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  1. HI HO Wolverhampton

    They're doing well and should be promoted but that Mendez is more bent than one of Uri Gellers spoons I would be very weary if it were us. Something doesn't quite add up. Why would the likes of Neves swap the Champions League for the Championship? Money is clearly a factor but he was linked with some of the big Prem clubs
  2. Rhodes emotions

    I get what you're saying but I just don't see Joao being the answer. Yes he took his goal well against United and he has pace to cause them trouble, but let's not forget when he's started in the past he's been largely ineffective and tends to offer more as an impact sub
  3. Rhodes emotions

    Goals breed confidence Rhodes got one and by all accounts took his chance well Yeah, let's put him back on the bench and bring him on for the last 8 minutes Great confidence booster
  4. Rhodes emotions

    You can bet on Carlos dropping him Saturday, infact i'm certain he will He's got a goal and a bit of confidence after last night so just give him a run Carlos I beg you
  5. So Much For Being A Man Of His Word

    He has got to go, enough is enough I said after the playoff semi final defeat last season that he deserves the first 10 matches of this season to get us challenging the top 2 but it just isn't happening If you're reading this Carlos, you've had more than 2 years and you have failed the target set by our chairman which was promotion to the Premier League Do the honourable thing and step aside and let someone else have a shot
  6. Carlos is the problem no doubt about it Giving him 15 minutes here and there doesn't do much for his confidence Give him a run of matches and some crosses and more often than not he will score
  7. Song help

    Cheers mate
  8. Lads, wondering if any of you can help What is the name of the song Tango starts around 6 minutes in? Cheers in advance
  9. One win changes nothing I still don't think he has it in him to get us promoted but I hope i'm wrong and i'll be the first to hold my hands up if he does He clearly isn't going anywhere so he has my full support Let's see where we are in May
  10. Disgusting comments by Carlos What has one thing got to do with another? Turning my back on him doesn't mean I am turning my back on the club, infact it is the opposite. I want him gone so my club can move forward Carlos has changed so much over the 2 years. When he arrived he was friendly, funny and witty. The kind of guy you would love to have a pint with. Nowadays he is boring, predictable and extremely arrogant I actually fall asleep listening to his press conferences. He takes half an hour to answer a question yet doesn't actually say anything You have wasted millions, signed players that you refuse to play and are too stubborn to listen to the fans and change your approach Time to go
  11. Lee Johnson

    If we go down this route i'd rather have Heckingbottom or Dean Smith
  12. So many words yet he doesn't actually say anything Same old same old
  13. From what I remember they were absolutly gutted when they sold him to us He scored some vital goals that contributed towards their promotion
  14. How many league matches has he started this season? 20 minutes here and there isn't doing much for his confidence and not forgetting a lack of service when he does come on
  15. 2 years? He was playing for Blackburn then and scoring for fun Then went to Boro and scored some important goals and contributed to their promotion. Then wasn't given a chance in the Prem under Karanka as they signed Negredo and played him as a lone striker His problems started the day he signed for us