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  1. Ok you changed my mind. I will subscirbe until the next time anyone at Sheffield Wednesday SPEAKS OUT.
  2. To be honest, I have been waiting for the perfect time to reply to one of your posts with a 'looks like he's really SPEAKING OUT here Owlstalk' but the right opportunity has never come along. I get the joke. I quite like it. Not gonna subscribe though.
  3. Liverpool, City, Chelsea. Liverpool without VVD and Allison but I'd still not expect anything from the next 3. Great stuff. Can't see them beating any of those, but they might scrape a draw or 2.
  4. Fulham sloppy as fizz. Not a chance of them getting anything today. Pigs cutting them open.
  5. Usually I dislike Fulham, but fizz me. What I would give for them to beat them piggy kuntz tomorrow.
  6. I would rather lose him for free in the summer and have him help us stay up this season.
  7. You need a mixture of youth and old heads. Flint would be a great old head to add to the dressing room.
  8. Thought the same about Berge. They all go on about how easy he makes stuff look? It's not difficult to jog around and pass sideways. He doesn't seem like much of a ball winner either, nor does he attempt to take players on or create attacks. Rather have Fleck or Norwood, any day of the week.
  9. To have a must win game this early on in the season is brilliant. I hope Michael Jackson is looking down on Fulham and gives them some good fortune.
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