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    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    I can see it now We beat Hull in the playoff final Now THAT would be ironic


    What has gone on in the past needs to be put to bed DC has made mistakes but by putting his hand in his pocket on deadline day he has shown that he is still committed and is determined to bring us success We have 17 cup finals left to give it a real push for the top 6 but we need to stick together and encourage the team instead of turning against them when things aren't going right I haven't been this positive all season. We are even starting to keep clean sheets so the signs are good

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    We can do it Every season a team from nowhere storms up the league Momentum is with us, new manager, 2 league wins on the trot, 3 new signings and some very winnable matches to come

    So after all that...

    Completly agree We would have ended up with another Pelupessy on our hands Incredible how a new manager and a few signings can transform a club

    So after all that...

    To be honest, it wouldn't have made much difference if we had sold now or in the summer Seeing as we're only 11 points off the playoffs with some winnable fixtures coming up, DC has probably looked at it as one last throw of the dice to gatecrash the top 6

    So after all that...

    Probably Andy Just got to enjoy the ride and see where it takes us. Like Bruce said we're not alone. Half the Championship are also in the brown stuff
  7. We appointed Steve Bruce as manager We kept hold of Westwood, Reach, Bannan & Forestieri Signed a young promising RB for £500k And 2 decent loan signings from a Premier League club A decent month all in all WAWAW
  8. No problem with him starting in Feb, perfectly understandable considering the year he had Football is a massive part of our lives but it isn't everything Good on Bruce for putting family first
  9. Collymore is a lunatic. I would take everything he says with a pinch of salt The guy is a wife beater and offers zero input in football. Decent striker back in his day but that was about 25 years ago The only opinions I value are of those who have played under Bruce, such as Clinton Morrison & Chris Kirkland
  10. IWEDFM

    1st February

    Not ideal to be honest But he is the right manager for us in our situation so worth the wait
  11. We couldn't get better than Bruce so a very good appointment I am just pleased we've knocked on the head the foreign managers who can barely string a sentence together in English
  12. Definitely English manager, experienced, won promotions He'll sort us out
  13. IWEDFM

    Westwood Starts

    Makes me so angry to be honest, Westwood should have been starting all season Watch us win today and keep a clean sheet
  14. IWEDFM


    He has got to go Dreadful in every aspect Team selection, subs, press conferences etc. Freezing out the likes of Westwood & Hutch Lack of clean sheets, injuries Poor results and in a relegation battle No motivation or passion His English is worse now than when he arrived Depressing
  15. IWEDFM

    Official - Club up for sale

    He has made mistakes no two ways about it but in general our fanbase have expected too much too soon. The playoff seasons raised expectations and if you don't get promoted it is considered failiure. I feel for him as I do think he wants us to do well. He has made poor decisions and hasn't reacted when needed. Giving players in their 30's 4 year contracts like Fletcher, and refusing to sell players and refresh an ageing squad It scares me to think who will buy us. Let's be honest he isn't really going to care as long as he gets his money back