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  1. It's a spoof/fishing account. Nothing to see here.
  2. I'm at Hull KR Vs Catalans Dragons. Would much rather be at Wembley. I'll have a couple of beers after the match and get home around 4ish, might watch the second half if I can be bothered but I'm not fussed either way.
  3. Edge of your seat stuff this.
  4. Should be 3 or 4 this so you know what's going to happen.
  5. Can't have empty seats if you don't have any seats.
  6. If the first leg had been at Hillsborough and we had played like Sunderland did, them like us and we'd only won 1-0, there would have been an absolute meltdown on here.
  7. It was going fine. Yeah we've been poor but Sunderland have done nothing. Then that. Bàstard.
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