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  1. Was it Over the Line?

    If it does turn out it was over action needs to be taken against swarprick.
  2. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    Bad game? fizz me that was off the scale nearer to corrupt. When the old folks cant remember a ref that bad that speaks volumes
  3. I was on North today but saw nothing. Its becoming a common thing this season with people dying. WTF is happening. RIP fella, Thoughts with your family
  4. Bloody idiots

    Well considering she was three foot tall, on crutches and using the ramp to push the ball she was definitely disabled.
  5. Bloody idiots

    It's proper blown a hole in the gully. The disabled folk were only ones allowed on bowling. Stupid really allowing them on with a load of pissed Wednesday fans in there. Wouldn't have bothered usually but it was definitely aimed to upset them as they were only ones playing
  6. Bloody idiots

    Who ever just threw the banger in the metro done on to the bowling alley when a few disabled people were you are a joke. Nearly sh#t myself drinking my pint and my mrs and boy The disabled people were scared shitless too as one was shaking like made. Total tool
  7. new walk out music

    After saturday this will do
  8. What happens if you get a a flat tyre?
  9. Hillsborough Tap Pub

    Yeah its open to all ages. Saw it on OS the other day https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/january/watch-the-action-at-the-wednesday-tap/
  10. Good Hopefully now people will stop banging on about him going into the first team. His choice not to sign so he can jog on.
  11. So What Are We Drinking Then?

    Absolute cherry Vodka and Coke. So basicly could be Cherry Coke and Vodka but its all in the cherry Vodka.
  12. #RIP Bill

    RIP Bill
  13. Iv supported him upto now but he has to go. Enough is enough