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  1. Quite a nice place. Saw Metallist play in their newly opened stadium back in 2009. Thought they'd gone bust recently
  2. Tuchel's a very good coach. Better than Klopp. Really improved Chelsea. Between them and Man City for the title, IMO.
  3. Picture featured in Guardian's report
  4. That run ends today. SWFC the gift that keeps on giving
  5. Bruce doesnt have much ro work with TBF. The French lad is good and Wilson OK but there's not much else of note. He's been dealt a bad hand and Ashley wont change things so NUFC are going nowhere fast and only hope to scrape survival
  6. Have you watched them all? I see they're all available on iPlayer. Plan to binge soon
  7. Ep4 The plot's thickening
  8. Anyone watching this? How football's soul was stolen would be a better title
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