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  1. Kieran Lee swan dive

    one seat per row, 4700 rows. I was on row 3685 and was perfectly in line too.
  2. What mood are you in?

  3. Westy out - ribs

    Iv seen Wildsmith plenty of times and im not worried Westwood is out. He works with Westwood day in day out and he is in the England youth set up. He's got to start somewhere
  4. Open letter to Mr Chansiri

    They may have won todays battle but there is a hell of a lot of games to go to win the war.
  5. Open letter to Mr Chansiri

    lose a game and the wrist slitters come out of the woodwork.
  6. Hillsborough Corner Morning Boozing

    Wednesdayite Lounge
  7. north west corner

    And they are allowed over 32k in there as well. I was amazed how close you are to the pitch even in the top tier. Must feel like the fans are on top of you when playing.
  8. Warnock has just asked for his book back off Wagner on how to beat Sheffield Wednesday. He is going to try and take it to penalties
  9. Herries road ...again!

    He's an idea. If you want to park there on a regular basis why not get a group of you there waiting one game for the scum bags to come down then kick the living bobbar out of them and chuck them into the pond. Police will start doing something then.
  10. Lost, in Hillsborough Park

    explains the bomb squad on saturday night...
  11. just imagine this before the fireworks

    Its fine to read. Im on a computer though
  12. Please dont start. You want to see the level of thickness of some of our fans on Facebook. Total melt down as they have to by a ticket for the match even though they have a ST. Iv just pulled myself off the floor after crying with laughter
  13. lose the stomach mate. im 6ft and fits fine
  14. Club News

    It is there work uniform afterall