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  1. barmyowl1212

    What a night for this lad...

    Tbf Rodney was nothing without Del boy.
  2. barmyowl1212

    Sunderland parking

    I little tip. Arrive early and pass the two blocks of flats outside the ground and before you get to traffic lights there is a small left hand turn with room for about 10 cars. Only one house on the road too
  3. barmyowl1212

    What’s happened to our away support?

    I sat watching an argument at HT whilst eating a bag of Midget Gems. TBF it was far more interesting than both Halves. I dont think my ham and cheese sandwich i made with asda's finest ingredients, outside the ground helped matters as i went into that ground far to stable and level headed.
  4. I personally cant see FF being a racist its just not him. Mardy Tvvat yes but not a racist.
  5. barmyowl1212

    All aboard

    Iv got the Hornby version somewhere. Still in its box and never used.
  6. barmyowl1212

    Atomic Kitten

    Are we going to be singing Footballs coming home as well this coming season?
  7. barmyowl1212

    Forest Away

    You still got that photo?
  8. barmyowl1212

    Forest Away

    Just Mbappe off for a ht burger
  9. barmyowl1212

    Behind closed doors friendly

    Hi Wigan scout Sorry we are not permitted to provide these details although if you forward me your card details i can arrange something. Many thanks x
  10. Exactly they are just basicly flipping up a slow system thats currently in place now for a new one. Wait till the lorries cant get down Rawson Springs road because of all the cars
  11. barmyowl1212

    Can we sponsor the shirt?

    Better odds than lottery.
  12. barmyowl1212

    ffs Wednesday

    Well tbf it wouldnt have been an issue if we hadnt got into Europe. Bloody Wednesday doing well ffs
  13. barmyowl1212

    Jos: DC got it right.

    DC wasnt expecting the third season to be like an episode of casualty.
  14. barmyowl1212

    #OnThisDay in 1986

    Even now its hard to remember with the roof on
  15. barmyowl1212

    Programs would you miss them?

    When i went to watch Real Madrid the program was free in a pile like the metro paper would be.