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  1. Disappointed but not surprised - really think england are set to go through a bit of a transistion, worryingly i don’t see any world class players coming through especially in the backs at the moment. And im convinced Jones days are numbered and it will get worse before it gets better Aggrieved at the 1st try and the refs actions - bit like a bouncer on a Saturday night telling you to do something which you do but then immediately makes a different decision Discipline in that 2nd half despite being unlucky in the 1st half has been our undoing once again. Giving away a tr
  2. At the point where I just laugh more than get pissed off not defending DC but no wonder he’s getting pissed off paying them 10K + a week.
  3. If he gave a poo he’d be ringing up DC tonight pleading with him to bring in someone who knows what hes doing.
  4. yes 100%. I bet Neil and Tony had a right chuckle over this.
  5. Pulis was sacked yes, but if rumours were true he had handed in his notice beforehand! Pulis has taken the ******** out of us all along DC was naive some would say stupid for the decisions he’s made
  6. Tide looks to be turning up there - he’s joining Celtic not Rangers.
  7. Personally unsure on the move to Celtic, and if he was as good as some are making him out to be more clubs in England (premiership in particular) would have been after him The standard of SPL overall is probably the same if not worse than the Championship & the lure of Europe is only likely if they get through qualification.. and I can’t see there being a huge draw in working under Neil Lennon?! Other than money I really don’t understand it.
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