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  1. Plan your journeys around London with this: https://citymapper.com/london
  2. Matt_1

    Tom Lees

    I had a tenner on Lees first goalscorer. Wonder if I would have got the first goalscorer for that backpass?
  3. Matt_1

    Morgan Fox

    I still can't believe some people booed when his name got announced at Preston at home. Awful behaviour. Didn't let it get to him, got stuck in.
  4. Matt_1

    Ground Sold !

    You could have just quoted the people who said this already in the Bruce thread.
  5. Matt_1

    Something Positive From SWFC

    Beyond bad taste.
  6. Where the fizz are people hearing all this stuff?
  7. Did your mate say which Monday?
  8. Matt_1

    Alan Nixon

    How much money did Bruce burn at Hull? Just curious if the rep of him holds up.
  9. Matt_1

    Alan Nixon

    How accurate is he usually?
  10. Everyone's favourite footy gossip columnist has posted this...
  11. Matt_1

    Paul Clement

    Ahhhh I didn't realise he was so connected to the club. NEXT.
  12. Matt_1

    Paul Clement

    First time I have seen anyone suggest him, great shout.
  13. Matt_1

    Paulo Fonseca

    Back then when we knew nothing of our financial woes, it wasn't unrealistic. Now we know we're skint, it's beyond a dream.
  14. Matt_1

    Jordan Rhodes

    Rhodes up top being fed by wide forwards when Holloway gets the top job = 30 goal season.