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  1. The only way they will stop it is if they throw the clubs out of the Prem and ban the players from playing for their country.
  2. Any time you see something like this going viral, it definitely did not go wrong. Everyone is talking about it. Exactly what they wanted.
  3. Big fan of Alex Scott – comparing her with some of the male pundits we have to endure is night and day. She makes Merson, McMannaman, Ashley Cole etc all seem like complete amateurs.
  4. Straight from kickoff you could see the ideas, the movement, the triangles. Long may it continue.
  5. Is this for me or the OP? I sometimes use my laptop to design with and need plenty of real estate.
  6. Will be getting one as soon as they do the 16"
  7. That’s pretty damning on the man of the people.
  8. If Celtic are really in for him he'll give 'inside info' to every contact he has to make it look like the board made his position untenable. First on the blower – Biggseh
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