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  1. as far as I’m aware, Spain (fly to Barca) and Andorra are letting people in. The only requirement from their side is double vax or test before to get back to the UK I understand we have to do a PCR test 2 days before flight, even if double vax didn’t make the journey to Budapest or Warsaw but seen a few on social media who travelled and got tickets out there It was confirmed Monday that away fans are now permitted to attend matches abroad
  2. Thought Rice was everywhere in that first half and we did very well throughout to either not get distracted by the crowd or Poland’s cynical antics all game even though we have dropped points in the last minute.
  3. I dread to think what your view is when you watch Wednesday play we were the better side throughout the game. Disappointing last 5 minutes. decision to not make any subs at all after the goal to even just break up the play & waste a bit of time didn’t pay off we go onto Andorra, tomorrow’s job is to book flights!
  4. Italy draw with Bulgaria. We should have won the ******** final.
  5. do other teams dominate a full game? a game of 2 halves would be Hungary battered in one and we battered them in the other. agree didn’t create nowhere near enough in the 1st half , but we took 4 chances in the 2nd and could have had another 2 or 3!
  6. Great turnaround in 2nd half. should be there - bet it would be tasty after the game. Kane should have had a hat trick.
  7. Strange looking bunch this Coventry crowd.
  8. don’t know why - can’t because of the amount of goals he’s scored..
  9. How many goals are we going to concede from Peacock Farrell not catching a cross?
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