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  1. See, if you forget about references to a "terror" and focus on the actual historical context of the story, it makes perfect sense. Overall, the makers did a decent job with this
  2. Will just say well done to Lawrence for getting his 50. The only bright light. England need to learn how to bat against spin. Overall I think a lot of behind the scenes stuff was reflected in how the England players responded. Well done India, though. Pant, Ashwin, and Axar were superb
  3. 30 for 4 Stokes gone. This'll be over by tea I'm off to bed
  4. 20 for 3! A bit if bad luck for Sibley caught off a deflection
  5. Well at this rate India will win by an innings. 10 for 2 Bairstow out for 0 As bad as Wednesday
  6. It's nil for Wednesday. We all know that Soz, completely fed up with the while shambles. When's the new manager coming in?
  7. India 160 ahead Sad times for Sundar stranded on 96 after being stranded on 85 in last test. He must be right ticked off.
  8. Would be helluva thing for England to win. They look cream-crackered
  9. That 1st session last night was excellent by England. Shame Pant is so damn good. Need a repeat of last night on today's 1st session to give us a chance of a draw....................don't think we'll win. How on earth did Stokes do all that work yesterday, too. He's supposed to have a dodgy tummy as well. And it was 40C out there. Amazing effort
  10. Has Sibley played cricket before. He sure as heck can't bat
  11. I see BBC2 is showing this now https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0954mm5/the-terror-series-1-1-go-for-broke
  12. So, are we all set to confirm relegation so's DM can take us straight back up? Sounds like the players are there
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