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    Mel Sterland in the Star

    Mel is a lovely fellow, but he's not exactly the sharpest tool in the box…

    Matias wants to stay..

    Yes. Thats exactly how I imagined their rehab goes. Also thought that they’d be spoon fed cake

    Matias wants to stay..

    Well I’d also like to get paid to stop in bed...

    Chris Sedgwick

    Slothroyd My facourite ever Wednesday player nickname
  5. He was incredibly bad. I don’t think I ever saw him complete a pass.

    Atdhe Nuhiu's Goals 17-18

    How many piggyback rides has Joao had this season?
  7. I’ll wager I’m in in the biggest group
  8. Reach is my player of the season, and I’ve rated. him from the start. But I don’t think he’s a true wing back. If we could get a big fee for him I’d take it, I think we could get a specialist in that position and have a handsome profit.

    Rate the season

    3/10 Awful, but I’m optimistic that we can be a force again next season.
  10. I can see him moving on as well. Love of the club is one thing, but he needs to the best for himself. A player who’s just scored 14, basically in half a season, available on a free is going to attract attention. I would imagine he could get himself a nice 3 year deal.
  11. Great day today though right?! You must be over the moon!!
  12. And they were having none of it. You could tell how much they wanted that third for him
  13. NYCOWL


    If he stays, playing in that system, then top 6 is nailed on next season.
  14. Regardless of what’s gone before, he’s looking the part now. The criticism was always that he didn’t contribute enough goals. It looks like he’s well capable of 15 over a full season. im starting to think that unless we offer him a decent multi year deal then someone will take him this summer, you could see lots of bottom half teams fancying him.