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  1. It's phooking massive. I bought it on my kindle not realising it was an 800 pager.
  2. MOM, even without the assist he's just managed to come up with. Quality.
  3. My biggest regret is coming up with the ‘Nightmare on Jihadi John St’ last season and not this season. Much better for the current shitshow.
  4. Quoting myself and @SallyCinnamon – they know we’re right
  5. Who the fizz will come here now Chansiri has turned us into a joke.
  6. Can you imagine? Doing a Derby becomes doing a Sheff United? Their name becomes a byword for Premier League failure. Absolutely incredible stuff.
  7. We’re not winning though. It’s poo football with poo results. I’m in London and I wouldn’t even go to the London Owls pub to watch it and that’s free. Our ticket prices and this football. Outrageous.
  8. That band makes my skin crawl, hate them.
  9. TP trying to get himself abducted by aliens. He sees it as his only escape.
  10. When has that stopped us before?
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