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  1. I think Monk will keep him as a sub for now but start him if the performances are there. Long way to go for the whole squad.
  2. I seen it and then a few replays of it and he threw himself to the ground.
  3. It was a clear dive from Allen who was poo all game
  4. flipping hell so they are above league wise so we can't bad mouth our rivals. Thats not what rivalry is all about. But sorry to the OP but poor song
  5. The man is a flipping cheat and I hope he gets found out
  6. Yeah seen many times before... Awful toxic fans having a go.
  7. Why bother supporting us if you always slate us? Maybe find a new hobby
  8. Last season he wasn't consistent but to say he hasnt for 3 seasons is just testicles.
  9. Thats not true though. He was on form in 16/17 season. He was out for an operation in 17/18 but scored 5 in 10 when he returned. Last season didnt go well but he still ended up with 6 goals So its a lie saying he hasnt been consistent for 3 years
  10. Makes sense! Although on match days I normally get taxi from city centre to Beres at Wadsley Bridge. Im guessing that won't be possible now.
  11. Will I be allowed to fly over for matches now? Or is there a restriction from SYP and the council on arriving at airports in the week leading up to a game? Might have to swim over.
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