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  1. He’d be a huge signing for our system Perfect fit
  2. You stop looking for short term solutions when you’re back in the Championship Until then, just get up
  3. Hunt, we’ve offered contracts to 2 right full backs
  4. Hasselbaink, with Loovens as assistant
  5. Amazing technical and physical ability in flashes as a keeper, but the lad needs games to get the basics right I don’t want us to be the club where he makes his mistakes There’s a big pool of keepers that will get 8 out of 10 every week in L1 All the best BPF
  6. Sunderland deserved it, battled for every scrap of football Hope they don’t go up mind, I really don’t want to go to Wycombe again next season Or ever again, for that matter
  7. 100% Forest Green right back Wilson is supposed to be on Wednesdays radar too
  8. Once the balls in the box you can throw a coin for who wins it Storey needs to just wipe the ball and player out, with no risks taken on letting him turn and run at you NML was a poor sub mind, his skill set is running in behind and pushing teams back, they were already parked on the edge of the final third Bringing him on made us unnecessarily vulnerable down that side Cost us dearly
  9. Easy to say in hindsight Plus Dunkley’s been the victim of letting the far post runner slip him many times, he’s a ball winner in the air, but he always struggled tracking runners for us Not sure if its the injury that’s done him or what, but I’d rather have Palmer on the park over him Going forward we need a left sided CB if this system is to be consistently successful
  10. He’s had 3 injuries this season Sounds perfect
  11. They just read the keep, sell, release thread
  12. When you’re disillusioned to start, it hurts much less, as it’s kind of expected We’re a cocktail of failure. Predominately down to the owner and some of the legacy players in the squad It’s hard to build up a strong belief of success whilst nothing is really changing in the leadership structure of the club Last night was all a bit meh
  13. Apparently offered a contract to Kane Wilson at Forest Green Right full back
  14. Windass will be sold to pay a half the wage bill
  15. I’d try and keep Storey and Luongo and release the rest but there’s next to no chance Luongo will end up back in London or abroad, that was his last game for us PNE will likely want to look at Storey again after he changed our season We’ll probably end up with John Jules back if Moore is still in charge
  16. I can’t drag any optimism out of the thought of another season under Moore He’s contradicted his overall strategy throughout the season The over loading of the squad meant that he constantly swapped, changed and shoe horned players in just to keep them happy. This effected fitness and consistency The mismanagement of games at the hour mark cost us so many games, with baffling substitutions in key areas from day 1 of his tenure The play offs just didn’t happen, a large chunk of responsibility sits with the players getting outfought, but Moore is employed to bring the best out of them For me, he had a pop, didn’t happen when it matters and we move on and find another manager
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