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  1. It’s easy to use stats to make any argument work We’ve gone down due to multiple bad decisions by Chansiri at key points in the season Pulis was the wrong manager at the wrong time He came in and did what we all knew he would do, doubled the training, told home truths, stripped the tactics back to a grim, rigid defensive minded structure These players were never going to buy into it Moore is now dealing with the consequences, he’s polar opposite in terms of his character and methods We’re going to have to judge Moore on his su
  2. “Many people have wanted to buy the club and I have said no to substantial bids in the past. "When I came to our club, I had to choose between normal business or have the ambition to push for success as it was difficult to do both. We were outside of the Premier League for 15 years, I wanted to fulfil the fans’ dreams and I knew if this did not succeed I would never get my money back. I still have that dream. "Even if we got to the Premier League, it would take a few years just to break even. "I have always tried to do my best and I will continue to
  3. I’d give it a month before the ‘95%’ left the club
  4. Out of the frying pan, into the fire
  5. Fingers crossed he never steps foot in Hillsborough again
  6. Can’t look at others to fail to save us We’ve all had a few relegations under belt as a fan watchin Wednesday, but this feels like the most spineless, disconnected, don’t give a shiny shizzle group of players by a country mile Pathetic team Mismanaged completely from top to bottom
  7. Prefer it if he never steps foot back in Hillsborough to be honest
  8. I feel sorry for Moore having to front up press interviews, reflecting on irrelevant short term situations, in a now dead season Chansiri has his deflector in place
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