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  1. Feel free to slide into my DM's Rich
  2. Struggling to believe a senior pro would happily spout stuff like this.
  3. Baker needs help although I'm not sure how you defend when the overlapping is coming from CB's.
  4. This will get us at least a 12-0 win.
  5. Matt_1

    Mick McCarthy

    All the evidence I need. Big Mick's the Man.
  6. Matt_1


    I REALLY want him now. Come on Big Mick, sort it out.
  7. Matt_1


    What was the gap between Warnock at QPR and Cardiff?
  8. Is this our lowest point since the darkness of Alan Irvine? I'm struggling to think of a time when so many things were wrong with the club. Jos absolutely has to go. There is no defending this.
  9. Matt_1

    Jos you've failed.

    He's draining. I'm losing interest.
  10. Matt_1


    I decided to ask TSF whether players actually do this or whether it's just a little myth among fans...
  11. Matt_1

    Derby day coming

    I'll be watching it on my laptop, alone, in my bedroom. I've already planned a long day out on the bike the day after as well so I don't have to speak to anyone. Just in case.
  12. I hope we're scouting now ready to replace the ones who will be leaving.