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  1. I’d have kept that one quiet considering the 10 year season ticket strategy
  2. No real plan at the top then We’re just going to plod on with Garry Monk, aiming for enough points to make the play offs Tremendous
  3. It would be nice for this to be an interview that covers his vision going forward. Show signs as a chairman he’s adapting and learning from the embarrassing, costly experience. However I fear it will be a combination of subtle knocks at that fan base, laced with veiled threats to leave.
  4. Hopefully the end of Bournemouth’s run at the top poo little club
  5. Wasn’t it a 1 year agreement? Not been any noise from the club RE extending it in recent weeks Won’t pay Beattie’s compo either All seems half arsed
  6. Ask the Thai billionaire family
  7. Do I think Ashley would put Wednesday at the top of his list for potential EFL clubs to buy - Yes Do I think Chansiri would put a realistic price tag on the club to sell - Absolutely not
  8. Just login after 20 minutes, all wednesdayites will have turned it off
  9. Law of averages a player will soon test positive and there will be no option but to suspend/ end the season NBA have suspended all basketball after a player tested positive in a pre match check Its the only solution
  10. Well hopefully the EFL judgement will lead to him moving on Either way
  11. I’m working to the final renewal deadline, but ultimately the majority will have been captured within the early bird, those numbers will be significant as you say but they are queueing up, Chansiri said so himself
  12. Regardless of manager/ head coach, nothing will change until Chansiri sells up The vote of no confidence started with the attendance in the City cup game More fans see the underlying issue Season tickets will drop at a HUGE rate Chairman, please sell up
  13. Because the loyal fan base are meant to prop up the clubs income as the owner risks it all, with no contingency strategy?
  14. Fair insight to the situation We live in hope he does sell up I don’t think for a second he will find anyone to pay what he expects though We’ll just plod on, aimlessly down the league, appointing manager after manager to deflect the blame away from the real problem
  15. Within 4 seasons Chansiri has increased our pre tax losses up to -£35m, prior to the transfer of the ground, which we have been charged against -£35m in annual losses Further to that, we can then shortly be charged with any of the following 92.2.6 order a suspension of membership of The League; 92.2.7 order a deduction of points; 92.2.8 impose a financial penalty payable to The League; 92.2.9 recommend expulsion from membership of The League; 92.2.10 order a withdrawal or loss of benefit otherwise available to members of The League e.g. b
  16. Barring Monk, who’s he phoning and emailing amongst a senior leadership team? We’ve nobody in place, that’s my point I have my opinion, he needs to leave to save the club of damage we will never recover from
  17. He owns and runs the failing business? You’d assume his presence is required to rectify the numerous fatal flaws within the club On the pitch we are shambolic with absolutely no identity Off the pitch we have been charged with breaking FFP rules and have no clear strategy to remedy the issue The ground is in desperate need for refurbishment and sections have been closed The academy is clinging onto its status and again needs further swift investment If he doesn’t turn up to sort out this mess, then who does?
  18. I’m sure Lincoln, Shrewsbury etc will enjoy playing on it next season
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