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  1. Iv supported him upto now but he has to go. Enough is enough
  2. Hutch is not injured

    Having spoken to Hutchinson on saturday after the game his injury is still niggling him (and clearly annoying him) and he isnt sure when he will be back.
  3. RIP Owls fan Leslie Martin

    RIP Leslie Used to see him up at Buxton FC when wednesday were away. Always used to ask the mrs on facebook how Buxton were doing if he hadnt been for a while. He was such a friendly guy who had time for anyone uto
  4. Lee johnson

    Simple rule. Contact in the box is a penalty simple as doesnt matter how soft. Ref should have booked Bannan if he thought he dived.
  5. Last home match against Millwall i got into the ground with a LED floodlight and a single socket back box from screwfix. I always takes a backpack for the kids food ect and will continue doing so. If a terrorist wants to blow us up he will just have a suicide belt on rather than backpack. Lets face it banning stuff aint going to make a blind bit of difference if someone wants to blow everyone up.
  6. Quickest Ever Goal By SWFC

    18secs Reach vs Villa.
  7. Yeah me, the mrs and the boy. The Boy has yet to see us win away in the league (around 20) and has been to last couple of away games. Sorry folks but i really want to go to Villa
  8. If Pudil can't play tomorrow night

    If i see Reach at left back ever again i wont be responsible for my actions. My fart could do a better job tackling a advancing winger
  9. Thanks, SWFC ticket Office Staff

    Bit different to folk i sit around. Shared hugs after goals. Had in depth chats about how we should change it tactically and general chit chat. What you need is a kid to break the ice.
  10. Hi, barmyowl1212, Yes, I do live on the same 'Drive' as you, and thanks very much for the offer.Unfortunately, I have other commitments on Sat and will be unable to catch the Barnsley match, and having a 'travel sick' child would be no problem to me. I know the feeling well. I suffered from it as a child, and am not the greatest of travellers in my dotage.

    Incidentally, I had an offer from a chap from Leek who works in Buxton T.H for any mid-week matches  Super Wednesdayites. 

    1. barmyowl1212


      Hi Buxtongent. No problem. If you do get stuck for a lift message me and i can tell you if i can or cannot take you. I sometimes have a car full but my nephew has football on saturdays to so doesnt always come now and neither does My partners mum so got more room. All the best Jonny WAWAW


  11. Thanks, SWFC ticket Office Staff

    Hey @Buxtongent We have room in our car this saturday if you are interested as i think you live on same road as me? We are setting off about 9am and park close to the ground. Down side is i have a child with travel sickness. PM me and we will arrange something :-)
  12. People blaming Loovens?

    He didnt push him he tripped him but yes i thought it was outside the box just.
  13. Carlos already has then we have 2 maybe 3 stone wall pens turned down. There was the handball , Fletchers then maybe Hoopers but not 100% on that one. Add that to two at Bolton Handball and Lee's "Dive". Not to mention the freekicks the other teams get and we get booked for yet the other team doesnt. Everything officials side of the match is going against us as well as Poor and Good performances that somehow end up up with 0 points.
  14. Kieran Lee swan dive

    one seat per row, 4700 rows. I was on row 3685 and was perfectly in line too.