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  1. Derby allegedly owe £15m to MSD, £25m to HMRC, £6m to Arsenal, £6m to ex players and coaches Even if he bought Derby for a low transaction fee, he’d be picking a big tab up
  2. Mike Ashley is already planning to buy an EFL club once a £300m takeover at Newcastle United goes through. A ‘source close to Ashley’ has informed them that he’s NOT been put off from football despite his failed stint at St James’ Park, stating he’d “love” to invest in a Football League club with a ‘sound fanbase and potential to grow’. £300m
  3. It feels like we need the find a Sturrock, to replace this Turner
  4. We lost today because BPF dropped another clanger, Marvin Johnson isn’t a left back, Dunkley is incredibly poor, Adeniran and Wing lost every battle in the middle of the park and Moore’s subs did nothing to address the complete lack of link between midfield and Gregory/Berahino Coming to the conclusion that Bannan is somehow the fatal flaw at Hillsborough blows my mind
  5. He’s been pish for the majority Looks totally lost (not on his own though)
  6. Apart from the fact we’ve made no progression, the system doesn’t suit the players, team selections change drastically week in week out, those that do start don’t look fit for 90 minutes, all the substitutions are typically like for like players with no impact and show we have no plan B…. Moore is doing a tremendous job
  7. That’s how you respond to a bad game Man of match for me
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