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  1. Added to the Aids, it’s a bleak outlook. I kid. Get well soon Colin.
  2. The crowd will turn on QPR second half
  3. My understanding is that you could get away with it to an extent if you weren’t getting injured. Playing every day you’re not going to get fat. Hirsty got fat.
  4. You can argue the other way and say if we’d won our first 5 he’d build enough good will to be a success. We will never know
  5. Because ultimately he failed. But he got a lot closer than Owen Morrison.
  6. It's not though. We lost a cup final in the 120th minute. We were so close. Owen Morrison didn't even make double figures in a season.
  7. I think you'd all be crackers to go to a game right now.
  8. Reach as well. And before anyone starts banging on about how nesh he is, I've never, ever seen him hide on the football pitch.
  9. Hope. We have none. A leader would tell you how we are going to get out of this together.
  10. Forest have brought John Bostock on. It could all change.
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