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  1. You are a disgrace and wanted some attention. If its negative from now on then tough.
  2. You deserve it all as you conned people out of money.
  3. Nope. You clearly arent happy we won as you are waiting for Bullen to fail
  4. You don't celebrate when your team wins a game?
  5. Is it quicker to get to Hillsborough Corner after game when exiting at Penistone Road?
  6. His stats clearly back up his impact in first two seasons( despite needing operation second season). Then his form at end of season 3 was top notch. Last season didnt work out with the Mansfield incident and injuries. However he did still show how vital he can be at timss. But this whole hes done nowt since 2015 is the preserve of OT attention seeker. We have options so don't start every week is fine. But to ignore completely is plain daft.
  7. At this rate we shouldnt have bothered appealing his ban as he doesnt get a look in. LB seems dead against him and I think thats a bit daft.
  8. Its obvious how much better a midfield three works for us. Maybe we could go back to 4-4-2 and stuck Bannan or Lee out right....
  9. Anyone who uses the keep clapping argument is being infantile and shutting down debate. Seeing it used so early in the season is depressing
  10. Anyone who expects us to win so called easy fixtures is a Blade or has no knowledge of Wednesdsy
  11. That would be true if you ignore the bile and re writing of history by some on here.
  12. Because fans like to hound players out for some reason.
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