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  1. Mourinho, Carvalhal and 3rd season syndrome

    He struggled to react to the playoff defeat and became far too stubborn. It does hint towards him being a short term fix although its baffling to see how far he retreated. Although he did have favourites and didn't use resources he can't take all the blame. If the regime was too slack then players taking advantage and not performing isn't good enough. Its a shame how it ended but lets move on and try and take a balanced look at his reign.
  2. Mourinho, Carvalhal and 3rd season syndrome

    Lets not completely re write history. He gave us a great season in 2015/16 and things would have been very different if we got over the line. He doesn't seem to be a long term answer but pathetic jibes like calling him fake serve no purpose.
  3. Greatest last minute Wednesday goals

    If Reachs effort had went in then the argument would have been ended forever! I really enjoyed Maguires v Barnsley a few years back. Helped me win an Acca as well. I think Whitey enjoyed it as well