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  1. Its not a mood is it Its reality, we can’t beat the dross in this league with a 2 nil start Its a fact
  2. We got spanked, after winning 2-0 There is nothing in this side to evidence a crumb of survival hope Absolute embarrassments
  3. Have you been in a coma for the last 4 weeks?
  4. CHANSIRI FLAGS IN THE GROUND Who put them there? Can you take the down? Cheers
  5. It is a sad state of embarrassment Pathetic owner Poor squad Doomed
  6. Chansiri has run the club like he was the number 1 customer Complete lack of understand for the area, the city, the people it serves, the community it galvanised One bad decision after another over the course of his tenure, piece by piece being chipped away. The club has lost the identity that was respected in the game, it’s soul Worst case scenario We will lose generations of fans because of Chansiri, if there’s even a club left to come back too Absolutely grim
  7. People have really tried to support this idea after the last few fans forums? Why would they think Chansiri will listen to a word Pointless
  8. Anybody interested in the club as an investment will be waiting for this season to end COVID impact plus relegation Why take risk
  9. Dunkley injured then? If not, the decision to sub him is up there with Monk playing Forestieri at left back
  10. Why accept responsibility when you can just buy another golden elephant?
  11. I’m shocked to the core The management of our playing assets at the club is usually so water tight
  12. Offer Lillian Thuram a 4 week contract at 2am in the morning?
  13. Short term contract because there is no long term plan What an absolute mess Winging it one month at a time
  14. Quite a few of Bruce’s media allies alluded to it before the Newcastle mess tbf
  15. Assume it was down to the reality of our FFP case and a points deduction which would completely change the complexity of his summer recruitment and achievable goals for the season ahead Pretty valid concern really
  16. Aye Because it’s not like there’s half a dozen league clubs mid takeover at present is it Clearly deluded
  17. Admin? You think there is no viable investment alternative on planet earth?... “I said (the club was up for sale) in our forum because our fans say, ‘We not good, the chairman not good and you should change, you need to bring another one here’. “I wanted to tell all the fans we have problem with FFP (Financial Fair Play) and to spend money is difficult. If we spend over we break FFP. It is not like I don’t have money to spend. I told the forum, ‘If you think I am not good enough then I put up for sale’. “Some say maybe no-one want. But I w
  18. Starts with him setting a realistic fee for the club As opposed to making snide comments at fans who have lost total confidence in his ability to run the club It’s not surprising but equally it’s still bizarre that he asks fans to buy him out Easy to say from the wealthy, privileged perch he was born on Plenty of people out there who could do a much better job with a fraction of the money he has thrown away
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