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  1. So QPR's unlikely results at Villa and Fulham this week have lost me around £1300 winnings on a couple of bets. Cuunts
  2. That Villa result has cost me £400. At least it gives me another excuse to call Snodgrass a cuunt.
  3. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    Yeah I wasn't being serious, I reckon the announced attendance will be around 26k, probably more like 22-23k actually here.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    Queuing out the door and round the corner at Beres already, a definite indicator of 30k+
  5. Get Megson in now!

    Jos has only been here two months and inherited an absolute clusterfuuck of a situation, yet some supporters are already calling for his head following a 4-0 defeat against one of the better sides in the Championship. And yet Megson, who was into his second season in League One, oversaw possibly the most embarrassing defeat I can recall in my near 30 years supporting Wednesday in losing 5-1 to fuucking Stevenage. He was still in charge when they did the double over us in a run of results which was putting our chances of automatic promotion in serious doubt. And some on here treat him like some sort of God. Utterly bizarre.

    I posted on here at half time, when we were 2-1 up, that the ref was bent as fizz. Something stinks about his performance yesterday. I'm still fuming about it.
  7. Sean Clare

    I actually thought I'd entered the Twilight Zone yesterday. I mean, a Sheffield Wednesday midfielder who actually wanted to drive the ball forward with pace and power instead of getting the ball, pooing himself and looking for a simple sideways or backwards pass. DOWN WITH THIS SORT OF THING.
  8. Sean Clare though. He's been a joy to watch so far.
  9. 4-1 wouldn't flatter us, we've been fantastic. Ref is bent as took and Snodgrass is confirming his status as one of football's biggest cuunts.
  10. I'm ok with the starting lineup

    Says the man who used to wax lyrical about Darren Potter.
  11. Well done Jos

    Apologies in advance but... Where are the cuntswho wanted him sacked after 5 matches?
  12. People crying about the line up. What mysterious, world class players do we have as an alternative?
  13. Just me that quite likes the look of that line up then?