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  1. I don't even really care about this match but that penalty has really annoyed me. What a twàt.
  2. What a garbage challenge from Dier. Amateur hour.
  3. Why has he got a roast chicken on his left leg?
  4. Skummies and Liverpants?? Which fúcking Tellytubby are you?
  5. I guess I'm stuck in the 90s, it was just a good, old fashioned chop in my opinion. I wouldn't have given him a red card but I appreciate I'm in the minority here.
  6. Just me that thought a yellow was the right decision for Shaw then (apart from the ref).
  7. Can't say I've watched much of United since they were promoted, I barely bother with football at all these days. But that Berge looks like a right waste of space, trotting around like he can't be àrsed.
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