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  1. Could even chuck him in at centre half if we get any injuries
  2. Just announced he’s left Macclesfield, could he do a job?
  3. Agree. Hit and miss and spent a lot of time out.
  4. Working in Rhyl at the moment. Now that is a flipping dump.
  5. Be great if he can get back to the form he showed 2/3 years ago
  6. Gut feeling tells me we are sticking with Bullen
  7. Right thing to do. Any legal battle will cost a fortune and higher risk of not getting what we want least this way we agree a figure which allows both parties to go in deprecate directions quietly
  8. Have you thought about drafting one yourself and sending it into the club? may get a job out of it.
  9. The fat coooont has finally gone and now Sally is happy.
  10. fizz the fat coonnnt off. Hes not interested in us.
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