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  1. At this stage it's hard to tell whether he's as good as people think he is. He won promotion with Fulham & Watford but both had very strong squads and stand out players like Mitrovic. This is his first real test in England. An ageing squad and alot of average mid table Championship players. Light years behind the Fulham & Watford teams he previously managed
  2. I think it they lose to Hull they'll be in for a long slog of a season. They've had a nightmare start considering the opposition they've faced. Lost at home to Brum and Hudds, drew with Luton, drew with Preston, beat a woeful Posh side etc. Only test so far has been WBA and they got blown away 4-0. On paper they couldn't have had an easier start
  3. I have to admit I cheered as if Wednesday had scored when it changed from 2-1 to 2-2 on livescore
  4. Great signing for this level, I wouldn't have wanted him in the Championship but for League One he'll definitely be an asset. I said yesterday on here that I can see him doing a Neil Mellor type job for us
  5. In League One he'd do a job for us and he's the type of striker we're crying out for. I was against it when he was linked with us in the Championship but circumstances have changed. I think he could do a Neil Mellor type job for us
  6. Oh and everytime I see or hear him speak he reminds me of Dave from the Royle Family
  7. That Dom is chuffin useless. He never gets anything right. When he says we're not expected to sign anyone a player usually signs within the next 2 hours. He think he's in the know but in reality he doesn't know any more than me or you or just copies what other local journos are reporting
  8. With the way some are carrying on you'd think we've brought in 15 new players. We've only signed 6. It makes sense to bring in Byers as we need squad depth. Let's not forget we've added the Johnstone paint your face trophy or whatever it's called to an already hectic fixture list. Byers coming in does not mean Bannan is off. We've lost far more than what we've signed
  9. Just checked up Byers on Wiki and he comes from my neck of the woods Ilford. Good lad
  10. I don't think BB will leave this summer. Firstly, DC won't let him go cheaply if he was to leave and secondly, if there was a £1m clause in his contract he would have been gone at the start of the window I know we've brought in 6 new faces but we've lost far more than that since the end of last season so I don't think it does mean Bannan is off if Byers comes in
  11. Of course it's a no brainer, he's too good for League One and is still only 30 and has bundles of experience in the Championship
  12. Rooney must be rubbing his hands together as it's win/win for him. He isn't manager material and only got the job based on his reputation as a player. He keeps them up and he's a legend and if they go down it'll be the Derby owner/board held responsible I hope they do go down as they only survived at our expense because of our own wrongdoing
  13. I said it before the Euro's that Southgate should have done everything in his power to convince Vardy to come out of international retirement. I would rather have him upfront than DCL Kane must start as given a chance he will score. How many opportunities has he had? We've been so defensive that we've almost neglected attacking. Southgate is to blame and needs to change his tactics. All that attacking talent at his disposal and we couldn't break down an awful Scotland side
  14. Needs to go, that was awful. No intensity, no urgency and we scraped a draw against an awful Scotland side I fear for us if we come up against a France or Italy
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