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  1. Fletch has been a mercenary at all his clubs and even for the national squad. His actions here do not surprise me one bit. However he still has quality and would have loved for him to stay. But it’s not meant to be and will certainly reduce the wage bill. Replacing him however...
  2. He was very highly rated at Rangers and at Hamburg until her got injured. Had been called up for Scotland squad and a good age too. would love to have seen more of him and wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up going into bigger and better things
  3. He’s the sort of player who should have a free role and not be nailed down to a set position, similar to how Warnock played Tarrabt at QPR. This has its draw backs of course that the rest of the team has to be setup to carry him.
  4. That we agree on, but Celtic play on 4G pitch at least 5/6 times a season depending on how the split falls and have beaten Hamilton away from home on the last 5 occasions in the SPL. The much bigger problem is Celtic have made a massive mistake appointing Lennon again, leaving the door right wide open for a title challenge. Not what you want when your out of Champions League and going for 9 in a row.
  5. Never seems to be a problem for Celtic at a Rugby Park
  6. The bigger picture is with wages though, while we are not paying fees upfront wages tend to be higher for free transfers. Fletcher, Bannan and Westwood are all high earners
  7. Anyone know what length of contract Bruce is on and realistically how much compensation we would be due?
  8. Clearly I was on the special brew that night and confused him with John Souttar
  9. Findlay had a decent game (Scotland vs Belgium), was played out of position, up against Hazard and still did well.
  10. We were too too heavy with strikers. I would have loved to have kept Hooper but the facts don’t lie when it comes to his availability. It’s a shame Winnall is being linked with a move away. He never really got started here and we will look back as an opportunity missed by him and the club.
  11. Actively Support Owls Heart of Midlothian Like Ross County (family in the highlands) Stirling Albion (lived there for 10 years) Dislike Leeds Man Utd Spurs Chelsea Arsenal Hibs (would be in the despise list but got a few friends who are hibbeeees) Despise Pigs Liverpool Celtic Rangers
  12. The players we bring in depend on the system Bruce wants to play. Take Lees for example, Leeds fans said he wasn’t good enough when they released him and he turned out to be a great free transfer. Sometimes for unknown reasons it doesn’t work out for a player at a particular club. Its why having a good back room team and manager in place is so important to spot potential and avoid bringing in the wrong sort of player for the team, like Rhodes. Great player, when you play a system that suits his play, but a complete passenger the rest of the time.
  13. £1 extra is for the return is standard across the whole rail network for an off peak ticket
  14. Crap league? Recent transfers out of the league for BIG money include John Mcginn Moussa Dembele Stuart Armstrong All of which would quite easily walk into our starting XI.
  15. Aberdeen finished 3 points above Rangers, Hibs finished 3 points behind Rangers, 2nd place was very very close this year. So Aberdeen and Hibs are as good as Rangers at the moment. Celtic only finished 9 points above Aberdeen, i’d Actually argue that this year has been more cooperative than the last 5 years in Scotland. Steve Clark has got Kilmarnock playing some great football, taken points left right and centre off the old form this year. Playing physical teams will be good preparation for us and teams the SPFL will provide a challenge.
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