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  1. That last episode of S3 HiIlarious Ray Bloody Purhase in Lowce Angeleeeez
  2. Commission to DM for every shirt printed with new lads' names
  3. Bet he'd live in the past. His contemporary would be Norman Wifi
  4. I see ITV has a 3rd series of The Bay on. Wonder if we'll see Neil gimballing around Morecambe in the background?
  5. I watched Stay Close then saw reference to the The Stranger. Put the latter on, realised I'd seen it. Obviously didn't leave much of an impression on me
  6. Big Dunc put in as caretaker at Everton. Should improve them
  7. Decent article here. The last paragraph seemed familiar https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/jan/16/removal-of-benitez-will-not-solve-all-of-evertons-deep-lying-problems
  8. It was OK. Nothing special and the end was iffy for me. Certainly I wouldn't have missed anything had I not had a Netflix subscription
  9. Serbian government will soon be telling us the outcome was due to a kangaroo court
  10. After your OP, I bet you didn't think it'd cover just about every social and political topic the world has ever seen. One of your better efforts, sir
  11. Back pass Seems to be no clear definition of what "kick" means and refs make their own judgment. From the IFAB LAWS, Law 12 Treatment My understanding was a player who receives treatment from the physios have to go off until the ref allows them back on. Presumably part of a health & welfare strategy, nowt in The Laws. The card bit has nothing to do with it
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