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  1. Definitely Pretty sure they'll have to operate under some transfer restrictions. Can't imagine they'll be allowed to spend transfer fees
  2. They're after some foreign guy apparently, no doubt they'll offer 25% of his value knowing it'll get rejected WBA have snapped up a couple of astute frees. Jed Wallace & John Swift so there are good players available but none want to go to the pigs
  3. Agree I think Ashley deserves far more credit than he gets. Yes, he wasn't overly ambitious but he did spend money on the playing squad when the right player became available (£40m on Joelinton, £20m on Callum Wilson etc.) and hiring Rafa Benitez wouldn't have come cheap. Newcastle fans only had to look at Sunderland to realise that in actual fact Ashley didn't do a bad job
  4. What are American matches like? I always get the impression that it's more of a day out rather than a passion for them
  5. I don't get why people are saying we now have too many strikers The way I see it is Smith is replacing Berahino and Wilks is coming in for NML Wilks scored all his goals in League One by playing on the wing so the chances are he won't be used as a striker unless we have an injury crisis
  6. I can't understand why the administrators refused to acknowledge Mike Ashley's interest. I know what Newcastle fans think of him but he was exactly what Derby needed. An astute businessman who would run them in the right way
  7. If it gets confirmed today what a week it has been. Two proven League One strikers over the line, beat off Champ interest to get Vaulks and a defender that made the League One team of the year last season Whatever people may think of Chansiri he is certainly backing DM
  8. When I was younger I visited Austria quite often as I have family there. I remember going to see Austria Vienna vs Marseille in the Ernst Happel Stadium. It was a Champions League qualifier. Marseille won the match 1-0 and it wasn't until a few years ago when I checked back through the line ups from that night did I realise a certain Didier Drogba came on as a late sub. A complete unknown at the time. Also went to Austria vs Germany at the same ground a year later. It was a friendly and Kevin Kuranyi (remember him?) hit a hat-trick Newell's Old Boy's vs Rosario Central is without doubt the most intense match I've ever been to. Never have I experienced an atmosphere quite like it (and I've been to Boca-River). 90 minutes of pure adrenaline and hate between both sets of supporters. I honestly didn't think I'd get out alive, completely out of control. Newell's (the team Messi supports) won 1-0. I've been to around 100 matches in Argentina and Newell's vs Central was just on another level
  9. Pigonomics Bid £2m after Burnley had a £4m bid rejected for the same player Make their fans believe they are doing everything in their power to spend money on new players when there isn't a pot to p*ss in
  10. Signing loan players from big clubs or DM using his contacts doesn't always work out either take the young lad from Arsenal we had on loan last season. I would much rather we sign players like the Rotherham guys who have been there and done it and are far less of a risk especially with no transfer fees involved
  11. Let's be honest even on £14k a week it's good business as they're both proven at this level and and there are no transfer fees involved And it'll also majorly p*ss off the mini pigs
  12. Not saying he got injured deliberately but in three years at the club he was constantly injured and could barely string back to back games together. Yet 6 months before the end of his contract he never missed a match Don't get me wrong he'll be a loss as he's a decent player especially in League One but it was time for him to move on
  13. Glad he's gone Strange how he spent most of his spell with us in the treatment room yet for the last 6 months when he was trying to earn a new contract with us or get offered a deal elsewhere he never missed a match and was always fit Good player but not the right attitude IMO
  14. Just listened to that interview and there is no way on earth he'll pass the fit and proper person test, surely??? What a car crash of an interview The guy sounds absolutely clueless. God pray for Brum if he does get his hands on them
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