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  1. Such a shame how it turned out
  2. JoshTheOwl


    Would like to see him given a chance here certainly.
  3. Tbh I wouldn’t blame a single player if they were wanting to leave this circus it’s flipping embarrassing and Chansiri has a lot to answer for. Tonight is going to be foooking comical
  4. JoshTheOwl

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    Would you blame him? A club who look like going in the right direction We’ve stagnated and now walking backwards falling over every bloody thing as we go along
  5. JoshTheOwl

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    This happening would top off in all honesty how poor Chansiris tenure has been Selling your best player so close to the transfer window closing would be ridiculous, no way we’d reinvest in the squad and we’d be paying over inflated fees
  6. JoshTheOwl

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    This is going from bad to worse. They’d be absolute uproar, and I don’t see any positives.
  7. Seem to be rewinding back time Chansiri really has f*cked this up along with Carlos. No disrespect to some of the players in that team but we look worse off than we did in our first and second season never addressed key issues and we are back to square one
  8. Some cracking signings by Leeds
  9. JoshTheOwl

    FF and Winnall

    Should they really be having a BBQ 4 days before the season starts..
  10. God who’d have thought we’d still be seeing Nuhiu in the starting 11. Gone backwards these oast 3 years for certain
  11. JoshTheOwl

    Footballtyper's Articles

  12. Chansiri is foooking laugh at us here
  13. Transfer window ends soon does it not?
  14. Season ticket past 2 seasons after not being able to go due to work. From January last year I can count the number of games I went to on 1 hand. Not bought a season ticket for the new season and the club are quickly making that decision for me.