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  1. Like who? Nuhiu is our striker with best injury record. Will he build it round him?
  2. So at end of last season and last night when he was fit. He played well and was amongst the goals. A good manager will recognise his talent and thats all that matters. Let those wanting rid of him for peanuts babble away
  3. Certainly shut his haters up tonight. Good lad
  4. No my dear. I'm not a sore loser like him Thanks for asking
  5. Do we have parachute payments? Are we suddenly concerned because we are bottling playoffs? Did we sell players not needing to sell the books? I would be worried about my team bottling it I'll pass on any chance possible to be negative. Steve Gibson
  6. He bossed it v Villa who are hardly small fry and only a brillant tackle denied him yestersday. His intelligence awareness and movement are his areas. He was never quick
  7. Have you watched him recently? He has shown his class and what we have been missing. You keep with your boring tired sniping and others will support our team
  8. Watching that made me think Leeds are on form and will win games. But they missed a few chances and made poor decisions and that may catch them out. Gutted we lost
  9. We need change and I look forward to it. But they wouldnt be on my list of players to ship out. Although Reach might get some needed funds so would be a reluctant sell.
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