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  1. Ipswich rating Waghorn at £8-10m. They're not gonna pay that.
  2. Matt_1


    Rhodes and Hirst. I’ll be blocking those 2 names soon.
  3. Matt_1

    Super fit #SWFC players

    Hooper and Lee both running
  4. Matt_1


    He's the gift that keeps on giving. I bet he's got some Dutch contacts to get us some magic cakes in the catering stands as well. What a man.
  5. What about a man who can adjust to exploit another teams weakness? What if our strengths against 1 team will be 3 up top but against another, it will be packing midfield? Or will you only allow negative spin to be put on something about Jos?
  6. Matt_1

    Forgive me if I’m wrong

    I do not forgive you for this.
  7. Matt_1

    Barry Bannan

    Off the top of my head: Ryan Sessegnon, Ruben Neves, Helder Costa, and Tom Cairney are all better than Bannan.
  8. Matt_1

    Barry Bannan

    He's good but come on.
  9. He did, my mistake. Did it on a short-term deal as well.
  10. Karanka hadn't managed anyone at all, in any country, before he got Boro promoted. Nuno hadn't managed in England and doesn't have a promotion from any country on his CV but he has just got Wolves promoted. David Wagner had only managed a reserve team before he got Huddersfield promoted. Jokanovic at Fulham has been a journeyman manager. 7 clubs in 10 years. One promotion in a Thai football league. He's on the verge of getting Fulham promoted. (MISTAKE - HE GOT WATFORD UP. IGNORE THIS ONE) Sean Dyche had been a caretaker manager with no promotions before he got Burnley up and on the verge of a European football spot. Brian McDermott had no track record of promotions from any league when he took Reading up in 2012. So no, we don't need a manager with a proven track record. We need a manager who can - and we have one.
  11. (For the record, I am defending Bundesliga 2 here)
  12. Matt_1

    Hughton and Jos.

    15 game unbeaten run, not an issue.
  13. I disagree - I think next year is a bigger opportunity. I am more worried about Wolves, Fulham, Cardiff and Villa (3 of those will defos go up imo), than I am about Stoke, West Brom and Southampton. I think next years league will be weaker.
  14. Honestly, I haven't been this excited about next season since Uncle Dave told us we were going to throw some cash at it.