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  1. Dawson Odubajo Lees Borner Penney Harris Bannan Pelupessy Brown Marriott Kachunga
  2. More than most? Tell us how you do that. All I can see is your incredibly selfish attitude at play here, change the rules to suit me. And we won't lose fans because they cant get to some away games.
  3. @Sticky Micky consistently slagged him and indeed his last post was hating on Moore. After we lost a pre season friendly.
  4. I genuinely dont think we would have had the reset if we stayed up. Chansiri would have used it as an excuse to say its all good and I want playoffs. We would have extended the deals of current squad like Reach and Harris. It would have been stale and we would be in another relegation battle.
  5. Christ they really cant handle these long throws into the box. So bloody weak.
  6. You think there are 20 better squads?
  7. Yes this is a forum for debate. But to look at our squad and think there are 20 better is insane. Chuck in having one of the best managers in the league who has us playing positive football. We have 7 points already so we will really have to get going on this relegation trip.
  8. Not crocked but not fully up to speed. Thnkfully dont need to rush them in.
  9. Ohhh that sounds nasty. Hope hes ok and didnt get badly injured.
  10. Corry Evans has been a NI regular for years so will get a calk up. Tom Flanagan isnt a definite pick
  11. Corbeanau for Canada Kamberi has played for Albania Paterson or Palmer maybe
  12. Yeah he def will, are there enough internationals to get it called off?
  13. Not hard to drag you in though... Be strong!
  14. Ffs Are we really going to comment on every game he plays in.
  15. You whinge about consteuctive debate but just lie. Grow up.
  16. Lying again. Provide examples of wanting a NZ extreme lockdown. Where did I say today was a reckless risk? Go on Btw Im heading over for a game soon and feel safe to do so.
  17. I never wanted extreme lockdown, so stop making up nonsense I never said anyone broke rules so see aboce. I think your attitude is nonsense
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