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  1. I think he is an awful manager. I won't be bullied into changing my mind.
  2. We were the better team today and it really wasnt bad for a restart match.
  3. Got to be happy with overall performance against a good team. More possesion and we tried to win the game. Didnt drop the heads either. Could have had a few pens as well. Yeah final ball was lacking, some poor choices . Rhodes should have buried his chance. As should Lee Wildsmith did well. A sloppy goal to concede and we need to cut that out. Odubajo had a go and Da Cruz had his best game for us. Wickham on the scoresheet
  4. It was still another ridiculous decision which didnt benefit the team. The sign of a manager with no clue and thrashing around in the dark.
  5. Making decisions people may not agree with: Playing Forestieri at left wing back
  6. Not much of a change in routine except matches will be behind closed doors Have a few ales and watch the game on iFollow Was due to head over for last day of season, which would have been, go to Beres, pub for a few pints then off to get pissed that night
  7. Well its not as if they have anything to focus one. Like challenging for Europe and getting loads of praise Will be highlight of their season to give 25 quid to us Lol
  8. Maybe they should chuck in a 50p poster for you?
  9. Great options here which cover all bases. And it was well delivered as well with correct tone.
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