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When was your last game

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Living at this end of the country and having a job which requires me to work weekends means I havn't been to Hillsborough since.....

Saturday 10th Nov 2007

We won 5-0 against Southampton at Home.

So my question is..... Can anyone beat that?

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28th Nov 2009.........West Brom.

my first home defeat since 2004...........I was hoping to bring us luck. :sad:

That was a particularly poo game from a very poor season. Probably count on one hand number of wins I can say I have witnessed of late and that is going as many times as I am at home - at least 10 home and some away games a season. Supporting the team we all love is about as pleasurable in the most part as shoving barbed wire up your arse. Off tomorrow - hopefully see us bannish the demon of the curse of the rams.

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Not missed a home game all season including the pre-season friendlies. Although I do only live a 2 minute walk from the ground. Only been to Newcastle away this season though due to finances *feels like a day tripper*

Exactly the same apart from went to Peterborough instead of Newcastle. Oh and I went to Hartlepool and sat next to Imre Varadi (the Tvvat).

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