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  1. Signing Robinson from Wigan. Failed the AC Milan transfer with a heart murmur or something?
  2. They sold him to Bournemouth for about £100k didn't they a few years ago?
  3. This is quite a candid interview from him: https://theathletic.co.uk/1785766/2020/05/04/moses-odubajo-sheffield-wednesday-hull-city-brentford/
  4. Disgusting from the lad abusing him, disgusting from the Owlstalkers acting like it's justified. We all know Moses has had mental health issues. To try and make exucses for him being abused is pretty disgusting. Hang your heads.
  5. I would have cancelled a long time ago.
  6. 😂 "You can't trust graphs and data like that because; if you look here, at this other graph and data..."
  7. Usnure I want to tempt fate with that one.
  8. If they lose Henderson and don't pick up someone who knows where the net is, they may be bottom half. Otherwise 12th - 8th is my guess. There is no reason for them to implode, as much as we want them to. Curious to se if Basham's 32 year old legs can still get him up and down the pitch like they usually do.
  9. Are we all ready for the EFL to give us Bournemouth, Cardiff, Swansea, Fulham, Norwich, and Watford for our opening fixtures?
  10. Things are going to get worse before they get better. I can't see any indication that things will change.
  11. My enthusiasm for this club is at an all time low. Couldn't care less really. Cheers DC
  12. I sat in the home end for Fulham Derby in the play-offs. Awful club. Full of boat shoes, pink cardigans over their shoulders, and a Pimm's cocktail stand inside the ground. The poshest set of yuppy Rugby fans that you would ever not want to watch football with.
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