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  1. Is this the plonker who pretends to support us?
  2. Pace isn't a key component of Wing's game but he will offer a lot to us. Windass as a forward got 10 goals last season playing under our batshit owner, 20 managers and not being paid. You rightly mention these conditions when any other current or ex player is citicicised. Why not Windass? He's not a natural number 9 but is industrious and sort of player who can play in a front three or two up front. There is no reason to suggest he wouldnt be a threat at League One level.
  3. The fact we have only signed free transfers or loans suggests we are. Which makes Moores recruitment efforts all the more impressive.
  4. Leeds fans are quite possibly the thickest in football. Couldnt judge a player to save their lifes.
  5. Unless he has dropped a load of clangers at club level he is def not that sort of keeper.
  6. Great news. Good to see Moore didnt ******** about and give more chances to our current keeper.
  7. If we had sold him we could have got a few million for a player to be injured at another club!
  8. Yeah still at Boro. Hull are interested in signing him as well.
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