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  1. You don't give hand your card mate, you just tap the little contactless payment thing.
  2. The price of living is going through the roof. Inflation, gas bills, food bills etc. Even if we start doing well, I think there is a lot out of the clubs control atm.
  3. Not many talking about his broken leg anymore
  4. Short excerpt from a great review on S24SUBDTBLWTFSTFU, and not just because it says they are ********. I love reviews like this that are well written but brutally honest. It makes it better that it is about them, but fair play to this poster for not trying to gloss over anything.
  5. I absolutely love this club. > Be Wednesday > Have 100 attackers on the books. > Manager does an interview > Talks about a secret CB we are trying to sign > ???? > Sign an attacker.
  6. Could it not be someone whose club will agree to terminate their contract? Or can we only sign free agents?
  7. You don’t need to go daft with big boxes of brown fried sludge. Just do the basics, but do them well. Example: the pies you get at Watford. Lad lost his job in lockdown. Started making pies. Set up a business delivering them round east London. Just got a new unit to expand, and does some matchday pies in the Watford home end. Do Wednesday give any local businesses a shot? Get rid of pukka pies and poo like that. I mean, look how good these pies look. https://instagram.com/willys_pies?utm_medium=copy_link
  8. Matt_1


    Going to watch it again this weekend.
  9. The bottom side of Galsworthy Road should be ok. used to get busy when we were in the Prem, but not so much anymore.
  10. Matt_1


    Surprised there is no thread for this. Watched it in Imas the other day after finishing the book last week. I can't stop thinking about it. Unbelievably good. Makes Star Wars seem like kiddies fantasy.
  11. Has to be it. We’re stale, static, not showing even the smallest signs of progression.
  12. Mate was working in the pits at the Nurburgring a few years ago. Not F1, some general racing whatever. For the evening, there was an events tent on the grounds somewhere. Helicopter approaches, lands. Out gets Schumacher, all totally unannounced. Mate said there were Germans there literally crying. The place went nuts.
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