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  1. I sat behind a pole a few years back. It also rained and water leaked throught gas between roof and pole. Plus I think we lost 3 nil. Grant Holt played. Good times.....
  2. Hallam has a student population of approx 33k. Sheff Uni approx 27k
  3. Which is reflected on the pitch. I hope we win every game we play, but I don't wish financial ruin on any club (well, maybe Leeds). That only hurts the fans.
  4. Wishing misery on another club, when we were so close to the edge of collapse ourselves not long ago seems like a bad thing.
  5. It will be the same staff. swfc will be obliged to 'tupe' all employees onto their books
  6. Only family section left by the way. All else sold out.
  7. Well that was an ordeal. I already had my ticket, but my 8 year old wanted to come, so I had to wait until today to buy 2 more as he had no points. I now have more tickets than I need. Surely going to be a few in the same situation
  8. I see a car share opportunity. Call me Cilla.
  9. It's all up, but can't be tuned in. Getting an aerial from Argos will fix it
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