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  1. Well we didn't lose and didn't concede. But we're sinking fast. We need the Carpathia to answer our SOS (bonus points for anyone who knows that reference)
  2. Ref 53 worth about 25 quid on ebay these days. Wonder if the igure on the right could be a ref 117 "Hellenic", quite rare if so
  3. Ref 51 - named boxes were post-heavyweight (zombie and lightweight c.1980 onwards)* http://www.peter-upton.co.uk/sub20.htm *I got my anorak from Halfords
  4. Last time I was in Suggs was '93! Bought a fleece top with SWFC on the back. Still got it. Nice and warm. My first full Wednesday kit came from there in '67 - blue shirt, white sleeves, white shorts, blue socks - plus a proper leather football. I have a photo somewhere of me modelling it in the back garden. Mum sewed a number 8 on the back. Course, it doesn't fit me now
  5. Oh come now, you're doing a disservice to Barry Bannon
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