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  1. If we'd won yesterday I'd have still been slightly optimistic that we could pull off a miracle, God knows why mind.
  2. If Barry Bannan is so good why is he still here? Why isn't he plying his trade at a much better team? How come he hasn't played for Scotland since 2017? Even clogger Callum Paterson got a few games for them last year. I'll say it again. He's our best player. But some of our supporters have a really strange blindspot when it comes to him. Makes no odds to me. Sheffield Wednesday will still be around long after he's gone.
  3. I'm not sure who was ecstatic that he missed a penalty today but I sure as shít wasn't. I was fúcking fuming that we didn't win today.
  4. Where have I ever said he should be world class or PL quality? I've already said many a time that he's decent but achingly average. I just find it weird how he's exempt from criticism in some posters' eyes, that's all.
  5. It's ok. We're getting relegated to the third tier but 'Sky' say that Barry Bannan is excellent, so it doesn't matter.
  6. I've already said he's the best player we've got. If he's so good, explain to me why he plays for Sheffield Wednesday and can't get a game for Scotland.
  7. 31 years old. Career heading down the shítter. Going to be a third division player next season. Can't get a game for Scotland. Fair enough
  8. If we'd scored the penalty the missed chances would have been irrelevant too.
  9. Still don't get the obsession with Bannan though. He's decent, but achingly average. There's a reason why his club career is going down the toilet and he can't get a game for Scotland. Support him all you want, I'd rather support Sheffield Wednesday.
  10. And calling people 'loonies' for disagreeing with you isn't a good look either.
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