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  1. Hits the nail on the head about being ‘numb’ walking into Hillsborough at present It’s completely drained emotion out of it, we don’t know what we are cheering for Do we need the 3 points to go up, stay up, WTF is happening
  2. He’s got no understanding of when to release the ball, he either panics and belts it out of play or runs into trouble His defending from set pieces is horrendous and he gets drawn to the ball leaving himself constantly wide open on the right Other than that, he’s terrific
  3. The EFL have no grasp on the financial ruling they introduced and are now overseeing a massive drop in interest for the product they are trying to sell Total mess of an organisation Killing it
  4. 3 games in a week, 1-0 up, takes off Fletcher and Harris (with another tough game at forest coming up), brings on 3 attacking players to influence the game Hardly Monk’s fault Nuhiu and Murphy didn’t apply themselves to any reasonable standard is it He is dealing with the cards he has been dealt Players like Fletcher and Harris can’t go flat out like they started the game for a full 90 Especially with 3 games in a week. that’s a fact, not a managerial issue Blaming Monk is ridiculous
  5. The EFL exec and board consists of a chairman that is from Liverpool, worked for Liverpool and supports Liverpool With Championship reps that work directly for Play off rivals Derby and Bristol There’s more chance of me having an orgy with Megan Fox and Michelle Keegan under the tree on Christmas morning than us just getting a fine based on a settlement
  6. Spot on Fans will always be pleased with new signings, and most would assume the signings fit into a financial plan that won’t put us at severe risk of multiple embargoes and point deductions The full accountability sits with the owner, and it’s now looking increasingly like he failed to initiate a sustainable business plan which operated within the rules We’re at risk here of taking 1 step forward and 3 steps back on the pitch under his ownership, whilst being lumbered with huge debts and key assets being stripped
  7. Maybe instead of wallowing in self pity he should have actually developed a sustainable 5 year plan?
  8. I remember being sat listening to this My arse fell out
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