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  1. Yeah they would. Always seems to be some numpty who wants to run on and celebrate with the players. The players clearly don't want them there either most of the time
  2. The new young'un...

    I will pick up on what I see as personal abuse and comment on it. I won’t say anymore on the matter.
  3. The new young'un...

    Telling someone to shut the fizz up is abuse and you know it.
  4. The new young'un...

    Cut out the personal abuse please.
  5. So do we all agree..

    I think the players would say yes at this stage. Which is a big thing, think a change at this stage would undo some hard work
  6. anyone on I Follow ?

    blocked in Belfast but has worked all season on VPN
  7. He’s come in and inherited a mess and a mad injury list. There have been a few poor results but we are safe with 3 games to spare. Job done and he will get my support to have a go next season.
  8. Is something not right about Jos?

    Game set and match
  9. So he hasn't improved players.... What about Nuhiu and Joao who have improved under him? Pudil as well has done well at centre back.
  10. I agree. It would possibly damage any criminal case if social media ran about plastering names.
  11. Really hope the vile scum who launched the flares get a few years in jail.
  12. Thank god you aren't in charge then