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  1. Play Palmer at left back. He is much better there than on the right.
  2. I really hope it's nothing like the one we've been using for pre season as that one is f'ing rank.
  3. I've never seen either Wednesday or England win anything. Started supporting Wednesday the season after we won the League Cup. I'm resigned to us losing tonight. Hope I'm wrong, but it feels like our chance has gone.
  4. Awful second half. Feels like it's gone, but to still have another 30 minutes to sort it out gives me hope. We can't keep sitting back like we have though.
  5. Croatia in the World Cup all over again. Score early then sit back and fúck it up. COME ON FFS.
  6. Dreadful pelanty but who cares!!!
  7. Just seen her shaking her fist at Rusty Lee.
  8. Have ITV borrowed the microphones from GB News? The crowd noise is tinny as fúck.
  9. He's mostly favoured his fist tonight.
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