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  1. Really enjoyed the first episode
  2. Also where’s the consistency? Those 2 incidents at Southampton yesterday would get a different decision by most officials.
  3. Ridiculous. Not seen anyone who thinks that’s a pen apart from the officials
  4. Farke He’d be buzzing about joining a mid table league 1 club.
  5. Four Lives that’s been on the bbc. Excellent
  6. Just bagged a couple of Wolf Alice tickets for the rescheduled Sheffield gig at the o2
  7. I use one of the bigger ones and pretend we’ve moved into a new stadium
  8. Not sure there’s going to be much movement either way in this window. Clubs will be reluctant to let players out on loan with the current covid crisis and that’ll mean we’ll not really be in a position to lose players ourselves with an already stretched limited squad.
  9. Wright really digging deep. It’s a battle out there. Every set seems to be going 5 legs.
  10. Could be a huge moment there!
  11. Every set is going 5 legs it seems
  12. Game on! Those 2 sets were miles better.
  13. Smith has been awful so far. I’ve got a couple of quid on Wright 7-4
  14. Genuinely think we suffer a lot more injuries then most other clubs on a consistent basis
  15. Definitely. Does the medical, fitness team tend to change when a manager does?
  16. So back to the oche. Brilliant to see with all the exciting young talent coming through we still have Anderson v Wright in one of the semi finals. Think Smith will score to heavy and beat Wade comfortably. Wright to beat Anderson by a couple of sets too.
  17. Yeah seems it’s been taken over by the get pissed out of there heads and abuse everyone in sight dregs that follow there football teams away all over the country. The booing is sort of accepted by the shouting out on doubles is disgusting. It’s partly a problem of the PDC’s making because they sort of market it and have turned a blind eye for years to help create a party atmosphere.
  18. What the hell do our medical team and fitness team do? The injury record over the past few years is an absolute disgrace? Windass back, clearly injured again. Dunkley injured again, Iorfa ran in to the ground after a year out and he’s injured again. Loads more examples of players repeatedly getting injured.
  19. Following completion of TLOU2 I’m going to play Hitman next on my PS5. I’ve added the 2 previous games to it too.
  20. What a start from Rydz!
  21. Finished it this morning on PS5. Simply an incredible game and an incredible story. 31 hours.
  22. Yeah went a bit beyond ‘banter’
  23. Gerwyn wins a thriller against Huybrechts. Last leg decider.
  24. Carlos Bruce Laws Big Ron the first time round
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