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  1. An absolute joke How can Westwood be 3rd choice? Yes, Dawson & Wildsmith are the future but Westwood should be starting no arguments Better keeper and more experienced
  2. Considering the fact we're under an embargo, I find it remarkable that we've been able to hold on to them
  3. Whilst he is at the club KW has to be number 1. I'm all for giving youth a chance but Westwood has to be first choice Great chance to put him in the shop window and push his price up in January

    Love for Jos.

    He was brought in to steady a sinking ship which he did and he did it with half the squad injured. He also managed to get more out of Joao & Nuhiu than any previous manager If jumping up and down on the touchline and screaming at the referee is what you call having character and personality then i'd rather we have Jos

    Love for Jos.

    After 2 and a half years of having to listen to analogies and 3 hour answers it's nice to have a manager that comes across well and gets to the point
  6. I love Pressman, as others have said deserves a testimonial no two ways about it. He played for us for years
  7. The guy blames everyone and everything instead of taking responsibility for his own shortcomings He seems to be overlooking the fact they climbed to 13th and 5 points clear of the drop zone after winning 5 of his first 7 matches Yet he has still managed to get them relegated and are winless in 9 and have only scored 3 goals during that period Yes, you're not only to blame Carlos but put your hands up and accept your share of the blame instead of pointing fingers elsewhere


    Other teams would have come in for him regardless of his recent goals and form Alot of opposition managers have praised him for being difficult to play against so I don't think he would have been short of offers


    He has every right to seek out assurances cos if he hadn't scored the goals he had done recently he would have been released and most of our fans have wanted him gone for a few seasons now Football works both ways but I think he'll stay as he clearly loves the club
  10. IWEDFM


    Just goes to show the value a player can have when used in the right way
  11. IWEDFM


    Can someone explain what the hell has happened to this guy?
  12. Close call between Leeds and ourselves Pigs Hull Barnsley Bradford Huddersfield Rotherham Donny
  13. Top lad Jordan Always comes across well in interviews and things like this proves he is a great guy As others have said hopefully next season he'll come good as you don't lose your goalscoring ability overnight
  14. IWEDFM

    Just goes to show

    I would say on paper with everyone fit we have the best first 11 in the league The problems begin when most of those 11 are out injured as our subs are, quite frankly, not good enough
  15. IWEDFM

    Just goes to show

    Yep, agreed Frustrating to think what might have been had everyone been fit