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British Home Championships

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They had their time with a less crowded schedule and players need a rest. 


With the current gap in quality England would just easily win it with little fanfare. I doubt Northern Ireland v Wales draws in a classic game or much outside interest.


Plus meeting every year takes the edge off meeting occasionally in qualifying or a major tournamet.

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Players and clubs definitely don’t need more fixtures and it would get boring very quickly so it’s a 100% no for me. Better for us to meet in actual qualifying matches where it means something rather than stupid friendlies nobody will care about. The commemoration fixture between England and Scotland is a waste of time too.


I actually really like the Nations League format. Far better competition and more important too. Our Nations League performances have gave us the opportunity to qualify for the Euros via a playoff and we’ve won promotion twice recently.

Looking forward to us mixing it with the big boys next time and looking down on the rest of the UK teams too 

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Used to love the England v Scotland match at the end of the season some iconic moments in that fixture, Dalglish through Clemence's legs, Stewart Kennedy flapping at 5 England goals,Keegan and Brooking one two and the Scots trashing Wembley 🙂

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