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  1. ‘True. When I was 18 I was sent to work in the Barnsley office for a couple of months. Its difficult not being able to understand what people around you are saying
  2. JoshTheOwl

    Winnall can leave on loan

    Poor decision.
  3. JoshTheOwl

    Adam Reach

    Echo this, was just about to say he needs to stick to one position and improve on that. Probably outwide.
  4. JoshTheOwl

    Adam Reach

    Should have done better with his chance earlier on.
  5. 89th minute - 2 subs
  6. JoshTheOwl

    Van Aken

    More youngest coming in?
  7. JoshTheOwl

    The constant changing in defence

    Players are fed up with all the changing Different tactics worked on each day.
  8. JoshTheOwl

    Nuhiu’s Warm Up Today ...

    The guy is a fooooooooking fraud.
  9. JoshTheOwl

    Blackburn Away

    Excuses excuses excuses
  10. JoshTheOwl

    Blackburn Away

    Leeds took 8,000 for a game on a Saturday lunchtime we should be embarrassed
  11. JoshTheOwl

    From a player.......

    Amazing to think some fans don’t think there’s any problems whatsoever.
  12. Under a transfer embargo, desperately need cash, clubs want to sign out of favour players and DC says no The Wednesday way