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  1. Mate was working in the pits at the Nurburgring a few years ago. Not F1, some general racing whatever. For the evening, there was an events tent on the grounds somewhere. Helicopter approaches, lands. Out gets Schumacher, all totally unannounced. Mate said there were Germans there literally crying. The place went nuts.
  2. What is legendary about Peter Swan, the disgraced footballer who embarrassed SWFC?
  3. Are pigs still coming here and pretending to be Wednesday? I mean, having a username dedicated to a cheat is a big giveaway.
  4. How many 'reality checks' before we accept the reality that we're just an average League 1 side?
  5. Why ask the expert? You clearly know the answers to those questions. Why don't you go ahead tell us? References to your sources would be great as well. Preferably peer reviewed papers or journals.
  6. I think plonk should deactivate their account after being schooled on a level as extreme as this.
  7. I think this is a great idea actually. Should be pinned under the Matchday thread.
  8. That trailer is so poo. Special effects look pants. Very disapointing.
  9. They probably started drawing those plans up before Lord Wilder had paddled them up poo creek.
  10. They’re not there to pay you market value, they are there to buy your car without you ******** about putting it on eBay and dealing with viewings.
  11. did you just copy and paste the screenshot I posted
  12. This isn’t going to end well Calling the chairman out in person.
  13. QPR mate down here said he would have been a lot more disappointed in him leaving if he wasn't always playing for Aus in the Asia Cup in January and being a bit injury prone. Good player, when he can play.
  14. My god, this implosion is absolutely lovely. After their successes, this catastrophic situation couldn't have come a second too soon.
  15. Next window is when Haalnd is in his final year of his contract though I think. 29 year old Kane or 22 year old Haaland? Whoever advised and helped Kane sign that 6 year contract when he did wants shooting. But then again, Spurs looked like they were going somewhere at the time with Poch, the stadium etc.
  16. Foolish for staying imo. Runs the risk of not winning a single trophy. Would be a massive shame.
  17. Good lad. Speaks well. Sign him up permanent DC. Will solve our keeper issues for the next 8 years.
  18. OH MY ******** GOD. I CAN'T BREATHE.
  19. Still a draw Still in the bottom 3 Still a ******** joke of a club
  20. My god, what an incredible start to a season this is
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