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  1. Strange name Here's some highlights. There were fans in too. No-one masked up
  2. Think these games give mamagers a chance to experiment in a fairly competitve environment. Is it that important to win this Nations League thing? World Cup and Euros are way more important
  3. Really? Didn't know that about Kharkiv Went to see 'em in 09. Beat Chernobets or someone 1-0 with a 93 minute 40 yarder. Brazilian lad got it Still, the whole place is corrupt so shouldn't come as a surprise Here's a pic of the souvenir ball I was given (obvs, not to scale for Subbuteo ) I also have a Metallist ball cap, not shown
  4. Sounds all a bit like Booby Moore in Colombia 1970 Not that HM is anywhere near BM as a footballer, like
  5. That's Peer Swan on the far right, isn't it?
  6. In private maybe. But Fergie would've stuck up for him in public
  7. You mean like it used to be before UEFA and the TV companies went for their pound of flesh
  8. Spot on It's completely ridiculous what the EFL is doing to its own members. All they are achieving is protecting the EPL and effectively creating more distance between it and the Championship. What really is the point of all this? EFL allow dodgy folk in to run certain clubs then turn around and hand out points deductions and other penalties on the basis of some vague process supposedly related to fairness. Football in England is dead In a few years there will only be the EPL, just like the NFL in America. Solely funded by advertising and media
  9. Good fit for the Lane, then onik onik
  10. Soft penalty Soft sending off. Ref had it in for Chelsea Not bovvered, though
  11. It wasn't Bobby, it were that lass, Kirsten or summat FFS
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