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  1. Belfast Owl 2

    If we win we face....

    Wolves are a bigger club than us and will have a decent go in Pl. No need for the moaning tbh.
  2. Belfast Owl 2


    Course it is
  3. Belfast Owl 2

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Great stuff. Listened to feedback and offered a new product.
  4. Belfast Owl 2


    Look how much we missed him in second playoff campaign.
  5. Belfast Owl 2

    Atdhe Nuhiu Red Card

    Did it annoy you when he scored?
  6. Belfast Owl 2

    Jos says no incoming players to #SWFC

    Its not up to Jos to say so.
  7. Belfast Owl 2

    Jos says no incoming players to #SWFC

    No they don't. If the club is allowed to sign and no embargos/FFP then they wheel and deal.
  8. Belfast Owl 2

    Jos says no incoming players to #SWFC

    We have had worse summers and you know it. I remember summers with winding up orders hanging over us, and League One pre seasons. And being skint in Championship signing barely no one
  9. Belfast Owl 2

    Jos says no incoming players to #SWFC

    Grow up. If there is no money available and he has no budget he can do nothing. No manager would do anything different.
  10. Belfast Owl 2

    Championship Finish According To Odds

    Ever taken a look at your own posts?
  11. Belfast Owl 2

    First 5 Fixtures

    All I know is we will draw with Ipswich. They will get a jammy late equaliser
  12. Why would you not be surprised? None of us know him personally and whether it would be like him to do so.
  13. Plenty Id say. There are teams in lower divisions with worse squads and their own financial issues. The hyperbole needs to stop.
  14. That is depressing news about Hooper. In his time here he always seems injured