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  1. I did try telling you about Westwood when Jos was here...
  2. Strange how Meggo, with all that Pashun, couldn't stop us beinig battered 5-1 by Stevenage. I thought Pashun was all you needed?
  3. We don't need a captain, we need to build a new team of captains. 1 person can't drag us up. We need a group of players who would demand the best from the rest. Roy Keane wasn't the only leader at Man U, Terry wasn't the only leader at Chelsea.
  4. Kop - £4,550 North/Grandstand - £5,550 South Stand - £6,400
  5. Bonkers idea, but great if you have the money.
  6. Looking down his timeline, he looks like he has got a couple right. Although I can't tell whether he is just regugiating obvious rumours. Called a few for Barnsley by the looks of it.
  7. FF to leave Sims replacement Wages saved covers Wickham Would be nice.
  8. You can use the PM function if you want to have a private chat mate. Be careful about inviting strangers round to your house.
  9. This would be an inrcrebile signing imo.
  10. Sinclair confirmed at PNE. Would have loved him here. People have cited his age as a negative but Ross Wallace did a good job here until age did catch him.
  11. That is my point chief. 1 player left 9 days ago, big wow.
  12. Please, let us do something. I would accept an announcement that we have released of some Youth Squad at this point.
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