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  1. Just got back

    Well that wasn’t a very exciting game for me to choose. It was ridiculous how insipid and predictable we were all game. We didn’t deserve the 3 points even with the penalty incident. Just felt I was spending the whole match willing them forward. This is a club that has run out of ideas and the atmosphere yesterday reflected that. I made a bet earlier in the season that we wouldn’t make playoffs and I’m not changing my mind yet. Sort it out Carlos ffs
  2. Bad Language in family stand

    People need to live in the real world plus hearing swearing at football is hardly end of the world
  3. Bad Language in family stand

    I reckon the OP should stop crying about it. In the real world people will swear at football and if you don’t like it then tough.
  4. Only if they build the new stadium in Belfast
  5. Gary Madine

    Well Jim has offered out numerous folk out over the years. And fell out with Stratford over pies and as a result leaked documents. Warped mentality I guess
  6. Owls fans - V- International Break ONMDT

    I was confident we did before the home leg but we didn't turn up. Gave away too much possession and were too timid in our approach. If he starts with Washington he will press them and we can take them on. However we really need to improve our deliveries as they were poor. We rely on set pieces a lot so they need to be good. Nick a goal early on and its game on!
  7. Owls fans - V- International Break ONMDT

    This break hasn’t went as well as I hoped. Northern Ireland were flat but were robbed by that ref So now trying to convince myself we will win on Sunday
  8. When did facts ever matter to that lot?
  9. Joao

    He was brilliant v the Pigs. If we hadn't conceded for a few minutes after his goal he would have scored another. Convinced of it.
  10. International Breaks

  11. International Break - Pah

    Youre seriously blaming the international break?
  12. International Break - Pah

    testicles. Its never been better than in the past few years.
  13. International Break - Pah

    They are all talking drivel. That happens all the time on here.
  14. International Break - Pah

    I'm just pointing out you were posting drivel. Simples.