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  1. Quite a few of Bruce’s media allies alluded to it before the Newcastle mess tbf
  2. Assume it was down to the reality of our FFP case and a points deduction which would completely change the complexity of his summer recruitment and achievable goals for the season ahead Pretty valid concern really
  3. Aye Because it’s not like there’s half a dozen league clubs mid takeover at present is it Clearly deluded
  4. Admin? You think there is no viable investment alternative on planet earth?... “I said (the club was up for sale) in our forum because our fans say, ‘We not good, the chairman not good and you should change, you need to bring another one here’. “I wanted to tell all the fans we have problem with FFP (Financial Fair Play) and to spend money is difficult. If we spend over we break FFP. It is not like I don’t have money to spend. I told the forum, ‘If you think I am not good enough then I put up for sale’. “Some say maybe no-one want. But I w
  5. Starts with him setting a realistic fee for the club As opposed to making snide comments at fans who have lost total confidence in his ability to run the club It’s not surprising but equally it’s still bizarre that he asks fans to buy him out Easy to say from the wealthy, privileged perch he was born on Plenty of people out there who could do a much better job with a fraction of the money he has thrown away
  6. Let’s hope this contract gets agreed and signed He’s managed to shine in the majority of his appearances Made the step up from u23 look easy
  7. Would be a wise choice tbh Cook would be a decent manager for this squad of players, and likely repair some of the PR damage off the field caused by owner in recent weeks Saying that, we’ll probably appoint Lilian Thuram at 2 in the morning
  8. Bannan been offered the left leg off the golden elephant ?
  9. Rolling contracts until the end of the season have been the common approach under Chansiri
  10. Sorry I thought the original post was crystal clear It was in respect of how our strategy is destined to fail from the start We’re looking to appoint the next manager on a deal that rolls until the end of the season, re-sign players on multiple year deals with no idea of knowing they will actually fit into the managers plans, and we’re plodding into the repeat scenario of a vast, unbalanced, expensive squad that won’t compete in the top half of the league whilst the clubs loses record amounts
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