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  1. JoshTheOwl

    The constant changing in defence

    Players are fed up with all the changing Different tactics worked on each day.
  2. JoshTheOwl

    Nuhiu’s Warm Up Today ...

    The guy is a fooooooooking fraud.
  3. JoshTheOwl

    Blackburn Away

    Excuses excuses excuses
  4. JoshTheOwl

    Blackburn Away

    Leeds took 8,000 for a game on a Saturday lunchtime we should be embarrassed
  5. JoshTheOwl

    From a player.......

    Amazing to think some fans don’t think there’s any problems whatsoever.
  6. Under a transfer embargo, desperately need cash, clubs want to sign out of favour players and DC says no The Wednesday way
  7. 1 fooling sub - the guy has no plan B
  8. What a terrible set piece
  9. We’ve been completely overrun and still not a single sign of a sub
  10. Credit to the pigs. Some lovely triangles being played. Pass and move - we couldn’t be more opposite
  11. Fleck and Norwood miles ahead
  12. Fleck and Norwood miles ahead
  13. How far off the pace is Joey?
  14. Midfield wide open. So much space