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  1. About time he started looking like a professional footballer.
  2. come on now, didn’t you know money grows on trees and it can just be spunked away 24/7?
  3. depends how much it would have cost us for Beattie, maybe the numbers didn’t stack up. Football is a business you know.
  4. Antonio Carlisle has to be one of the most important goals I’ve ever witnessed.
  5. but let’s bring Hutchinson and Westwood back in Big D they will change it all you cooking funt
  6. Nuihu in goal. westwood partnering Fessi.
  7. We look like we’ve never played football before.
  8. remember that. Birmingham went up that day and we got looked in the away section for an hour or 2 after the game whilst Birmingham fans celebrated promotion by lobbing bricks at us all
  9. it just your failure to accept that people may know people within the club who tell them information
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