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  1. Fair enough but I counted two as Terry is NOT a manager and up to now has never been a manager My point still stands though. There isn't a single world class English manager. Clearly something is wrong
  2. Going back to Gago he is 34 years old and retired from playing last month and he's gone straight into management at the highest level in Argentina. Where as a young manager in England could have relative success for 10 years and he wouldn't get offered a job in the Premier League unless he got there through promotion with his club We need a complete shake up. There is a reason why we don't have a single world class manager anywhere across the globe. Not enough opportunities are being handed out
  3. Howe took Bournemouth up from the 4th division didn't he?
  4. I've named 4 managers and you've named 1 I think my point is proven that not enough young English managers are given a fair crack in the Premier League
  5. You've named one guy who has just got the Derby job in the second division cos they're skint and an assistant manager I'm talking about young managers being given a chance in the Premier League instead of the same failed manager-go-round likes of Big Sam
  6. has just landed his first managerial position since hanging up his boots. He's taken over my local club Aldosivi which is a huge coup for them considering they are probably half the size of Burnley. It's a big risk for Aldosivi as they are in the top flight and it's Gago's first post but clubs here in Argentina are prepared to take a punt on young upcoming managers without experience There are quite a few big name's currently managing in Primera. Apart from Gago there is Hernan Crespo at Defensa y Justicia, then there is Kily Gonzalez managing Rosario Central and Maxi Rodriguez is
  7. He'd certainly be something different but I can't help but think he'd have been ideal when we had Forestieri, Fletcher, Joao etc. Now our attack is inexistant i'm not sure he'd have the desired effect I'd sill take him over a boring defensive sit back and park the bus for 90 minutes type manager
  8. Your World And My World By Albert Hammond (Dad not the son) Brilliant album, not a bad song on there
  9. True but if we don't sign players our fans complain and when we do they still complain so there is no pleasing some When we sign over the hill past it players they complain they were too old and now we have signed a young, promising 22 year old winger they complain he is injury prone But having said that I do agree that we should have a manager in place first and foremost
  10. A manager should always be the one that calls the shots when it comes to training, tactics, signings etc. Yes the chairman needs to be supportive and he decides what money is available to spend but it should always be the manager that makes the final call as it falls on his shoulders if results aren't going their way. I know in Europe the model is different and it's common for a head coach to accept players that are put infront of him and he has to get on with it but to be succesful a manager especially with 20/30 years experience in football has to be allowed to manage the team in the way he
  11. Have to agree and the effing and blinding after every other word. Do they think it makes them sound cooler or something? Some of them are ridiculous they can't string a sentence together without swearing
  12. 60% win ratio in his managerial career to date. Not to be sniffed at Far better than some of the tripe we've been linked with
  13. Could you imagine that happening during the Martin Palermo and Juan Roman Riquelme era? Not a chance
  14. River were robbed. VAR is completly useless. What is the point of it? It causes far more problems than solutions River should have been awarded two stonewall pens and the ref gave one only for VAR to overturn the decision. Also disallowed a perfectly good River goal which would have made it 3-0 on the night and 3-3 on aggregate and possibly taken the game into extra time River were outstanding AND with ten men and in reality could have scored 5 or 6. Palmeiras were shocking. I knew River would come at them but they just sat deep and started taking the ball into the corn
  15. True but he didn't do too badly in his first two seasons when we nearly got promoted. Have to hope he has learnt from recent mistakes in the transfer market
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