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  1. Doubt it mate, in League One it was a factor but in the Championship there are plenty of clubs of a similar size so don't see that being the case
  2. Completly agree mate We're no worse than other clubs when it comes to turning on players. I would say our fans are very supportive considering what we have to put up with. There will always be scapegoats at every club and we're no different
  3. Obviously booing and shouting insults for 90 minutes won't help the team but even without the fans there isn't any improvement on the pitch. I would have expected the team to play more freely and at least test a side like Luton on our own patch
  4. Over the years ex players/managers and even our own fans have claimed the reason our home form is so poor is because there is a fear factor around Hillsborough when it isn't going our way and our fans are quick to jump on the players' backs instead of getting behind them Our four home matches so far in the league this season have yielded just 2 points and 2 goals in our favour So this myth of blaming the fanbase is a load of tosh and has firmly been put to bed. The fact is the manager and the majority of our squad aren't good enough and it has nothing to do with what go
  5. On the Wilbraham one currently, a brilliant insight on the managers he's played under. Some great Martin Allen stories. Modern football is sadly lacking in characters like Allen, Warnock etc. Now it's all high tech, head pieces and tablets on the bench
  6. Half an hour into the Wilbraham podcast. A good watch so far definitely recommend it. Some great stories from when Carlton Palmer was player-manager at Stockport Something that caught my attention is that when Dave Jones left Stockport in 1998 he was replaced by Gary Megson. Strange to think that all those years later the reverse happened at Wednesday when Mandaric was our chairman. Swings and roundabouts and all that
  7. Completly agree mate I don't see the need either. The stories are great without them having to add a swear word in there every 5 seconds
  8. Halfway through the Grant Holt podcast After what i've read on here i'll give the Bircham one a miss. I'm going to give the Aaron Wilbraham one a watch next as he's been around a fair bit so will probably have tons of stories to tell and I prefer hearing about players who have played in the lower leagues
  9. That is a cracking window mate
  10. I wrote Paterson but phone changed it to a double t
  11. We can't complain let's be honest. Given the circumstances and the points deduction recruitment has been far better than we could have expected. The likes of Windass and Patterson will turn out to be key signings in my opinion this season and in the future. Kachunga is proven at this level and on a free is decent business. Loan signings again are proven performers in the Championship. Flint has a wealth of experience and chips in at the other end and Derby fans are gutted they've loaned us Marriott which speaks volumes and Izzy Brown is quality player and is going to be key this season
  12. If it's between keeping Iorfa or signing Hector as his replacment i'd rather we kept Iorfa to be honest Seems likely he'll be leaving though if the bid we've made turns out to be true
  13. Marriott - Yes Gregory - No Both are a downgrade on Zohore but Marriott is still only 26 and he'd be a decent addition. To be fair to DC and the club everyone is in the same boat in the Championship. Not many stand out signings during the window. Mostly loans until the end of the season so given our current position we can't expect much
  14. I do think you're right mate, it is to do with age definitely. My biggest pet hate is social media as we know where players go on holiday, the names and ages of their kids, what cars they drive, who they hang out with etc.
  15. Oh and I forgot about Dean Windass, which for me is the best one up to now. Some of his stories had me in stitches especially the Savage one at the end
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