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  1. Thank fizz for that. Just another 45 mins of suffering
  2. True but the ones that have gone none were key players expect Loovens as he was captain
  3. I forgot about him but he was at the end of his career anyway
  4. What is amazing is we have basically the same squad that got us to the playoffs 2 years running Only Wallace and Hunt have gone
  5. I said in another thread Joao needed to start tonight. His pace would have released pressure
  6. Sounds like Brighton playoff away match An onslaught
  7. Keep the updates coming, cheers lads

    Sky sports stats

    Just depressing I've never felt less enthusiastic about a derby Normally i'm a bag of nerves and excitement but our recent form has taken it out of me
  9. I just wish we had a manager for once that just goes all out to win and doesn't hold back Joao should been starting alongside Fletcher tonight
  10. Awful and depressing So negative and defensive Fox in team, no FF, one striker starting
  11. Not nervous in the slightest and I put that down to our recent form. Normally I am excited and nervous a week before but I just can't seem to get in the mood for it Such a bad atmosphere right now around the club. The whole Westwood/Hutch situation, Chansiri abuse which reminds me of the dark Dave Allen days and just our general form and the fact we can't keep a clean sheet
  12. IWEDFM

    Derby day coming

    Anything can happen especially in a derby but to be completly honest I don't fancy our chances