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  1. I feel the same way as the OP Don't get me wrong I still want us to do well but something has gone for me I think lockdown has made me realise that I used to take football far too seriously I think it's a combination of factors, the looming points deduction, lost all confidence in Monk etc. I certainly haven't missed football during lockdown
  2. Wrong decision IMO Season should be concluded or voided but you can't promote/relegate clubs with 11/12 matches still to play
  3. I agree mate. As I said he isn't good enough. Perhaps the club are contemplating relegation if we get docked points
  4. I voted 2 He's just not good enough for where we are trying to get to I only voted 2 as he won't be on a big wage and he's a decent back up but we really should be aiming for better
  5. I take your point but he has been here 4 years and it's only this season where he has found some form. He's never been a prolific striker and yes he would be a loss short term but we are talking about a 33 year old on big wages who is coming to the end of his career This is his last big contract so I doubt he's prepared to take a wage drop especially if other clubs are circling which is what we're led to believe. Giving him a similar contract could harm us more than letting him go
  6. Hard to say But if they were to leave I don't see it weakening our team. Fox is awful, the fact he's improved of late doesn't say much. As for Fletcher he's a journeyman striker who has good patches but has never been prolific and at 33 years old he's at the end of his career
  7. How much do you think they are worth? Fletcher is 33 years old who has never scored more than 15 goals a season As for Fox we turned down a £250k bid for him from Sunderland in January My point is even if they had another year on their contracts and we decided to cash in on the pair we'd be lucky to get £1m between them
  8. I wouldn't mind if they left Fletcher has been in top form this season but he's 33 and he's never been that great. He has patches but I think we need younger and better As for Fox if he doesn't want to sign then go. He's never pulled up any trees and in terms of ability he's closer to League One level than Premier League I really wouldn't shed any tears if we lost either or both
  9. In hindsight we should have kept him on when you consider we replaced him with Jos Had we appointed someone like Bruce then I can understand it but Jos was woeful. I honestly think I could have done a better job
  10. I'd take him back but let's not forget both playoff seasons under him were when we played with no expectation. We were able to play freely without any pressure and ultimately that is what got us so close I think it would only work if DC changes his transfer policy. Let's be honest Carlos didn't have a say on which players were brought in at the time yet gets blamed for the poor recruitment I think towards the end he got caught up in his own hype. The £20 note press conference and he often insinuated we were lucky to have him and he turned down other clubs to stay. I think the media built him up too much and he started to think he was better than he was Like I said above, I wouldn't be against it but DC would have to alter his transfer policy
  11. I do agree and did think the same especially when they were struggling to replace him on the last day of the transfer window. They would have saved a fortune not only on a transfer fee but on wages as Maja would have been on next to nothing compared to Grigg
  12. Yes, I agree. It's not as if they need the money. Scrap football and scrap wages for the remainder of 2020 I know it's easier said than done and there would be an outcry if it happened but it would ensure the health of players and help smaller clubs stay afloat
  13. Shameful Money money money that is all they care about Season should have been voided a month back and completly written off. Dragging this out has shown them up for what they are France and Holland have made the right call. Yes certain clubs will throw a tantrum but health of the players/managers is paramount. I know they earn millions but at the end of the day they are human beings and by playing they are putting their familes at risk I would be in favour of any player refusing to step foot on a pitch for the rest of the year. Imagine if they caught the virus and passed it on to their family. There would be hell to pay Football is secondary right now and the sooner the EPL and EFL open their eyes and see that the better
  14. Completed the second series yesterday I thought Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven were a breath of fresh air. Considering they are from the south and didn't have any connection to Sunderland before the takeover I thought they took to the club straight away. I liked the fact they were very open and were prepared to interact with the fanbase. I think their biggest downfall was the fact they ran the club more like passionate fans rather than owner/director. You could see how much they suffered and how much it meant to them and the fact they paid well over the odds for Grigg showed their determination to get Sunderland up (a bit like Chansiri signing Rhodes for us) Sunderland were a club in decline well before they took over and they had an uphill battle from day one having to reduce a ridiculously high wage bill. Players like Rodwell on £50-70k a week for example. Also losing Maja for next to nothing was out of their hands and derailed their promotion bid All in all well worth the time watching the series as it gives fans a good insight into how clubs are run
  15. I miss football in general but if i'm being honest I don't miss the suffering that comes with supporting Wednesday
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