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  1. It can take up to 12 months for the crown to start growing properly.
  2. Did you watch Swansea when he led them to their highest Prem finish?
  3. Monk will do well. Without sounding like a wee pipe, I think a lot of people are going to be eating their words.
  4. He's just flown back from Thailand. Pulled an all nighter and has run out of whizz to keep him awake.
  5. If it is Monk: He managed 2 and a half seasons in the Prem with Swansea. Missed out on the play-offs with Leeds on goal difference when they had that nutjob chairman. Kept Birmingham uup after they had a points deuction. A million miles better than Pulis and I would definitely have him over Bullen.
  6. So, this is make or break for the 2019/2020 season.
  7. I like this thread but I don't think it's gonna get the same numbers Dotty managed for lump on Rowett. Shame really.
  8. IF this was true, we should all be prepared to give them time.
  9. I thought that until I was on a train carriage with him at Milwall. Banging train windows and shouting 'cockney c*nts' at random people on the train parked next to us, not football fans, just general members of the public. Hardly crime of the century but still, embarassing. The guy is a bellend.
  10. If he doesn’t get a really good number 2 in, we’ll fail. You don’t promote academy managers with zero experience when you don’t have much experience yourself. if he does, I believe he will get us top 6.
  11. This is why The Athletic is worth paying for. A great article today with Roland Nilson as well. Free journalism like the Star online is in a dire situation. Did I mention you can get 40% off The Athletic by clicking HERE? (Discalimer: I get a bonus if you sign up)
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