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  1. The ref should be banned for life. Cheating cheeky monkey. Worse than Matias red v Birmingham.
  2. You have been it for 10 years as a resident troll.
  3. stayed till end of Norwich game last season. But Ill admit if I hadnt flown over for it I mightnt have stayed
  4. Print a ticket out at home. Means you get more pub time..
  5. Get IPTV and cast to tv. Picks up ifollow and has plenty of other sports channels Won't miss a game that way. Only costs me 37quid a year
  6. We have done nothing wrong with Dawson or Penney. Both are playing to get experience and increase their value. We really werent getting that much for someone like Thorniley. And what has he provern. Being no more than average and being quite a bit behind other options. Its good business to sign Borner on free and Iorfa for peanuts than rely on Thornley. And signing Thorniley is hardly ambituous ffs. We have more ambition than Blackpool and are constrained by EFL rather than a lack of ambition.
  7. How much did you think we would get for Thorniley? And you have no idea we will lose those two for free.
  8. Isn't it the case that home fans can't do this? Yet away fans can at turnstiles on the same block of turnstiles... Tickets for tomorrow's game at Sheffield Wednesday will go off sale from the #Rovers ticket office at 3pm today. Tickets will be available on the day (cash only) from the away turnstile.
  9. No chance. Blackburns few hundred travelling support will make it too crowded
  10. If you had the cash you aint likely to invest it in something so flipping risky. Shameful scheme
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