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  1. Modern game dislikes? Football was meaningless before the Premier League Hype - games being the most important in their history, ignoring other division wins/relegation battles/cup wins etc. changing the shirt every year cheating - diving/claiming corners and throw ins/holding an imaginary card/fake injuries unless there is blood or the shin bone is poking through then play on corruption in Fifa/Uefa media trained players saying absolutely nothing interesting handshake before a match the refusal to punish clubs properly for misdemeanors robbie savage having his mum on everything robbie savage a match stopping for player cramp, a head injury yes, cramp no the champions league format i'd best stop, i could be here a while.....
  2. So you want an unfair advantage to qualify then?
  3. Why not? Have a calculation that you have x amount of teams in your confederation and have a percentage qualify. Therefore you get a percentage that is fair. South America has 12 countries and has 4 places, while africa has 56 countries and only 5 qualifiers.
  4. Teams are seeded for the World Cup/Euros/CL qualifying and then seeded again for the main competition. In the real world this would be seen as malpractice if a business/company/individual was given preferential treatment. It makes a mockery of stats too. You hear that Roger Federer has the record of reaching 36 consecutive quarter finals, of course he has, he doesn't play anyone decent until then. We hear that a team, lets use England, has qualified for the World Cup by winning 8 and drawing 2 so they must be a favourite. They will have played one semi decent team, two bang average teams and two village sides to do that. is it time for all names in a hat and have a REAL 'Group of Death'. And also allow the chance of Andorra to reach a finals......
  5. Mental fatigue and checkout after a long season kicking a ball around with your mates on sh!tloads of money? Are you fishing for a response? if you are, ok here goes... Try working a minimum wage job, trying to pay rent, feed and clothe your family etc. Then talk to us about mental fatigue and stress over a year. As you can tell I have little sympathy for these footballers and the way they are talked about needing rest and a holiday after a long season. I absolutely understand that they have different pressures and stress, but at the level we are talking about and the wages involved, kicking a ball around for a living looks like a nice option to me.
  6. i don't think any major teams would be after him. I would mainly agree that him and his coaches have more tactical knowledge than us mere mortals, but would love to know the reasoning behind taking Saka off and replacing with Maguire while losing.
  7. Let's have a look at this fallacy of footballers being tired. They play football once, sometimes twice a week and train for a few hours a day in between. If they are tired it is down to overtraining. What I can subscribe to, is players carrying injuries and not getting the recuperation they need to recover.
  8. defending players who make a moral choice to support a movement that is pro civil rights as opposed to people booing is not left v right. its right v wrong...
  9. he's toast then.... unless we get another kind draw where the big boys are in the other half and we don't play anybody decent until the semi's
  10. Absolutely disagree. These are players who are hoping to be picked to play at a World Cup, they should be out there trying to impress the manager. And the established players should be leading by example. It would be better if we didn't play in a competition we have no respect for rather than have dis-interested players making a mockery of playing for the national team. if this was a one off result, sh!t happens, but they haven't really performed well for a team that thinks they can win a world cup.
  11. These are 'professional' players. If they can't get themselves up for every time they pull on the England shirt, then maybe they shouldn't be playing. You can't pick and choose when you try, especially at that level....
  12. We won't win a tournament with Stones and Maguire, they are both a mistake waiting to happen. they need an outstanding partner to make them look good. Stones' manager hasn't the faith in him so why should England? and maguire has had a pig of a season, why man utd paid that much money for him, i'll never work out....
  13. England are regressing to their level. They had two kind draws in the last two major tournaments and went further than they really should've. A good result in Qatar would be quarter finals, on this form i'd just be happy to get out of the group...
  14. Second? not expecting england to qualify then?
  15. Congratulations to the winners. But getting a trophy? For finishing 4th? Should just get a cheque, or a big piggy bank.....
  16. I have every sympathy for individual supporters who were treat poorly by police and couldn't get in with bona fide tickets. I love the beautiful game, have since the early 70's. i love the stats, the history and stories around football, not just the team i love, but other teams i follow too. What i don't love is the fact that there is a section of football supporters who think it is ok to suspend normal behaviour as soon as they involved in a football fixture. to pluck figures out of thin air, 10% of the fans cause 90% of the issues, the sooner they are gone the sooner football will be safer for people to go to matches in the expectation of having no trouble rather than going to a match hoping to avoid it. the vast majority of those fans last night weren't an issue, the authorities over reacted to a minority and others suffered.
  17. I had a colleague working there, and yes there are questions to be raised about the organisation and policing. However, he had fans walking through into the OB compound to try and find another way in. Maybe the security was lax and poorly organized but that doesn't make it right that people are trying to get in without tickets anyway they can. The sooner we stop looking at football fans as something different to normal society and start dealing with them as normal citizens, the better it will be.
  18. It would be interesting to know on how many other occasions this stadium has issues with fans getting in. It hosts France Six Nations every year and a World Cup football and Rugby final. I'm trying to find information if there were issues at any of these events. While the authorities won't be blameless in this it will be interesting looking at the information coming out over the next few days. I work in live sport and I am constantly astounded at how many fans turn up last minute or even late to events they have paid to see. I am not placing the blame on the Liverpool fans, but this could end up as a contributing factor. Travelling without a ticket should also be discouraged as should the touting of tickets be better policed. If tickets were harder to come by, maybe fewer fans would be at the stadium looking for tickets.
  19. if the score stays the same, Paris will have to brace itself for trouble...
  20. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-61617418 WTF? Norwich?
  21. another rule of business is bargaining from a position of strength. we are skint he's been injured he's approaching the end of his contract we need to consolidate our wage bill it would be a shame to lose the deal by being greedy
  22. just seen this site posted in another thread. looks quite interesting https://experimental361.com/category/divisions/league-1/
  23. playoff final winners, then mid table championship
  24. i think most people aren't saying religion is bad, just that beliefs shouldn't take precedent. if you don't want to wear the shirt, fine, but don't get paid and be upfront about it. and if your beliefs are in contradiction of the profession/organization/club etc. then you have a decision to make.... i would say the same thing about extremist political/personal views too. and while i accept that many individuals within religions are decent people, have a look around the the world and see where formed religion is not doing good for people. or look historically, religion was hardly a force for good on many occasions
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