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Community Answers

  1. While we are at it this game I’d like a young Kate Moss
  2. Overwhelmingly. we seem to be stuck in a pattern. Manager starts to struggle and because I’m more patient than some I think “give him more time” then he starts flailing around and making bad decisions and eventually I lose patience. When they get fired I see people celebrating and I just think “we’ve failed again”
  3. He’s the one for me, if we are being harsh (and we need to be if we are going to go up the level that we need to be) he always seems to need a bit of time to think. Can Bellingham be the one that makes the difference back there?
  4. I think back to the stick Sterling used to get a few years ago. When he was continually our most dangerous player, albeit whilst not yet scoring the goals, and then I look at Grealish who has this devotion. You have to think that it’s about those calves.
  5. I am yet to see in Grealish what gets everyone so excited. Doesn’t mean it isn’t there, I just haven’t seen it.
  6. It's a big combination of misery for me.
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