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  1. Actively Support Owls Heart of Midlothian Like Ross County (family in the highlands) Stirling Albion (lived there for 10 years) Dislike Leeds Man Utd Spurs Chelsea Arsenal Hibs (would be in the despise list but got a few friends who are hibbeeees) Despise Pigs Liverpool Celtic Rangers
  2. The players we bring in depend on the system Bruce wants to play. Take Lees for example, Leeds fans said he wasn’t good enough when they released him and he turned out to be a great free transfer. Sometimes for unknown reasons it doesn’t work out for a player at a particular club. Its why having a good back room team and manager in place is so important to spot potential and avoid bringing in the wrong sort of player for the team, like Rhodes. Great player, when you play a system that suits his play, but a complete passenger the rest of the time.
  3. £1 extra is for the return is standard across the whole rail network for an off peak ticket
  4. Crap league? Recent transfers out of the league for BIG money include John Mcginn Moussa Dembele Stuart Armstrong All of which would quite easily walk into our starting XI.
  5. Aberdeen finished 3 points above Rangers, Hibs finished 3 points behind Rangers, 2nd place was very very close this year. So Aberdeen and Hibs are as good as Rangers at the moment. Celtic only finished 9 points above Aberdeen, i’d Actually argue that this year has been more cooperative than the last 5 years in Scotland. Steve Clark has got Kilmarnock playing some great football, taken points left right and centre off the old form this year. Playing physical teams will be good preparation for us and teams the SPFL will provide a challenge.
  6. When Westwood initially signed for us he chose to come here so he could play and be the number one keeper. So I doubt he will move to a Premier Leagie team unless they can guarantee him this. If he does move it’ll be to a rival in the division.
  7. Actually Brentford are actually on record as doing the exact opposite. They closed their academy and concentrated their scouting on the Premier League academy's. They can't compete with Premier League clubs who have scouts at lower league English games and instead focus on picking up the best talent that are eventually released from Premier League academys when they don't make the cut.
  8. Wonder if the players are being over coached. Overthinking can lead to the simplest of things going wrong
  9. Clubs see us coming and ramp up the asking price because they know we have money. DC and CC will be trying to change that mentality so clubs are more realistic in terms of fees.
  10. Qudos for going, what was the score? Any standout performances?
  11. I can assure you that as a member of rail staff that we never choose to strike lightly. I feel for staff at southern who have been on strike 32 days this year in an attempt to go against Driver Only Operation. That's 32 days striking for the safety of you the public. 32 days of going without pay (remember on strike so don't get paid).
  12. Season ticket holder in 03/04 & 04/05 during the dark days of League one. last game was Wembley final for me. In the last year we have got married and bought our first home so money has been in very short supply for anything other than basics. Finally just managed first trip to cinema in 18 months last week. Sometimes life demands priorities elsewhere but always will be an owl through and through. Just got to convince the mrs we deserve a weekend away in London around May 29th should we make the final.
  13. Middlesbrough have been defensively good despite being relegated, their problem has been scoring goals. cheeky bid for Daniel Ayala?
  14. Really want to see Hooper and Wallace starting this one, reckon 3-1 (Hooper, Lees, Bannan)
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