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  1. The funniest and most ironic thing is this has come from a Stoke City fan who have built up a reputation for playing this way I could understand if this came from a Swansea fan but a Stoke fan having a pop at us for roughing up the opposition
  2. Jeez some of the reactions on here It was a bit of fun Don't take life so seriously
  3. Mine is bad but the Borner song is on another level altogether. At least mine doesn't mention a c*ck
  4. I know it's bad but had to find something to make the last half hour go
  5. I'm quite bored as I don't finish work for another half hour and just read the McBurnie news. Got me thinking (I'm not one for this kind of thing but it just came to me and it's very catchy) Tune: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by ACDC Dirty pigs, always cheat, dirty pigs and they always cheat, dirty pigs and they always cheat etc... Catchy and simple... Don't worry lads, I won't be giving up the day job...
  6. We turned Middlesborough over in their own back yard More positivity please people
  7. At first I thought it was Matthew McConaughey in an Owls shirt, then I realised it was Winnall
  8. He's definitely revitalised your squad but are you not worried that all the clubs he's managed tail off during the latter part of the season?
  9. True but there are safer bets for example when we hired Bruce, he was always going to do a decent job based on his experience and knowledge
  10. Desperation from the Cowleys, deciding after all to take the Hudds job I said the other day they are playing a dangerous game turning down bigger clubs. Football has a habit of biting you on the backside and you can be forgotten very quickly
  11. Thanks for that. Sounds decent What's your opinion on Bielsa?
  12. You have a very good squad and Bilic I think will get you promoted Signing Charlie Austin was a masterstroke. He'll easily score 20-25 at this level
  13. If that is the case then I admire their loyalty and sticking to the project but it is a huge risk. They are on 150k at Lincoln from what has been said and turned down £1m a year from Hudds. It's an unforgiving industry. You can be forgotten very quickly. This season will make or break them
  14. I was thinking exactly the same I think the Cowleys have got too big for their boots, either that or they are very loyal which is commendable As you say football is unforgiving and players/managers can be forgotten very quickly
  15. I know everyone has the right to an opinion but the guy hasn't even taken a training session yet People calling it a dreadful appointment are those who wanted Cowley but I honestly don't see the big deal with him. Yes he's done well in the lower leagues but he is untested in the Championship. It would have been one of those where it either comes off or turns out to be a complete disaster
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