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  1. Windsor Park is too small. Croke Park won't be available as it clashes with the GAA intercounty championship. So Aviva is only stadium Ireland (North and South) could offer.
  2. Can't see why it would be a UK bid. Surely 4 host nations would be overkill as don't host nations auto qualify? Northern Ireland doesnt have a stadium build enough. Windsor Park has been done up recently but holds 18,500 which is perfect for our home games.
  3. Shameful behaviour from so called Wednesday fans. Piling on and giving vile abuse is just abhorrent. And I bet those ******** like did it give the All Wednesday arent we? The answer to them is no you ******** arent Chin up Vic
  4. " I like his style of football and it is not negative like Pulis or Bruce" " Fans ask for a new manager and I have brought one in. This shows I listen and do my best for the club" " Some fans may question my choice but that is not how you support a club"
  5. Yeah he would. Undisputed boxing champion of the club. He might scare DC if he tries to meddle.
  6. Surely he is the scariest manager we have had. Imagine how terrifying an angry Darren Moore would be. He would crush you.
  7. Im just giving him a clean slate. He is taking on an impossible task working for a batshit owner.
  8. Im firmly against him and have been for ages
  9. @Ronnie Starling answer the question and don't be a coward. Why did you always slag off Kieran Lee? Come on speak up
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