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  1. @darklord and @marcx666 All the best, lads
  2. Yes, good points. CK had reached the very top, something 99.9% of us can only dream of. The only place higher was to get to the top of the top, maybe playing more for England or winning the World Cup. Yet the burden of expectation, whether created in is own mind or by what others said, made his life very difficult. I often wondered about that story of his dad having a long-standing bet on CK playing England and how that - whether real or myth - might have played on his mind Very good article......................the anecdote about Liverpool and Champions League Final, well says a lot about how clubs treat players
  3. Football was RUBBISH in the 1960's

    '60's euphamism?
  4. Always sad when Wednesdayites pass. RIP Geoff and condolences to his family and to nk
  5. An Owlstalk Production

    Hope Neil's paying you Paris runway rates
  6. Tokyo Owls

    There's @Kagoshimaowl Is he down that way?
  7. https://www.my5.tv/football-on-5-the-championship/season-201718/episode-5
  8. Nightmare lead. i had a tracksuit top like that and me mum put OWLS on the back
  9. Brian Clough to Leeds

  10. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    good win, that onwards and upwards
  11. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    surely you mean handsome cabs
  12. EFLC Second round draw.

    They're only in it for the money
  13. Tonight's goals

    Not too keen on the white socks

    I didn't know that FFP was now known as Profitability and Sustainability. Interesting turn of phrase given how football in general has gone since 1992