket may as well go in the bin
  14. Couldn't be bothered

    Done exactly the same instead I’m sat in a pub in Harrogate watching the rugger with a pint in my hand