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  1. Denim

    He's the gift that keeps on giving. I bet he's got some Dutch contacts to get us some magic cakes in the catering stands as well. What a man.
  2. What about a man who can adjust to exploit another teams weakness? What if our strengths against 1 team will be 3 up top but against another, it will be packing midfield? Or will you only allow negative spin to be put on something about Jos?
  3. Forgive me if I’m wrong

    I do not forgive you for this.
  4. Barry Bannan

    Off the top of my head: Ryan Sessegnon, Ruben Neves, Helder Costa, and Tom Cairney are all better than Bannan.
  5. Barry Bannan

    He's good but come on.
  6. He did, my mistake. Did it on a short-term deal as well.
  7. Karanka hadn't managed anyone at all, in any country, before he got Boro promoted. Nuno hadn't managed in England and doesn't have a promotion from any country on his CV but he has just got Wolves promoted. David Wagner had only managed a reserve team before he got Huddersfield promoted. Jokanovic at Fulham has been a journeyman manager. 7 clubs in 10 years. One promotion in a Thai football league. He's on the verge of getting Fulham promoted. (MISTAKE - HE GOT WATFORD UP. IGNORE THIS ONE) Sean Dyche had been a caretaker manager with no promotions before he got Burnley up and on the verge of a European football spot. Brian McDermott had no track record of promotions from any league when he took Reading up in 2012. So no, we don't need a manager with a proven track record. We need a manager who can - and we have one.
  8. (For the record, I am defending Bundesliga 2 here)
  9. Hughton and Jos.

    15 game unbeaten run, not an issue.
  10. I disagree - I think next year is a bigger opportunity. I am more worried about Wolves, Fulham, Cardiff and Villa (3 of those will defos go up imo), than I am about Stoke, West Brom and Southampton. I think next years league will be weaker.
  11. Honestly, I haven't been this excited about next season since Uncle Dave told us we were going to throw some cash at it.
  12. Well, no it isn't. But King Jos is still the 3rd most successful manager in the history of Bundesliga 2. And look who trails behind him in 6th place? He's not doing too bad for himself now, is he? He made the step up. Jos is the man. Jos will take us up. I'm putting £100 on it.
  13. Bottom Three

    I agree though. Would be a good signing. Still only 27.
  14. Bottom Three

    What part of 'bottom three' made you think 'top 6'.