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  1. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    He's a Blade.
  2. will still beat the attendance we had for the Owusu game The home end seemed sparse enough and they had 7000 there
  3. Nigel Worthington

    Great player. But a terrible manager with levels of astounding arrogance as well. The biggest ruining of a Wednesday legend going sadly
  4. Adam Reach again

    He's proved me wrong. I thought he was genuinely awful last season and his crossing was shocking. But now he is pinging in crosses like that and is showing what he can do.
  5. Thought North and Kop were sold out? And for all the complaining about not getting lower west its not selling well
  6. Score Predictions Owls v Blunts

    I've never lived in Sheffield and don't know any Blades but I hate the tramps
  7. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    been spending all match trying to get Opera browser to work am I missing much in the match?
  8. Why don't we play home games in Belfast?
  9. Annoyed.

    Jesus some people in this thread need to wise up The Op is having a grumble like many on here And people are giving him grief about his disability. That needs to stop I don't get to many games but the system is fair.
  10. You have never liked me have you salmonbones?
  11. I actually look a bit like him
  12. You remind me of a coward
  13. He is a proper coward Will not even admit to being a Blade