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  1. We got to the Ibiza cup Final against Preston didnt we?
  2. Should imagine Walsall are ahead of us in terms of preparation for new season but Cardiff will be in same boat
  3. Id happily buy my seat and rent it out for cup matches
  4. Didnt realise we were playing till they mentioned us 20mins in.
  5. Mr Singh is now a pcso for Met police. His kids are training to be refs though. Can we fast track them for saturday?
  6. Alex neils sides always get a bumming at Hillsborough so no thanks
  7. Yeah because under 11s you have to buy in the shop. Pecks my head as i live miles away so have to buy the expensive option then get a refund in the shop on matchday before the match
  8. If anything as well its made us fans look like dicks as most wanted him before Jos was sacked and made it clear to DC. Now our choice has gone it Makes you think you dont know what to think and when you have thought about it you are none the wiser.
  9. Dont know. Just heard VAR has ruled out both goals though.
  10. If we dont win this we can forget about Automatic promotion.
  11. tbf they deserved a bloody good bollocking they were a joke in that first half.
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