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  1. I think you'd all be crackers to go to a game right now.
  2. Reach as well. And before anyone starts banging on about how nesh he is, I've never, ever seen him hide on the football pitch.
  3. Hope. We have none. A leader would tell you how we are going to get out of this together.
  4. Forest have brought John Bostock on. It could all change.
  5. Genuinely never considered that the younger players might be doing that. Grim.
  6. Explains to me why I need to give a flying fûck about Boro and George Friend?
  7. Vardy wasn’t released because he was too small. Look how long it took him to work his way to the top - his head wasn’t right at that age, took him a while to figure it out. We are well capable of shooting ourselves in the foot without inventing extra fuckups
  8. I can only see Peter Sutcliffe
  9. I’ve met SIJ and I can confirm he’s not a pig. More of a Girafe
  10. It just never ends does it. Short term fix after short term fix.
  11. United got lucky with Wilder. Is that our plan? Keep sacking managers till we get lucky
  12. Best post in a long long time. Im tired of saying it, successfull organisations are well run from to bottom. We haven’t been well run since... Well I don’t remember when we were.
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