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  1. Just heard it for the first time watching videos of our fans from yesterday Top notch that song
  2. God I hope we smash them after reading those comments Nothing wrong with being confident but they are cocky to say the least Anyone would think they are running away with the league but they sit only a win and a draw above us Thank god Fletch is back
  3. It's incredible what having a proper manager can do We have every chance of making the playoffs. Middlesbrough are shocking and the likes of Derby & Bristol City keep dropping points. 5th and 6th places are up for grabs but we have to focus on ourselves and keep winning We have hit form at the right time, just as no one gave us hope we've strung a run together We need a massive crowd on sat to really get behind the boys and give them that extra push
  4. There are plenty of twists and turns still to come 27 points to play for Can't afford any slip ups now
  5. Awful We're just so slow in every department except Aarons. We don't get the ball forward quick enough Bannan's free kicks are Sunday league Just hope we can nick it
  6. So nervous Pray we win We're due a win against the scrubbers
  7. You can't even compare Wilder to Warnock Colin is a proper wind up merchant and loves playing the panto villain and gets under your skin Wilder on the other hand is a cheap carbon copy who tries to rattle us and makes snide digs Colin knew exactly what to do and say to get us to bite where as Wilder has little man syndrome and tries to overcome it by acting big and mouthing off
  8. Of course he's worried as are all the Pigs They've been lucky as until now they've not had to face Hutch or FF in any of the derbys and we normally go into them with zero confidence and form This time is different, we have Bruce leading us, both FF & Hutch fit and raring to go and we're unbeaten in 7 and still have a chance of the playoffs
  9. Never realised neither FF or Hutch had played in a Sheffield derby before Need them both fired up today but with their heads screwed on
  10. Anyone saying playoffs are unrealistic should look at the table We have every chance and even have to face most of the sides just above us At the end of the day we are safe (or almost) so have absolutly nothing to lose or fear
  11. Fixtures are in our favour this weekend Imagine waking up on Tuesday morning having beaten the Pigs and just 3 points off the playoffs
  12. We have this manthink positive
  13. Hard to say Could go either way Tell you what though I feel a whole lot more positive with Bruce leading us At least he understands what a derby means to us fans unlike Carlos and Jos who saw it as just another game
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