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  1. Excellent. Remember reading some of these many years ago which belonged to my neighbour. That pic of Tommy Docherty too, though
  2. Was gonna say. There's a few on here still remember pounds, shillings and pence, but a presentation in 1831 will escape most
  3. Yes, Clements was an international for N. Ireland and as was Roy Coyle. Maybe the other internationals were those who played for Under-23 sides
  4. They should have given him some tablets
  5. He'll play down the middle and part defences with no problem
  6. Wont United pick up Fox now they can afford his 40K a week wages?
  7. Other than Hooper, no surprises. Suspect Hooper's injury record is a big part of the decision
  8. Does it ever? Just a waste of money IMO
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