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  1. Worth 8/10 Enjoyed this film. Based on the true story of a legal professional having to sort out compensation claims for relatives of 9/11 victims. Some really harrowing accounts as you can imagine at times,
  2. Only ever seen him at Tramlines and he was bloody brilliant.
  3. We got 2 £32.50 tickets for £35. Was about 50 quid with next day delivery and fees.
  4. Looking on Twickets for some cheap blossoms tickets for Manchester arena next weekend.
  5. Thought last nights episode was really good
  6. Absolutely terrible race. Ridiculously boring.
  7. Likely to start behind safety car?
  8. Looks like it’ll be a wet race. Hopefully full of drama and incident.
  9. Sunderland have had 2 call ups too so looks like the game is going to be on. BPF is a big loss but Wildsmiths not a bad back up.
  10. I went to this game. Club were terrible, they never seem to progress.
  11. Wonder how much much of the Ramsdale money he’ll get.
  12. Kazim Richards looks like he’ll be out for a while too. Leaving one young centre forward.
  13. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch Palmer Byers Adeiran Wing Bannan Brown Kamberi Byers & Brown in for me. Johnson looked spent when he went off and I thought Brown gave us some extra balance.
  14. They’ve spent 100 million on someone who arguably doesn’t improve their starting 11.
  15. Really enjoyed how we tried to build out from the 2 centre half’s who are both excellent ball players. The extra man in the midfield, again all comfortable on the ball made us look really competent at doing this and will hopefully help us control games, especially at home. Don’t think many teams will press us like Donny did so some very good signs for me.
  16. Just watched last night match of the day. Burnley are in serious trouble this season alongside Southampton. Man U looked impressive, got a feeling Greenwood is going to have a big season.
  17. Peacock Farrell 7 Hunt 6 Iorfa 7 Hutchinson 7 Palmer 6 Bannan 9 Adeniran 7 Wing 7 Green 5 Kamberi 7 Johnson 5 Brown 7 Gregory 6 Byers 6
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