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    Michael Hector

    Why do the mods tolerate 12 yr old grunters on here?
  2. Pleased for Sterling Weve had some proper wasters in that England team, big reputations, strolling around - I’ve never seen that kid give less than 100% If he starts adding goals to the performances then we’ve got something.
  3. Very valid point. And could be fixed by a simple rule change. Put a cap on how many pros a team can have on its books.
  4. One of the things that I like about Southwell is that he is utterly fearless about blooding these young kids. He is thinking about the future rather than just protecting his nest egg.

    The room for improvement

    Right now I’d swap the lot of them for a top notch right back.
  6. Be funny if they all got injured too
  7. I’m going to imagine that after 12 games everyone has had a pretty similar start in terms of opposition played?
  8. That ball from Onomah for the second goal is lovely.
  9. Imagine waking up this morning and looking for a negative to post…
  10. NYCOWL

    Shocking but happy

  11. NYCOWL


    We’ve been desperate for that extra bit of physicality that he and Hector bring. We look way less soft these days.
  12. He’s got no choice. Theyll be knackered by Christmas