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  1. Think there’s every chance he’ll play in front of Iorfa on the right Looks a good signing to me Bruce changing the physical nature of the side
  2. He’ll end up back at Celtic to see his playing days out
  3. Not sure we’ll have any other option but to persist with him Can’t imagine clubs will be forming an orderly queue for the lad this summer
  4. We're still to get any sort of acknowledgement from the club around future strategy and direction, the last forum was obscene with threats from the owner that he would put the club up for sale. There wasn't anything coming from the club highlighting that we now understand the sustainability obligations and requirements going forward and that our business model would be aligned to meet criteria, ensuring we won't have any future embargoes Call me a cynic but without that, who will invest in this sort of initiative ? If cash did come in, the strategy and intentions looks the same as they did on day one
  5. It's frightening that this shambles initiative has reared its head again after the first back flash Absolute dogs dinner
  6. I’m not leaving the north stand bar Unless I need a slash
  7. This is why he needs a non exec board to support him Baffling the way he runs this club Absolutely baffling
  8. 3) Waiting for fans to set up a justgiving page to cover Luhukay's severance package
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