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  1. To all those who abused Carlos..

    Today showed what we can do, when we're allowed to do it. Keep playing like that and he can have a job for life as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Give your heads a wobble

    Everyone is pissed off because we've spent roger tonnes of money and just been humiliated by our closest rivals who are mostly a bunch of League 1 cloggers. Everyone is pissed off because we've put in the most gutless displays in Sheffield derby history, certainly in this generation. First time in our history we've let in 4 at home ever against that lot. So yeah, stop talking poo .
  3. Give your heads a wobble

    You normally talk sense, but this is a load of poo .

    flipping Leon Clarke for flips sake.

    Well and truly played off the park by our bitterest, two bob rivals. Today was a disgrace and has been coming for ages. In the 25 years I've supported Wednesday today is up there with the worst I've ever seen them play given the context.
  6. #19 for Brentford

    I was impressed with their number 9. I think his name was {]¶\\||[{}π°€][}