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  1. To be fair any time he scores he should give it to fans like you. I mean now you are having a go at him for appreciating fans applause... then making up some lies about him being first down the tunnel. Are you that obsessed you watch him leave the pitch every game?
  2. Yeah thats the only reason.... Who should we have splashed out on at the time instead of him? He has provided more to the cause than flops like Abdi, Rhodes, Van Aken etc. He is a low cost squad player who can make an impact off the bench.
  3. The thing is you are Scottish @steveger yet dedicate half your life to slagging off the place
  4. So what evidence are the FA basing this on? Why wait so long to act? How the fizz can something that happened last pre season not be resolved?
  5. Its all about the ability of the player. I think some experts on here who instantly dismiss players over 30 need to have a think. Would you rather have a less talented player solely cause of age?
  6. I'm sure a few of our lads can give us fairytales of aggro from the 70's and 80's. When we took over Kops, won every fight etc...
  7. No I'm not but you know that anyway. But I will call out needless sniping if I want.Thanks for the petulant post btw as it really adds to your argument.
  8. Hooper has left yet you use a thread about another player to have a go at him Pathetic but not surprising.
  9. Why was Forestieri playing centre back for Real Madrid?
  10. https://www.balls.ie/football/steve-bruce-police-reverse-charges-phone-box-410612?fbclid=IwAR1td1za0TILq-_ctgoXIU6E-TlRMPMJsFBva7vWtixw4ZZtVlAxoFbPIiM
  11. Yep it was the treble season. I was at the return fixture but they strolled to a 3-0 victory sadly. Roy Keane was MOM
  12. The fact is he had a great game yet fans still slagged him off. They just couldnt praise him at all. Sad really
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