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Community Answers

  1. It's a big combination of misery for me.
  2. On pens though. The longer the week goes on, the worse I feel. We lost to a good, but far from great Italy side. They were beatable.
  3. Brilliant summary. Going to copy this and send it to my mates and pretend I know what I'm talking about.
  4. Agreed. With everything he's achieved he has earned to right to have another crack. Just idly wondering at what point the FA says "Right, this generation of players is going to have to win something"
  5. I agree with a lot of that. I don't want them to change right now, but pressure is going to come. To add to that, assuming that we won't be hiring a foreign manager again for the forseeable, then who has all of the qualities that you would want to get to the next stage?
  6. I’m interested in peoples thoughts on Southgate. On the one hand it’s impossible to overstate how broken it was after the Iceland game, and the job he has done reconnecting the team to the nation, and in developing the character of those young men. But he’s been outwitted in two massive games now. With this group of players at some point the pressure to win will come. My preference would be for him to stay, and figure out that final hurdle. Can he?
  7. Plenty of other countries have fierce drinking culture too. The Danes spring to mind, but they seem to just get on with it with a minimum of fuss
  8. I got sent a succession of bizarre and disturbing videos (mostly from brownlad) of people being hung upside worth there old chap out etc. what’s going on there? Very 70s rugby club type behavior
  9. It’s all a bit embarrassing though isn’t it. The eyes of the world are on us and we just look like a bunch of deranged bell ends, charging around with our arses on fire. Magaluf transported to Central London A lad I know from here went to Rome and says it was amazing, because “all the fans knew how to behave in someone else’s country”
  10. Agree. If it were all about experience you’d have Henderson taking one. Who knows. This is a raw one. I love all of these kids, I’m more upset for them than anything else. At least when we used to lose I could look at John Terry’s ugly mush, and it would cheer me up.
  11. I felt that Southgate got very little wrong in the tournament, and I love him as a man and what he represents. I want him to stay, but I feel that he’s going to have to find a way to just get a little better in the crunch. If I’m being generous maybe all of the pieces aren’t quite there yet? I like Phillips but I just wonder if he has the speed of thought to get it done at that rarified level. im guessing this is one of the reasons that Bellingham is being fast tracked? Also, hi everyone.
  12. It’s impossible for me to say because I don’t know enough about the lads personality. For example would I have let a 19yr old Gazza take the 5th pen? Yes.
  13. The biggest problem was killing off Tywin L He acted everyone else off the screen.
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