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  1. Glorious TV, Makes me homesick every time.
  2. Hutch said it in the commentary. ”It’s tough for Keiron, he had so long out of the gene”
  3. Well we’ve spent nothing on the ground for over 20 years and look at the state it’s in. People never want to pay for infrastructure, but look where that gets you.
  4. I don’t think anyone is getting carried away. But from what I’ve seen of Monk I think he will have a plan for how to deal with the better teams.
  5. I love Fletch. I’ve never seen anything less than 100% and he’s a proper footballer. Senior Pro
  6. And what do you expect? Do you think if the fan base willed success it would come? We are not the problem.
  7. Talk of a "Split Fanbase" seems way over the top for me. I'm not particuarly thrilled with Monk, not sure anyone is, but I think the pitchforks are a way off.
  8. This is the problem when the chairman doesn't know the game. He's always 2 months behind the rest of us.
  9. That was flipping horrendous. As bad as anything under Jos.
  10. Because theres a good picture of him sitting on a dressing room floor.
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