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  1. Stones has looked OK but he's not been under much pressure in these 3 games. Disappointed in Shaw. doesn't seem to have it at this level. Or at least he should be given a freer role down the left. Prefer Trippier Walkers experience and speed make him 1st choice on the right. Saka looked good Phillips was too deep and looked lost at times. Grealish drove us forward Overall, though a poor game by both sides
  2. With Kane on the pitch defenders are worried. Kane didn't do much v. Croatia but he made space for others by occupying defenders. The Scots didn't care and just played their system with 5 across the box and 3 usually 4 in front. Kane went deep and those 8 or 9 just held their ground. Kane can't hurt you from 45 yards out. And it was lack of movement among those defenders killed us. The Czechs wont be as disciplined. Kane may start but if there's no impact he can be replaced by any one of the Sancho, DCL, Rashford in the 2nd half. The pace of those 3 will be problematic
  3. Carlos Been and England fan since birth
  4. Uttercrap Hit the post, Marshall saves from Mount Worth the price of admission Oh and take the best attacking option off to bring on a lad who provides the same Meanwhile, Kane is clearly not fit, sterling's form's off, and Mount is being told to not attack
  5. That was absolutely atrocious Can you imagine France or Italy or Germany or Holland or Portugal or Spain or bloody Azerbijan playing like that against Scotland Stones hits the bar, Marshall saves from Mount. That was it. Them fans should ask for their money back
  6. Spurs aren't making themselves look good with all these failed manager attempts. Should have stuck with Poch
  7. Germany and Wednesday in the same sentence? Bloody 'ell
  8. Black Sails Something to watch on a hot summer evening
  9. Decent from England Rice stuck to his role and broke things up in front of the back. Good goal by Sterling, Foden unlucky with his shot. MoM for me was Harris. very impressive. Take him over Henderson on that. Did expect more from Croatia, TBH. Ref was OK. 1st half seemed to favour England a bit. The 2 games I've watched it seems refs are letting players play rather than blowing for minor things.
  10. PM @Manwithastickfor some options
  11. Italy and France look strongest to me and I reckon one of them will win it
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