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  1. Don't worry, called up ticket office and they confirmed it would be. Bring it on
  2. Am I right in saying if I can't get to Sheffield to collect my ticket, it'll get sent to the ground with the Wednesdayite bus? Cheers
  3. Lads, if i book a couple of tickets online now, they'll get sent down with the bus, right? can't get myself to ticket office to pick them up
  4. Anyone know if these ones are in the "neutral end" as it were? And if they are, whether you'd be secluded from the true away end? cheers
  5. centre backs were our best players. needed to get drenthe on a lot sooner, caused havoc with a run and had our best chance of the second half with the free kick. great atmosphere. either team could have and should have won. not a memorable game, a good enough point, move onto the next one
  6. you boys going terrace or seating?
  7. Can't imagine kirkland will sign. surely both would want confirmation of being number 1 before signing the dotted line
  8. http://www.chelsea.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=544099
  9. London or Sheffield is probably more his thinking
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