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  1. They have drained me of all enthusiasm for the club. They have 2 games to get me back into it.
  2. Dawson Palmer Borner Iorfa Fox Luongo Bannan Harris FF Murphy Fletcher
  3. The Star website is terrible as well. Loading times on desktop are atrocious. Mobile is even worse. One of the buggiest sites I have been on.
  4. Seen us get played off the park at Brentford, twice.
  5. My Dad would say they are doing him a faviour.
  6. Keep Fox. Keep Fletcher if he takes a big paycut. Goodbye to the rest.
  7. To look at, THOSE Zidane / Beckham Predators. To wear, I have just bought a pair of Nike Tiempo Legends, and they are amazing. It feels like they have actually improved my first touch and shot. I know likng modern boots isn't cool, sorry.
  8. Win percentage of 42% at Bury Win perventage of 51% at Plymouth. If he keeps doing what he's doing, learning his trade, I'd have him here in a heartbeat.
  9. I expect Hillsbrough to become a fortress behind closed doors.
  10. Any tips on how to get here? What I would give to not care, to not be miserable with my Mrs until the following morning.
  11. I think we were playing short balls because we we're playing a 5-4-1-0. Not many options to go long.
  12. A loan punt. Showed promise in Italy. If it doesn't work out, we can send him back at the end of the season. 100% the right strategy for the situation we're in.
  13. Rather have him playing than Joey. Feels like a little battler.
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