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  1. I know we're 12 pages in but the RIP Mr President got me
  2. Please, Dejphon, don't break my heart with a Pulis and Megson nightmare.
  3. Sorry if it's been answered, but what is the fit like?
  4. I have a London address, all worked fine for me.
  5. Cook, Stendel, or GV. Bullen over any of the managerial roundabout crew.
  6. Home end it is. Block Y26. See ya there.
  7. It will be hard for Bullen to do the Managers job. He's a great assistant, a friendly ear for the players. He probably could ball them but he's the one who should be lifting their spirits AFTER a bollocking. Sadly, I can't see him transitioning from assistant middle man to manager. I would love to be proven wrong.
  8. Think I am gonna buy one at full price for the first time ever. Part of it is just to support DC.
  9. I am desperate for Rhodes to have a 20 goal season to send us up. Desperate for it.
  10. Hopefully, like the current home shirt, it makes my biceps look bigger than they actually are.
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