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  1. The fact they have a bigger stadium, bigger fanbase, better training facilities, have been in the Prem more recently than ourselves Sunderland are a bigger club in every way
  2. Sunderland are a far bigger club than Wednesday in every possible way
  3. Of course they are, stop talking rubbish
  4. Hate to say it but if that is the case then we can't compete with Sunderland. Bigger club, better promotion prospects, no transfer restrictions etc...
  5. That is a strange one. He was their top scorer last season. Clearly they have someone else coming in
  6. Nothing really to suggest that though. Apart from one good season at Barnsley he has failed as a manager at other clubs. It's clear as day that he's been brought in as a yes man and not for his managerial ability. He'll lap up whatever the board says and keep his trap shut where as Slav was outspoken similar to Wilder and if he wasn't happy with the board he'd make it known in his post match interviews. Hecky will be the polar opposite praising the board at every opportunity and that is the only reason he's got the job
  7. Just finished watching the press conference and it's the most cringeworthy thing i've ever seen. Not a clue or idea between them. That Bettis bloke or whatever his name is looked completly lost and out of his depth and his eyes scared me to death. The dark bloke at the end of the table spoke for all of 2 minutes and then seemed to disappear whilst the chairman looked like he had just been dug up, what an absolute state. It was like watching a horror film My faith in Chansiri has been restored
  8. Just read a quote from their chairman "Paul won't be judged on results on a Saturday afternoon, he'll be judged on how good the football department is" What the f***?????
  9. That is shocking, a 5 year contract to the bloke who had the job before Slav but wasn't deemed good enough last time around Absolutly LOVE IT
  10. That would be p*** funny having spent a wedge on Jokanovic only to then give the job back to the guy who was in charge before him
  11. Who are they seriously going to get who will be any better? It's not the managers fault if the players just aren't good enough and he hasn't been backed despite a few decent loan signings I could see Warnock taking it on
  12. What a great interview, you can see what it means to him. People say footballers don't care but he is absolutly buzzing
  13. What's the beef between Wigan and Windass? From what I recall they had money troubles and sold everyone of any value
  14. 1. Sunderland 2. Wednesday As for Ipswich there is an argument that even Charlton, Pompey and Bolton are bigger clubs. Paul Cook must be of his face
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