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  1. Stoke looking like buying the league
  2. I hope to god he never returns one of the most pointless signings in a long long time.
  3. Cracking video. That first season, and 2 an extent the second were great viewing.
  4. Working over Cheshire way so any away games over here will be great.
  5. Breaking news coming up....! #swfc
  6. JoshTheOwl

    Athde Nuihu

    Credit where credits due. Cracking end to the season just hope he can keep this form up next season.
  7. You guys on a serious note, happy with the other decisions. Fair play to the club getting the list out so early, hopefully means Jos and Chansiri mean business. Get the right players signed quickly, everyone has a full pre season with us and we may just hit the ground running we may even get the new kit out before the season starts
  8. Can’t believe we have offered Nuhiuless a new contract
  9. JoshTheOwl

    Glenn Loovens

    No no no no.
  10. Can anyone tell me what the price was for phase 1 in the south stand for under 25?
  11. our centre forward who at the time was 20 odd yards Away from our box watching a bloke doing a 1 2 with his mate on the wing and then rolling past him and going onto score
  12. There’s. The blokes done a 1 2 with the chap on the wing and ran right past him
  13. The lack of effort from him on the second goal last night was embarrassing. Whatever happened to following your man?!
  14. JoshTheOwl


    Hopefully the booing will mean he won’t even consider signing for us. Disastrous signing