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  1. Forgot Alex is up there. He must have given his Dad a good overview and character reference of the lad.
  2. Sell the ground, give Brice some money, get promoted, buy the ground back,
  3. Some of the tripe in here. A journeyman, not good enough etc He'd walk into our team and improve us. Most Boro fans say he is their signing of the season.
  4. Did you learn nothing from the bunch of players that fat tail across the city somehow turned into a team?
  5. It's simple - whoever we sell for good money, Bruce should / could have a replacement lineup from the loan market.
  6. Have you misread the tweet? He is saying he wouldn't be here if he didn't think "we will be challenging" - I'm presuming he means at the top of the table? he didn't say "it will be challenging". Even though it will be challenging, obviously.
  7. First Westwood, now Hector. Can we stop with these rumours? They're blatantly pig windups.
  8. If he plays the next 2 and comes through unscathed, I'd put a 12month deal on the table for him.
  9. I had a dream last night that I was his agent, true story. He wanted 35k a week but the club was only offering 10k. Can't remember if he accepted.
  10. Remember, it's the hope that gets you in the end.
  11. We can't afford his wages. £180k a week.
  12. Hooper allows us to play. In a similar way that United can play when McGoldrick is on the pitch instead of Madine etc. Obv he's way better than that penalty missing shybo c u n t.
  13. We use palmer as the last man back from set pieces. Hardly going to get the chances Iorfa gets.
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