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  1. Out of sight by half time? What chances are they on about?
  2. fizz me. That could be a tweet from any obsessed Pig on Twitter.
  3. Clearly you know more than me so no need. And Ive seen my club insolvent before Coicidental you throw that accusation into this thread. I dont think so.
  4. Well done. Bear it in mind before posting more innacurate scaremongering and basic lies.
  5. My point stands despite your copy and paste. We neared insolvency under the old guard but falling foul of FFP regulations is different.
  6. Except we arent insolvent. Careful with what you post please.
  7. Even though we aren't insolvent. Careful with what you post please.
  8. Have a few beers and watch All Wedneaday film.
  9. Being such a superfan are you going on Tuesday? To the game we don't have
  10. Right dead on. I'll continue to take pleasure from seeing my team win and be pissed off if we lose. Its what football fans do. I also won't accept relegation is a certainty at this stage. If you want to then work away.
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