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  1. We use palmer as the last man back from set pieces. Hardly going to get the chances Iorfa gets.
  2. Ben Mayhew, a decent all-around stats and probability guy on Twitter posted this. It takes into account everyone else's fixtures, as well as everyone else's form. (credit: Ben Mayhew, @experimental361)
  3. Top half and I will be happy. The chances of playoffs are about 5%.
  4. 2nd whisky hasn't calmed me down. fizz me. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  5. The big match players need to turn up tonight. Feeling good about him and Fletcher up top. A fired-up Fernando, let's f u c k i n g have it you red and white scumbag f u c k s.
  6. Complimenting Wilder and saying it how it is with them being contenders. Let's see of CW gives Bruce the same respect.
  7. What is Middlewood Road Park and Ride like on Matchdays? Maybe an unpopular opinion but I think turning that wasteland/carpark into retail units which will create footfall on non-matchdays outweighs the loss of the carpark.
  8. 100% going to sneak 6th on the last day of the season.
  9. Only a win will do after we embarrassed ourselves at their place earlier this season.
  10. If Bruce plays Joey after dragging him off at half time against Millwall I will be pretty disappointed.
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