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  1. It wasnt that late and we got battered that day. Could have easily been a rout. Linighan in 93 was haunting and what could have been if we won a trophy. Duffys goal really fizzed me off and seeing that video of us bouncing to being silenced sickens me Villas two late goals last season were a sickener. A random one but that goal v Birmingham in 06/07 which stopped us sneaking into playoffs. I always wonder what could have been. We would have kept likes of Brunt if we went up
  2. Talbot in play off final Nuhiu v Fulham this season Thats my pick from live games. Have went fairly mental a few times in my house listening or watching the game. Fletcher v Charlton this season as an example... went flipping nuts
  3. Wednesday till I die starring Dave Allen and the care home crew French b roads Kaven Walker and Bellsview Geoff Sheard Disco Bobby billsaja Cloud 9 Lee Strafford and Nick Parker Darren Potter and his corners Alan Irivines coaching badges and much much more
  4. while the Pigs bang on about that flipping Duffy goal at Hillsborough
  5. Isn't it season ticmet holders only or something? No POTG riff raff allowed
  6. Ive been to a few of those as well as a kid. But the smug intention to glorify violence by the OP triggerred my post.
  7. I'm sorry but you don't speak for everyone Despite Wednesday bringing nowt but misery and years of bad ownership I havent fallen out of love with the club or the game. You may have but dont assume everyone has. Football isnt relevant right now and will be paused for as long as is needed. But my passion for it remains
  8. Ahhh a thread for hard lads to talk about when they were really tough at games. Most of them probably never threw a punch. Cringefest
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