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  1. I can't work out if it was their tactics or our lack of (especially lack of plan B)
  2. We're dying for Forestieri to come back. That was dour. No ideas coming from anywhere. Nullified us down the wings and had Bannan and Butterfield/Lee pinned back, cutting their chances to start creating or linking up any play. The only bright spark was Hooper who was at least trying to drop off and create something.
  3. It’s all gone quite

    Can we just flipping ban these topics?
  4. Is there a way we could get 'in play-off places, y/n' on there somehow? Maybe the vertical columns could be a shade of grey if we were in a playoff spot after that game? Great work though, big fan of seeing data like this.
  5. Disappointed to see 4-4-2 and no Lee but I am happy enough I guess.
  6. I'm meant to be doing sober October but I did a Whisky blending night at Chivas Regal last night. Might have to start on the bottle.
  7. Refuse to believe any fan wants him to stay. Every vote to back him is a blade.
  8. Just a rumour...

    Did anyone really think this was true? Really?
  9. Fernando Forestieri

    If we're not going to get rid of Carlos we desperately need this guy to return to be in with a chance of top 6.
  10. You know what. roger it. This football experiment hasn't worked. Let's go back to being a cricket team.
  11. Why are people acting like Carlos is our only chance at playing good football? He's doesn't own the rights to trying to play it on the deck. We could get a manager who wants to play football you know. Just becauses Carlos can't, doesn't mean others can't.
  12. Because Carlos can't set us up to play football means resort to 1980's Wimbledon?
  13. 40% win record VS Carlos' 45% (with millions less to spend than Carlos)
  14. He is the man we need. Him or bust.