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  1. As I'm not one of 'our older readers' I do not know who the chap in the photo is. This is another of Neil's efforts to demographically segment his audience I'm sure *some or all of the above might not be true, except the last bit which probably is
  2. Back in the Premiere League at last
  3. With an avalanche of posts, you mean.
  4. edmontonowl

    Rob staton

    That occurred to me too. Good luck to him, for sure
  5. It's all downhill from here
  6. edmontonowl

    Marco Matias

    Sounds more like Easter and the Resurrection of Matias
  7. Great win that. I even got the score right. Happy days Top hats off to @Lord Snooty for this new MDT Thingy strategy It's the beginning of a new era.
  8. Wait a minute This is only the MDT Where's the O (Official) MDT? Is this a new strategy emanating for Jos' management? Ooo, 'emanating', I like that 2-1 Owls, WTF, life's a gamble
  9. edmontonowl

    Danny Batth

    That would make him a loan wolf
  10. edmontonowl


    From Sky Apologies to ex-pats without VPN http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/sheffield-wednesday/11481940/sheffield-wed-2-1-ipswich
  11. Just in time for legalised marijuana
  12. Just for accuracy, like