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  1. We're absolutely dreadful when we play 352.
  2. Whatever the hell it is you smoke, I suggest you stop.
  3. It's the cúnts who caused all the trouble at the final who need to find a different sporting interest. Or better still, just fúck off completely from society.
  4. Two shít teams. That fat knacker who "invaded" the pitch could have kept a clean sheet for us today.
  5. I still hate him for those 2 goals against us in '93.
  6. We have them that much space, if Patrick Moore was still alive he'd have turned up with his telescope.
  7. Aye, who cares about mental health. Moving on...
  8. I'm not sure anyone's on that. Maybe be a bit more tactful with your language?
  9. You are easily pleased. First 30 minutes was utter shíte. The rest wasn't much better.
  10. Worse than Bannan and Gregory is debatable but how anyone can say he was worse than Paterson is beyond me. Got to be a wind up.
  11. If you think that about the second half, thank yourself lucky you didn't see the first!
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