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Community Answers

  1. He nearly got us killed a few times at away games, this was 7 or 8 years ago Loose cannon to say the least
  2. After a shocking season with us he was lucky to get picked up by a Champ club At such a cross road in his career, that injury is a cruel one Imagine he’s in bits that he’ll likely be out for the majority of that deal, if not all of it
  3. Because he’s someone who has interest at champ level and we can likely make a decent return on him Ultimately we need money to assemble a team a new team
  4. Our key signings seem to be on the back burner until we get Paterson, Borner and Wildsmith out the door Experienced GK and striker have to be main targets
  5. Since we missed out on Ben Amos, you’d think we are targeting experienced We can’t afford to carry the current 2, it will cost us too many points Hopefully we find a swift solution to the years old problem
  6. A keeper is number 1 priority There would be no chance of a top 6 finish when both of these plums cost us a goal a game Worst thing Monk did was keep Wildsmith and Dawson, even worse than playing Forestieri at left back down at Luton
  7. Barnsley potentially Limited to who they can employ from the foreign market and already big fans of him
  8. He clearly has no intention of staying Reading between the lines you would assume the extended deal included a small release fee so we didn’t lose him for free upon relegation We get a small level of income, he gets a move back into the championship or Scotland
  9. Doesn’t really sit right that this was released prior to a full wave of refunds for the 19/20 season Should have been the priority
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