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  1. That tackle by Dier on Ramos is absolutely fantastic.
  2. JoshTheOwl

    Joey p

    Reminds me of when Rhodes scored for Huddersfield after Reda let him go past
  3. Joey should be more tactical there. Take the man out. Unfortunately that decision not will take the limelight over his overal performance Defence wise, surely playing 3 at the back should make you stronger
  4. Bring fletcher on
  5. Spent 1st 45 watching the champs league because I thought this game was by the red button and I’m watching via iPad ffs
  6. Just said exactly the same to my Leeds supporting mate. And this is possibly where the limitations with Jos appear. Against Villa the perfect away performance, resolute at the back, kept things calm when they equalised and clinical infront of goal. At home we need to be all of the above but be more on the front foot, admittley I haven’t been to any home games this season but on last seasons watching we were reluctant to be the team on the front foot
  7. JoshTheOwl

    Villa on Tour Vid

    It’s gonna be a difficult game today, I’m gonna go 4-1. What a cockwomble
  8. JoshTheOwl

    Reyt day out

    My definition of a proper ground
  9. JoshTheOwl

    Reyt day out

    Was in hospitality today at villa park. Cracking day
  10. JoshTheOwl


    Fantastic performance
  11. JoshTheOwl

    Matt Penney

    Fantastic thats all
  12. JoshTheOwl


    Without a doubt one of the worst footballers to ever put a blue and white shirt on
  13. JoshTheOwl

    Tom Lees - 'Mega month ahead'

    Should have said massive
  14. Unfortunately yes. Although I don’t think he’d have scored that Rashford goal