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  1. right back now striker? Doesn’t feel me with much confidence
  2. Westwood should have taken that with ease. Even if he had spilled it, it would have resulted in a free kick with the on rushing striker. poor from Westwood.
  3. with you on this one. Windass should feel very hard done by. preston player could have made out of the way and has instead made a real meal of it
  4. soon as I saw the title of this thread that was my exact thought. Think pulis will release the shackles initially but will soon revert back as you say to what he knows best, rightly or wrongly.
  5. are you renewing? Hoping COVID f’s off and we have a few good away trips.
  6. Will renew membership yes. haven’t really thought about Qatar in much detail, had an initial look at flights and was pleasantly pleased with the prices (expected more). got tickets for all the Euro 2020 games.
  7. Remember that trip like it was yesterday. After the wales game in Lens we had booked flights for the round of 16 fixture in Paris assuming that as we were top with only Slovakia to play we would finish 1st and play in Paris on the Saturday. Instead we fooked that up lost the flights & had to pay 499 for a day trip to Nice for the game. had a cracking day in the sun sitting in the beach bar enjoying wine and prawns only to witness one of the worst games ever that night. Neve forgive Roy hodgson for that. despite Paris being a bit of a dump between the wales g
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