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  1. Wallace will be a big asset in this game.
  2. Nigel Worthington

    A full back who could actually defend
  3. Van aken

    He's got the perfect mentor in Loovens
  4. Dom Howson did a good job considering how much ketamine he must bosh.
  5. iFollow

    I've had no problems up to today. Second half was just a complete freeze up.
  6. Quality

    We have plenty of quality. This is going to happen a couple of times a season and I've come to accept it. Still ruined my wknd tho
  7. Colin's Comments

    Add to that Colin has done it with multiple clubs, not always with money. Carlos has serious backing Its a ridiculous comparison
  8. Colin's Comments

    That's just smart. You play the game. Megson did the same and we loved him. Dave Jones would have bought himself a lot more time if he'd done a bit of it.
  9. Colin's Comments

    That's a bit silly. Carlos has had 2 seasons.
  10. Hmm. Its up to Carlos, and more importantly the medical staff to make that decision. Given our record with injuries, I find it a little concerning.
  11. Joost van Aken

    Fantastic. When Bannan is consistently getting the ball in the final third, rather than out half, we look a threat.
  12. Joost van Aken

    This is probably naive question from someone who in no way professes to be an expert on football. But if this lad can pass, will it stop Bannan playing 20 yards too deep?
  13. We've got two very good players for every position. It's taken 5 years and a lot of cash. They'll fade because they don't have depth.
  14. Not even a concern. We have a team of senior pros. They know what's at stake