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  1. Exactly they are just basicly flipping up a slow system thats currently in place now for a new one. Wait till the lorries cant get down Rawson Springs road because of all the cars
  2. barmyowl1212

    Can we sponsor the shirt?

    Better odds than lottery.
  3. barmyowl1212

    ffs Wednesday

    Well tbf it wouldnt have been an issue if we hadnt got into Europe. Bloody Wednesday doing well ffs
  4. barmyowl1212

    Jos: DC got it right.

    DC wasnt expecting the third season to be like an episode of casualty.
  5. barmyowl1212

    #OnThisDay in 1986

    Even now its hard to remember with the roof on
  6. barmyowl1212

    Programs would you miss them?

    When i went to watch Real Madrid the program was free in a pile like the metro paper would be.
  7. Jos has had the hardest start to life anyone has had in the championship. He turned a leaky back 4 into a solid back 5 then turned a strike force struggling to get a shot on target and so low on confidence into a battling front line who take their chances. Next up to get rhodes scoring
  8. barmyowl1212

    Wolves ticket details

    Wasn't it last season we had 4000 tickets for wolves last away game with nothing to play for and we sold out .
  9. Often this season iv wanted to get on the pitch and fool a ref. Thats as far as it went. Didnt even make it past the seat next to me.
  10. barmyowl1212

    lets go and pee on wolves celebration

    Im hoping we beat them by 1 very dodgy looking goal
  11. barmyowl1212

    RIP Ian (Milkshake) Hemingway

    Rip Ian. Often saw him at games, always there early doors.
  12. barmyowl1212

    Stadium location?

    You do realise what issues this would cause with the tree huggers?
  13. barmyowl1212

    Sunderland ticket info

    Managed to get 4 at 2pm
  14. barmyowl1212

    Sunderland ticket info

    Home end for me if i dont get a ticket. Never been.
  15. barmyowl1212

    Was it Over the Line?

    If it does turn out it was over action needs to be taken against swarprick.