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  1. Never a foul, let alone a card of any colour
  2. Nothing's clean/clear cut in this league. You've got to think we have enough to get past Rovers at home. We've done it previously but we seem good at blowing hot (Brighton, Leeds) then cold. And seemingly always cold at home. But blow it. Winnall to start, scoring our equaliser off his shin then replaced by Nuhui off the bench for the last 20 who slams in the winner...................again. 2-1 Owls.
  3. Difficult place to come. So-n-so are a strong team/difficult opponents. Kept to the game plan. in this moment (popular amongst foreign managers but increasingly repeated by the locals) Uuuurrgh
  4. Was just going to post the same.
  5. Murphy 1-0 markowl Well done Murphy Unlucky markowl!
  6. Wednesday'll sort that out for 'em But you know, I think we'll beat 'em 2-0
  7. That's very accommodating of you
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