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  1. If Lee doesn’t have the legs that he used to, I bet he could transition to a DM. He’s such an intelligent footballer
  2. Another thought. If Bruce is serious about moving on from that aging playoff squad, is he really going to line up with Lee, Hutch and Bannan in the midfield next year?
  3. As stated earlier, no clubs going to give him a deal without observing him pretty closely over a period of time. Probably a pre-season. He might as well do that with us, if he’s fighting fit in August then I think he will get a year.
  4. If he's pissed off with the leagues stance on us, then maybe it's good news?
  5. I don't recall you ever making a positive post about the club that you "support" Very strange.
  6. The positive spin is that we needed to get that bad in order for the chairman to understand what kind of manager we needed all along.
  7. Ridiculous. Were we supposed to win all of those games? Look at the form table under Bruce. We are top 6.
  8. We slipped up against Villa and Leeds All teams lose games. We just put ourselves in a position where we couldn't afford any mistakes.
  9. I personally think he's as good a shot stopper as Westwood. It's all the other stuff that he need to improve.
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