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  1. Managers quote again

    ‘Don’t usually do’ how come we keep on doing them so often then?!
  2. Got this feeling going through me at the moment. Losing all love at the moment with Wednesday. We have a chairman not willing to make a decision, manager who won’t change his tactics and a squad who look so bereft of ideas it’s scary. Club needs a complete overhaul
  3. Tom Lees

    This sums up Lees, and I’ve thought it for a while. also very apparent that he isn’t a leader at all. When Loovens isn’t there he’s un-workable.
  4. We've seen enough

    I would quite happily see Chansiri leave at the same time. Both as guilty as each other. Any chairman who had seen his team lose twice in the play offs would be looking for a new direction.
  5. Steven Fletcher is absolutely embarrassing
  6. It's awful?

    Forget Fernando coming back we need a new man in charge, new direction. The players even look to have given up tonight
  7. Carlos is letting the fans down. The bloke is completely taking the pissss out of us.
  8. **** me that Jota for Wolves is some player
  9. Lee going to be sent off here
  10. Ross Wallace - how has he made it as a winger?
  11. 1 flipping player in the box.
  12. Tom Lees. Ball watching players have had enough, fans have. Chansiri please put us out our misery