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  1. Belfast Owl 2

    Fletcher for Scotland

    It is patently obvious that Bannan has been at the top of his game this season. Had a better season than McGinn and McTominay isnt PL standard wheras Bannan is. Calling Bannan alright is pretty daft. Not sure why you are so down on our club these days.
  2. Belfast Owl 2

    Commercial department missing a trick

    Woeful idea. How many fans are going to get a picture of a player lifting a cup in 1935?
  3. As if you have modern technology like VHS in Donny ffs
  4. Belfast Owl 2

    Credit where its due

    I'm not complaining but merely disagreeing with your point That's all
  5. Belfast Owl 2

    Credit where its due

    I reckon we will have to agree to disagree on this one.
  6. Belfast Owl 2

    Credit where its due

    But in your OP you said our performances have been awful which I disagree about.
  7. Belfast Owl 2

    Credit where its due

    It wasn't pretty watching but we were looking to nullify them. However some of the younger players were too nervous and we nearly gifted a goal. How we then counter attacked from 35th minute was pleasing to the eye. So I'll take the positive view on the game
  8. Belfast Owl 2

    Credit where its due

    Villa, West Brom, Millwall, Reading, Bristol for example weren't dreadful. The only dreadful performance was against Forest.
  9. I think people need to move on.
  10. Pity you missed watching your team win. Hope you had a nice day
  11. Belfast Owl 2

    Fantastic Away Performance

    If you have an agenda and won't change their perceptions of Jos then it does People don't like how he looks, or acts in technical area. And won't get over him playing no strikers at Millwall. Plus he is foreign so people only want British managers
  12. Belfast Owl 2

    the Bbc, they say...

    Love our goal difference
  13. Belfast Owl 2

    Shocking but happy

    He was an absolute cheating poopydoo.
  14. Belfast Owl 2

    Shocking but happy

    We looked comfortable defending the lead and made the right subs. Apart from a daft indiviudual mistake from Palmer we contained them and looked dangerous on the break