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  1. I love remembering moments like that and different peoples experience of them. We were canoeing from Fort William to Inverness on that day. We pulled up on a headland, fizzed. While a mate went to ask the farmer if we could stay on his land, I turned my phone on and saw the result. I remember being absolutely buzzing, dancing around on the banks of Loch Ness. Back on topic. Really rated Keith. Would have liked us to sign him. I am presuming his drinking issues stopped us from doing that.
  2. Played consistent football at Championship level for the last 8 years. As long as his wages are sensible, it's a no brainer. Better that what we currently have. He's not the wrong age either. We have signed plenty of youth in the last fe wweeks. A couple of experienced heads isn't a bad thing.
  3. I can remember going there with school 18 years ago. Must not have been upgrading them that much?
  4. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/oliver-norwood-on-why-sheffield-uniteds-training-ground-facilities-have-left-players-disappointed-3301957
  5. Good old nostalgia. Things were always better in the good old days. Even when they lost, time and time again.
  6. Would take it, really nice that. Not sure I would pay DC prices for it though.
  7. I love this question. Like us, as fans, should be keeping track of the people who want to buy football clubs.
  8. Mate is Spanish – let me check if he is interested.
  9. I can't see Charlton being 2nd bottom or Portsmouth being bottom. Agree with us being 3rd bottom though.
  10. It’s all ifs and buts though. If Scotland had scored. If Croatia had scored. If Germany had scored. If the Czech Republic had scored. None of them did. That’s not leaving anything to chance. You don’t get 4 clean sheets on the bounce through luck and chance.
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