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  1. Key point from the Twitter thread posted above. Again, speculation, but research based speculation.
  2. This thread is scary. Speculation, but scary.
  3. 2 weekends of football completely ruining my weekend. Superb stuff.
  4. IMO - we have to start with FF and Harris at home. They will get doubled up on. They will either pull the Swnaseas wide forwards back or they will draw one of the DM's to free up space for BB and Massimo.
  5. I just don't think we can drop Fletch and neither Rhodes or Winall have done enough for me over the last 12 months to warrant a start.
  6. What's your thinking behind that front 2?
  7. Absolutely HATE these TV's that insist on showing the matches in colour as well. Bring back black and white televisions. The good old days.
  8. Just had a quick guess on our next 15. W7 D4 L4 25 Points AKA we are going up
  9. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday/vertragsende/verein/1035 Says June 2020 on here. Might be wrong?
  10. You can't release someone who is still under contract. We'd have to either A. pay him off or B. find someone who will give him a contract worth more than the remaining 6 months here.
  11. Done. Has to be shipped in Jan, although I can't see anyone taking him and his wages, even if we give him away. He'll be released at the end of the season.
  12. I thought we had always lacked wingers? As soon as we had wingers, Fletch, Nuhiu, Rhodes would all come good and bang 30 a season?
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