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  1. Working in London and having to work the weekend so can't make the game. Dragons not keen on trekking over to Hillsborough to return it. So £20 you can have it, pick up from S13.
  2. Funeral arrangements: Friday 23rd March Leave Keith’s at 11:15 to be at City Road cemetery for 11:40 Then afterwards going to Bessemer
  3. We went to Portugal in 2001ish. He went out all night in an extra large boys sky blue / yellow Chuppa Chupps full away strip. Then his blood sugar levels went off the chart so he had to go back to villa for some sugar puffs.
  4. A good friend and popular face in the crowd lost his battle with cancer in the early hours of Wednesday morning aged 61 Keith Wragg, Season ticket holder (with next season still to go unfortunately) lived on East Bank Rd / Gleadless Valley regularly frequented the Blackstock and Wythern. 6 of us including his brother Steve ( ex Baz owl) watched the Swansea game in St Lukes at his bedside. It was the last time I saw him. RIP Little Wraggy
  5. Trains are via Reading. We're in Brum now. Snowdrifts in Cheltenham
  6. Robbing fatherless children....................But cheaper than a home game.
  7. Got 1 available if still required. £23 standing, pick up in S13
  8. As title, colllect either tonight or tomorrow evening from S13. I'm not going to meet on the day, its too much hassle and loses valuable pub time.
  9. Tried to return it today but the queue was into the car park at 1935 so wrote it off. Available to collect S13 tomorrow before 2. Failing that I'll have to trek down to Hillsborough again
  10. Brothers snapped his leg so has wrote the game off. Collection tonight ideally, S13 Woodthorpe. As a last resort I'm on the 0830 train down so could meet at the station. £30 and 0 points required
  11. We were front row of the top tier. A middle aged woman and her teenage daughter with a Napoleans shirt on who were sat directly behind were happy for us to stand up for the first half an hour. After that I had a tap on the shoulder if I would kindly sit down. We offered to swap seats only to be told they didn't want to. Thanks for that love.
  12. When you say phalic, can i presume it'd be ok to underinflate my inflatable hoo hoo dilly (hence making it floppy) within the family area?
  13. My season ticket was £460ish? 23 games, £20 a game, Bristols £42. We all moan at Leeds for £36. Don't you feel slightly hypocritical that we're worse?
  14. Considerably more??? flipping double and then some!!! Do you have no sympathy for the away fans?
  15. Ryanair into Bristol You can fly to Scandinavia 4 times for less, or just a couple of times to Mainland Spain. Although it is cheaper to take your hold bags to Hillsborough, Chansiri isn't charging for baggage yet.
  16. I just flew back from Tenerife for less than the price of a Bristol City ticket. Just thought you'd like to know.
  17. Hope long till this Slayer track is appropriate again
  18. Come on or else we won't be just £24,999,975 in debt by the weekend
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