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  1. Australian. Looks a bit old and over fed to play up front.
  2. He’s been on crutches since the 90’s?
  3. It’s all I can afford these days…
  4. I bought 2 at 18.15 this evening. At that point it said there were only 3 left. Managed to get 2 together. This morning there were none available, so assume these are now returned tickets being put back up for sale
  5. I did the same. Rather of had the cash in my account than leave it in Ryanair’s bank account. And Ryanair’s attitude over the years means people have little loyalty to them. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. SWFC you would hope would understand the loyalty of football fans, it’s not just a regular customer relationship
  6. Whatever peoples opinion or angle is, this was 100% in the clubs control. They chose to screw up, plain and simple. They chose the bad PR, obviously deciding that the bad PR was worth it in order to make a (weak) point. The press isn’t to blame, the fan in question isn’t to blame. It’s like having Dave Allen back in charge…
  7. Absolutely this. Someone was soo fed up that they were prepared to take legal action against the club. And yet, that person is so loyal that they returned to spend yet more money with SWFC. Upon return of that loyal customer, we decided to kick him in the böllocks AND refuse his money. Bonkers and petty minded
  8. Wonder if the players have had to cancel their summer holidays? Must have, with all that close contact on the plane, foam parties, pool parties and socialising…. Maybe covid isn’t in Dubai or La manga??
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