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  1. Close call between Leeds and ourselves Pigs Hull Barnsley Bradford Huddersfield Rotherham Donny
  2. Top lad Jordan Always comes across well in interviews and things like this proves he is a great guy As others have said hopefully next season he'll come good as you don't lose your goalscoring ability overnight
  3. Just goes to show

    I would say on paper with everyone fit we have the best first 11 in the league The problems begin when most of those 11 are out injured as our subs are, quite frankly, not good enough
  4. Just goes to show

    Yep, agreed Frustrating to think what might have been had everyone been fit
  5. Why do you continue to lick his arse? He's gone now get over it
  6. And how many times did we score 3/4 second half goals under Carlos?
  7. No It is acceptable now cos it actually works
  8. When 2 or 3 players return from injury THAT is what happens 3 matches 3 wins 9 goals and 9 points
  9. Just goes to show get 2 or 3 players back and the wins follow
  10. It is a stunning turnaround Two players that often didn't even make the bench under previous management are in the form of their lives
  11. That is weird Like others have said the Sheffield bit I can perhaps understand but Nuhiu??? He's an Owl
  12. He's doing well granted but I want to see how they do next season after a pre season under him It was interesting to hear what the likes of Boyd and Reach said in their interviews after Carlos had left. They seemed to imply that pre season and training in general was too light and they weren't pushed enough That would explain our horrendous injury list and players not being fit enough
  13. Carlos do the right thing and just f**k off Enough is enough
  14. Where have I insulted Carlos? All i've said is his time is up. He's wasted millions, he's been fortunate not to have been sacked and we are closer to relegation than the playoffs What is the point of a forum if people aren't allowed to voice an opinion?
  15. Are you for real? Yeah let's just sit back and accept it, loss after loss, excuse after excuse Let's not be mean to Carlos or hurt his feelings I think you need to grow a pair