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  1. Bannan has scored 7 from 8 penalties but Windass nailed his last one. Either one of those two would do for me.
  2. Derby blew leads in past 2 games and failed to send us down. We can beat them.
  3. With the mess and huge relegation fears Derby are dealing with. I would imagine this "banter" will fall a bit flat. I imagine it would have got same reaction if a potential buyer in post Allen era tried it.
  4. The league is there for the taking with Juve fading a bit. I imagine they see Jose as the man to storm in and take advantage.
  5. I think by storming the stadium and subsequent criminal damage on a minor scale sullies the protest. It might make me seem a bit wet but thats my take on it.
  6. Yes they have previously protested when trophies were being won.
  7. Honest question. Who did you want it to be? Did you want it all nicely wrapped up? Do you think there is a series 7?
  8. This. Its baffling how many people can't see this. Who did people want to be H? If it was wrapped up nicely with H being revealed as some obvious villian it would be a letdown
  9. Im disapointed that he misses chances. Cause apparently all he needs is service. Have his misses cost us games or would that only be true it it was Paterson?
  10. Doesnt fit the meltdown narrative Sally.
  11. Whats your view on the easy chances he has fluffed recently. How does it affect your beloved stats you dont post anymore And anyone who twists facts to believe one player is the reason for a result in a game with so many variables, doesnt understand the game
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