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  1. Has to be That's nice but boring OwlsTalk's high level of intellectuality is preserved by this alone
  2. Or maybe "Monk's Chants" Of course, if this is reported every week it could be "Monk's Habits"
  3. Shouldn't this fella be stroking a pu$$y?...................................."Welcome, Mr. Bond"
  4. The boy's back in business. Pulled his socks up apparently
  5. A rather sombre OMDT opening post,I must say, although the appearance of Ron and Rowley is a treat We'll find a way to win That's my analysis anyway
  6. Probably a good thing there was no social media in the 70's and 80's or football would have been shut down by Thatcher! There's numerous benefits to having it now not least of which is being able to go back and watch YouTube to recall just how footy was and how it's changed on and off the pitch and on the telly
  7. Like that. Always thought Olly Cromwell was a miserable git
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