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  1. I’d agree with that. He improved a lot last season but I think he’s kicked on this year.
  2. You could have stopped there.
  3. Perhaps. Just perhaps, Wingers who can get 10-15 goals are in short supply, thus very expensive?
  4. I'd be furious if I heard crap like that from one of our players.
  5. Whenever someone says “I’d hate to watch that every week” it means we’ve beaten them.
  6. There’s a proper player in there. I’d imagine he drives Monk nuts, in the sense that if he was more aggressive in his play (not talking about tackling) he’d be a right handful.
  7. Jos was definitely worse. Irvine was hopeless, but he didn't have much to work with.
  8. Oh Nketiah we will never know... Anything about your goals...
  9. When he played 433 you spent every waking moment on here patiently explaining to us lesser mortals how we'd never score enough goals. What would you do with the squad that Monk inherited?
  10. So... You want us to play some players that you've never seen... Because? We are seventh in the league btw.
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