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  1. So now we know why he's been left out recently and not included in the 18 Could it be down to a lack of match fitness or is there no way back for him?
  2. Good to see Winnall on bench tonight Wouldn't bet against him coming on and scoring
  3. He's been here far too long it's time to ship him out. He's only good spell was under Jos where he couldn't stop scoring for a certain period but apart from that has never been a goalscorer and has never been much of a threat The more I think about it the more I think we made a mistake releasing Hooper. He would thrive in our current side and would guarentee goals in this set up
  4. I'd take Bony in a heartbeat With Harris & Murphy supplying the crosses he'd have a field day We are a top goalscorer away from the top 6
  5. I'm not sure it was a good fee, £5-7m in today's market is nothing. I know i'll get laughed at but I wouldn't have accepted anything less than £10 for him though I realise we had little option due to FFP. Madine went to Cardiff for £8m, McBurnie to the Pigs for £15m so when you consider what other strikers have gone for I think we sold him on the cheap
  6. Definitely I think Rhodes and Nuhiu have had their day which is why selling Joao was hard to take. He is still young and scores goals yet we moved him on without replacing him. Harris is a winger so he wasn't a direct replacement. To be honest I expected a bigger shake up over the summer. I expected more in's and more out's. The players we did sign have improved the squad but we are still lacking upfront which is why leaving Winnall out in the cold is frustrating. Our lack of goals this season is going to cost us as I think defensively we are much stronger
  7. WBA signing Charlie Austin sums up how far away we are in the striker department
  8. I'd take him but i'd rather we give Bullen a run of games. Don't want to upset the applecart just yet despite yesterday's setback
  9. No reason not to believe you mate That would add up after the whole Forestieri episode
  10. Yeah ok then Why do we bother talking about anything. May aswell close Owlstalk and have done with it
  11. I can understand if he's on the bench but to not even include him in the matchday 18 is strange when we aren't blessed with goalscorers Fletch and Nuhiu will be lucky to get 15 between them this season
  12. I don't think he should be sent out on loan I would rather see him coming off the bench last 25-30 mins than Nuhiu to be honest
  13. Frustrating that he doesn't even make the 18. It says alot when we tried to offload Rhodes during the summer yet he gets on the bench ahead of him Clearly something isn't quite right as Carlos, Jos, Bruce and now Bullen have all opted against picking him Maybe it's down to his attitude or application in training but I find it strange as he comes across really well in interviews and seems desperate to play. He wouldn't have gone on loan to Derby if that wasn't the case We're not blessed with goals so it's hard to understand why he's left in the cold. He was prolific for Barnsley and even at Derby he got a few before his injury We could really do with him as we're lacking in the goals department now Joao has been sold
  14. Fletch is class I must admit I wasn't too keen when we handed him a 4 year contract but he's done the business and has got better every season
  15. Hutch should start every match if fit but depending on result should be replaced midway through the second half Hutch playing gives us extra steel in the centre. No coincidence we started winning last season when Bullen put him back in
  16. Cheers mate good to know Sorry for the delay just came across your reply
  17. I hope it is all put to bed and we don't take it any further but I still hope Bruce takes Newcastle down. I didn't like the way he went about things and with his assistants showed a complete lack of respect to our club and DC
  18. Like others have said I don't want him now He had his chance and turned us down so he can do one Bullen deserves it not only for the 2 wins but for his loyalty and the amount of times he's stepped in and bailed us out. Not forgetting that he has a very good record when he's been caretaker
  19. Love it Put those pigs in their place Gaz
  20. Just watched the highlights and boy do those lads run. We are in for a treat this season if we can keep them both fit. They seem to have hit it off right away and the early signs are definitely promising. Kadeem reminds me very much of Antonio. The way he attacks and runs with the ball. Why Cardiff allowed him to leave for free beats me but their loss is our gain Murphy is a cracking loan signing. Hopefully this puts all the Bruce/Ashley business to bed and both clubs can move on WAWAW
  21. I hope we sign him but not for £5m We could really do with strengthening a few areas not just CD where we are already well covered Still think we need another winger. Eze at QPR would be a good option and if Rhodes leaves then maybe Wells from Burnley
  22. I hope we have some players lined up to come in
  23. There would be plenty of takers for Winnall if we put him up for sale
  24. Not happy to be honest He scores goals and offers us something different Would have rather we sold Winnall/Rhodes/Nuhiu
  25. Hahahahaha reading fans stick that up your jacksey 3-1 Who are ya?
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