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Community Answers

  1. Stop playing on the internet when you’ve just gone up Jayzus Christ
  2. A player that I was happy to spend money watching to play Committed, quality, and a banker for the booking bet Time was right though, best to part ways now All the best Hutch
  3. Sylla Sow for another year and Lee Gregory chant mugs are in stock in the megastore What a time to be alive
  4. Hopefully Luongo and Hunt stay NML doesn’t suit our system, so don’t see him staying in L1 to play a bit part when there is champ interest Berahino is the same really
  5. Imagine Windass and Iorfa will go this summer Gregory fits the bill here, he’s the main man, something he needs at this stage of his career Can’t see a bit part role at a champ club being much of an attraction to him
  6. I wouldn’t keep either We need a new number 1
  7. He’d be a huge signing for our system Perfect fit
  8. Kelle Roos might be one we go for
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