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  1. About right. Everyone knows you cant play football in a pig pen
  2. Prior to todays 3-0 win over Scotland - Kazakhstan had won 4 times in 10 years... Against Latvia, Faroe Islands, Azerbaijan and Andorra
  3. Sort of game we rock up to and Bolton cant get a team together and still end up winning.
  4. If smoking wasnt banned it wouldnt have happen on monday because they would have been smoking during the match. They are right wet arses, bit of rain and they are all bunched up under what cover they can get.
  5. Its was due to all the smokers down both sides trying not to get wet stood further up under cover. If you cant smoke and get wet dont bother smoking. I got wet walking down to bottom of the Kop going for a wee wee. Came up the back steps to the top of the kop and still they were trying to get down off the Kop. They should stick the smokers right down at bottom near turnstiles imo not near bogs and food outlets.
  6. They can see the grunters game against Villa over at theunwashed.co.uk Much more entertaining
  7. Easy. We are going to start selling magical rabbits.
  8. Yeah should imagine so it always is at weekends
  9. If SYP cant handle derbies at weekend maybe everyone should kick off during the midweek games and get them moved back. Of course im not encouraging violence, just making a point.
  10. We always looked like they were going to score sadly it had to be a DJ own goal. It was so soft too
  11. He's probably just shopping or having a BBQ. Like normal he will turn up when he wants and pull off something unbelievable
  12. On row L in the away end giving those piggy rumblezoids poo when we win 2-1
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