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  1. To be fair Jokanovic got Fulham and Watford promoted with far better squads than what the pigs currently have and that is before they have sold the likes of Berge
  2. Almost finished the latest one with maddog Martin Allen, part 1 He seems very likeable and a good chap if not a little weird and uncomfortable at times
  3. Yep thought the same, couldn't even bring myself to watch part 2 of the Mills podcast. He just grates on you
  4. Just watched the latest with Liam Dickinson, told some great stories and definitely one of the best. Seems like a real top lad
  5. Back on topic just read that the pigs are in advanced talks with some bloke called Aleksander Blessin who is currently the manager at some Belgian club who are 4th Can't say i've ever heard of him
  6. I don't think Howe is a good fit for a club as big as Celtic. He's a decent manager and did very well at Bournemouth but expectation was low. At Celtic there is no room for error or finishing second. They're expected to win comfortably every week. I'm suprised they didn't offer the job to Rafa Benitez (unless they did) as I think he would have been ideal for a club like Celtic
  7. How the hell is Bruce still in a job? Newcastle made some decent signings in pre season. Fraser and Hendrick on frees, they signed a prolific and proven striker in Callum Wilson and a decent young player in Jamal Lewis from Norwich None are world beaters by any stretch of the imagination but still enough quality for a mid table finish Bruce is bleeding them dry. It's almost as if Ashley is doing it just to p*ss off the fans
  8. Currently in the middle of the Welsh one. Got tears running down my eyes about Carlton Palmer and pronouncing the names wrong. Absolutly brilliant
  9. Listened to the Sky interview by the prince and i'll stick my neck on the line here and say how refreshing it was to listen to an owner talking so transparently. A step by step account of events yet refused to slag of Wilder despite everything that's gone off. The complete opposite of the man running our club who never accepts his share of responsibility and lays the blame firmly at the door of the fans, manager, players, media etc. What struck me about the prince was his loyalty which is a rarity in modern football yet it seems Wilder didn't want to tarnish his reputation by having a relegati
  10. Definitely and didn't they sign Luke Freeman and Callum Robinson for around £5m a piece and then loaned them out to Forest and WBA less than a year later?
  11. Prince bogroll seems quite reasonable to me. I remember listening to him talking to White and Jordan on TalkSport about a month back and he was singing Wilder's praises and was desperate for him to stay and lead a promotion charge next season Wilder has been given cash to spend. If you add up what they spent on Brewster, McBurnie and Ramsdale that's not far off £70m. If you look abroad you could get 3 or 4 very decent players for that. Just look at West Ham with the two Czech lads. They have been a revelation this season and cost a fracticion of what Wilder spent on those 3
  12. Can't see it to be honest considering bogroll wants to cut costs. Jokanovic would be far more expensive than Wilder and he's currently managing in Qatar or Saudi Arabia so will be on a huge packet. They'll end up with Karl Robinson, the cheap option
  13. Just read that they're considering Karl Robinson as their new manager. Decent lower league manager by all accounts but not really achieved anything of note. Put it this way i'd have been disappointed had it been us
  14. How that side finished 9th last season is anyone's guess. Wilder really had them punching above their weight. I can see them struggling next season as it's not easy to arrest a losing mentality. They're a side full of League One players. Stevens, Baldock, Basham and quite a few others. Added to the fact that Jagielka, Sharp and McGoldrick are about 125 years old between them. Heckingbottom or Tindall will get the full time gig in the summer. Prince bogroll wants a yes man hence Wilder getting shown the door. The wheels have well and truly fallen off. It doesn't matter how bad we are dem blades
  15. Hard to see us staying up even after today. I think we'll win a few more between now and the end of the season but ultimately run out of matches Had we beaten Hudds in midweek I would be far more confident but we've dropped far too many points from winning positions and not picked up enough wins against the sides around us As long as we go down fighting and giving it a real go that's all we can really ask for Gutted that we have an international break before Watford as the win today was a real chance to build momentum having picked up 4 points this week
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